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Apprentice She survived a trial year at the Academy of Magic but that was the easy part Now sixteen year old Ryiah is an apprentice of Combat her school s most notorious faction When she finishes she will be

  • Title: Apprentice
  • Author: Rachel E. Carter
  • ISBN: 9781621353966
  • Page: 339
  • Format: ebook
  • She survived a trial year at the Academy of Magic, but that was the easy part Now sixteen year old Ryiah is an apprentice of Combat, her school s most notorious faction When she finishes, she will be a war mage, but in order to do so, she has to survive four years traveling across Jerar, training with a master she hates, her old nemesis, Priscilla, and Prince Darren, herShe survived a trial year at the Academy of Magic, but that was the easy part Now sixteen year old Ryiah is an apprentice of Combat, her school s most notorious faction When she finishes, she will be a war mage, but in order to do so, she has to survive four years traveling across Jerar, training with a master she hates, her old nemesis, Priscilla, and Prince Darren, her sometimes rival sometimes Ry s new apprenticeship is nothing like what she prepared for War is on the horizon and her lessons aren t just for practice any.It s time to fight.

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    1. SERIES TEASER TRAILER: youtu/AJcWes2y__sPINTEREST BOARD: pinterest/recarterautLINKS TO BUY BOOK:: amzn/2j5q13pAUDIBLE: audible/pd/Teens/AppreBOOK DEPOSITORY: bookdepository/Appren*** PLEASE NOTE: The ebook editions of this series are only available through , however you can still purchase the paperback/hardcover/audiobook versions at all retailers. If you would like to continue reading the series as ebook, you can purchase the book/s on and either: 1) install the Kindle app on your e-reader, or [...]

    2. Since doesn't allow us to rate more than 5 stars,then 5 stars it is.But in my heart,Apprentice deserves all the stars in the sky,and maybe some more.First Year was a great book,a really pleasant surprise that showed us what a talented writer Rachel E. Carter is.And yet Apprentice was even better,a shiny gem among the other YA fantasy books that kept me up all night and forced me to eat my feelings because it hurt.Itrt.damnch.“Someday,Ry,you are going to realize who Darren really is.He’s a p [...]

    3. Oh well, there is no point in hiding it. The first book was awesome but this one is:This book has everything in a book I am looking for. It has the perfect dose of every element. No event was underdone; no characterization was over pushed. The scenes elicited so many intense but worthy emotions from me. I laughed, I cried, I mourned, I swooned a lot, I worried so much ,I loved and hated Darren and hated and loved him again! Every character is unforgettable (Ry has now become my next favorite her [...]

    4. ** 3 "THIS WAS DISAPPOINTING" stars ** I loved the first book sooo much, it nearly kills me now to give this sequel only 3 stars, but I can’t overlook some things that either disappointed or annoyed me ! :(The world-building and the plot :Well, I was okay with the first book not having much of a plot and being only about training and character’s development, but I was convinced it was just a way to introduce the series and that things were finally going to take off in book 2, but unfortunate [...]

    5. First Year Book 1 reviewCandidate Book 3 reviewLast Stand Book 4 review4.5Well color me flipping surprised.In all honesty I was expecting to hate this or at least severely dislike it. I've had this for a week or so but dove into other books to actually get in a good mood cause lately I've been a nitpicking bitch. I'll even admit it to myself.The funny this isTHERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED!I don't know if I'm the only one but I am one wary girl when it comes to second books in a trilogy oooor third [...]

    6. "Magic and romance clash in this epic follow up to First Year." WOW. This series is just WOW.I am loving this world, the characters. THE MAGIC. I mean, I've never read a book with 'MAGES' in. AND NOW I WANT TO READ THEM ALL! Loved this

    7. This book took everything I loved about the first book, and shot it. Shot it in the goddamn face dreams and expectations Remember Ryiah, the independent character who focused on training? Now its just love triangle, love triangle, random fight scene, triangle!!“You aren't afraid of making the wrong one, Ry, it's the fact that you want to make the wrong one.”~~I hate you! I want you! But don't want to! But i cant stop~~Flashback to the friendships, bonds and clever relationships the [...]

    8. first read: March 19-21, 2015first reread: July 3-5, 2015second reread: February 3-?, 2017"My dear, each one of us is a hero. The irony, of course, is that most will never receive the title."JULY 2015: My feelings have definitely not changed in a negative way towards this book. I loved it the first time around, and I loved it even more on this reread. The world R.E.C. has created is truly beautiful, and I can't be more excited than I already am for book three.-----------MARCH 19: I miss having a [...]

    9. 3.5 starsI received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.I have to give Carter this: that woman knows how to keep me reading.The first chapter excluded, I read the entire book in a day and a morning. Even though I had some issues with the book, I could not put it down. I had to know what happened next, if Ryiah finally grew some brain cells (the answer was usually no), if Ryiah and Darren would get together already (also usually no). It’s an engaging story for sure.So l [...]

    10. 3 out of 10Ревью в моем блоге/This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives (please use Chrome/Yandex browser or Android/IOS to see the page; otherwise, spoiler-tags I use to make my post compact may not work)Short-Soundtrack:The Red Paintings – You're Not One Of ThemFreelance Whales – Follow ThroughJamie O'Neal – To be with youGenre: high-fantasy, YAStuff: magic, academy, politics, looming warFail: plot-structure, romancePOV: 1st person, femaleLove-Geometry: hardQuote-Core: [...]

    11. Actual rating 3.5 stars.This is the second instalment in the Black Mage series. Ryiah and Alex, twins from a lowborn family, are entering into their second year of training to become magical mages. After the trials accompanying their first year their continued studies promise to be just as full of drama and complications.I had stated in my review of the first book that I am absolute trash for magical boarding school settings, and this hasn't yet changed. I was initially disappointed to see that [...]

    12. Gosh I feel like the black sheep here. But in my defence I really did want to like this book. After reading First Year, I was really excited to read Apprentice. My hopes were high! In fact Apprentice started out well but after a few chapters it dwindled down badly. While unlike First Year, the world building in this book is better, it lacks in all the departments that First Year stood out in viz. Characters, character development, romance and training. Apprentice was half sappy romance and half [...]

    13. I finally managed to write this review! While painting the kitchen I finally got a break, lol Here I go. Hope to write down everything. There's a lot to say!" Your future, dear Ryah, has just begun"Did you like First Year ??? Yes? Well then you're going to love Apprentice !!!! Didn't like much First year? Well you should read this one! You'll love it or at least like it! Didn't read First Year!? You absolutely have to not only because it's a really good read but because it gets you to Apprentice [...]

    14. Review can also be found at The Mistress CaseRT 1. “When Words Fail . . . Trust in Lightning” – A Less Than Three Confession by CeeIt’s true that when you come out of a storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in.Ryiah and Darren aren’t the same people.They’re so much more.Only the bravest can love— and these two have the courage to love when all odds are against them.Their love is lightning.Beautiful.Captivating.Powerful.Dangerous.Deadly.A second later there was a bright f [...]

    15. Ok honestly this book had a few things I was a little ???? about, but I really loved it and I'm just going to give it 5 stars because I'm weak and really it's actually amazing regardless.Ok so I think to lay out what the plot is would be a good start. So basically, this series (not this book) follows a girl named Ryiah and she lives in a world where anyone in any social status in society can go to this magic school and try out. If they get it, they have 1 year sort of "probation period" and if t [...]

    16. 4.5Well, that was intense!I plowed through that thing! I was so hooked and in love! With the book and certain people *coughyouknowwhoyouarecough*Before I get into the specifics, I just wanted to say that this is so worth the read, especially if you've read the first. If you've read the first one, then get on with this one already (I don't know why it took me so long to jump on this installement). If you haven't read the first one.I don't know what to tell you except GET ON WITH IT!!(view spoiler [...]

    17. And Never Trust a Duck Pictures presents the stages of Natalie as she read this here novel.The WHAT moments:The THANK YA LAWD moments:The I AM QUESTIONING YOU moments:The DENIAL moments:The SWEET RELIEF moments:And then it ended and I was just sort ofmb from it all.Happy Reading!!!

    18. ***I received the ARC ebook free as a review copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review***Just give me a second to stop dancing round my room and grinning like a fool… okay, I’ve calmed enough to write this review, though the grin is going nowhere anytime soon!This book is more than I could have hoped for, with all the awesomeness from the first book there isn’t a doubt in my mind that it deserves all the stars in the sky for a rating. The second it was on my phone, I [...]

    19. *5 EARTH-SHATTERING STARS*“People make mistakes all the time – some of us just are in more of a position to leave an impact when we do.” This book absolutely destroyed me. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.The one thing I keep asking myself is Why the hell aren't these books more popular?!? They include everything I've ever asked for and more: lots of adventure, non-stop action, an intense romance, a kickass heroine I'm officially hooked! That being said, I'm off to read the next one right th [...]

    20. EDIT: 2/17/15So this book isn't on Barnes&Noble, I can't find it on my nookI knew this would happen when I couldn't preorder it. I am not going to get mad though. I'm just going to feel bad for myself and scream internally. *blink blink*EDIT: 2/15/15TWO DAYS I REPEAT TWO DAYS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. IT COMES OUT IN TWO DAYS.EDIT: 2/6/1511 days. I'm doing a countdown. I'm so bored with my books right now. The cover is so pretty. My life is revolves around waiting for books to come out. 11 days. [...]

    21. I have a lot of things that I hated in this book, and a lot of thing that I loved so I'm rounding up the rating to three stars for thatINGS I HATED-The fucking stupid love triangle. I mean, (view spoiler)[poor Ian. He's so precious and at some point I felt like Ryiah was using him just because her one true love was betrothed to another girl.(hide spoiler)]. It wasn't necessary to the story at all.-I don't know if it is only me, but the story in this book happens in four years, and I feel it was [...]

    22. I'm torn between giving this a 3 or 4 stars But since the things I love in this book is more than the ones I hate. 4 stars it is. After reading the second novel I'm still not a fan of the protagonist, she really does annoy me. But I absolutely love her relationship with Darren. OH HE IS SUCH A SWOON-WORTHY MALE LEADOverall I can't say I absolutely love this book, but I do find it extremely intriguing and entertaining. I honestly can't wait any longer for the next one, is such a long time since I [...]

    23. Thatwas AMAZING I WANT TO WRITE A REVIEW BUT I HAVE TO START THE NEXT ONE Guys GuysI'm speechless. I don't even want to write a review for First Year cause I'm afraid I won't do it justice. Rachel Carter is one of the best writers out there. First Year and Apprentice were super fast paced, and usually I hate that in books because I like to know what's happening every moment lol but Rachel just wrote in a way that it worked. Darren and Ryiah, power couple of the year. Their relationship was compl [...]

    24. I usually try to wait a day or so after finishing a book before I start writing a review. I like to let it sink in and process a bit before I start forming distinct opinions.This one couldn't wait.I always approach second books in a series with a healthy amount of trepidation. Remember Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest? That's why. It's easy to stall out, delay action and use the second book as a bridge to the third book and it's conclusion. Relationships stagnate and there is usually l [...]

    25. I honestly don't know why I pushed myself to get to 80% but I couldn't finish it. I was engaged in what became the first year, but this book tries to cover 4 years of Ryiah's magical schooling and it was straight up ludicrous. What a disappointment since the first book was a sort of guilty pleasure.

    26. 4 STARS FOR "APPRENTICE" BY RACHEL E. CARTER"I told you not to trust a wolf," he continued. His words dripped like honeyed venom. "Because it would only ever want to break you." Darren let out a small, harsh laugh. "Haven't you figured it out yet? I'm the wolf, Ryiah. I guess what I really should have told you was to never trust a prince, but that's not quite as memorable."What's that I hear? Oh, sounds like Darren swooping in and capturing my heart once again!Seriously, I get really gushy when [...]

    27. This book was quite longer than the previous, First Year, and goes through the rest of the characters' training, so that spans about four years. Damn son. I have to say, despite some elements I liked that First Year didn't have, there's also a lot of stuff that I got really tired of, real quick. Our main character, Ryiah, is doing pretty well at school. The rigorous course from First Year really prepared her and her friends, so there is less detail on their coursework and the amount of studying [...]

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