The Uses of Adversity

The Uses of Adversity

Carlfred Broderick / Feb 20, 2020

The Uses of Adversity Some of life s trials seem too deep for our words of comfort to have any meaning But even in the face of such soul wrenching griefs there is hope The gospel of Jesus Christ is not insurance against p

  • Title: The Uses of Adversity
  • Author: Carlfred Broderick
  • ISBN: 9781590388518
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Some of life s trials seem too deep for our words of comfort to have any meaning But even in the face of such soul wrenching griefs, there is hope The gospel of Jesus Christ is not insurance against pain, writes Dr Carlfred Broderick, former president of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists It is resource in event of pain His unforgettable, rSome of life s trials seem too deep for our words of comfort to have any meaning But even in the face of such soul wrenching griefs, there is hope The gospel of Jesus Christ is not insurance against pain, writes Dr Carlfred Broderick, former president of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists It is resource in event of pain His unforgettable, real life examples illustrate the matchless power of the gospel to help us rise above even abuse or injustice A perfect gift for anyone who is going through hard times.

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        Carlfred Bartholomew Broderick April 7, 1932 July 27, 1999 was a 20th century psychologist and family therapist, a scholar of marriage and family relations at the University of Southern California, an author of several books, and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1932, and he died of cancer in 1999 in Cerritos, California at the age of 67.


    1. A good friend, whom I love and admire gave me this book for Christmas and I really enjoyed it.I loved the philosophy of his idea of pain and life. Broderick has a very simple yet devasting way of explaining pain; we asked for it. We must have agreed or chosen the life we would have, including all the trails that came with it. It gave me a lot to think about.I thought his point was insightful, but I found the book muddled down by the examples he gave. The women who he profiled are not the kind of [...]

    2. A sweet little book full of words of wisdom. How many times have we over tried to present wonderful programs for the Young Women only to miss the real mark. Carlfred makes us realize that even with the Gospel there are no guarantees that we will walk down the yellow brick road with no real heartbreaks or tragedies. Unfortunately even if we are trying our hardest there may still be unhappiness and things may not go smoothly. What the Gospel does is make us stronger and we feel the support we need [...]

    3. This book was originally a talk given by the author at BYU. It is a short good read about why adversity needs to be a part of our lives. We need to learn how to grow from our trials.

    4. He uses true stories from the lives of people he knows to illustrate how pain can be our greatest teacher and can strengthen faith. The stories are powerful.

    5. This is a quick read and very good. His theme is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not insurance against pain. It is a resource in event of pain, pain that will surely come to all of us.

    6. There is a childlike faith will we pray and our prayers are answered as we expect. We keep the commandments and enjoy the blessings that are promised. But what happens when those blessings don't come? this short volume based on a talk given at BYU talks about the different experiences of the author when their faith was tried. There is a kind of testimony that happens when you are strengthened in your trials, but that God's support is very real and this book seeks to convey those experiences. I c [...]

    7. This book was a great example of short story of adversity and the atonement. There are difficult things that can happen in life, but they don't happen to youey happen in order that you learn whilst on the road of mortality. I really enjoyed the style of speaking (probably previously a talk) and the metaphors and examples of real life for those of us who don't have the fairy tale life. job!

    8. This is a tiny book, a quick read,but one I will read over and over again. Broderick is fun, and also goes deeply into what adversity is able to do FOR us, as opposed to only raging against what it does TO us. Highly recommend it.

    9. Very impactful! He uses powerful examples of how adversity can work in people's lives. We must turn towards God in our suffering, not away, if we are to grow from adversity. Accept his will. Beautifully written.

    10. Thanks to my friend and former roommate at BYU, Sherrill Funk, for recommending this little book to me. My husband and I have had some adversity in our lives, as we all do, but it seems like more serious problems in recent years as he has begun dialysis treatments three times a week. We have had a cough and a cold this last few weeks, and so I was a little "down" when I read Sherrill's review of The Uses of Adversity. I thought, "I need to know the uses of adversity this week!" so I bought it fo [...]

    11. This is a quick read--I read it out loud to my husband while driving. I've always loved Dr. Broderick's books. Since in died in the late 90's I was surprised to find this on the shelf. It is a republication of a talk he gave at a BYU women's conference. His teaching style is so powerful because he teaches with stories and not lecture. The principles are so easy to remember--and relate to. As a therapist and an LDS stake president, he had many memorable experiences from which he learned, and teac [...]

    12. This book is actually a talk that Broderick gave, but it's a wonderful talk and I highly recommend reading it. His basic premise is that too often in the church, we act as though the commandments are a safeguard against bad things happening to us. But the truth is that the purpose of the gospel is to give us tools for overcoming adversity, not avoiding it. Broderick tells interesting stories of people who have endured far more than I hope to ever have to deal with to illustrate his points. I hav [...]

    13. After hearing Emily Watts talk from this book at a Time Out for Women, I decided to buy this tiny little book. When I got home I thougth,"Why did I buy this book about adversity and pain? Right now evrything is pretty good in my life." A couple of days later, I heard from a dear friend that the night before I had bought this excellent book, her daughters had been in a terrible car accident in which one of them was killed. I'm trying to decide if I bought this book for the daughter who survived. [...]

    14. I loved this book!! I have a fascination with our pre-mortal existence- I know that's weird but what can I say? After a very hard year and saying over and over that I never would have signed up for the things that came my way I realized by reading this book that indeed I most certainly did!! I have never liked the word endure- it always sounds so gloomy to me but I see now that sometimes things are gloomy and when we endure how blessed we are because that means we have learned and grown spiritua [...]

    15. Truly a book worth reading! Sometimes we think if we are honestly striving to keep the commandments we will be spared the pain and trials of life. This is not true. This life is a time of testing and growth. This can only happen if we suffer adversity. This little book helped me to recognize how adversity actually can be a blessing! It is a very quick read, and I cried the whole time reading it. It gave me hope! I want to get a copy for my favorite book collection inorder to refer to over and ov [...]

    16. I read this book while waiting in the dentist office for my sedated daughter to have some work done. It was one of my moments of 'adversity,' cuz even a simple dentist appointment can seem like big beans to someone like me!I thought this book was really beautiful. It was a perfect moment for me to read it in my life, I've been looking to know what to do with all my adversity lately.It's only 56 pages long. So I plan to re-read it on occasion, to remind myself that there actually are uses to adve [...]

    17. A small book based on a talk given at Women's Conference by the director of the USC Marriage and Family Therapy clinic. This is a great book about how adversity can be beneficial for us, and also why we might have chosen in the premortal life to receive certain challenges in this life. I really enjoyed it. If you want to read the talk and not have to buy the book, email me and I can send it to you because it took some searching to find it on the Web.

    18. This is a short little book, finished in a little over an hour. It just talks about how adversity helps us to grow, to remember who we are - children of a God who loves us. Doing everything the "right" way does not make it so we are free from hard times, but is a resource to us when we are going through those hard times. We grow and become better people and our perspective is changed about how we see the world and others.

    19. This book was extremely thought provoking. So many concepts discussed in this little book I have never even considered before. To see adversity as a blessing which helps us grow to the full measure of our spirit and not as randomly given challenges by an unknowing, distant Father gives such a wonderful perspective. He loves us, knows us, and guides us. As stated at a recent Time Out for Women the key is not to give up, give out, or give in, but give all.

    20. This is a very short but very worthwhile book on dealing with adversity but more importantly what to do with that adversity.The main lesson I got from this book had to do with I try to get my arms around the atonement. Sometimes, instead of trying to grasp all the infiniteness of the atonement, it is a bit easier and personally humbling to understand that even if I were the only inhabitant of the earth, for all time, Christ would still have suffered and brought the atonement to a reality.

    21. Having good memories of Carlfred Broderick, and being interested in the subject, I picked up this small volume and found it a quick and helpful read. I appreciated his pointing out that it is up to us, to fashion the use to which we put adversities. They may but do not have to embitter us/uplift us. Darn! Another "we get to decide" issue! But it is good to read of others who have made good use, and hopefully I will get better at that myself.

    22. This is a great book with an interesting message about the reasons for adversity in our lives. I loved the message but the book was originally a talk given at a BYU Women's Conf. so it is in talk format. Carlfred Broderick died in the late 1990's so he couldn't rewrite it in book form. If you can look past some of this the message is wonderful, but as far as great literature goes it isn't quite there. It only takes about an hour to read and is worth the time.

    23. I enjoyed the stories/experiences he shared. Some of them I was like "What?" because they were such neat experiences and who ever gets experiences like thatt me(I guess that shows what little faith I must have). "The gospel of Jesus Christ is not insurance against pain. It is resource in event of pain."That quote from the book gives perspective. Among many others through which I felt the spirit and were very powerful.

    24. So short you can read it in under 1 hour. I loved this man from the time I heard him speak in CA -- what a great psychologist and somewhat eccentric in speaking (we have a tape of a few of his talks). He gets right to the core and has a very strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I most loved the personal experiences he shared that showed that coming to know the Savior takes some real hard work, unselfishness, dedication and happens most often, through adversity.

    25. This is one of the most honest books I have ever read. I love Carlfred Broderick! He tells it like it isd says in the book that the gospel is not going to prevent pain but is a resource for pain. If you have had great suffering in your life, this book sheds powerful understanding of why we go through hard trials. Kathy Blose

    26. A tiny little book with huge meaning. Another recommendation by a friend, this book originated with a talk given by the author at a BYU Women's Conference. Using some of his experiences as a counselor and church leader, Bro. Broderick explores the question of why bad things have to happen, and more importantly how our reaction to adversity can be purposeful. A quick and thought provoking read.

    27. This book give me a willingness to go forward when adversity seems to be all that I am facing. It has helped me look back at my life and see where I have grown or floundered when I faced adversity. I will never again ask to have adversity removed only to help me go through it and learn the lessons that it was given to me to learn.

    28. Carlfred Broderick was an LDS sociologist trained at Harvard and Cornell and was a professor of sociology and head of the marriage and family therapy program at USC. This book is a talk he gave using examples from his experience as a Stake President and Bishop to show how adversity can be made into something positive.

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