This Gun for Hire

This Gun for Hire

Jo Goodman / Feb 24, 2020

This Gun for Hire Perfectly crafted PW starred review Jo Goodman a premier writer of western romance and the author of In Want of a Wife is back with a sensational new novel for fans of Linda Lael Miller and Joan Joh

  • Title: This Gun for Hire
  • Author: Jo Goodman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Perfectly crafted PW starred review Jo Goodman, a premier writer of western romance and the author of In Want of a Wife, is back with a sensational new novel for fans of Linda Lael Miller and Joan Johnston He s got a job to do Former army cavalryman Quill McKenna takes pride in protecting the most powerful man in Stonechurch, Colorado Mr Ramsey Stonechurch himself Perfectly crafted PW starred review Jo Goodman, a premier writer of western romance and the author of In Want of a Wife, is back with a sensational new novel for fans of Linda Lael Miller and Joan Johnston He s got a job to do Former army cavalryman Quill McKenna takes pride in protecting the most powerful man in Stonechurch, Colorado Mr Ramsey Stonechurch himself But the mine owner has enemies, and after several threats on his life, mines, and family, Quill decides to hire someone to help guard the boss s daughter Only problem is the uncontrollable attraction he feels toward the fiery haired woman who takes the job but she s a piece of work Calico Nash has knowledge of scouting and shooting than cross stitching, but she agrees to pose as Ann s private tutor while protecting her But between her growing attraction to Quill and the escalating threats against the Stonechurches, Calico will soon have a choice to make hang on to her hard won independence or put her faith in Quill to create the kind of happy ending she never imagined From the Paperback edition.

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        To find characters to illustrate my first family saga, I cut out models from the Sears catalogue I was in fourth grade, but it was a start In seventh grade I wrote a melodrama about two orphan sisters, one of whom was pregnant There was also a story about a runaway girl with the unlikely name of Strawberry and one about mistaken identities and an evil blind date My supportive, but vaguely concerned parents, sighed with relief when I announced I was going to write children s books They bought me an electric typewriter and crossed their fingers, but somehow PASSION S BRIDE came out No one was really surprised.I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry and some notion that I would do marine research Years of competitive swimming didn t help me anticipate seasickness A career change seemed in order I began working with adolescents and families, first as a childcare worker and later, after graduating from West Virginia University with a master s degree in counseling, as a therapist I am currently the executive director of a child caring mental health agency and find my work and my writing often compliment each other One grounds me in reality and the other offers a break from it.


    1. 3.5 StarsListened to the audio narration and while the male voices were good (male narrator) he made the female voices all sound like a fussy old lady. I got used to it, and the story was entertaining enough for me to let it go. On to another Jo Goodman.

    2. Calico Nash is our heroine, and not only does she have an awesome name but she is an awesome person all around. Calico is a bounty hunter, learning how to shoot a gun by the age of ten from her father. Set in Colorado in the late 1800's, she is a bad ass for her time. She wears pants and a stetson and can hunt and take down men twice her size. When the book starts, she is undercover as a prostitute in a brothel. Our hero, Quill McKenna is just stopping through for a drink and some company. He se [...]

    3. 10 Stars!! I loved Quill and Calico as a couple so much I wanted to move next door and have barbeques with them. JG is such a talented writer and I hope that we aren't finished with the McKennas. I could gush and gush over this book, but I won't, I will just tell you to run and pick up this book if you want to read a romance that makes you want to hug the book when you get through because it was just that good. Might we be seeing a sequel with Israel's book, maybe he has found redemption?

    4. THIS GUN FOR HIRE is western romantic fiction at its best. It's reminiscent of great westerns with its dynamic characters and unexpected plot that will entertain fans over and over, craving a re-read of this one just to be sure you didn't miss a good part in your hurry to finish the book the first time. Recommended Read!THIS GUN FOR HIRE exemplifies one of the most unusual female characters of western fiction, who not only steals the show, but ensures that all the secondary characters stand out [...]

    5. openbooksociety/article/thBrought to you by OBS reviewer ScottA rarity in the overpopulated romance genre, Jo Goodman, finely manages to regulate the romance with a hard-hitting action and plot. Make no mistake about it. This Gun’s for Hire is a Western first and foremost, with romance on the side. The novel almost doesn’t even feel like a romance for the most part; more like a period piece. It was a delightful change from the majority of “bed to bed” stories you typically read. Very lit [...]

    6. I really liked this book. Jo Goodman's dialogue was witty and quick. Her characters were enjoyable. This is one of her good ones.

    7. A harsh, but necessary 2.5%. I stand by my little mini review at around 67% this is objectively by most measures very good, but subjectively I found it very, very tough going. It started incredibly strong. The introduction to the H/h was cute and funny and well-written and I thought - 'wow, I'm onto a winner.' The follow through just wasn't there for me. All the fun of the first third or so was sucked into a kind of standard, boring house-based romance with not nearly enough H/h interaction for [...]

    8. 4/5; 4 stars; A-Another winner from Jo Goodman. I found this book a little slow in the first chapter but then it picked up. It never really developed a fast pace but there was an interesting and compelling weaving of characters, relationships, and the mystery. I really enjoy that fact that Jo Goodman's characters have a chance to get to know each other before finding each other. Quill and Calico were alternatively hilarious and touching and turned out to be a perfect match. This book is on the h [...]

    9. Quickie Review--Goodman amazes me every time I read one of her books. Slow burning easy reads with amazing characters, some surprises and laughs along the way. Killer heroine too.

    10. Review originally posted at the BookpushersLou: Can I just write, “This book was fucking awesome and I loved everything about the romance, including the heroine who kept wanting to shoot the hero because that’s how she rolls,” for my review, pretty please?Has: Ha! The opening chapter for This Gun for Hire was just freaking sublime. I loooooved how Calico and Quill first met which set the tone and romance throughout the book. And yes! I adored that Calico kept threatening to shoot him, and [...]

    11. Let's start with what I liked about this book. Jo Goodman can tell a very engaging story. The fact that I've finished all of the books that I've started by her, even though most didn't rate more than 1.5 stars is a testament to how easy her writing is to read. I like how the MCs took their time getting to know each other before starting a physical relationship. The witty banter was funny and some of their interactions were sweet. Now let's get down to business. Consider me a little slow on the u [...]

    12. Review: This Gun For Hire by Jo Goodman I am still having the lingering after-effects of a book hangover with this book. I loved the hero and heroine, whose romance was filled with witty banter and a reserved but sizzling undertone chemistry that carries throughout the book. Jo Goodman is a fabulous author who has a great grasp and use of dialogue and likeable characters. But I think she threw the ball out of the ballpark with this one.Although the romance was slow burn, and other than the begin [...]

    13. Parts of this were slow, but I did really like the characters. Quill was an intriguing hero who wasn't completely alpha. He was polite and honorable. Calico was a cool heroine. She was a bit stubborn, but then she was also a female bounty hunter, so I was kind of predestined to love her. I thought the mystery was pretty easy to solve, but it was nice getting to see Quill and Calico coming to know one another in such close quarters, after they'd previously met while Calico was capturing a bounty. [...]

    14. This is the third time I've read this one and it's still as confusing as ever. I would have just about given my right arm for a damn contraction. My best description of this one is it reads clunky

    15. A rousing good time is had by all when a saucy lady bounty hunter and a man with more charm than any male should be blessed with partner up on this western suspenseful adventure romp. I eagerly grabbed this one up, set spurs to it and finished with a delighted grin on my face. My second book by this author and I do believe I've established that I love her stuff. She hits a good balance between wild, harsh west and sassy-fun western spirit.This is a standalone story that starts with a madcap open [...]

    16. Originally published at Reading RealityWhen I saw this title, I assumed, as one does, that the gun that was for hire was attached to a guy. However, that is marvelously not so, and is only the first of many wonderful surprises in this trope-bending western romance.This is also a scenario that I’ve seen before, but by moving it to a historical western setting, it makes a lot of the normally tried-and-true tropes fresh and new. Calico Nash is, first and foremost, an original, and it is her story [...]

    17. Fantastic book - everything worked for me perfectly. Both heroes were competent which I love so so much. No fake relationship drama just for the sake of drama, no misunderstanding. And the dialogue was fantastic = funny and original!I even liked a villain, who I both suspected and not-suspected at the same time, heh.

    18. Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyThere is just something special when a new book comes out from and old favorite. Jo Goodman has been one of my favorites for years. She doesn't write genres she writes books. Books about Pirates, the Civil War, The Revolutionary War, Regency England and the Old West. Her characters aren't perfect examples of mankind, they are human with flaws. Each character comes with a history, family issues, mistakes, and failings. And because [...]

    19. Jo Goodman always manages to hit all of my buttons. She takes her time building complete characters and convincing me that they are in fact meant to be together. On top of that, Calico was one of the most fabulously competent heroines I've come across in historical romance. The story kicks off with Quill (the hero's name drove me crazy but he's so delightful that I forgave Goodman for that one) having some serious lust-at-first-sight for a prostitute and watching her go up with a man who he reco [...]

    20. This, compared to other Jo Goodman's books, is very light read. Almost a rom com type of book, which is new (for her). Except for the first scene which is when the instant attraction takes place, I couldn't even tell this is by Jo Goodman. And I don't mean this in a bad way, I just didn't think she had it in her. Despite the mystery and suspense (which you can guess whodunit from a mile away), it is light and fun. The banters are playful and sexy, although don't carry so much heat, tension and a [...]

    21. I really liked this book. The romance was the main storyline, but not the main conflict; the protags were both very open and good at communicating and it was just an all-around healthy relationship, which was fantastic. They were also likable as characters, particularly the heroine; she managed to be an ass-kicking, name taking badass without falling into the Strong Female Character(tm) trap, which is to say she still got to have emotions and skillsets and thoughts about things besides beating p [...]

    22. Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars “Here it is, Calico, the truth. If I kiss you now, it won’t end there. Not this time. I don’t mind if you take me for a gentleman, buy you should not mistake me for a saint.”This Gun For Hire was an action-packed, kickass western historical romance that had everything a girl could want: a good guy with just a hint of mystery and trouble surrounding him, an independent, brave heroine with a quick wit, and a mystery to figure out.So. Much. Fun. This was my first Jo [...]

    23. Started this a couple of weeks ago but got sidetracked by other books and just finished it today. Quill and Calico were very sweet together. The plot was suspenseful but a bit too involved for me, and it wasn't that hard to work out who the baddie was fairly early on. I'm not a big fan of suspense in my romances. Not my fav genre, although I know others love it. I enjoyed the growth of the relationship between Quill and Calico. Their first time together was handled sweetly. I like a good histori [...]

    24. Both the characters and plot of this were conceptually strong, and it was cute, but just never quite got off the ground - the climax was dull and predictable and the romance was flimsy and happened too quickly and easily. I'd like to read more of this western-romance genre - with more focus on the former than the latter - but I'm not inspired to read more books by Jo Goodman

    25. 4+ for Calico and Quill, both their characters and their understated romance. 2 for the suspense/mystery plot--waiting and waiting and waiting for an unknown threat to the father and daughter Calico & Quill have been hired to protect, with no gradually building tension or suspects in sight.

    26. This Gun for Hire is another amazing book by Jo Goodman. A few pages into it I realized this story actually comes before another one I read a while ago (The Devil You Know), and while they can be both read as stand-alones, I think if makes more sense to read them in order. When I read The Devil You Know I thought that one was the best books I'd read by Jo Goodman. After going through This Gun for Hire, I'm changing my opinion. This Gun for Hire is surely the best.The plot is absolutely engaging, [...]

    27. I love Jo Goodman's books for for the first time I actually listened to an audio version of her instead of actually reading the book. I think that was a huge mistake for this particular book. The narration was horrible in my opinion. Nothing personal again the man that read, maybe his voice would be good for some type of books but not a romance book in my opinion. It was a very deep, old sounding voice that was really bad for the female characters, especially the heroine. She sounded like a siss [...]

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