Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

Liz Suburbia / Jul 17, 2019

Sacred Heart Just another urban wasteland Think again People keep dying mysteriously local band The Crotchmen rock the nights away teenage palm readers have lines out the door and Ben Schiller is doing her best

  • Title: Sacred Heart
  • Author: Liz Suburbia
  • ISBN: 9781606998410
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just another urban wasteland Think again People keep dying mysteriously, local band The Crotchmen rock the nights away, teenage palm readers have lines out the door, and Ben Schiller is doing her best to get through all the weirdness until what

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    1. (Between 3 and 4 stars.)Spoiler alert! This review reveals things that happen in the book.Though "revealing" things in a review of this book is unlikely to diminish the pleasure of reading it. Sometimes I like to read reviews before reading a book and I doubt that would have made this reading experience any less intriguing. It might even have enriched a first reading, as this book is eccentric, disjointed and layered. Then again, maybe it's best to read the book once or twice before reading any [...]

    2. I didn't know anything about Liz Suburbia until I found this just in at the library yesterday. It's a kind of growing up in suburbia tale based on but (I now know) pretty significantly revised from her webcomic. None of the characters are particularly attractive; it's a kind of slice of life story of disaffected teens into sex, drugs and rock n roll. I think unattractive is part of the point. This is not a story of the popular in-crowd kids. There's a punk sensibility to it (and actual punk musi [...]

    3. Sacred Heart pulls off a sneakily brilliant slowburn. It starts out chronicling the quotidian punk rock lives of a bunch of small town high schoolers. You see their relationships, parties, hanging out watching cult movies, etc. And then the dread creeps in. Where are their parents? Why does it seem like they're waiting for the apocalypse? Why are so many teenagers in this town getting killed and why are their peers reacting to their deaths with what is effectively a communal shrug as if it is to [...]

    4. Turns out David Schaafsma had already written the very review I was still struggling to write myself, only better, so here you go:/review/showThanks, David!

    5. This was an odd book, sort of a Lord of the Flies crossed with Shampoo Planet, but it was a highly original and creative story and the comic art was great.

    6. I just can't believe that kids are that stupid or shortsighted. Even on a day to day basis, it's utterly unbelievable that you wouldn't be having really long, worried discussions about what happened, and why, and what to do next. There's very little of that, and instead there's partying, kids trying (and mostly failing) to fuck, and even high school. I don't buy it, and I don't care about the kids, and I wish there was a monster that would eat them.

    7. This is a dark, disturbing work with a lot of emotional resonance and many mysteries that linger even after the apocalyptic ending. We find ourselves in a gritty suburban river town in an indeterminate time, watching grimy teenage punk kids hang out, drink, go to house shows, and argue among themselves about love and philosophy. We know something more than just teenage angst is up when our protagonist, Ben, stumbles upon the brutally murdered body of a classmate. No one really bats an eye and we [...]

    8. For a guy who reads a lot of young adult books, it's rare and weird for me to read a book and think "man, I'm too old for this." But that's how I felt about Sacred Heart, a book that is utterly drenched in a culture I don't know or relate to simply because I'm 20 years gone from it, but with a story that is certainly compelling to some and has a massive twist at the end that really brings a lot of it together.If a graphic novel about teens getting by and doing their own thing in what comes acros [...]

    9. This was one of the new books at my library and since I wanted to read more graphic novels, I said sure why not? The cover was appealing and I tend to enjoy random comics from Fantagraphics anyway. I quite enjoyed it. I liked the grittiness and slovenliness of a youth left to their own devices and the illustration style. Reading Sacred Heart made me think back to the days I used to hangout with friends and/or significant others while the parents were away, going to house shows or band practices [...]

    10. A lengthy, hard to follow plot. But it's basically teenagers obsessing over sex. Same old, same old.I hated all the characters from the start and wished they all die.Speaking of which, it's hard to tell male and female characters apart. Poor drawing.

    11. Maybe it is because this novel helped me re engage with a crusty punk side of my life or maybe it is because I spend most of my waking moments thinking about my high school students, anyway, I THOUGHT THIS BOOK WAS INCREDIBLE. Suburbia's setting, character development, and art left me grasping for more and rereading it twice in two days! It is such an interesting take on teenage years and what could happen. There's action, romance, and plenty of punk. Also some serious friendships and navigation [...]

    12. This has echoes of both Paper Girls, Vol. 1, SuperMutant Magic Academy, and Black Hole in terms of it being a graphic novel combining teens, sex, horror, and a looming mystery that may or may not be otherworldly.

    13. Solid first graphic novel effort. Ambitious and adventurous in content- punk teenagers having sex, getting into trouble, no parents anywhere, tidal waves, murders, all kinds of shit. My favorite chapter was the one that was from the perspective of a dog. Looking forward to watching this artist grow.

    14. Suburbia nails the teenage, punk-loving dirtbag vibe in a way that feels specific and lived-in. Some of her best panel sequences are the silent montages of secondary and tertiary characters just doing dumb high school stuff. Her character design is more cartoony than I usually prefer, but I appreciate the way she draws characters with various body types, blemishes, cellulite, etc. The book's central characters and relationships are It's kinda impossible *not* to compare this to Jaime Hernandez's [...]

    15. The obvious art style and plot comparisons to Jaime Hernandez’s work on Love and Rickets I think hold true. This is not a unique perspective as i’ve read this critique several times. Having said that, I still got a lot of enjoyment out of this book. I’m an aging punk and I relate to a teenage existence devoid of adult supervision although not to the extreme of this book. In the 80s I roamed my town and countryside wildly getting into all kinds of misadventure. Our soundtrack was punk and w [...]

    16. Slowburn and odd tale of a town filled with just tweens and teens doing their own thing - they go to school but there are no teachers, parents are not part of the picture, and people just die and no one seems to care. Leading up to a weird ending, this one left me intrigued, yet confused.Saw some mention of a sequel, so I may pick it up whenever it comes out just to see if it starts to make more sense.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. The story is at turns familiar and unsettling, and nearer the end it really starts ramping up into new territory. Every time I thought I had the story pegged, something would happen, even a little thing, that made me rethink it.Sacred Heart is beautifully drawn and laid out, and the humor and humanness of its characters is refreshing.

    18. I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. I can't say it enough. Liz Suburbia's "Sacred Heart" is a perfect graphic novel. I'm not even sure I can write a coherent review about how wonderful it is. I'll give it a shot, thoughBefore picking up "Sacred Heart" I hadn't read any of Liz Suburbia's work. I might be a little late to the party but I am a HUGE fan now. The first thing that jumped out at me was how clean and distilled her art style looks on the page; it's punky and animated in equal parts, like if Mitch Clem [...]

    19. A book I almost loved, Liz Suburbia's 'Sacred Heart' is good enough to keep turning the pages and finish in one sitting. I hung on every word and every relationship—the romance between Ben and Otto kept me searching for more. I still do want moreIn an interview, Suburbia says (quoting an Emily Carroll—probably whose name carries weight but I am, as usual, in the dark) that there's a difference between a Comic for Punks and a Punk Comic, owning that 'Sacred Heart' is the former. An interestin [...]

    20. More backlog-clearing on the Jugs & Capes Year of Reading Women (and then forgetting to write reviews about them)!I loved this book like WHOA. It's an absolutely killer, spot-on picture of disaffected teen angst. It takes place in a town that has no parents in it (mysteriously!), and everyone is punks and stoners and dropouts of various kinds. There's incredible teen making-out scenes, fantastic teen punk band scenes; the girls kick ass and the boys have feels and everyone is so, so, so true [...]

    21. This is my first exposure to Liz Suburbia's work. I hadn't heard of her before Fantagraphics released this book. But I discovered that Sacred Heart started as a webcomic, and that most (not all) of the story is still available on her website. The thing is -- and what I find most fascinating -- is that the art in the book is a notably different style than what originally appeared online. The latter had a more detailed and less cartoony (I don't mean this in a negative way) look, which is what def [...]

    22. My brain hurts from this one.I knew i was taking a risk when i picked it up but didnt realize just how big of a risk it was.Thats not to say that others might really enjoy it just for me it completely missed the mark.In a nutshell the story centers around a small community of teenagers whos parents are all gone.Throughout the story you have no idea why they left.The book centers around a girl named Ben and takes the reader through a series of situations in which you realize that something just i [...]

    23. It seemed to not know what it wanted to be. The story was all over the place and all in all, it seemed rushed. The ending was amazing though. If it was stretched out to become a bit longer, I believe I would have been more involved with the characters, and the ending would have made me more upset. Plus the fact that not a single adult was around made me question the story as a hole. So all in all, it was okay, but nothing I would suggest anyone else to read. Oh and for a graphic novel in black a [...]

    24. All the grownups went away. It's basically an apocalyptic situation but also teens are kind of capable of taking care of themselves so likeey're trying? But it's also kind of terrifying and horrible and full of drugs and sex and weird confusing murder? OK GREAT. I dunno, it didn't all come together, but also it was very much an effective mood piece. And Suburbia's a really solid illustrator and character creator, so I'll keep up with her I hope.

    25. In a world without parents, or any adults at all, it's a nonstop nihilistic party for the teens of Alexandria. Ben bucks the trend by daring to care. We see it's also a world of books, best friends and little sisters. The book has a strong plot and great moments of exposition. As someone who currently works with teens, this book really spoke to me: a social whirlwind and a facade of indifference often hide a longing for order and protection. The moment in which Ben's name is spoken was sublime.

    26. As soon as I finished it I had to read it again to try to find all the clues. Works on the most obvious level without anything extra, so it's pretty cool that there's a whole other story that we're just left to wonder about.

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