Trimmed With Murder

Trimmed With Murder

Sally Goldenbaum / Jun 27, 2019

Trimmed With Murder All Izzy Chambers Perry wants for Christmas is to keep her brother out of jail in this holiday yarn from the national bestselling author of A Finely Knit Murder In Sea Harbor the holidays mean cozy fi

  • Title: Trimmed With Murder
  • Author: Sally Goldenbaum
  • ISBN: 9780451471628
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All Izzy Chambers Perry wants for Christmas is to keep her brother out of jail in this holiday yarn from the national bestselling author of A Finely Knit Murder In Sea Harbor the holidays mean cozy fires, festive carols, and soft skeins of yarn waiting to become hats and sweaters and scarves And this year Izzy and the other Seaside Knitters are also knitting tiny ornameAll Izzy Chambers Perry wants for Christmas is to keep her brother out of jail in this holiday yarn from the national bestselling author of A Finely Knit Murder In Sea Harbor the holidays mean cozy fires, festive carols, and soft skeins of yarn waiting to become hats and sweaters and scarves And this year Izzy and the other Seaside Knitters are also knitting tiny ornaments to decorate a tree for the first annual tree trimming contest Their holiday cheer is multiplied when Izzy s younger brother, Charlie Chambers, unexpectedly arrives to volunteer at a local clinic He brings with him outspoken hitchhiker Amber Hanson, who is returning to Sea Harbor to claim an inheritance She quickly reacquaints herself with the area and forms an unlikely friendship with Charlie But their bond is shattered when her body is found beneath the undecorated trees on the Harbor Green With Charlie a suspect in the murder, Izzy and her fellow knitters step in to uncover the truth It s only by peeling away long buried secrets that they can hope to restore joy to the season, and enjoy the shining lights of the newly decorated trees.

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        Sally Goldenbaum is a philosophy teacher, knitter, editor, and the author of than two dozen novels.Series A Seaside Knitters Mystery


    1. At First Glance: Trimmed With Murder looks like a great cozy mystery to bundle up with on a dreary day.Though my days this week have not been as dreary, summer made some kind of a comeback, Trimmed With Murder was still a great cozy to bundle up at nights with. It was exactly what I was looking for starting this November. I love books with holiday themes around this time of year and Sally Goldenbaum delivered just that.As Sea Harbor prepares for Christmas by kicking off a Christmas tree contest, [...]

    2. Seaside Harbor is home of the fighting Cool Cods.Just knowing that makes makes me think Trimmed With Murder will be a fun cozy mystery to curl up with on a cold winter’s night…or on the sunny beach and celebrate Christmas in July.It all starts when Charlie picks Izzy up on the side of the road. Neither one of them wanted to be here, because we all know, in a small town there are no secrets.Most of the characters are warm and giving…once you get to know them, but there are some with secrets [...]

    3. Dollycas’s ThoughtsI have been looking forward to this book since I finished A Finely Knit Murder in the Spring and it is even better than I had hoped!Charlie Chambers, Izzy’s brother, returns to Sea Harbor very unexpectedly and just happens to pick up Amber Hanson along the way. Charlie is there to start work at a free clinic and Amber has some papers to sign regarding an inheritance. They become fast friends knowing that neither of them plans to stay in town for long. Sadly Amber’s visit [...]

    4. This story is number 11 in the Seaside Knitter's series. When I went to find this book on , I discovered that in May 2016 Sally Goldenbaum came out with another story in this series so I now have a new book to look forward to soon. A rotten night finds a young man struggling to make it to town despite the horrid weather. Suddenly, Charlie sees a form and the next thing he knows his car door opens and a young girl is sitting next to him. He takes her into town with him and when they stop, they me [...]

    5. "Trimmed With Murder" is a cozy mystery. This is the tenth book in the series, but you don't need to read the previous novels to understand this one, and this story didn't spoil the previous mysteries.The main characters are very nice, caring people, and they reacted realistically to the murder. The heroines asked reasonable questions and were good listeners. However, in this story, they were pretty slow to follow up on clues.I had a fair idea of what was going on from the available clues. Howev [...]

    6. Author Sally Goldenbaum pens a beautiful image of Christmas in Sea Harbor, a cozy little sea side town with so much to offer…including murder. In this newest installment in the Seaside Knitters Mystery series, Ms. Goldenbaum not only gives us another wonderful mystery, she knits together a story of family and homecoming, good or bad. There were moments in this story that tugged at my heart, and caused me to tear up. TRIMMED WITH MURDER is a perfect addition to this charming series. Filled with [...]

    7. Every book introduces the readers to more charming characters. I didn't guess who the murderer was until it was revealed. Such a fun series. As always looking forward to more.

    8. openbooksociety/article/trTrimmed with Murder (A Seaside Knitters Mystery #10)By Sally GoldenbaumISBN13: 9780451471628Author website: sallygoldenbaum/Brought to you by OBS reviewer KaytSynopsis:All Izzy Chambers Perry wants for Christmas is to keep her brother out of jail—in this holiday yarn from the national bestselling author of A Finely Knit Murder.In Sea Harbor the holidays mean cozy fires, festive carols, and soft skeins of yarn waiting to become hats and sweaters and scarves. And this y [...]

    9. Another great Seaside knitters mystery.Izzy has a younger brother named Charlie who is on his way to Sea Harbor. But no one in Izzy's family knows that Charlie is on his way back! It is a cold stormy night and Charlie stops for a minute to get his bearings and a young girl jumps into his car and tells him she is on her way to Sea Harbor. Right where Charlie is headed! So he takes her along to the town. They get to know each other personally and start to fall for each other. Then Amber (Charlie's [...]

    10. The book starts out very differently from most of the books in this series. We first meet Charlie Chambers, regular Izzy's brother, who's been missing from the family for about 10 years. We don't really know who he is at the start, only that he's coming to Sea Harbor to work in the clinic. On his way there, he picks up a young hitchhiker named Amber. Again, at the start we're not sure who she is, just that she's very skittish about being back in Sea Harbor. She even says she hates the place. We [...]

    11. Another enjoyable trip to Sea Harbor to visit with Nell, Izzy, Birdie and Cass and all their friends during the holiday season, which is unfortunately marred by a murder. But with a little knitting, a little talking and sleuthing, and a lot of love and some good food, this group will find out the who and why and get on with their holidays.

    12. This was a fun read. I enjoyed this one very much. If you are new to the series, this is not the starting point for you. There is a lot of backstory character development needed to get the full impact of the story, in my opinion.

    13. I read this one for a book club and got through it pretty quickly. My only problem was that there were SOOOO many characters!! When I saw that index in the beginning, I almost set the book right back down! I'm not sure why so many people were listed (since they weren't main characters) but it was a little discouraging. I've never read any others in the series, so maybe they were main characters before?Anywho the storyI had read the blurb and saw that Amber was going to die, but I still grew to l [...]

    14. Another enjoyable read with many characters I've grown to love and feel like I know. Sea Harbor seems like a nice place to live except for all the murders.Loved meeting Charlie, Izzy's younger brother, and seeing how her daughter Abby is growing.Set at Christmas with lots of holiday scenes that bring the community together even with a murder sometimes overshadowing things. Love how our sleuths - Izzy, Nell, Birdie and Cass, figure out the whodunnit each time!Some twists and turns with nice closu [...]

    15. I find the Seaside Knitters books such a comfort read. Trimmed with Murder seemed to take a while to get going - almost half the book until the action started. There was quite a lot of sentimental filler in this story. Usually I like the sentimental bits, but I felt it was overdone and that affected the pace of the plot. Some of the plot turns seemed more implausible than usual, in particular relating to Charlie Chambers's disappearance. Not the best of the series, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    16. It's Christmas time on the shore town of Sea Harbor when Izzy's prodigal brother, Charlie, shows up. On his first night he picks up a hitchhiker. The two form a friendship but Charlie is the first suspect when the young woman's body is found. It's up to Nell and the rest of the Seaside Knitters to find out who killed Amber Hanson. I love the "Seaside Knitter's" cozy mystery series. I love the friendships, the mysteries and the food. Not to worry because it comes with recipe!

    17. In this book, Izzy Chambers Perry's younger brother, Charlie returns to Sea Harbor. On his way into town, he picks up Amber Hanson who has returned to Sea Harbor because her grandmother has died. Amber is a difficult person to know or understand so when she is murdered the town is on edge. The knitters want to know why Amber was murdered since Charlie seemed to like her. The book was a quick easy read.

    18. I love the Seaside Knitters mysteries by Sally Goldenbaum and "Trimmed with Murder" is a fantastic addition to the series. The characters are people I've come to know and care about, the town is a place I'd love to visit and the plot, as always, kept me turning the pages.I highly recommend this book!

    19. Love these books! They are for me the reading equivalent of comfort eating. Not the most complex of plots - I usually have a good idea of who did it, or why; but they are great characters who continue to develop throughout the series.

    20. B/c I hadn't read anything else in this series it lost me early on.It was too busy. Too many characters to keep track of. Unfortunately the 2 characters I liked best were the victim & the guy who became a suspect.Also I wasn't too keen on the ending.

    21. This holiday themed volume in the series focuses on a new character Charlie, Izzy's brother. He has been out of touch with his family for many years but turns up unexpectedly to work in a medical clinic along with a female hitchhiker. This story is mainly told from Nell's point of view but includes Izzy, her husband and baby Abby in many of the episodes. A mysterious death occurs which throws suspicion on Charlie. I thought this was one of the better books in the series and the murderer was a co [...]

    22. Nothing says holidays quite like a cozy murder mystery filled with lots of fun characters, a quaint setting, and loads of intrigue.Author Sally Goldenbaum’s TRIMMED WITH MURDER takes readers to delightful Sea Harbor where protagonist Izzy Perry and her fellow Seaside Knitters are busy knitting ornaments. The group plans to decorate a tree for the first annual tree-trimming contest. The surprise arrival of Izzy’s younger brother, Charlie, takes a drastic turn when a female companion he arrive [...]

    23. Okay, I forgot to cancel my pre-order, so here it is and I'll give it a try. The editing errors are smaller and less annoying in this book. Many are just sloppy redundancies.Still not enough knitting, but the term "short row" is thrown in and used appropriately. The purple yarn metaphor doesn't quite make it.Points for the alliteration on pg 92.As a whodunnit, very predictable.I noted the editing errors for the first half of the book, then the holidays got too busy. I noticed fewer in the second [...]

    24. I've enjoyed all of the Seaside Knitters mysteries but this is one of the best. Although it takes place at Christmastime, the story felt a bit more poignant and serious than some of the other titles in the series. To me, this increased its emotional impact and kept me turning the pages even more than usual. The story surrounds two people returning to Sea Harbor after many years of absence and both with some ambivalence. One of them, hopefully, will be a recurring character in the series. It take [...]

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