Back from Africa

Back from Africa

Corinne Hofmann Peter Millar / Oct 19, 2019

Back from Africa After enthralling readers around the world with her incredible story of falling in love with and marrying the Masai warrior Lketinga and living with his family and their daughter in Kenya Corinne Hoff

  • Title: Back from Africa
  • Author: Corinne Hofmann Peter Millar
  • ISBN: 9781905147328
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After enthralling readers around the world with her incredible story of falling in love with and marrying the Masai warrior Lketinga and living with his family and their daughter in Kenya Corinne Hoffmann recounts her return to Switzerland and the difficulties she faced This frank and revealing memoir details how she built a new life for herself and her daughter while oveAfter enthralling readers around the world with her incredible story of falling in love with and marrying the Masai warrior Lketinga and living with his family and their daughter in Kenya Corinne Hoffmann recounts her return to Switzerland and the difficulties she faced This frank and revealing memoir details how she built a new life for herself and her daughter while overcoming all obstacles with the same courage and optimism she employed in her life in the Kenyan outback Once again, Hoffmann proves herself to be an acute observer and an effective storyteller, and her astonishing and compelling tale will captivate fans new and old.

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      467 Corinne Hofmann Peter Millar
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    1. Cartea vine ca o continuare la povestea lui Corinne Hoffman, după publicarea "Îndrăgostită de un masai". Prima carte m-a lăsat cu o stare de șoc absolut, care m-a făcut să mă gândesc constant la felurile complet diferite în care trăiesc alți oameni și cum ar fi dacă viața mea s-ar schimba brusc, peste noapte, în numele unei mari iubiri.Corinne revine cu explicațiile cerute de către cititori și povestește cum și-a refăcut ea viața după ce a fugit de soțul ei din Kenya, L [...]

    2. read and wrote a review on "The "White Masai" which I hated because of the ignorance and self-centered personality of the author. However, I did read this follow up because I wanted to know how such a person would be able to return to society and flourish as she obviously did. I read the book and at first it did not anger me but as the book went on I saw not only is this woman self centered, she is in my opinion a narcissist. I couldn't count the times she wrote "I" at the beginning of a sentenc [...]

    3. Iniţial, Corinne Hofmann a avut intenţia de a scrie o singură carte despre experienţele ei din Kenya, însă succesul răsunător al volumului Îndrăgostită de un masai a surprins-o, la fel ca ecranizarea acestuia. La insistenţele citittorilor săi, autoarea a decis să aştearnă pe hârtie continuarea poveştii ei şi a fiicei sale. În Adio, Africa, protagonista noastră se întoarce în Elveţia alături de Napirai, unde se va izbi de tot felul de probleme, de la birocrația de la pri [...]

    4. This is the sequel to "The White Masai". Corinne fell in love with a masai warrior and attempeted to make a life with him in Africa. Unfortunately, a clash of cultures forced her to escape with her daughter to her home in Switzerland. Back from Africa sees her rebuilding her life and sharing her memoirs. Some of my friends said she was a fool to try and live the way she did. I thought she had excellent business skills and a lot of love and committment and could have single-handedly helped the to [...]

    5. leest heel vlot , kan de negatieve reviews over het "egocentrische" wel begrijpen but let's be honest she has a pretty interesting life :-)

    6. Ich wollte einfach wissen wie es weiterging mit Corinne Hofmann und ihrer Tochter und schwups war das Buch in einem Rutsch ausgelesen.Dieser zweite Teil war ziemlich interessant und hat viele offene Fragen beantwortet, die sich einfach nach Beenden vom ersten Band stellen. Auch erfährt man wie Corinne dazu kam "Die weiße Massai" zu schreiben und verfolgt gespannt ihren Weg in die Buchbranche.Kann das Buch auf jeden Fall jedem empfehlen der Teil 1 gelesen hat und neugierig ist, wie es mit Corin [...]

    7. Un libro interesante, escrito en el mismo estilo que el libro anterior.Sin embargo, carece de la fuerza y la evocación de la primera parte.Si te has leído la Masai blanca, está bastante bien, si no lo has hecho, No merece la pena.

    8. BACK IN THE BIG WHITE WORLDThe first book in this series (The White Masai) is a 5 star, absolutely fascinating read. I would also recommend the follow-up (Reunion In Barsaloi). BACK FROM AFRICA however just feels like filler. There's not really enough interesting material here to warrant a third book and except for the first few chapters and the details of her climbing Mt Kilimanjaro I found it disappointing. This third instalment deals with the time immediately after she leaves her Masai husban [...]

    9. This book picks up where the first book, "The White Masai" leaves off beginning with Hofmann and her fifteen-month-old daughter arriving in her home country of Switzerland in 1990. This volume covers 1990 through 2003."Reunion in Barsaloi," which follows Hofmann's story after 2003, was published prior to "Back From Africa," so I ended up reading "The White Masai" first, then "Reunion," and now this book. Now that all three books have been released in the U.S I would recommend reading them in chr [...]

    10. After reading the "White Massai" I wanted to find out how her life back in Switzerland continued. It is not a literary masterpiece, but an interesting account of her life and it's rich experiences. Some of it was a bit repetitive, but I very much enjoyed the parts about how her African family reacted to her book and her experiences on Kilimanjaro.

    11. It's not a literary masterpiece but nevertheless an enjoyable reading experience. Interesting, quick and easy read on a Sunday afternoon. :)

    12. Am ales în această seară să vă scriu despre al doilea volum scris de Corinne Hofmann, apărut în Editura ALFFA în anul 2006. ,,Adio, Africa”, face parte din colecţia de ,,Cărţi adevărate”, exemple de viaţă, cărţi care te remontează după ce le citeşti şi îţi schimbă modul de a gândi şi visele.Cartea ,,Adio, Africa” aduce libertate şi o nouă viaţă pentru Corinne, în timp ce pentru masaiul Lketinga aduce divorţul, pierderea fiicei, Napirai şi a averii lăsate de [...]

    13. I ended up giving both this and the first book similar ratings, though for different reasons. This was absent many of the cultural-difference things that bothered me in the first book, in large part (I think) because nobody in Back from Africa was being asked to change. The author didn't have to change her expectations of what was acceptable in order to live in Switzerland again; neither did anyone she dated or spent time with. Because of this I had a lot fewer unanswered questions by the end of [...]

    14. This book is a sequel to The White Masai, which has also been made into a film. I read it in 2003 and was very curious to know what happened to Corinne Hoffmann after she came back to Switzerland.Her story is again very interesting to read, though of course, the adventures are of a different kind now. Trying to survive in the African wilderness is totally different from, let's say, trying to get a passport for your child to make sure that nobody can take her away from you, but it can be no less [...]

    15. What a boring book. The book is a sequel to 'The White Masai', which apparently was a best seller in Germany and Swizterland. I imagine that a description of a white woman's life in a Masai village would be far more interesting than the description of her life after she returned to Switzerland after her marriage fell apart, which is what this book describes. The writing is not particularly inspiring and her life, post-Africa, was not particularly interesting. I don't think I've ever read a more [...]

    16. This is the sequel to "The White Masai". It goes into detail about how Corinne reentered her life in Switzerland with her Masai daughter. I thought she showed much determination to get back into society especially when you literally haven't seen a bathtub in four years (along with a washing machine and all modern conveniences such as running water).I think the debate is whether she did the right thing in taking her daughter away from her father in Kenya. I don't think Corinne would have survived [...]

    17. The first book in the series, La Massaï blanche - I read a number of years back, and I remembered being transported throughout the reading to her world, vividly described. This time I read the English translation, and her voice comes through so pure that it was instantly recognisable as Corinne. The translators had really done her justice in both French and English. Her life-story continues to unfold, and her courage, endurance, and drive is inspirational and her approach to life refreshing in [...]

    18. CORINNE HOFMANN - Adio, AfricaDupa senzationalul succes al cartii Indragostita de un masai, Corinne Hofmann intentioneaza sa raspunda numeroaselor intrebari ale cititorilor, referitoare la viata ei dupa intoarcerea in civilizatia europeana. Astfel ia nastere cartea sa Adio, Africa.Noul inceput in „jungla birocratica“ nu este deloc usor. A trebuit sa reinvete multe din deprinderile cerute de civilizatia europeana. Totusi, cu aceeasi tarie, acelasi curaj si optimism, cu care a reusit sa suprav [...]

    19. Ik vond dit boek een van de betere boeken van Corinne Hofmann. Ik heb eerst de twee andere boeken gelezen voor ik dit werk ontdekte in de bibliotheek.Corinne leefde jaren als Westerse vrouw bij de Samburustam in Kenia en trouwde er met een krijger. Het verhaal van dit boek begint waar het eerste boek eindigde, op een vliegtuig van Kenia naar Zwitserland. Corinne verliet in het vorige boek haar echtgenoot Lketinga en nam haar dochtertje Napirai mee naar haar oude thuisland. Daar werd ze opgevange [...]

    20. Really, in a way this somewhat less-polished book felt much more honest and real than the best-selling The White Masai--both about the author's culture shock and missing of her abusive husband, and about her time in Kenya itself. Her real feelings and motivations made a lot more sense to me here. I love that she acknowledged that people complained about her book not being that well-written-- "I recognize that I don't exactly have a PhD in German literature". That made me feel a whole lot more sy [...]

    21. Corinne Hofmann has led a very interesting life however I'm not sure she's someone I would get along with for various reasons. I found myself at times during the book commenting about negatives I saw in her personality but apart from that a very interesting read. She comes across as an incredibly selfish person but I enjoyed learning some more about African culture, even if from a particular point of view. This book is her return however she still discusses her time in Africa and return to Europ [...]

    22. Read this immediately after the White Masai, which is not a good idea. This volume has more typos and is the author is fairly annoying. Several times she goes on and on about her discovery that life in Switzerland, with electricity and running water, is so much easier than life in the bush without such things you know, the sort of discovery anyone makes on a weekend camping trip. She also discounts the problems involved in writing a memoir that involves other real living beings. Usually one asks [...]

    23. I enjoyed reading Back From Africa simply because I felt compelled to find out what happened next in the life of Corinne Hofmann. I felt a sense of kinship while reading The White Masai but not with this book. I was thrilled to see that all that she gave away so willingly was returned to her tenfolds. I especially enjoyed the chapter where she sets out to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I felt the pain of the adventure, and laughed when there was an ounce of humor in the most treacherous moments of the t [...]

    24. This short book is the sequel to the nonfiction book The White Masai in which the author,as a Swiss tourist in Kenya, falls in love with and marries a Masai tribesman. She lives in a humble manyatta with him and his family and bears him a child but eventually leaves him because of their cultural differences. Back From Africa is the story of the author and her little girl as they return to life in Switzerland. Needless to say their transition and adjustments are enormous and I found the entire st [...]

    25. I found this book extremely fascinating. I guess that when I found this book in the library I wasn't aware that she did write a follow up of the "White masai" and was so excited to found this coopy. I had extreme eagerness to know what experiences she would have experienced back in Switzwerland. Definantly you need to have read the "White Masai" to understand her feelings of an uncertaint future back in Switzwerland yet more, having to get habituated back to her original culture which for so lon [...]

    26. Well, enjoyed reading the story. The author described the story in simple language understandable to any body and every body. She tried to settle back in her own country after suffering a culture difference and domestic abuse from a much 'low calibre' partner. Her life in undoubtedly motivating and perhaps every single mother should gather strength from her life.Since I have finished the series I will day that White Masai was far far interesting. Anyway kudos to a bold woman and her knack of wri [...]

    27. Solo lo recomendaria a personas a las que, como a mi, les gustó La masai blanca y tienen curiosidad por saber que fue de Corinne. Porque en este libro no pasa nada realmente destacable más que informarnos de como continuó su vida tras el final de su anterior novela. A mi me ha gustado porque soy una de esas personas a las que les fascinó la vida de esta mujer y sobre todo su fuerza y determinación en todo lo que se propone. Perfectamente prescindible para quien La masai blanca pasó sin pen [...]

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