First Contact

First Contact

Alex Gabriel / Jan 29, 2020

First Contact Going undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn t Rick Delaney s idea of a good time but for all the wrong reasons Sure going undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn t exactly an ever

  • Title: First Contact
  • Author: Alex Gabriel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Going undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn t Rick Delaney s idea of a good time but for all the wrong reasons Sure, going undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn t exactly an everyday assignment Still, as a cop specializing in undercover work, Rick Delaney is used to tough gigs The real issue is that Rick s expected to go under with someone he barGoing undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn t Rick Delaney s idea of a good time but for all the wrong reasons Sure, going undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn t exactly an everyday assignment Still, as a cop specializing in undercover work, Rick Delaney is used to tough gigs The real issue is that Rick s expected to go under with someone he barely knows But Rick s partner is suspended, and he doesn t have a choice Newly transferred detective Jon Messina s short a partner, too, except that his was murdered by the mafia Jon may seem breezy and lighthearted, but he has a score to settle And to do so, he s willing to do whatever it takes Except that it may take than either of them can afford Because their cover as a dom and sub couple spins out of control the minute they set foot into mafia controlled sex club Gomorrah What should be mere pretense threatens to become desperately real And if Rick can t control his desires, he s going to get them both killed Length 31,000 words

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      233 Alex Gabriel
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    1. I realize that this may be a bit cliché coming from me so let me back this claim up with a little story. I'm reading this at work. It's short. I figure I can knock it out right quick and get back to whatever. I got so engrossed in their second scene together at Gomorrah that I actually forgot I was at work then someone knocked on my door. I was so fashizzled that it took me a minute to (a) process what it was they were saying to me and (b) try and school my features like I hadn't gotten caught [...]

    2. I think my friends and other reviewers have pretty much covered every aspect of the story, so I'm sure I won't have anything new to add. So here's to an attempt at it! ;)The author's writing in this book was simply sensuous. We didn't just experience it all as if it were happening in front of us, the lazy, lust-filled actions were felt by us too. And it was so amazing. It was like a pot simmering on the stove. On the surface, you don't see as many ripples as you would on a high boiling water, bu [...]

    3. Public sex freaks fans, rejoice! This story includes a big scene starring our two MC undercover police officers at a BDSM club.I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this short story by new author Alex Gabriel. The blurb sucked me in and managed to deliver an interesting, hot story. Not a whole lot was resolved and we didn't learn much about the characters, but that is the downfall of any short story.I'm going to recommend this one for my fellow M/M BDSM fans. I'd love to see more of t [...]

    4. After Cupcake's review, I couldn't resist. Flushed and glassy-eyed? I'd like to place an order, please :)And, man, did this deliver!I was not expecting everything I got. I didn't expect to connect so much with the characters, especially that fast. That first scene in the club was delicious, but then there was the scene with Rick's partner and I went from being all turned on, to being really sad. (view spoiler)[alcoholism runs in my family and scenes like that always brings back memories I wish I [...]

    5. Just, brilliant. with that Ty & Zane ring to it. Whahoohoo.

    6. 4.5 starsFirst— Don’t let the blurb fool you (or the present tense narrative put you off). Yeah, we’ve read it before… cops go undercover in a BDSM/sex club trying to bust the bad guys running it. And at least one of the cops discovers that he likes the b/d/s or m part much more than he ever thought possible… But this one… In this one, the sexual heat between these two cops is so off the charts. The author knows just how to describe the turn on and ramp it up with style, all the whil [...]

    7. Four stars for the hot-as-hell club scene alone! The D/s scene was delicious! A weak/unresolved plot and entirely too short of a book along with the WTH ending but the characters alone made up for it. Did I mention the club scene? Yeah, that's worth the read alone. All I can say is I want more of these guys! Alex Gabriel I hope you are writing!

    8. ***Giddy Applause***Here's to buying books just based on pretty covers. I got this for no other reason than that I liked the simple yet beautiful cover. It turns out that this is smoking hot fun. Just what I needed to wipe away the sour taste of a bad read. The pretext of the book is two newly paired cops going undercover as a Dom/sub couple in a BDSM club where the mob is doing business so yeah umm just go with it. The probabilities of any of this being possible are irrelevant. What matters [...]

    9. 3.5 starsThere were a lot of things I really liked about this one. And I would gladly have given this 4 or 5 stars if it wasn’t for the ending. Because there was no ending.Likes:- The guys were great. I loved Rick’s snarky remarks and the friendly banter between Rick and Jon.Rick kneels down and leans against Messina’s leg. Like this is such a big thing? He can be cuddly and sexy and submissive. But when he looks up at Messina to try some smouldering, Messina’s watching him all wide-eyed [...]

    10. Super intense, involved scenes throughout the book. Few books have created such a strong sense of place and feeling for me to be able to sink into the MC's body and mind so fully, and to be so absolutely focused on just one other person. The BDSM and sex scenes are like there is no one else around, even though they are in a club full of people watching and becoming aroused, because Rick and Jon are so extremely attuned and centered on each other, that it is only just them during those scenes. It [...]

    11. I liked this a lot. It's got a different feel to it which I love (I don't think people do want to read the same thing over and over again) and it's very, very steamy! I found the present tense awkward at first, but it grew on me as the story progressed. I'm very excited for the sequel hopefully Mr. Gabriel doesn't make us wait too long!

    12. Note: This book was provided to me by the author through the DBML Program in exchange for an honest review. Detective Rick Delaney and his newly assigned partner Jon Messina are assigned an undercover operation at a gay BDSM club. Ostensibly, they are going in to bust up a crime family, but in reality, most of the story centers around prepping for the visit, the visit itself, and getting through the aftermath of what happens. And what happens is an extremely graphic, extremely well-written, hot, [...]

    13. Holy hell, please tell me there's going to be a sequel to this!I'm not much for BDSM, particularly the club type that was, but this was great. Sure, the case(s) weren't solved, and I'd like to know if Fitz was ok, so hopefully, there's a sequel coming.

    14. Wow, this one packed a punch for under 100 pages! Laughs, hot sex, feelzd did I say hot sex? :PI have to admit, I’m not normally one for shorter stories, as I prefer the depth you get with a longer book, but I REALLY wanted to read this one anyway, as I love the other works I’ve read by Alex Gabriel so far. I did think that it was a little difficult to build up much of a picture of any of the characters because of the length, especially the secondary characters, but we still got a really goo [...]

    15. First Contact is hot as hell. The sex scenes between the two main characters are visceral and engaging and entirely convincing that the reader is immersed in the thoughts and feelings of undercover cop Rick. This is voyeuristic erotica at its best.The writing is hypnotic and deftly captures the scattered thoughts of Rick Delaney. He is expected to go undercover with newly transferred detective Jon Messina. Both men are dealing with personal issues, Jon’s previous partner was murdered by the ma [...]

    16. You can probably file this under “a typical case of it’s not you, it’s me”…It's not a secret that I'm not really the biggest BDSM fan on earth, unless it is part of a thrilling story which keeps me interested. Funnily enough, this time it was rather exactly the opposite. I enjoyed the BDSM scenes more than everything else, which is saying something. I did not buy the story. For me it was too clichéd and quite unbelievable. Well, as you can imagine, I’m not really an expert as far as [...]

    17. "Words have always been a problem for Rick."Well, I am experiencing some of the same problems. I have started and re-started this review again and again. Not knowing how to put what I want to say, into coherent words and sentences. Luckily, Alex Gabriel does not suffer from this same affliction! Rick's partner is suspended and he is assigned a new one, Jon, for an undercover job at a gay BDSM club. But whilst working under cover, it is sometimes very hard to separate reality and the job.I have r [...]

    18. You try sitting squashed up on a plane and reading this onego on, I dare you!! Was I squirmingyou betcha, with a red face and sneaky looks at my fellow passengers. Heathrow to Barcelona will never seem so interesting again ;)Rick and Jon, undercover cops at a BDSM club owned and run by the Mafia. Phew!! I've put it on my Erotica bookshelf cos the scene in the club was bloody hotwhat few brain cells I still have left spontaneously combusted, and also cos we never got to discover whether the big g [...]

    19. MM Romance Group AOM. October 2015.~2.5~Let me begin by saying how excited I was by the blurb for this book. I love mm MCs with guns and badges--law enforcement. So when I read that a pair of cops would be going undercover in a BDSM club, I salivated and expected reading entertainment of no common order!Boy was this a disappointing book. There was no police business or investigation that I could identify, just a lot of posturing at the BDSM club and finally actual sex. Some readers enjoyed the s [...]

    20. to buy or not to buy? i have ARe-bucks, but then I'll have to pay full price O.owhat do we do, my precious, what do we do????

    21. The author was kind enough to provide me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.If I had to describe this book with one word, it would be: HOT. This is my fifth book by Alex Gabriel and the hottest one I’ve enjoyed the most so far.There’s Rick, slightly awkward, can’t string two words together when nervous. And then there’s Jon, happy-go-lucky, friendly, confident and taller than Rick. Clearly, Rick’s going to end up the sub and Jon’s going to be the Dom. At l [...]

    22. I encourage you to pick up this book if you are looking for a fast, entertaining, OMG HOT read. This is the first case for newly minted partners Rick and Jon. Their mission is to assume undercover identities as D/s in a BDSM club. A crash course in kinkery is necessary because they have no experience in this lifestyle and very little time to prepare for their roles. Rick is gay and out, and Jon's sexual preference is unknown. There is no shortage of chemistry and attraction between them, and the [...]

    23. Blazing hot and very intense for such a short story. Two men undercover who discover that what they want most is to NOT pretend anymore, but to become what they are portraying.Loved it. Recommended.

    24. Fantasy Police Force Rules Really hot little book. Very unbelievable as far as the plot goes, the police force they work for, the rules, their boss It's a little ridiculous. Still, it was fun and pretty sexy.

    25. This was adorable. I skimmed through most of it, but what I did read was so cute. Rick reminds me of myself. He tends to over think things, and throughout the book he's in a situation he's not familiar with and left feeling off kilter. I really liked him, and the book is told solely through his 3rd person pov, which was great, but also the reason why I had to skim so much. I tend to really get into books, so when Rick felt off balance I felt off balance. When he felt embarrassed, I felt embarras [...]

    26. Holy hotness! Let me start by saying this book really doesn't have much in the way of plot. However, what it does have is some of the hottest scenes I've ever read! At first glance, this is the story of two cops going undercover in a BDSM club run by the Carlsburgh Clans, a mafia group that may or may not be trying to expand their territory. Rick Deacon and newly transferred officer Jonathan Messina, formerly of Chicago, are paired up for the first time and sent into the club to make contact and [...]

    27. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.This is not what I expected. I've read some of this author's other works before and loved them, so I'd been expecting a light-hearted, maybe quirky, humorous romance. This is not that. But for what it is, it's pretty darn good.Rick is an undercover cop who's been asked to infiltrate a gay BDSM club run by the mob. He is assigned a partner (because his own is suspended), Jon, who immediately gets into the spirit of the [...]

    28. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was hot! But I wanted more. Jon and Rick could read each other without fail and their BDSM scenes were without a doubt scorching. But the undercover part seemed like it was only there to set up the BDSM element. I felt like I only got part of the story. Is there more to come? I would love to see this undercover assignment come to fruition. Let's see them catch the bad guys, both on the case and off, on Jon's personal [...]

    29. I was given a copy of this book by the author for an unbiased review.Rick and Jon are 2 undercover cops. They have been working alone and are partnered up to go undercover in a gay BDSM club.There isn't much about the investigation. The book deals mainly with the 2 men's adventure in the club. Rick plays the Dom and Jon his sub. The club action is hot. Rick is out but Jon's sexuality remains unknown at the start. By the end I believe he is gay or at least bisexual.Great (bareback) sex in a swing [...]

    30. Oh. My. God!That was freaking hot. HOT!I think it burned some of my brain cells.If you want to read this book, don't expect a lot of content. This is purely based on sexual chemistry- and sexual action.Although, I would like to get a real story out of that plot, I am totally satisfied with the hotness I got.It is beautiful to read how Rick and Jon react to each other, how they interact.I definitely want Second Contact!

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