De te slimme vos

De te slimme vos

Leigh Bardugo / Jun 27, 2019

De te slimme vos De rust in de Ravkaanse bossen wordt flink verstoord als een meedogenloze jager en zijn mooie zuster zelfs de machtigste dieren weten te villen Iedereen is doodsbang Iedereen behalve Koja Maar of dat

  • Title: De te slimme vos
  • Author: Leigh Bardugo
  • ISBN: 9789020632521
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook
  • De rust in de Ravkaanse bossen wordt flink verstoord als een meedogenloze jager en zijn mooie zuster zelfs de machtigste dieren weten te villen Iedereen is doodsbang Iedereen, behalve Koja Maar of dat nou zo slim is

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    1. “Just because you escape one trap, doesn’t mean you will escape the next.” "The fox and the nightingale made a quiet life together. A lesser creature might have held Koja’s mistakes against him, might have mocked him for his pride. But Lula was not only clever. She was wise."I liked her story but I saw that coming :)

    2. Read this even if you don't like or haven't read Bardugo's Grisha trilogy. It can be read here for free: tor/stories/2013/06/thQuick review:1) This story is wonderful.2) It has nothing to do with the Grisha trilogy.3) I don't particularly like the Grisha trilogy - first one was okay but the second was disappointing, IMO. Haven't read the third.4) This is a little folk tale about a fox who survives by outsmarting others - but has he finally met his match?5) It's just the right amount of dark.6) J [...]

    3. holy shit, was this good. this is an author whose novels i have been meaning to read for a while now, on the basis of all the glowing reviews here on the gr and on those gorgeous covers, but i just haven't gotten around to them yet, and now don't i feel foolish… because this is fantastic. i was apprehensive about reading this, having been burned by that elizabeth hand one that scoffs at you for not having read the larger work it is referencing, but i was assured by karly that these can stand a [...]

    4. This is a fable about a fox.Not a cute fox, though: an ugly one. But he's clever, and smart is more important than looks. Revisiting "The Too-Clever Fox" by Leigh Bardugo, I was charmed by this animal fable, right up until the point it slapped Koja the fox - and me - upside the head for thinking we had everything all figured out.Told in deceptively simple style, this tale follows Koja from his birth (when he's almost eaten by his mother for being so small and ugly, and is saved only by his quick [...]

    5. 5 Stars for the brilliant coverI'm iffy about the story because I despise hunters so I left it at a three because I loved the tales within the story =) Koja's mom wanted to kill him at birth because he wasn't a pretty little fox at all and he was a runt. ↑ Unlike our sweet little fox picture above! Koja seemed to always get out of sticky situations. He even befriended the great bear, Ivan Gostov, who had wanted to eat him at one time but became friends with Koja instead. Koja was friends with [...]

    6. God damn I love her stories so much. Gotta admit, they are way better than the Grisha trilogy. These plot twists in her short stories always take me by surprise!You can read it for FREE here! Highly recommended.

    7. “Just because you escape one trap, doesn’t mean you will escape the next.”With Leigh Bardugo announcing the upcoming release of her new short story collection, The Language of Thorns, I decided to take my shot with this swift tale in the meanwhile.The Too-Clever Fox is told through the eyes of Koja, a clever and quick-witted fox. We follow his journey of outsmarting his enemies, until his trust and cunningness is bestowed upon the wrong person.“It is always the same trap,” she said gen [...]

    8. Koja is such a clever little fox! I felt a bit sad reading this short story I can't say it was a "nice" read. It's so difficult to explain, but is was really well done. Slightly predictable, but none the less I really liked Koja. How does that happen after 30 odd pages?!

    9. Koja the fox was born ugly. His mother almost ate him right after birth to rid the world of him. The clever little fox talked his way out of it. Beware of thinking you are the most clever. really never works out that way.

    10. WrensReads Review:*Mother is hungry after giving birth and about to eat The Clever Fox.*"A lesser creature might have despaired at such cruelty, but the fox saw vanity in his mother's carefully tended coat and snowy paws.'I will tell you,; he replied. 'When we walk in the wood, the animals will say, 'Look at that ugly kit with his hansome mother!' And even when you are old and gray, they will not talk of how you've aged, but of how such a beautiful mother gave birth to such an ugly, scrawny son. [...]

    11. Color me impressed, Leigh Bardugo. A 30-page delight presenting a little fox that usually gets itself out of trouble using nothing but its' wits. It turns out that maybe it might be too clever for it's own good. This has got nothing to do with the Grisha series and is way too entertaining to miss out on. 4.5 stars

    12. 8 out of 10Ревью в моем блоге/This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives (please use Chrome/Yandex browser or Android/IOS to see the page; otherwise, spoiler-tags I use to make my post compact may not work)This is a tale (which was mentioned by Alina in Siege and Storm) about a fox which was born such ugly that even his mother wanted to eat him. But he managed to talk her with flattery not to do this. This is the start of life of a very clever fox. The ending is epic) The Grish [...]

    13. A lesser creature might have held Koja’s mistakes against him, might have mocked him for his pride. But Lula was not only clever.She was wise. I'm yet to see any of Miss Leigh's book that I didn't like, Hope that day never comes. This is a good folklore with animals and humans. The world building and depiction is great. Just as always the writing is great. I prefer theWitch of Duva to this but I still love this.The story follows a clever fox who got outsmarted but survived because he asked for [...]

    14. Just as with The Witch of Duva, this is a little folk tale that can be read separate from the Grisha trilogy as it has no connection to it.The story is about an ugly, but very clever fox, Koja. He manages to evade traps from the very beginning of his life, when his mother thought about eating him. His silver tongue and wits get him out of all sorts of troubles until a skilled hunter moves to the city near his woods. Now the forest animals turn to him for advice.I liked The Too-Clever Fox, and ro [...]

    15. “It is always the same trap,” she said gently. “You longed for conversation. The bear craved jokes. The gray wolf missed music. The boar just wanted someone to tell her troubles to. The trap is loneliness, and none of us escapes it. Not even me.

    16. 3.5/5 Stars "But if Koja had words, then he had hope." I personally enjoyed this novella more than The Tailor (Genya's story), but was a tad disappointed I predicted the twist long before the final reveal. Well, as long before as you can in a 30-page short. Overall it's a fast-paced read and keeps you invested until the end. Sidenote: #ThatCoverThough

    17. It´s a nice short story about a fox. To be honest I thought it would be about Nikolai (because of the nickname) but I still wasn´t disappointed,It´s written as a fairytale/old folktale.

    18. “Just because you escape one trap, doesn’t mean you will escape the next.”Loved it. ❤️ My favorite so far.

    19. Koja was untroubled. “I can bear ugliness,” he said. “I find the one thing I cannot live with is death.”This short story had all the elements required of a good fable. Evocative, yet simple language, characters you feel for, and a moral you can see coming a mile off, but which you find yourself wanting to deny until the very end. I fell in love with Koja, the eponymous "too-clever fox" and, as with all great short stories, I was sad to say goodbye, but felt it wrapped up and resolved its [...]

    20. This can be found online here: tor/2013/06/04/the-tooThis is an accompanying short story to the Grisha series but can be read as a stand-alone piece.This was an entrancing and enchanting short folk-tale written in an evocative and beguiling style. The twist to the narrative took me completely by surprise and I had my heart in my mouth whilst reading the endingThe symbolism, the attention to detail and the subtle nod towards other fairy and folk tales, such as 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Cinder [...]

    21. I've always loved animal parables since I was a kid. I remember having a book with collection of animal stories, and while reading this, it all came back to me - the love for the stories as I browse all my English and Filipino school books cover to cover as soon as I get one just to read all the short stories present there. So somehow, nostalgia just won and I really love this one because it was well-written and entertaining.

    22. *3.5/5 stars*“But if Koja had words, then he had hope.”The Too-Clever Fox reads like beautiful folktale. Like a fairytale your grandmother once read you when you were a child. I personally prefer the twisted Witch of Duva because I grew up on stories of Hansel, Gretel and Baba Yaga, but this was an enchanting little story nonetheless. Beautifully written and with Bardugo's clever little plot twists, this is a tale from the Grisha world you cannot miss.“What’s a bit more blood? thought Ko [...]

    23. I read it without knowing anything about it. I thought it was about Nikolai (because you know Alina used to call him that) but no !! It didn't about him . It was just a folklore . I couldn't be more wrong though.

    24. “Freedom is a burden, but you will learn to bear it.”These short stories are beautiful, simple and evocative. I'm not really a big fan of The Grisha trilogy, loved the first one, wasn't crazy about the second one and lost interest on the last book. Leigh Bardugo, however, is an amazing writer and these folktale snippets are perfect.

    25. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

      Look at that cover. how could I not?! Beyond the fact that this short story is free, it is very good. Koja is a tattered fox who has been using his clever mind to talk his way out of fixes his whole life. Naturally, when a famous hunter comes to town and starts relentlessly killing up the beasts in Koja's forest he offers up this same clever brain to devise a solution. I love tales like this, lessons ensconced in story :)

    26. Not related in any way to The Grisha trilogy.Freedom is a burden but you must learn to bear it Thought it was a clever little story about an ugly fox who uses his words to get out of life and death situations until he get's a little too cocky and almost winds up dead. Bardugo really has a way with words and short stories! Enjoyed it =)I only have one question I'm sorry I had too

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