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FarfallinaMarcel Once there was a caterpillar named Farfallina whose best friend was a gosling named Marcel They did everything together until one day everything started to change This beautiful and touching story s

  • Title: FarfallinaMarcel
  • Author: Holly Keller
  • ISBN: 9780064438728
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once there was a caterpillar named Farfallina, whose best friend was a gosling named Marcel They did everything together until one day, everything started to change.This beautiful and touching story shows that even as life takes different turns, friendship endures.

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    1. This book is really precious, but I'm biased toward it . . . When my husband proposed to me, he wrote his marriage proposal in the back of a copy of Farfallina and Marcel that he presented to me. (It was a time of great change for us because he was moving about 3 hours away and I didn't know what was going to become of us. The book was a great summation of how we felt about each other, and reassured me that we would always be together.)Anyway, this is a children's book and it is a beautiful stor [...]

    2. This is a wonderful tale about metamorphosis and friendship. A caterpillar and a gosling become friends and play together every day until it's time for the caterpillar to create her chrysalis. Once she emerges as a butterfly, she sees the mature goose on the pond, but doesn't realize that he's Marcel. It's a fun tale and our girls loved it. It teaches a little bit about science, but in an unobtrusive way.

    3. This book charmed my socks off! It is such a lovely story of friendship, so preciously written and sweetly illustrated. Farfallina is a caterpillar and Marcel a gosling when they meet. They spend idyllic days together until Farfallina needs to rest and Marcel waits so long that he fears she is not coming back. But Marcel is going through some changes, too.

    4. Another tale of mismatched friendship - this time between a caterpillar and a goose. They love each other, but the caterpillar goes off one day and the goose is very hurt his friend never came back. Of course she does eventually come back, as a butterfly.Okay illustrations.

    5. Very nice, but the theme has been done before, and better. I totally respect the 5-star opinions, but I personally wasn't quite as charmed. That's all.

    6. This is my absolute favorite children's book. I remember picking it up in a store and reading thru it. I was pretty pregnant at the time and I remember crying as I read the ending. I loved how their friendship endured and they were able to start up right where they left off.

    7. Nature, science, metamorphosis, and friendship, all in one in a delightful picture book.The story begins when Farfallina, the caterpillar, and Marcel, the gosling, become friends and play together daily. One day the caterpillar disappears from the gosling eyes, it was time to create her chrysalis. Once she emerges as a butterfly, she sees the mature goose on the pond, but doesn't realize that he's Marcel. The butterfly and goose became good friends. At the end of the story they realized what had [...]

    8. Literature Requirement: **2003 Charlotte Zolotow Award Winner**This was a very touching and sweet book about friendship. Although I am 19, this book spoke to me about distance and the impact of time apart from friends. In this day and age, it’s often expected that constant contact is required to be good friends with someone. Good friends can span distance, time, and conflict, and this book does a great job of showing that. The friendship that Farfallina and Marcel have is timeless and strong, [...]

    9. What a special way to teach children about growing up! A worm and a gosling become friends and they spend all day together doing things together and just having fun. They each do things that they know the other can do (Like the worm won't climb high 'cause she knows the goose can't got that high to find her. The goose will let her get on his back and they swim on the lake.) Then one day Farfallina tells Marcel she needs to climb up and rest for a while that she wasn't mad or angry just needed to [...]

    10. This is one of our family's favorite books. There is a book reviewer on NPR who sometimes reviews childrens' books. He never misses. Anyway, we love this book. It's so sweet. This time I used it as a read aloud on Butterfly Day during our second grade Lifecycles week. 5/11/15I have no idea why I haven't read this book to my students in a while. It is a hit every. single. time! I remembered it this time because after we released our butterflies this year, one of my students said, "I wonder what t [...]

    11. Created from the Italian word “farfallina” meaning butterfly, Farfallina and Marcel is a wonderful story of undying friendship, despite the life changes one faces. Holly Keller explores changes in nature with the life cycle of a butterfly and the physical changes from gosling to goose. Keller’s use of watercolor creates a serene setting that distinguishes the characters moods through light and dark. Farfallina and Marcel would be a great read-aloud for primary grades to accompany any scien [...]

    12. Farfallina (Italian for butterfly) is a caterpillar. Marcel is a gosling. They meet and feel a kindredship and enjoy the spring together, playing hide-and-seek and sailing on the lake. One day Farfallina doesn't feel right and hides up in a tree. Marcel promises to wait for her but after weeks of not seeing her, gives up. When Farfallina emerges as a butterfly she goes off in search of Marcel but only finds a goose swimming in the lake. Eventually both realize they have reunited and the friends [...]

    13. These two charming title characters exemplify friendships, change, and animal science. The beautiful changes that occur in both animals can be studied in a science class, along with other animals who go through changes as they progress in age. The friendship that endures through time could be another important topic of study with this story. I love this book because of the beautiful illustrations that create such a lovely setting for this timeless story of friendship.

    14. Farfallina meets Marcel during a summer rainstorm. Farfallina is busy doing what caterpillars do best--eating a leaf. But Marcel, a little gray gosling, is standing under the leaf. "Hey," he says, "You're eating my umbrella." Thus begins a cute friendship between the goose and the caterpillar, a friendship that spans Farfallina's transformation into a butterfly. This is a beautiful picture book done mostly in green and blue watercolors; the theme of enduring friendship is lovely.

    15. A duckling and a caterpillar are friends. As they transform, they disappear from one another's lives. Later, once they recognize one another, they are delighted by their renewed friendship. A good companion book when discussing life cycles of butterflies. A little different from the books where the big reveal is, "OMG! He is now a beautiful butterfly!"

    16. A story of seasons and two friends changing. Farfallina the caterpillar, and her friend, Marcel the gosling start the spring off nicely, playing and frolicking, but when Farfallina needs to go rest, time passes and when she comes back, things are not quite the same as she remembers, nor is her friend.

    17. I have given this book as a gift to a friend before. An adult friend, but I think children's books can get down to the fundamental truths that adults find hard to communicate. I do not think this friend appreciated the gift, though. Personally, I would love a children's picture book picked out just for me, but I'm odd.

    18. This is an amazing book that teaches about the other. Thinking about the other and making changes in one's life about the other. I get choked up at the end of this book. I have a niece with a disability. This is a good way to teach children about these things. It's one of the best children's books i ever read.

    19. This is a darling book about so much: growing up, metamorphosis, the nature of friendship. It's also great for engaging children. I enjoyed reading this to students grades preK-3, and engaging them with questions on what was happening to the characters. An excellent, well-illustrated choice for story hours.

    20. A gentle, sweet story about a caterpillar and gosling who become friends until they start to feel some 'growing pains'ey disappear for a while, but when their changes are complete, they find each other again. Even though their appearances are different, they are still the same.Used for "UGH!BUGS!" storytime-September, 2010.

    21. A sweet story, with simple toddler-eye-catching illustrations. Clearly, it's a little too wordy, subtle and grown-up for our toddler. We'll try again�the story is too good not to.To read the full review, go to The Reading Tub(r).

    22. This one was fine, but I prefer The Caterpillar and the Polliwog for discussing this subject. The illustrations are better than the ones here.

    23. We hatch ducks in the spring and caterpillars in the fall. This is a wonderful story that brings both units together nicely as it tells the story of these two friends who undergo lots of change. A great book to discuss cycles.

    24. Read this beautiful story about friendship and change today at the library. It was on display in the children's section. Lovely illustrations. I'm always surprised by how deeply I care about characters in children's books after only a few pages. These authors know how to reel you in.

    25. I loved this book. Not onle were the pictures creative and colorful, the story was great! It was the transition between two best friends, a caterpillar and a gosling. They both change, into a butterfly and a goose. Then they are reunited. Friendship is the key in this book!

    26. I love this book, because it shows students that even of we change on the outside that does not mean we change on the inside. We saw a story basket using this story and it was really cute. Students will enjoy seeing the clever use of props and a familiar story.

    27. A really cute story of the friendship between a caterpillar and a gosling. It teaches young ones about how a caterpillars turn into butterflies and goslings into grown geese, but also how people can change and grow over time yet still remain friends.

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