The Naughty List

The Naughty List

Edward Lorn / Jul 20, 2019

The Naughty List This short story is intended for mature audiences The Naughty List is a holiday themed horror freebie which is only available one week out of the year close to Christmas This story will be available

  • Title: The Naughty List
  • Author: Edward Lorn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: ebook
  • This short story is intended for mature audiences The Naughty List is a holiday themed horror freebie which is only available one week out of the year, close to Christmas.This story will be available again for free on December 2016.

    The Naughty List The Naughty List min Short , Comedy , Crime On Christmas Eve, two American mobsters come face to face with Santa Claus, and discover what it really takes to get on the Naughty or Nice list. The Naughty List Unique and Hilarious Coal Gifts for the The Naughty List gifts are a fun and unique way to celebrate anyone on your naughty list FREE shipping on all orders. The Naughty List Full Movie HD Christmas Movie Dec , The Naughty List Show Show less Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next Up next Check Santa s Naughty or Nice List The Incredible Elf o matic Naughty or Nice Determinator Santa s List Oh yes, you must mean the list Mrs Claus gives to Santa It s a list of all the things she s asked Santa to fix but he hasn t yet Santa calls it his honeydew list You know, Honey, do this and Honey, do that With a list as long as that, The Naughty List Video Directed by Gordon Crum, Jay Surridge With Drake Bell, Sean Astin, Naya Rivera, Kyle Chandler After two young elves give Santa and the North Pole food poisoning they must redeem their Naughty List status by finding a way to save Christmas. The Naughty List The Naughty List The Naughty List is a Black comedy short film written and directed by Paul Campion, about two American mobsters who come face to face with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and discover what it really takes to get on his Naughty or Nice list The film is based on the short story The Siqquism Who Stole Christmas, The Naughty List EscapeRoomNJ The Naughty List BOOK NOW PRICES So, you haven t been too good this year Here s the plan Steal the naughty list from Santa s office while he is out tending to his reindeer minute family friendly Christmas Escape Room experienceGreat for kids and adults alikePerfect for families and corporate outingsUp to playersFrom the creators of The Lost Top Of The Naughty List Unikitty Wiki FANDOM powered The characters Eagleator, Score Creeper, and Ted Butter are all listed on Santa s naughty list This episode reveals that Master Frown gives Brock a goodnight kiss every night This episode s story editor, Ben Gruber, coincidentally shares a surname with Hans Gruber, the main antagonist in Die Hard. The Naughty List by Jodi Redford, Paperback Barnes Noble Most Helpful Customer Reviews The Naughty List by Jodi Redford is a fun but naughty Christmas read Ms Redford has delivered a fun book loaded with amazing characters Lacey, Ry and Bram s story is full of drama, humor and five alarm heat This is a M F M menage, so it may not be everyone s cup of tea. THE NAUGHTY LIST A Christmas Escape Room in Cleveland Christmas is almost here and you re on the Naughty List There s no time for good deeds and you can t unbreak Mom s favorite lamp Your only hope is to sneak into Santa s house and move your name from the Naughty List to the Nice List.

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    1. YeahI knew I was on the naughty list Bleck.t that kind of naughtyDo you not know me at all?This kind of naughty! Then this book comes along and scares me off messing with the fat man himself.Takes all the fun out of ChristmasThis little tidbit of Christmas Cheer (Not) is available free for a few days.d then like Santa. will be gone. Go grab itazon/dp/B00QXAPNI0/r

    2. I've put my tree up and festooned it with lights and ornaments, decorated the yard for the edification of the neighbors, and sung gustily to carols while driving around town to buy gifts. I've also watched Bad Santa and read The Naughty List--I'm ready for Christmas! I'm not sure how someone who throws themselves so whole-heartedly into the traditional decorating/caroling/baking/gifting Christmas scene can also derive so much pleasure from twisted Christmas scenarios such as Bad Santa, Krampus, [...]

    3. This was a fun, naughty short story and not that kind of naughty either. Not only does Santa know if you've been naughty or nice, he also knows when it's time to kick ass!Recommended for fans of short horror stories.

    4. It's a knock-down, drag-out, rock-n-roll BATTLE FOR CHRISTMAS as Santa dukes it out with the Naughty List, making for one short and not-very-sweet Christmas to remember.You better watch out!

    5. These elf-demons are naughty!And they are out for Santa's blood, after luring him into a run-down house with a few kids they kidnapped from the "Nice List." But this Santa is no wuss.His reindeer are pretty bad-ass too. Very quick, fun horror take on Christmas. It's free right now too! I want to read the next one. :)

    6. (I won’t be giving this a rating due to the author’s post, which is quite a reasonable request considering that he’s one of the very few authors on here who actually cares about readers’ rights and that respect has to run both ways. Heard?)So this was my first Edward Lorn book, and I picked it up because there was a free promotion. It seemed like a Christmassy story and I was in the mood to get my holiday feelz on. It kinda fell short of my expectations to be honest. For one thing it act [...]

    7. Part #2: Deck the Halls: A Christmas HorrorSanta is a kick-ass superelf. The naughty ones are not human children.And most importantly Rudolph had been laid up this Christmas after it was found that his glowing nose was actually a rather nasty infection. Enjoy it for free from this X-mas.Merry Christmas, everybody! ^_^

    8. Plenty of creatures are stirring in the house Santa is about to visit this Christmas Eve. Some of them are very naughty indeed. It's not nice to fool Santa. Prepare yourself for candy canes and Christmas stockings implemented in a different way, and learn the real reason behind Rudolph's glowing nose.

    9. I did a beta read/proofread for this one.It's a short, zippy little ditty, like a frenetic wind-up toy you'd find in your Christmas stocking.Give it a spin. It's FREE for a limited time on the and then it's gone.Grab it! amzn/B00QXAPNI0

    10. 4.5 starsAn unexpected twist concerning the theme of Santa's "naughty and nice" list, just in time for the holidays! A warped version of those that did not make the "nice" list, Ed Lorn's originality is shown in full glory here. You'll never think of reindeer the same, again.Highly recommended!

    11. Santa sees a house decked out before Christmas but when he arrives he’s in for a nasty surprise. Lucky for him, he got his reindeersThis novella was short but good. Santa is not the right man to get up against, and those reindeerslet me tell you, they know how to fight

    12. This little slice of holiday horror was both creepy and hilarious. I love the way Edward Lorn does atmosphere and I love even more how he does gore. He does not shy away from vivid descriptions of impaled demons upon reindeers' antlers nor does he fail in bringing a little bit of ninja to the big man himself. I thought this story was gutsy, gory, all shades of creeptastic, and loads of fun to read before Christmas. And it's currently free for kindle but only for a few days. Do hurry and read it! [...]

    13. Great "festive" short story, maybe not one for the kids. Well worth the 10 minutes it took to read though.A thank you to the author, Ed Lorn, for providing this for free. Looking forward to the next one.

    14. Disclosure: I am friends on with Ed Lorn, though he did not ask me to review any of his work, nor does that have any bearing on my opinion. I picked this up for free from Kindle when he offered it for the holidays this year, like everyone else did. Who knew Santa was such a badass? Not only does he have to make it around the world in just one night, but apparently he also has to fight hordes of evil imps while doing it. I was not sure what to expect from this story when I picked it up. Honestly [...]

    15. "You'll go down in history"First, I love the cover. I know, I know it's an e-book but, I love the vintage elves faces, even with the blood spatter. It's excellent.Whoa Old Saint Nick is really a magical Chuck Norris/Hulk! He's got moves for a fat jolly man. The bad ass reindeer sidekicks were like hungry rabid street dogs. I loved how they came to Santa's aid. No one messes with the BIG GUY!Loved it. Excellent imagination on the "other" list we all strive to not have our names on.

    16. I must admit I've not read Edward Lorn (until now) and I truly did download "The Naughty List" for the "fabulous" cover.d glad I did. Fun, but dark read with a unique twist on Santa's more difficult deliveries.Enjoyed the freebie Christmas gift. Thank you Mr. Lorn!

    17. A gleefully fun, slightly rough and nasty, little tale that’ll get you in the Christmas spirit and make you think twice about messing with Santa and his reindeer. Not that any of you would ever do such a thing :)thanks for sharing E!

    18. Never knew Santa could kick some serious ass!Let's hope I am not on his Naughty list.Santa visits a stop on his Nice list. However, he is in for a treat and encounters a few surprises. Although this was way way way too short for my taste, I blinked and it was over, Lorne has a knack for setting the scene with just a few words. This was quite a fun read!Original 'review'Free this Christmas.And see Deck the Halls too ;)Thank you Edward Lorn!

    19. Okay, to be fair, Santa doesn't go looking for trouble. But when trouble goes looking for him, he won't be so jolly anymore. The Naughties have plotted to ambush Santa and steal his magic. Can the beloved holiday icon defend himself and the three innocent children caught amidst the battle? Action-packed, with just the right amount of gore, this story is a holiday treat! If there's one thing to be learned from this story

    20. Creepy short story about Santa's encounter with a host of "Naughty LIst" denizens. Not really sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't even that. Santa is a good elf with ancient powers and the others are something else.Fun nonetheless and most definitely different - and it was FREE on .Enjoy.

    21. 3.5*This short story is not suitable for children*Depends on the children, I guess. If you know kids who watch horror films or like reading horror, I am certain they wouldn't mind.Santa finds himself trapped. Not to worry because he and his reindeer are not just some lovely good-natured group. There's blood and gore all around. I wonder if I should be worried since I liked it. Probably not.

    22. Unholy imps try and fuck with Santa. Bad idea. Let the reindeer games begin! A bloody interesting Christmas quickie from Edward Lorn.

    23. Note to self: Do not read Edward Lorn while eating spaghetti. I love that the book description on this is so short and sweet without saying a single thing about the story because, being only ten pages, any book description, I feel, would have given away too much. Plus it allows your mind to wander, wondering what it could possibly be about, especially if you're a fan of Edward Lorn.Now, anyone who follows my reviews - on my blog or any of the book reader social networks I'm on - knows that I am [...]

    24. A Christmas gift from the author.Christmas tradition is nice. Santa with his rosy cheeks hopping down from the sled, his reindeer prancing on the rooftop. Santa gives gifts to the good and punishes the naughty by leaving nothing, he then refuels with cookies on his way up the chimney and moves on to the next house. That won't happen here!!Naughty List is anything but traditional. A great break from the hustle and bustle of the season. His short story was a scene of violence and gore. Again, Edwa [...]

    25. A fantastically fun short that makes a pleasing change from the usual saccharine-stained, goody-goody, holiday-themed tales at this time of year.4 Benched Rudolphs for The Naughty List.

    26. Well my vision of the sweet little reindeer from Christmas tales past is gone- woosh- out the window. the next time I hear the hooves on my roof I'm loading the shotgun. LOLFun and twisted !

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