Inside Biosphere 2: Earth Science Under Glass

Inside Biosphere 2: Earth Science Under Glass

Mary Kay Carson Tom Uhlman / Dec 08, 2019

Inside Biosphere Earth Science Under Glass In the Arizona desert scientists conduct studies and experiments aimed to help us better understand our environment and what sort of things are happening to it due to climate change The location is B

  • Title: Inside Biosphere 2: Earth Science Under Glass
  • Author: Mary Kay Carson Tom Uhlman
  • ISBN: 9780544416642
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Arizona desert, scientists conduct studies and experiments aimed to help us better understand our environment and what sort of things are happening to it due to climate change The location is Biosphere 2, an immense structure that contains a replica ocean, savannah, and rainforest, among other Earth biomes It s a unique take on the Scientists in the Field missionIn the Arizona desert, scientists conduct studies and experiments aimed to help us better understand our environment and what sort of things are happening to it due to climate change The location is Biosphere 2, an immense structure that contains a replica ocean, savannah, and rainforest, among other Earth biomes It s a unique take on the Scientists in the Field mission statement in this case, the lab is a replica that allows the scientists to conduct large scale experiments that would otherwise be impossible.

    Biosphere Biosphere is an American Earth system science research facility located in Oracle, Arizona.It has been owned by the University of Arizona since Its mission is to serve as a center for research, outreach, teaching, and lifelong learning about Earth, its living systems, and its place in the universe It is a . acre . hectare structure originally built to be an artificial Biosphere Biospherics Biosphere is an unprecedented, on going ecological experiment It is a tightly sealed glass and steel structure on . acres near Oracle, Arizona in which scientists have created seven complete ecosystems or biomes that mirror those of Earth. How Living Inside Biosphere Changed These Scientists Still, it was a huge change The experience of coming out of Biosphere was amazing in that it was like being reborn into this world and seeing it with fresh eyes, she recalls. Tours Biosphere Experience Biosphere New Tours The Biosphere tour experience has been redesigned to feature the cutting edge science shaping the future of our planet. Biosphere Photos show the s Mars colony test as it Biosphere was an ambitious experiment in the Arizona desert to simulate a self sustaining colony on Mars In , eight people shut themselves inside the airtight . acre habitat for two years. Biosphere The biosphere from Greek bos life and sphaira sphere also known as the ecosphere from Greek okos environment and , is the worldwide sum of all ecosystems.It can also be termed the zone of life on Earth, a closed system apart from solar and cosmic radiation and heat from the interior of the Earth , and largely self regulating. Jane Poynter Life in Biosphere TED Talk Subtitles and So what did I learn Well, here I am inside Biosphere , making a pizza So I am harvesting the wheat, in order to make the dough. Biosphere From Tucson, AZ Groupon In , Space Biospheres Ventures purchased a unique Sonoran Desert property north of Tucson in the shadow of the Santa Catalina Mountains There, the company expanded its sci fi sounding activities the development of space colonization technology and built the million dollar mini world Biosphere , recently seen on The Today Show BIOSPHERE The Drone Racing League Biosphere is the home of Level , the first DRL race to take place both inside and outside Pilots fly vertically over Biosphere s highest tower before turning inside and passing through several scientifically sustained ecosystems, including an ocean, desert and rainforest. biosphere National Geographic Society Biosphere In , a team of eight scientists moved into a huge, self contained research facility called Biosphere in Oracle, Arizona Inside an enormous, greenhouse like structure, Biosphere created five distinct biomes and a working agricultural facility.

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    1. Step inside Biosphere 2 in the Arizona desert and find out how scientists are using this huge encapsulated environment as a big laboratory to better understand how the Earth works and how to best manage it today.Carson and Uhlman do a fascinating job explaining the history of Biosphere 2 when 8 people moved inside for two years, and all the major scientific experiments going on inside today. They explore the rainforest being used to track the flow of carbon, the ocean being revamped to study bio [...]

    2. Biosphere 2. Would you want to be trapped inside even in a control scientific environment? Can you say claustrophobia!~ And having to deal with people you can't get away from! UGH~~Makes me think of the Truman Show with Jim Carrey. Control the sun, moon, rain etc etc etc. I see the good it does with experiments and all but I actually found this book a little boring. If it wasn't assigned reading in order to for it to be considered for book award list I would have never picked it up. It is intere [...]

    3. This amazing book tells the story of the original Biosphere experiment, but it doesn’t stop there. With well-written text by Mary Kay Carson and remarkable photographs by Tom Uhlman, Inside Biosphere 2 – Earth Science Under Glass takes us inside this unique research facility and lets us follow the scientists who work there. While readers learn about the researchers and their experiments, they'll also pick up information about photosynthesis, soil erosion, solar energy, animal survival, and o [...]

    4. I found the topic of this amazing Biosphere in Arizona interesting. I really want to visit it now. The book contains good information on the Biosphere now and the 2 year experiment from 1991 to 1993 when 8 scientist were locked in to see how well they could survive in this enclosed environment. The objectives of the biosphere have changed over the years, but new knowledge has always been the main goal. The book read a little too much like a text book for me. I did enjoy the Flash Back inserts of [...]

    5. Listed in CCBC Choices 2016 under Science, Technology and the Natural World. (Scientists in the Field Series) Great resource for those interested in climate change studies. Set in the Sonoran desert in Arizona, research is being conducted on sustainability issues. Once used as a human experiment (1991-1993) for 8 people, now state of the art, one of a kind, research facility. Sweet Spot: Middle-High School, Curriculum: Environmental Science & research.

    6. I love the books in this series, as they are perfect for independent research for upper elementary students. I learned quite a bit about this project, that I vaguely remembered hearing about a long time ago. I wish there had been a few more photos showing the daily lives of the scientists as they made the biosphere their home.

    7. Biosphere 2 was created to see if people could live in a closed environment and survive. This books gives background information and profiles scientists currently working on the project in Tucson, Arizona.

    8. It took me a while to read this book only because it was my lunchtime read so reading episodes were interrupted by work. It is a great book that details Biosphere 2's history as well as it's current role in understanding the Earth's climate.

    9. Another worthy entry in the Scientists in the Field series, densely scientific, best for jr high, may pass this to my nephew who was fascinated with the biosphere and visited about 10 years ago when he was 12.

    10. Can you imagine living in a dome with seven other people for two years without being able to leave? What if this dome had a rainforest, a desert, a savannah, a wetland, and an ocean inside? It may sound impossible, but this 3-acre sized structure does exist, and an entire world lies underneath its sealed glass walls. Inside Biosphere 2 by Mary Kay Carson takes you inside this world. Biosphere 2 is a place that took four years to build, has over 6,000 windows, and was made to last for a century, [...]

    11. Good for students interested in climate change research and/or a real-life human experiment (1991-1993) featuring 8 scientists locked in a biodome in the Sonoran desert in AZ for 2 years. They had to survive it by modeling earth's biosphere and growing their own food, recycling their water, and blocking the harmful rays of the sun in an enormous glass domed structure. Their original research focused on proving complex ecosystems could work "indoors" and devising new technologies for living in sp [...]

    12. Generally, I really love the Scientists in the Field series. This one however was a fail for me. I like the idea of it, and in fact I did like seeing the map and learning about the different ecosystems all under one roof. But that was Chapter 1. After that it was pretty science-y. Lots of photosynthesis and carbon dioxide, blah blah blah. I had to quit. This one is for die hard science lovers only!

    13. It is very informative about the Biosphere 2. Good addition to the nonfiction section for students. The Scientists in the Field series has always presented excellent information and photographs in its books. Carson’s book on Biosphere 2 continues the tradition. The book begins by presenting an overview of the beginning of Biosphere in 1991. When it was used as a science experiment which included 8 people for two years which tested human survival in a closed environment located in Oracle, Arizo [...]

    14. After I finished T.C. Boyle's "The Terranauts," I had to read everything I could find about Biosphere 2. I often find that a so-called "children's" book is an excellent way to get facts, great photographs, and verified history. I loved this book! It fulfilled all my requirements listed above, and I found out that T.C. Boyle had really done his homework (not that such diligence on his behalf surprised me). I could tell which of the Biospherians (he coined the word Terranauts) was which character [...]

    15. This book is part of the "Scientists in the Field" series. Do not be fooled by the picture book format!! These books have tons of important information about a variety of topics, explaining complex scientific concepts, and the people who are trying to unlock the mysteries of our world. From this particular title, I learned not only about the original Biosphere 2 experiment in 1991-93. I also learned about the many ongoing experiments still being conducted in this structure, related to erosion, w [...]

    16. All I could do was picture the movie biodomerry, it was interesting, but Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin just kept showing up in my thoughts!

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