Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind the Theory of Everything

Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind the Theory of Everything

Jane Hawking / Jul 19, 2019

Travelling to Infinity The True Story Behind the Theory of Everything Soon to be a major motion picture called The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane It chronicles their relationship from his early development o

  • Title: Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind the Theory of Everything
  • Author: Jane Hawking
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Soon to be a major motion picture called The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane It chronicles their relationship, from his early development of ALS to his success in physics In this compelling memoir his first wife, Jane Hawking, relates the inside story of their extraordinary marriage As Stephen s academic renowSoon to be a major motion picture called The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane It chronicles their relationship, from his early development of ALS to his success in physics In this compelling memoir his first wife, Jane Hawking, relates the inside story of their extraordinary marriage As Stephen s academic renown soared, his body was collapsing under the assaults of motor neurone disease, and Jane s candid account of trying to balance his 24 hour care with the needs of their growing family will be inspirational to anyone dealing with family illness The inner strength of the author, and the self evident character and achievements of her husband, make for an incredible tale that is always presented with unflinching honesty the author s candour is no less evident when the marriage finally ends in a high profile meltdown, with Stephen leaving Jane for one of his nurses, while Jane goes on to marry an old family friend In this exceptionally open, moving and often funny memoir, Jane Hawking confronts not only the acutely complicated and painful dilemmas of her first marriage, but also the faultlines exposed in a relationship by the pervasive effects of fame and wealth The result is a book about optimism, love and change that will resonate with readers everywhere.

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    1. In some cases, it is best to see the film first -- and this is one of them. I was extremely moved by The Theory of Everything, and particularly impressed by the central performances of Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) and Jane Hawking (Felicity Jones). In the film, Jane Hawking has a steady strength and a calm presence. Even when she becomes increasingly ground down by the demands of Stephen's physical deterioration, there is the sense that she is the strong centre of their marriage and family - [...]

    2. This is Jane Hawking's story of her 25 year marriage to Stephen Hawking, who is arguably the most famous physicist since Newton. Stephen Hawking's improbable and inspiring story is well known -- how he made significant scientific breakthroughs and achieved great fame and celebrity despite being the victim of a debilitating and progressive neurological disease (motor-neuron or Lou Gehrig's disease) which eventually took away almost all of his ability to do anything for himself but to think. He ma [...]

    3. Quando o Impossível AconteceAlguém disse um dia que:"The impossible only takes a bit longer"Pois é exactamente o que se passa aqui!Se confrontados com a adversidade, optarmos pela luta, preterindo a passividade derrotista, avançamos no caminho da auto-descoberta!Enveredamos por um trilho de luz, de clarividência, sem lugar para dúvidas em relação ao próximo passo Esta história é um testemunho do poder da mente, que quando determinada a vencer dificuldades é capaz de produzir milagres [...]

    4. Very disappointing and too long. I wanted to learn more what it was like living with a genius with a serious progressive illness. She was overwhelmed most of the time trying to be there for her demanding husband and the needs of the children, but it was more a complaint than trying to convey the situation. I wanted to know more about day to day life and not so many details of her houses, renovations, gardens, friends etc.

    5. I really wanted to enjoy this book, but it just wasn't what I was hoping for. I honestly am not sure what I was wanting, but I guess it was something more learned and/or intimate than this. This felt like it was hundreds of pages of Jane trying to justify her life by writing about every last friend that they had over their shared past however-many years of marriage and all the daily activities she did to tend house, care for children, do grocery shopping etc. Maybe I wanted to know more about th [...]

    6. This the kind of book which you either love or hate.Certainly, if you watched the movie, you'll love it, even if I haven't done yet. All the romantics aspects would be some way exacerbated.If you are a fan of memoir/biography books you will find a mixture of everything in this book, such as: their personal lives (yes!), mixed with some hints of physics (of course) and history of science (in a biography?).In summary, even the idea of the author seems brilliant, she looses the main plot by trying [...]

    7. I've been trying to finish this book since high school but I ended up dropping it every time; it was a bit long for me at that time. But after watching the movie, I was determined to finish it and I found it absolutely overwhelming and compelling! I did enjoy the movie more since the book had a lot of unnecessary details. Nevertheless, this book is incredible and deserves to be read at least once in a lifetime! 👏🏼

    8. "Just as we thought we had escaped the worst of the winter's ills, the spring of 1976 lay in wait with a series of cruel tricks which made of it an obstacle course akin to a snakes-and-ladders board, though with many more snakes than ladders and with the dice weighted to land on the snakes."" was obvious to everyone, except to Stephen and his subversive minions, that I would not be well enough to travel."[During her second wedding] "There were the odd distracting moments -- such as the horrible [...]

    9. Actually read the book after I had seen the movie. Always interesting to see what they include from the book. Enjoyed both but think I enjoyed the movie best.

    10. This book wasn't what I was expecting. After seeing the movie Theory of Everything, I wanted to read the book to get more insight on the relationship between Stephen and Jane Hawking as well as the struggles with motor neuron disease. I was expecting a narrative, and instead got what at first seemed like a laundry list of their everyday tasks for twenty-five years. The beginning was painful to get through because of the indiscriminate need to include even the most minute details of their lives. [...]

    11. Since it took me over two months to finish this book, I felt compelled to write a review. I was (and still am) strongly debating whether this book deserves three stars or four. As I remember Eileen once saying in a previous review, a three suggests mediocrity. However, a four suggests some form of brilliance to me. To rate this book a four would be comparing it to books like I Know Why The Caged Bird Sing and Brave New World (and other books that I've rated a four), and this book simply doesn't [...]

    12. A compelling story written by Jane Hawking the wife of Stephen Hawking for 25 years. Didn't know what to expect since I, like most, have been fascinated by the life and challenges of Stephen Hawking and his rock star image. Relationships, in general are complicated, and when you add Stephen's motor-neuron disorder and genius, Jane and Stephen's relationship becomes even more complicated. Despite his brilliance, Stephen is human. Jane writes of his bravery, inspiration and arrogance. I felt mysel [...]

    13. Este es el primer libro sobre Stephen Hawking que leo en mi vida, conocía previamente su trayectoria como gran científico y los logros personales de no dejar que la parálisis permanente con la que vive lo haya detenido nunca, pero más allá de eso no conocía de su vida. En mi propia ignorancia, reconozco que lo que me motivó a leer este libro fue la película The Theory of Everything (La Teoría del Todo), por el simple detalle de ver a Hawking caminar, moverse y hablar como el resto de la [...]

    14. This is a book about Stephen Hawking's courtship and marriage to Jane Hawking, and their family life. Jane married Stephen when he was newly diagnosed with motor neuron disease and given about two years to live. That was over 40 years ago and he's still alive. She was terribly burdened with his care, on top of taking care of three children, without much money. She has genuine, legitimate complaints about his treating her like a slave? So why is she so irritating? I think it's because she has so [...]

    15. 1.5 stars This book has been described as optimistic and inspiring, but it seemed to me that the writer was very negative, complaining and demanding sympathy. There were many great challenges in her life and the reader could be more sympathetic if she wasn't complaining about everyday stresses that most everyone experiences.She knew Stephen's medical condition when they married, but blames her time caring for him on delaying her work on her PHD in Spanish literature. But she describes endless co [...]

    16. It took me quite awhile to read this book, but I think that's just a mixture of being busy & not wanting it to end! I became extremely attached to Jane & her family & my heart ached at how beautifully honest she is about both the triumphs & struggles of being married to Stephen. I was struck & inspired by her intelligence & drive, & I can honestly say I was sad when it was over because it was like saying goodbye to a friend.

    17. **3.5 - 4 stars**This was an absolutely fascinating read – Of course I have followed Stephen Hawking’s story just like everybody else, he always struck me as quite an enigmatic character but apart from his public persona I did not know a great deal. And I knew nothing of Jane Hawking, his first wife, who in this memoir tells it as it was for her and it is at turns emotional, funny and very engaging.It is a love story, it is also the story of two people coming together and making a life, a li [...]

    18. I have never read something so in depth before. To hear the struggles the whole family have had to go through was inspiring,inspiring to see that at the end of it all they both could stay friends,i wish sometimes my Marriage had gone that way. But then again being controlled is not what a woman wants in life. Really want to see the Movie now to see how they can put a Brilliant Read into a Motion Picture

    19. A wonderfully written and poignant tale of Jane's marriage to Stephen Hawking. I loved watching A Theory of Everything and wanted to read this to understand more about these two fantasic people and their stories.

    20. Went into this book expecting some bitter bashing of her ex husband and was happily disappointed. Jane does a great job of telling her side of things in a fair manner. I also expected her to play the martyr card but she never does. She is human. She does her best. Sometimes she fails. Her writing was top notch, much better than I was expecting. Reading this book after reading Stephens autobiography was the right move. I highly suggest that for others. Jane and Stephen both talk about the same ev [...]

    21. Reseña ya disponible en el blog.Hacia el Infinito al comprarlo, no había leído ninguna reseña de este libro, ninguna. Estaba vagueando por Cúspide, vi la portada y me enamoré (literal, jaja). Si no fuera por la portada, no lo hubría comprado, que conste mi manera de juzgar a los libros jaja. El libro es bastante largo, consta de casi 600 páginas y casi no hay diálogos (gracias a Dios me di cuenta de esto casi al final del libro, o si no habría sido una eternidad para mí). Al ser del g [...]

    22. Jane Hawking is an excellent writer. She uses words and metaphors very well and paints some lovely pictures of the English countryside and Cambridge, in particular. This book, however, is l-o-n-g. Too long. I understand that a life dedicated to a debilitated genius and three children has been extremely challenging but reading about every luncheon, party, family vacation, child illness, and attendance at functions held in her husband's honour became tedious. Parts of this book read like that annu [...]

    23. I've always been impressed by Stephen Hawking; the strength it must take to do the type of work he does, while managing his disease. What I'd never thought of was the amount of strength it must take to be the other people in his life; those whose lives are taken up in providing support and care. Jane Hawking is fairly extraordinary in the life she managed to build for herself and her family while managing all these factors. She's completely honest about the level of challenge they faced, and the [...]

    24. Review menyusul XDEdit to add:Baca buku ini lelah. Lelah pertama, karena kalimat-kalimatnya panjang-panjang, banyak anak kalimat yang punya anak kalimat lagi. Apalagi terjemahannya agak begitu deh XDLelah kedua, membaca dan menempatkan diri sebagai Jane di sini, bener-bener lelah. Dari sejak ketemuan lalu pacaran, Stephen sudah didiagnosis memiliki penyakit, dan diduga daya tahan hidupnya paling 1-2 tahun lagi. Tetep saja Jane menikahinya. Jadi, tahun-tahun dalam hidupnya penuh dengan mengurus S [...]

    25. I struggled with this one - I couldn't tell if I wanted to applaud her no-nonsense, no holds barred approach to telling a story of living with a mathematical genius trapped in a severely disabled body or just shake her and say "stop complaining about your everyday life, speak up to make a change or just leave!". I cannot imagine what toll her need to hold up her family, raise her children and take care of her husband took, and maybe that's why she never came across as someone who could be satisf [...]

    26. bookworm221.tumblrA very interesting book about the life of the woman behind Stephen Hawking during those first years of his career.It was incredible to read about the many difficulties that they went through when they were younger and also the way she narrates her story and how it was like for her to care for Stephen and her family. Keep Calm and Read OnInstagram and Twitter @bookquotes221

    27. After seeing the film Theory of Everything, I wanted to read the book on which it was based. The book adds so many more details over a span of 25 years and I could better understand the circumstances and pressures that Jane experienced. The book is rather long and at times repetitive, but I learned much from Jane's perspective. The movie was good at showing the main themes, and the book gives more of the nitty gritty of life in the Hawkings' home. Usually I recommend reading the book first, but [...]

    28. Na segunda tentativa, foi. E depois de finalmente terminar esse livro, fico grata por ter me obrigado a passar pelas partes que não empolgavam no começo.Foi incrível acompanhar mais de perto os esforços da Jane pra ter uma vida relativamente normal mesmo com as terríveis consequências da ELA e da crescente publicidade em torno de Stephen. E mesmo assim, depois de mais de duas décadas de esforço, ela recebeu zero reconhecimento. Foi realmente um livro ótimo, apesar do começo beeem lento [...]

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