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Crossways Ben Benjamin psi tech Navigator and Cara Carlinni Telepath can never go home again To the Trust and Alphacorp alike they are wanted criminals Murder terrorism armed insurrection hijacking gra

  • Title: Crossways
  • Author: Jacey Bedford
  • ISBN: 9780756410179
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ben Benjamin, psi tech Navigator, and Cara Carlinni, Telepath, can never go home again To the Trust and Alphacorp alike, they are wanted criminals Murder, terrorism, armed insurrection, hijacking, grand theft, and kidnapping are just the top of a long list of charges they ll face if they re caught So they better not get caught These are the people who defied the meBen Benjamin, psi tech Navigator, and Cara Carlinni, Telepath, can never go home again To the Trust and Alphacorp alike, they are wanted criminals Murder, terrorism, armed insurrection, hijacking, grand theft, and kidnapping are just the top of a long list of charges they ll face if they re caught So they better not get caught These are the people who defied the megacorporations and saved a colony by selling the platinum mining rights and relocating ten thousand colonists somewhere safe, and they re not saying where that is They take refuge on crimelord run Crossways Station with the remnants of their team of renegade psi techs and the Solar Wind, their state of the art jump drive ship They ve made a promise to find a missing space ark with thirty thousand settlers aboard But to do that, Ben and Cara have to confront old enemies Alphacorp and the Trust separately they are dangerous, united they are unstoppable They want to silence Ben and Cara than they want to upstage each other If they have to get rid of Crossways in order to do it, they can live with that In fact, this might be the excuse they ve been looking for.

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        Jacey Bedford is an English writer who is published by DAW in the USA She lives and works behind a desk in Pennine Yorkshire She s had stories published on both sides of the Atlantic Her first two novels, Empire of Dust and Crossways are science fiction space opera and follow on from each other in the Psi Tech series There will be a third Psi Tech book, Nimbus in late 2017 Winterwood, a historical fantasy came out in February 2016 Set in 1800, it has a cross dressing privateer captain, the jealous ghost of her dead husband, and a sexy wolf shapechanger A sequel, Silverwolf, follows in January 2017.Jacey is secretary of the UK Milford Writers Conference, a peer to peer workshopping week for published SF writers She also hosts Northwrite SF, a critique group based in Yorkshire She s been a librarian, a postmistress and member of internationally touring a cappella trio, Artisan and still occasionally is for reunion gigs When not writing she arranges UK gigs for folk artists from all over the world.


    1. This is the kind of space opera I love: lots of ship action, great characters to root for and to hate, plenty of intrigue and a goodly infusion of seriously weird to add sensawunda. Bedford does a spiff job of catching up the reader with the ongoing storyline while not bogging down the pacing. I think a reader could begin here, and might be intrigued enough to pick up the first, though I still believe reading book one--getting to know and then living through the experiences with Ben and Cara--wi [...]

    2. Better than the first book? YesAs good as the Expanse series? Yep. Has me wanting more? Oh, yeah.In my review of the first book, Empire of Dust: A Psi-Tech Novel, I said This reminds me of the best of science fiction from the 70s and the 80s - stuff like Piers Anthony at his prime or Walter Jon Williams - a masterpiece of world building and an intelligent use of psionics. In addition, it revels in its cyberpunk influences. In fact, this is very much an 80's space opera novel that has been put th [...]

    3. Riproaring game of dodgeball in space with battle wagons, hornets, ducking in and out of foldspace; and Crossways station in the center of the platinum grab war between the megacorporations and its devious backchannel dealing players. This book has all the smart people in it. Cara and Ben don't make idiotic story-pushing mistakes. The book has about 100 pages of backstory for those who missed the first book, but Bedford does this without making it a litany of impatience to get on with the story [...]

    4. This is a really good continuation of the series. We continue to follow Ben & Cara, and it's a cool world. I'm really loving some of the characters, there's a great bit of action, and there is good world building (and a cool consistent space society).This is a great series to escape in, highly recommended.

    5. Good follow-up novel. A little more predictable than the first book, but still good. Ending makes it obvious there will be a third novel.

    6. Not as good as the first book, but enjoyed getting to know characters more. Enjoyed the plot, though others thought it dragged on.

    7. Helen Claire GouldCrossways is a massive space station. In Bedford’s universe, spaceships enter foldspace via a jump gate to cross interstellar space. Psi-Tech navigators have brain implants which enable them to communicate telepathically with each other and help them to do their job of navigating folded spatial dimensions. And in foldspace, strange beings appear, slithering away into nothingness when Psi-Tech navigators perceive them, to the point that hero Ben Benjamin questions whether or n [...]

    8. Not a horrible book, but I didn't feel it was worth my time at the end. Maybe I should have read the first book before hand, but I'm not sure that would have helped. The characters were less interesting that the world, and the most dimensional character, Kitty Keely, had her story line dropped off without substantial resolution. Judging by Crossways, Bedford could have written her out of the series without hurting the story line. Maybe it would have helped the overall glut of plot lines. Bedford [...]

    9. 3.5 rating. A great sequel to Empire of Dust! Less of the repetition issues from the first book, but the writing could still improve. There are more POV shifts between more characters in this book, & a couple times they didn't transition cleanly but overall were fine. I thought it was interesting that there was less of a focus on Cara, but it made sense due to the sheer number of plot points that were being addressed at once. I think this would've been better off split into two books? STILL [...]

    10. Another good space romp to follow on from "Empire of Dust". The kid rather annoyed me - typical brat type who turns hero - I think eleven year old heroes should remain in Young Adult novels. I do like Fantasy rather more than SF, but I don't like it when the genres get too mixed together and some of this "fold space" stuff and s pretty close to magic. Of course, a big lampshade was hung on psi in the first place, so perhaps I shouldn't complain. An enjoyable read.

    11. What a bunch of arrogant heroes. I need some antiheroes as a contrast for my next read, all this righteousness and superskills and flawlessness and uberluck made me a bit nauseous. I hope the author will learn to bring real characters and probabilities into their plots for the next books, as the story itself was quite entertaining.

    12. An enjoyable follow up. It felt rushed at times and that it might have been better as two separate books. I found it an addicting and enjoyable read, but certainly not a masterpiece. Again a warning about brief sexual scenes.

    13. Even better than the first book, with plot twists and hair-raising adventures aplenty. Looking forward to the next one.

    14. This is a perfect SF novel! Loved it! Well written with great characters and a plot that kept you interested through all 536 pages.

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