Deadly Obsession

Deadly Obsession

Victoria Paige / Aug 24, 2019

Deadly Obsession Warning Romantic suspense with dark themes Extremely obsessive and jealous hero Strong language and sexual content with sexual deviant situations Mature audience years and above The first time Jak

  • Title: Deadly Obsession
  • Author: Victoria Paige
  • ISBN: 9780990679646
  • Page: 381
  • Format: ebook
  • Warning Romantic suspense with dark themes Extremely obsessive and jealous hero Strong language and sexual content with sexual deviant situations Mature audience, 18 years and above.The first time Jake sees Ella he is struck by her beauty.He becomes obsessed.His obsession becomes a deadly affair.You see, Ella belongs to someone else.Someone determined to keep her Warning Romantic suspense with dark themes Extremely obsessive and jealous hero Strong language and sexual content with sexual deviant situations Mature audience, 18 years and above.The first time Jake sees Ella he is struck by her beauty.He becomes obsessed.His obsession becomes a deadly affair.You see, Ella belongs to someone else.Someone determined to keep her or kill her.

    A Deadly Obsession Oct , A Deadly Obsession Dolph Lundgren, star of the upcoming films Aquaman and Creed II, has had a long career as an action star ever since playing Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Deadly Obsession Mar , Deadly Obsession A psycho college janitor threatens to start killing female students if he isn t given a million dollars. Deadly Obsession Chapter Wattpad Deadly Obsession Romance Gabrielle Lane, a very colorful and joyous woman with a big heart She was never one to judge, spread rumors, or stay mad at someone for over a day Closing up her shop one night she was bombarded by four men Elijah Knight, a cold and dangerous ma Deadly Obsession Steele Ops April Hunt Deadly Obsession Steele Ops April Hunt on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Get ready for an adrenaline rush as a CSI agent and her childhood crush track a killer in this romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat Lori Foster Deadly Obsession Steele Ops Book Kindle edition by DEADLY OBSESSION is a story of family, friendship, betrayal and obsession The premise is entertaining and intriguing the characters are broken but strong, energetic and colorful the romance is captivating and passionate DEADLY OBSESSION is a suspenseful and thrilling story to Deadly Obsession Steele Ops, by April Hunt Deadly Obsession delivered on all counts Knox, sigh, he s the real deal who almost blows it He knows better than to look twice at his best friend s sister but Zoe is just too appealing to stay away.

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        Victoria Paige writes romantic suspense with badass alpha males and smart, feisty heroines Her heroes are possessive, overprotective, and frequently the obsessed, jealous type with a penchant for strong language Her heroines are strong willed and intelligent women who can hold their own against a bossy hero Her books are sexually explicit and may contain dark themes, morally ambiguous choices, and disturbing situations In short, they are not fluff reads because anything goes in her plots.Victoria lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and their German Shepherd Dog When she s not writing or reading, she s training her GSD to become a badass himself.


    1. I'm only publishing on , right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.U.Sazon/dp/B00W4ADQIWU.Kazon/gp/product/B0Australiaamazon/gp/product/BExcerpt :Chapter 1 & 2Deadly Obsession Post Analysis below: Spoilers ahead!!! My thoughts while writing this book. Also, you might get answers to lingering questions.(view spoiler)[When I decided to take a break from writing military romance, this included shying away from the usual explosions and gunfights. The idea for Deadly Obsession was borne from my desi [...]

    2. ☆ I received an ARC via Hot Tree PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much!! ☆A tumultuous affair, perhaps, something MORE.When an ex-underground fighter turned business mogul Jake Hopper sets sight on the fair Ella Michel he just HAS TO have her. Possess her. Own her.There is just one catch: Ella has a boyfriend. A rich and powerful one at that.But with a deadly obsession lurking in the air… with a dangerous fixation upon Ella, that neither Jake nor the Feds can pinpoint or c [...]

    3. "Ella was his weakness. She could shatter him into a million pieces. And she was the only one that could put him back together again."3 "OTT Jealous Alpha Hero" stars!My first Victoria Paige book. Jake Hopper was probably the most overbearing alpha hero I've read about. His jealous and possessive nature was consistent throughout the book. He only sees the heroine, he was devoted to her in a way that he didn't touch any other women during the months they were apart. He was completely obsessed wit [...]

    4. ARC READ. Review to follow My reivew: I've read quite a few of Victoria Paige's books, including the Guardian Series and the Always series. I love her writing style and the strong heroines in both of those series. I also enjoy reading about the quiet, more reserved heroine and hero. In this book, it starts of with a bang. Literally. I don't mean to be funny, it's not. The hero Jake and heroine Ella are together from the beginning of the book.Ella, is quiet in her speech and manner. Jake is defin [...]

    5. Jake Is HOT!!!I am very lucky to have an in with the author of Deadly Obsession and she supplies me with my drug of choice…Hot Alpha Males!! Thanks Ms Paige for the ARC and the opportunity to read and review.Jake is an ex-fighter who works hard to get past his rough start to life and becomes CEO of a company that deals in construction. He has led a busy life making work his priority. Unfortunately this included marrying a woman (stupid cow) who would improve his business. She’s an idiot who [...]

    6. Jake and Ella started off in an odd situation, but I liked them together and he was so crazy about her. The suspense aspect was also really good. This would have been a 5 star for me if we weren't introduced to Candy- Jake's next door neighbor, business associate, and former f*ck buddy. Not only was she rude when she met the h- looking at Jakes crotch and insinuating they had been intimate, she also received oral from Ella's best male friend during a party- off in a room and Ella walked in on th [...]

    7. Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ FacebookSizling Pages on TSU Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: sizzlingpages@gmailFrom the opening scene, this book sucked me in with a sense of OH my gosh what will happen next? I love suspense, I love sexy times, I really love dirty mouth alpha males who aren't shy about going after what they want. Jake wanted Ella like he had never wanted anything. From the bottom of his soul to the breath that he breathed he needed her like [...]

    8. An Intriguing, Hot, Romantic Suspense That Kept Me Guessing!This romantic suspense story is darker than the other books by Ms. Paige and will push some readers' boundaries. There are warnings of triggers and deviant sexual behavior given up front so some readers should proceed with caution. The first chapter of the story pulled me right in and I wanted to see where it was going. The reader is immediately presented with two main characters that are sexually obsessed with one another. Jake is a di [...]

    9. You want everything? This book has everything.Victoria Paige is truly the author of smut for smart girls. I already consider myself pretty smart, but I had to look up 10 words while reading this book. I love words, and want to personally thank the author for expanding my vocabulary (and for Kindle Paperwhite for adding the Vocabulary Builder function).So. You can get smarter reading this book. You can also enjoy a tale that includes an alphahole (I also love made-up words), a dirty-talker (YES!) [...]

    10. So frustrated that life got in the way when I was in the thick of reading Deadly Obsession. Looking back, I stopped at about the 76% mark because I wanted my head to be in the right space to read on. If only I knew that I was so close to getting answers and a whole lot of easier moments I'm sure I would have kept reading! Good aspect to this was I was able to have that great cover constantly on my currently reading shelfIt was easy to pick up where I left off as the characters and story were sti [...]

    11. Seriously, what the hell did I just read?! While reading the first few chapters I thought, OK, it might get better and the writing style might stop bothering me but it only got worse! Too much OW/OM drama and all that bullshit.DNF!

    12. Obsession they are powerless to resist…Jake Hopper, CEO of a steel company, is obsessed with a beautiful woman at his country club. The sexual tension between them is palpable. They eye each other hungrily across the room and are affected by each other’s presence to the exclusion of all else in the environment. He is so obsessed that he starts an affair with this woman who belongs to another man, the man his ex-wife cheated on him with. Was it revenge in his thoughts that drove him? Perhaps [...]

    13. Publication date will be April 15th per the author.Yowzers, this was one brilliant read. Ms Paige sure knows how to weave a brilliant suspense story filled with lots of hotness, and she knocked this one out of the park. In fact, I think it's her best work yet. If I'm honest I was a bit hesitant to start it, I am not a fan of dark for dark's sake and this was not the case here. It was used to perfection and done in such a way that the story was so much better for it, even if I was holding my brea [...]

    14. Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book. Jake is obsessed with Ella the first time he see's her but she is with another man, a man she has no intention of leaving. Jake's obsession with Ella Michel makes him a very jealous man everyman wants her and this puts Jake into a rage. Having grown up on the streets of Chicago, Jake Hopper was taken in by the Italian mafia when he was just a young boy, becoming part of the organization and fighting in illegal underground matches. It wasn't until he'd g [...]

    15. This book had the kind of OTT obsessive and possessive H that I crave. However, the h ruined it for me. She is especially trained to tempt men and cheats on her boyfriend with the H. Plus, she has no feelings for the boyfriend and is only sleeping with him to get information about her missing sister. Because the h had special training, I doubted the H's feeling for her. It seemed like it was bc she knew how to lure men in and we see this continuously throughout the book. I wished the h was a nor [...]

    16. Well, I’m an effing moron. It took me forever to read this book. But not the way you’re thinking… so, let’s go from the beginning.I’d been waiting for this book to be finished what it felt like for-freaking-ever. I had the fortune of getting a teaser peak from the author early on and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. So, as soon as I got my ARC (thank you very, very much Ms. Paige) I started it. Now, everything that followed was on me. I wasn’t really in the mood for dark-ish [...]

    17. Dark, Sexy, and Suspenseful.Victoria Paige is an extremely talented author. She has become a one-click author for me. If she releases a book I will purchase it without hesitation. Deadly Obsession is a masterfully written suspenseful and dark thriller. This book had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.Deadly Obsession starts out with a lot of sex in the very beginning you begin to wonder if Jake is just a sex crazed power-hungry millionaire and if this is just going [...]

    18. 3.50Jack is a 5 star H. I Loved his j/p caring attitude towards h. Yet he had a badass edge. I wished (view spoiler)[ he did some killing of the bad guys(hide spoiler)].At times the h frustrated me. Her reactions to events were frustrating. (view spoiler)[ I couldn't understand why she wasn't happy that the man who almost beat her too death was murdered(hide spoiler)]. The story flowed well but it needed more. It wasn't fleshed out enough & more events needed to be shown. I enjoyed the twist [...]

    19. Really didn't think that I would like this book, once I realized the content. But once I read it, I was "WOW"! I couldn't get enough of this book! It's content is not for the faint of heart to say the least! As I was reading I really believe the my reality was so lost into the characters that it took a bit to recollect once I placed the reader down for the night. This will be a MUST read this year if you haven't already! *Received for an honest review*

    20. DNF -- too many thriller/suspense vibes for meSo I didn't make it very far in this book but it wasn't because of bad writing. The storyline is intense and was somewhat unexpected. I was hoping for more of a romance whereas this one is more suspense/thriller. Don't get me wrong the MC has three guys into her before 20% of the book. But I like my villains like KA tame. This one was just too intense for me. Again I was intrigued but not enjoying the read.

    21. Woooooooww!! Some elements of this story’s read beyond my scope of indeed as it reads like “book two”. The beginning is a bit confusing. Overall it’s s good story and one I would recommend.

    22. The bottom line for me is that I liked it but not as much as this author's other works. We had her alpha male here, and he was great as usual. The heroine was a little different, but okay. I never honestly felt like I got to know her much despite history being given. Ella as we meet her is not what she appears at first. She is playing a role that is revealed fairly soon on. Jake doesn't realize what is happening when he first meets her, but is immediately drawn to her, obsessed with her. This so [...]

    23. Book Facts: Deadly Obsession Genre: Contemporary Romance Part of a Series/Installment: Standalone/Cliffhanger:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc:(view spoiler)[ M/F (hide spoiler)]Multi-Luv'n/Ménages:(view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating:(view spoiler)[ Yes, see triggers (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex in The Book:(view spoiler)[ 7 (hide spoiler)]Overall Steam Factor/Chemistry: (view spoiler)[7 (hide spoile [...]

    24. ARC PROVIDED BY AUTHOR FOR HONEST REVIEW I love Victoria Paige's book. She is one of the author whose work I have read and would keep reading. This is one have some trigger (view spoiler)[ (cheating) (hide spoiler)] that some reader don't like but when everything is explained it make sense. So give it a chance you will love the romance and suspense of this book. Victoria intricate them perfectly through out the book.This is Ella and Jake story. Usually I fell in love with hero before heroin but [...]

    25. ARC generously provided by author.I have enjoyed all of Victoria Paige's books. Although this book was a bit darker it was still very enjoyable. She was able to incorporate several of my triggers (cheating, triangles, masochism) and make them work. All of it was incorporated in ways that were reasonable and not annoying. I also enjoy books with strong heroines. Ella the heroine in this book is not over the top. She is a great combination of strength and vulnerability, especially when dealing wit [...]

    26. 3.75 to 4 stars. 4 stars for the plot, it was great but after knowing the suspect, the story was rushed and a little simple for the twist. The build-up between the main characters felt a bit rushed too. The H got insta love with the h, well, aside from her beauty, I just didn't feel the connection between them at first or why he fell in love with her so fast that he risked his life and was too possessive and over protective with the heroine. Though in the middle of the story, you'll feel the con [...]

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