Undying Affinity

Undying Affinity

Sara Naveed / Feb 20, 2020

Undying Affinity True love never dies It might vanish but if it is true it will always find its way backTwenty two year old Zarish has everything in life she could ever ask for She is rich beautiful and popular She

  • Title: Undying Affinity
  • Author: Sara Naveed
  • ISBN: 9780143428183
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • True love never dies It might vanish, but if it is true, it will always find its way backTwenty two year old Zarish has everything in life she could ever ask for She is rich, beautiful and popular She and Haroon, her handsome childhood sweetheart, are inseparable until a new finance professor joins their university Ahmar Muraad Every girl in the university has eyes forTrue love never dies It might vanish, but if it is true, it will always find its way backTwenty two year old Zarish has everything in life she could ever ask for She is rich, beautiful and popular She and Haroon, her handsome childhood sweetheart, are inseparable until a new finance professor joins their university Ahmar Muraad Every girl in the university has eyes for him He is attractive, charming and intellectual Even Zarish is drawn by his suave personality.But would he ever be interested in her Caught in a web of passion, little does Zarish know that one individual can completely change her perspective towards life.Packed with romance, drama and tragedy, Undying Affinity will stay in your heart forever.

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    1. Undying Affinity is my debut book. For me, it is not a book but more like a baby.I started writing this book in January 2013 and completed in mid 2014. The idea of writing this book struck my mind back in Nov 2012. At that point of time, I had no serious plans of writing it down and getting it published though I always desired to write a book one day.However, with passage of time, my mind changed and I started taking the book seriously. The process of writing this book has been really exciting. [...]

    2. Plot was even worse than an Indian drama SERIAL!!!!! Before trying to write novels, you should at least improve your English. The grammar and sentence structure was HORRIBLE. Reference relating to this: Page number 1- the last line of the book.Things about the book that were a let down:Lack of a well developed climax.Awful plot.Extremely amateur use of grammar.Run on sentences.No use of pathetic fallacy.No distinction between day dreams and actual events.No coherence between paragraphs.Pathetic [...]

    3. My rating for this book would be 5/5 FOR SURE! Thumbs UP! Like Sara Naveed mentioned in her synopsis, this book actually has encapsulated my mind and will definitely stay in my heart forever!As it was Sara's debut novel, she has masterly scored well and didn't fail to impress me at all. She is extremely talented and skilled. :)This book tells a love story which revolves around a student and her professor. Zarish Munawwar A rich spoiled brat, a girl with bumpy cheeks. She thinks she can woo any m [...]

    4. A COMPETITIVE AUTHOR IN THE MAKING There is nothing to say about this book but this:"A Bollywood MASALA romantic movie in a bookish form / a story of a girl who falls for her professor"POSITIVES:- The author paid great attention to the character development of both protagonists' aka hero and heroine.- The climax is good although it was aBEEN THERE,DONE THATthing but still it was a little unexpectedGATIVES:- Too predictable.- Author used so many words repititively which was annoying.- The length [...]

    5. I read Sara Naveed's second book 'Our Story Ends Here' last year and liked it very much. A few months back Sara Naveed's first book 'Undying Affinity' was reissued again in a second edition. I was finally able to read it this week. Zarish is twenty two years old. She is doing her masters at the university. She is good at her studies. She also loves hanging out with her friends. Haroon is her best friend. Zarish loves him like a friend, platonically. Haroon secretly loves her, romantically. One d [...]

    6. 5 UNDYING STARSThis was a beautiful book. It was really well-written and the character sketches were also quite perfect and close to life. I have seen such people, i have been around them.This book managed to build a special connection with my heart because throughout the time my feelings were, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!Apparently, this book will stay with me for a long time.One of the reasons of loving this book was that it is written by a Pakistani writer, a writer that belongs to my own country, [...]

    7. My sole reason for buying Undying Affinity was Fawad Khan since the protagonist of the novel had been written keeping him in mind. Fawad Fever can make you do crazy things which might not always yield the best consequences. This is what happened with me after I bought the book. Pretty excited to read it, the first setback for me was that the book was 400 pages thick. I had always believed that a book that long is bound to lose track somewhere or the other making it difficult to keep the readers [...]

    8. *My review about Undying Affinity*I am not going through the characters description to let readers discover them themselves,but i will give my general view about it.Undying Affinity is a well written love story of two opposite characters Zarish & Ahmar, how being in love can change the lover's attitude and behavior,and how destiny can change our plans and the whole life. It is unusual to have such feelings between a Professor and a student,which actually can happen in reality ,this point giv [...]

    9. After reading romances from authors like Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood, Undying Affinity was definitely a refreshing change. Set in Lahore, Pakistan which is actually my hometown as well, I could very well relate to the surroundings of Zarish. The author did justice to the characters as well as the settings. I felt drawn into the book from the very first page and couldn’t put it down until the very last one.Without giving out spoilers to the story, I would like to say that this is what ete [...]

    10. “Everything is a part of destiny’s plan and I believe true love awaits its destiny.” Undying Affinity is a sweet love story about 22 year old Zarish who is a beautiful and self obsessed girl. She loves being the center of attraction and can make anyone fall in love with her. Zarish's childhood friend Haroon is madly in love with her. Their parents dream of seeing them settled together but Zarish doesn't feels the same about Haroon. She is still looking for the one and her search ends in he [...]

    11. Undying Affinity is a story of Zarish and Ahmar. Zarish, a Student, a confident and fun loving girl, whereas Ahmar, A Finance professor, A serious and a strong personality. Will love happen between them? will he accept her love? A student and professor love? Will it ruin his career? Read this sweet love story.Well, first of all, I liked the cover of the book, It’s colourful and attractive. The title is also different and impressive. This story is a sweet story of Ahmar and Zarish. What happens [...]

    12. When I first saw this novel on I really got fascinated with its cover then I read it's blurb which attracted me towards it. They say don't judge a novel by its cover only but for this Novel it would be wrong to say because it is beautiful outside as it is inside.I liked the way it started, you can enjoy university life if you haven't been to university yet and if u already done with ur university then you can imagine your time while reading it its story is about a relationship between a student [...]

    13. I got into this book quickly. I was suffering from a reader’s block and this book proved to be a block breaker and in full throttle as I have to suffer from cold sleepless nights hooked with this book. It started amazingly. I was inspired by the way things were moving, the pace was set to an absolute perfect speed and the detail of everything is highlighted in a superb manner. The characters were both loving and annoying. Sara wrote the book in a way that reader is a mere puppet and she made t [...]

    14. One of the more charming aspects of this book is that the city of Lahore felt like an individual character, I enjoyed how Lahore was brought to life here, um but that's it. Like many others I felt Haroon was the strength of this novel, very likable and his motives seemed real, like he was more than just one dimensional character. If this novel had worked anything other than a love letter to a media figure, it would have achieved its literary purpose at least, if not actual greatness. But however [...]

    15. Undying Infinity is centered on two extremely opposite but passionate lovers. Apart from the cliches, it was well-written and definitely captivated me. As her debut novel, Sara's book is compelling and revolves around a strong plot. It begins with the introduction of Zarish, who is a typical spoiled girl with no care in the world. Having been born in a filthy rich family, she is an irresponsible and strong-headed young woman. The story beautifully describes her transition into someone who is ext [...]

    16. The novel got me hooked in such a way that I ended up completing the entire book in my flight from Sydney to Dubai.The plot follows the luxurious life of Zarish who slowly begins to change with her increasing interactions with Ahmer. Not revealing too much the book contains everything from romance, friendship, family conflict, tragedy and much more. The novel worked for me because of its strong and engaging plot and excellent characterisation of all the characters esp of the protagonists, Zarish [...]

    17. Have you ever experienced a hole in your heart when you finish a book? You read epilogue passively because you don't want to end it. Sara Naveed's debut novel was a nice and addicting read. I bought it just after reading these words in blurb: ROMANTIC TRAGEDY. I love to read melancholic stories. And I don't like happy endings that is the reason I removed one star from my rating (plus some others)Undying Affinity is when two people are like:Breathing in your grace, breathing out your grace.I do n [...]

    18. hi sara, it's me, u remember? ;) i finished reading undying affinity on the very first day. it cost me a sleepless night and a day :p. & yet i am not done wuth it as i think i'll read it few more times, then revise it a few more times and then will end up memorising each and every verses of itroughout the first half of the book, i kept smililng, laughing like a stupid or sometimes blushing harder than zaarish even. to say something about the characters, u left no stone unturned to make zaari [...]

    19. This is a compelling story of two very different people and how love can overcome odds and make one a better person.Initially, I had mixed feelings towards Zarish. As an arrogant, spoiled girl who is used to getting what she wants, it was very difficult for me to come to like her. At one point, I got really worried as to whether the author would be able to redeem her or not. It was really admirable how Zarish later became a prime example of how love and life can change a person, humble her. Kudo [...]

    20. i loved it so much that i can't express it in words but still i will try it is an amazing story very very well written and thoughts r well executed while writing for me a story is only good when I am able to find the characters mentioned in the story right in front of my eyes and that is exactly what happened with me when I was reading iti would recommend it for the people who have been in love and especially to those who have not been in love at all as they will get to know what exactly it feel [...]

    21. Last night 3am I finally finished the book. Review. The book itself is a complete package. As a reader I never confined myself to that Fawad Khan image for Ahmar & Sanam for Zarish, instead I preferred having my own opinions about it. For me personally Ahmar & Zarish & all others are purely of my imagination that exist in my mind only. The character traits made me link them with ppl that surround me. In Ahmar usually the traits given reminded me of my dad a lot, When Zarish becomes r [...]

    22. 1:03AMJust completed reading. So here is my detailed review about your first effortI shall start with the positive points which I got while reading. Most important thing is to be aware of the fact that how to play with a readers mind. Undoubtedly, you are blessed with this talent. I like your way of portraying things. Plus you have enlightened the fact simply and beautifully ; sufferings enhance the real and best shade of nature. Plot was not that strong but as it is the first effort ; its excel [...]

    23. hei sara I want to rate this book with a trillion rather zillion stars by leiu of ' app. restrictions I have to rate this book with only 5 stars. emmm the book was just amazing. . the word "Amazing" is so tiny if I compare the word with the story of the novel. the story throughout the epilogue leads the different kind of human nature. every character possesses unique personality as well as thoughts. as we find in the novel "Pride and Prejudice" the first impression is not the last impression sam [...]

    24. Undying Affinity is Sara Naveed's debut and it is most promising. I received a copy from the author in return for an honest review, so here goes:Zarish, the female lead is very well characterized - she is vain, rich, arrogant - hat tipped to the author for making us root for Zarru despite these flaws. We see her change before our eyes because of several reasons, but most importantly because she meets the fabulous Ahmar!The story is a melodrama - there are tears and laughter, kind fathers and wic [...]

    25. Undying affinity is good romance novel. This novel grasp the attention of reader and keep him/her focused on it and try to visualize the scenes in his/her mind. I must say everyone must give a try to attempt this novel as it shows the love story of two different persons with their different thoughts. In this novel writer writes "everything is a part of destiny's plan", it basically is because everything comes on time. Our creatures has already decide what is good or bad for us if a person is goo [...]

    26. Hellow Ma'am! I hope you're doing well I really can't resist myself to compliment for your novel after reading it I must say it's really amazing it is This is the very first time i started reading novel nd your's is my first one I really like the chemistry of Ahmar abd Zarish You are a superb writer I am really impressed by your novel after reading this i got tears in my eyes This take only 3 days for me to read You made it really interesting This will remain in my heart forever God bless you [...]

    27. Oh my, this book. I loved it from beginning to end. I even loved the acknowledgments and the picture on the dedication page of some Fawad Khan - probably a known personality from Paki-land. While reading the book, I could only picture that person as Ahmar Murad. I started it yesterday, in the subway, when I was coming back from German class. And then I got home, took a shower (if only they could make waterproof Kindles) and got back to it. I literally couldn't put the book down. Today I spent th [...]

    28. ••●Undying Affinity●•• ❤Outstanding, Fabulous, Marvelous Novel ❤ ❤ ❤ I have no words to praise your Amazing work !!✿ Both Characters are just Amazing . <3 Love to read About Ahmar Murad & Zarish Munawar I started to read it and I completely absorb in the book & characters in it The way you Describe the Feelings & emotions of Zarish & Ahmar is just Amazing .Waiting for your Next Novel May ALLAH bless you & give you success at every step of life Aameen [...]

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