A Medium Rare

A Medium Rare

Sinead MacDughlas / Sep 17, 2019

A Medium Rare Beth Green came to Bassvilla Ontario to clear Ash House for demolition Nearly two years ago her sister died there in one of the most mysterious and gruesome mass murders in recent history The towns

  • Title: A Medium Rare
  • Author: Sinead MacDughlas
  • ISBN: 9780987861887
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beth Green came to Bassvilla, Ontario to clear Ash House for demolition Nearly two years ago, her sister died there, in one of the most mysterious and gruesome mass murders in recent history.The townspeople say the Bassvilla Butcher still haunts the house, lying in wait for the next soul to devour.Can Cat Shuler, hedge witch and medium, get to the bottom of the rumours anBeth Green came to Bassvilla, Ontario to clear Ash House for demolition Nearly two years ago, her sister died there, in one of the most mysterious and gruesome mass murders in recent history.The townspeople say the Bassvilla Butcher still haunts the house, lying in wait for the next soul to devour.Can Cat Shuler, hedge witch and medium, get to the bottom of the rumours and stories, or will the house fall without giving up its secrets

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    1. “Curiosity didn't kill the Cat, but not for lack of trying.” Well, well, well, Sinead has done it again! She has captured my attention in this new and enchanting story that has left me in awe and shocked all at one time. WOW is the only expression that I have at this moment. This author has once again used her talented writing skills and made another remarkable and unforgettable story that kept me wanting to read more from beginning to end. It also ties into Best Served Bloody and I just lov [...]

    2. Anyone, anywhere who is looking for a good quick and enticing read should pick up A Medium Rare. It is part of a series that I have not yet read any other books from. It did not matter, the book works very well as a stand alone but has strong ties to its predecessor: Best Served Bloody, which I now very much want to dig into. It was a very relate-able read, with enough of a touch of paranormal to keep it interesting. I felt very much a part of their group, which left me feeling nostalgic about m [...]

    3. I seriously loved A Medium Rare, Sinead MacDughlas does not disappoint. I mean I seriously loved this novella, like on the edge of my seat the entire time, not able to put it down, loved it. This is the kinda story I can see recalled while sitting around a campfire, trying to scare the crap out of your friends, and trust me it will work! MacDughlas creates a spectacular vision of Ash House, her characters are beautifully written. I love stories like this with plenty of twists, turns, a local myt [...]

    4. This is a quick read, mainly because you don't want to stop!!! Beth has inherited a house from her sister who committed suicide after murdering a lot of people. She just wants to clean out the house and sell it. Her husband, Henry, however falls in love with the place. We find out what happens to the two of them when she attends a dinner with Catherine and several of her friends. Catherine would not tell the horrors they experienced as she felt it was Beth's story to tell. What an intriguing ser [...]

    5. This book was just as great as the first one in this series. Book 4 wrapped all the series conclusions into one, but it doesn't stop here. Major cliffhanger at the end.This book picked up from where book 3 left off. A physic from the past comes forth and tells all her haunted stories from her past and how the whole town is connected to each character in the story. Very insightful and well-written. I hated to see the book end.

    6. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewIf paranormal is your "cup of tea" then this book is for you! I absolutely LOVED it! Take a medium, add a woman who believes her sister was killed by a spirit, and mix in some helpful people and friends who truly love you no matter whatd you get one powerful story of love and proof that family is more than blood. I can't wait to hear more from this story line. This one left me with chills!

    7. This is a quick read, and it keeps your attention. I will read this book again. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and toes curled. If you like supernatural/paranormal books, this is the one to pick up. Sinead MacDughlas knows how to keep her readers guessing on what will happen next. This is also an excellent stand alone book that you can read without having read any of Sinead's other books. Highly recommend!!!

    8. I love,love,love Sinead MacDughlas for writing this novella. Just in time for Halloween and making the chills run up my spine. After reading Parting Burden, I wanted more of her characters and she delivered beautifully.Now I have to buy the rest of her books to see what I've been missing.Must read ??? Oh Yeah !!!

    9. This is a quick read - Beth inherited a house that her sister lived in and committed suicide in. Don't want to give anything away but this story will keep you on your toes and wanting more.Would definitely recommend to everyone - congrats Sinead MacDughlas on a great book.

    10. This novella is amazing. It's really suspenseful. I was yearning to read more. I'd definitely recommend it to those wanting something that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

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