The Finisher

The Finisher

David Baldacci / Sep 16, 2019

The Finisher The New York Times bestselling fantasy novel for all ages by master storyteller David Baldacci now in paperback SHE WILL NOT BREAK Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood S

  • Title: The Finisher
  • Author: David Baldacci
  • ISBN: 9780545652261
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The 1 New York Times bestselling fantasy novel for all ages by master storyteller David Baldacci now in paperback SHE WILL NOT BREAK Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood She was told there was nothing outside but a forest filled with danger and death And she always believed it until the night she saw Quentin Herms run away Vega knoThe 1 New York Times bestselling fantasy novel for all ages by master storyteller David Baldacci now in paperback SHE WILL NOT BREAK Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood She was told there was nothing outside but a forest filled with danger and death And she always believed it until the night she saw Quentin Herms run away Vega knows Quentin didn t just leave he was chased And he left behind a trail of clues that point to a dark conspiracy at the heart of Wormwood To follow the clues will attract the attention of influential people willing to kill to keep their secrets If Vega wants to stay safe, she just needs to keep her head down and her mouth shut There s only one problem Vega Jane never walks away from a fight Master storyteller David Baldacci introduces an unforgettable heroine who must think fast, hit hard, and defy all odds to uncover the truth.

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        David Baldacci has been writing since childhood, when his mother gave him a lined notebook in which to write down his stories Much later, when David thanked her for being the spark that ignited his writing career, she revealed that she d given him the notebook to keep him quiet, because every mom needs a break now and then He published his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996 one year later, it was adapted for film, with Clint Eastwood as its director and star In total, David has published 34 novels for adults all have been national and international bestsellers, and several have been adapted for film and television His novels have been translated into than 45 languages and sold in than 80 countries over 110 million copies are in print worldwide David has also published six novels for younger readers A lifelong Virginian, David graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia School of Law, after which he practiced law in Washington, D.C.David and his wife, Michelle, are the co founders of the Wish You Well Foundation , which supports family and adult literacy in the United States In 2008 the Foundation partnered with Feeding America to launch Feeding Body Mind, a program to address the connection between literacy, poverty and hunger Through Feeding Body Mind, than 1 million new and used books have been collected and distributed through food banks to families in need.David and his family live in Virginia.


    1. 3 STARSI had come to learn that while Wormwood was full of many things, the truth was not one of them.And the truth was what I needed.I had nothing else left.I’ve always wondered who David Baldacci is.Okay not really. But it seems like every time I visit our local big chain bookstore, his books are out in display right beside Dan Brown. Okay that’s not exactly what drew me to read this either, but I have to admit I was a bit curious when I saw his name in a young adult fantasy novel about a [...]

    2. I was bitterly disappointed in this book. I expected better of Baldacci, being an established prize winning author, but I guess he just can't write for Young Adults. The basic plot of the book is sound, good strong male and female leads, mysterious past, yada yada, but Baldacci can't write fantasy/other worlds. He just goes too far. The point of writing about other worlds is that they are different but have many things the same so that the reader can relate. Baldacci changes things that there is [...]

    3. This was a wonderfully, strange dystopia. It had adventure and was imaginative. It also was not soured down by romance, if anything it was a fantasy aimed more towards adventurous. I really enjoyed it and am hoping to pick up books two and three from my library for this weekend. Overall, fast-paced adventure, interesting lingo, good and quick world building, & intriguing characters make for a quick read.

    4. I admit I was drawn to this book because I was intrigued that suspense author Baldacci had written a book that is more middle grade than young adult and fantasy! Different. First, I had to get into his world. He creates his own language too, which I admit I fell in love with. I know, weird, but I was an English major and have a thing for clever writing. He blew me away with his consistency with this new language. His heroine is 14, almost 15 "sessions" old and has a pretty horrendous life in Wor [...]

    5. A 14-year-old girl named Vega Jane lives in a village called Wormwood, where the citizens have been told that the forest surrounding them (the Quag)is full of deadly monsters. When Vega's mentor disappears, leaving behind a secret message, she begins to realize that Wormwood is built on dangerous lies. She is forced into a physical competition, with the strongest males in the village, and has to rely on her wits, her only friend Delph, and her canine, Harry Two. Her intrepid, questioning nature [...]

    6. I have read many books written by David Baldacci. But I have never read one quite like this. His usual mystery, suspense, triller was not to be seen in this young adult novel.The closest fantasy stories that I have read are the Harry Potter stories. Yet, here I have read a fantasy quite extraordinaire. The main character Vega Jane. She is 14/15 year-old girl who discovers her special powers. She lives is a simple world with simple people and leaders who want to keep things that way. Vega wants t [...]

    7. With a heroine that breaks the mould, The Finisher is a mix of adventure, magic & harsh realities which is certainly a brilliant example of YA written, & thought out, well. I especially liked how the romance was subtly fed into the story, and wasn't made to overpower the plot. A gripping novel with an intriguing tale to tell :)

    8. I'm sorry. I know a lot of you like this and I get that. tastes differ. That said I just don't want to put any more time into this one. For one thing it's just so young.It strikes me a bit more as a juvenile read than a YA read. I'm laying it aside so it gets the one star I give for books I decide not to finish.Not insulting you who like it, please enjoy. Not for me.

    9. It seems like the is no genre of writing that David Baldacci can't excel in. With his latest, The Finisher, he takes on the fantasy genre and does a great job with it. As I was reading this I was getting Hunger Games meets the Book of Revelation kind of vibe from it. The protagonist is a young 14 year old girl who lives in a somewhat dystopian society called Wormwood. She and her younger brother are living on their own, as their parents are in a facility awaiting their death. There are mysteries [...]

    10. *unfinished* - I couldn't go any longer with this book. Usually, I'm very resilient with books I don't enjoy to finishing it but this book will probably be my BIGGEST exception. It seemed like some really interesting action scenes were really not all too great. The author doesn't even TRY to explain the lingo that's passed around in the book. It seemed to drag on on some plot points which made me lose interest in this book very quickly.

    11. Check out Scott Reads It for reviews, giveaways, & more! This is my first experience with a David Baldacci novel and unlike most older readers who will pick up The Finisher, I was truly a tabula rasa. My knowledge of what this book was about was limited and all I knew was that there's a major Sony movie deal, it's written by an acclaimed author, and that it's some some sort of fantasy. I think knowing as little as I did worked in my favor because I didn't come in with high expectations. The [...]

    12. When I read the first couple of pages of ‘The Finisher’, I thought that it would be a bearable read. The style was good enough but I felt it would jar with my personal preferences and therefore stop me from really getting into the story. The characters didn’t capture me particularly but it wasn’t bad. Then I read about twenty pages and it was great. Forget everything I just said… this was a good read.Although obviously aimed at younger readers the story caught my imagination and really [...]

    13. I recently bought this book at Barnes and Noble and it was a pretty good read for my first ever David Baldacci novel.When Vega Jane witnesses one of her co-workers Quentin Herms escape out of Wormwood and into the Quag (which is a dangerous forest-like place), The town of Wormwood begin to accuse her of helping him escape when she did not. Strange things then begin to happen. Can Vega Jane find out the truth about her town, what happens to her family, and more before she gets killed? Find out in [...]

    14. Историята в тази книга е подобна на трона - Вега Джейн е новата Селена Сардотиен! Смело момиче, което се изправя пред много неща само. И успява да се пребори с тях. Малко по-като в приказка са зверовете описани вътре, но все пак - убедително. Вега Джейн е по-различна от Селена с [...]

    15. Thought I would enjoy this book because David Baldacci is one of my favorite authors. Knew this was not his typical style.but still good fantasy should paint a picture so clear you can see the setting, action, characters. This book delivers none of the elements that make fantasy work. Too many questions never answered, action is so slow, plot makes no sense. Read this book only if you know up front you will have to read more to even understand what is going on. Think I will stick to King and Max [...]

    16. Despite my efforts, I could not get into this anti Baldacci like story. This novel is victimization from start to finish. The main character is by and large exploited and mostly in the light of feebleness. 1 of 10 stars

    17. David Baldacci has a long career writing adult mystery-thrillers (with book covers indistinguishable from John Grisham, James Patterson etc. etc.), so I felt like I'd never heard of him when I saw this Young Adult Fantasy - in fact, I still have a hard time reconciling the two authors as the same man! Never having read anything by Baldacci before, I can't compare writing or narrative styles between the genres, but was pleasantly engaged in The Finisher. With some very lovely (and dark) illustrat [...]

    18. I thought this was interesting and entertaining. At first I didn't think I'd be that into it, but I found myself get more and more involved in Vega Jane's quest. I liked her and was rooting for her, and the village of Wormwood was an interesting (if not altogether pleasant) place. I, like Vega Jane, was frustrated by how few questions were answered by the end. I know there are more books to follow but most of the time I didn't feel like I knew quite what was going on, and while in some ways that [...]

    19. I have been reading this book for a year and in that year I have done what I often do when I read a book that takes me a long time, particularly if I don't like it -- I take notes about it on my phone. Usually, I take those notes and craft them into a review to post on , but this time I think I'm just going to type my notes verbatim and leave it. Needless to say, SPOILERS. Here goes:If this book is representative of the works of David Baldacci, then I hope never to have the misfortune to read an [...]

    20. #1 New York Times Best Selling Author David Baldacci takes a break from adult thrillers to write this young adult fantasy fiction novel. Vega Jane, a 14-year-old girl, discovers her town has been hiding a few big secrets after she witnesses her friend escape into the dark and forbidden land of the Quag. Vega Jane lives in a town called Wormwood, where human beings are called Wugs, women are degradingly referred to as "females" and days are known as "lights". In fact, Baldacci invented a whole ne [...]

    21. Ahhh! I couldn't keep this book down and now it's finished :'( and what's worse is that it ended with a cliffhanger! And now I don't know what to do. It follows the story of a fourteen year old girl named Vega Jane who lives in a place built on lies. To discover the truth about herself and her past, she has to take a perilous journey into the unknown lands known as the Quag which is not easy and safe. To achieve her freedom she has to fight stupid egoistic men and a powerful woman who detests cu [...]

    22. I thought this was a really great book. I think it flowed nicely and it was a type of book that I really enjoyed. The storyline is actually kind of slow at first, but after each page it gets better and better. I am excited to read the next book.

    23. I was surprised by this book! It has magic and adventure and a strong female character that I felt really drew a short straw in life. She ends up doing some amazing things and breaking against the mold. Really loved it on audiobook!

    24. I marked this book tbr like ages ago, then when I got around to it and reread the description, I didn't think I'd actually like it. But it was really good! Not usually the kind of story I like but it was an unusual dystopian story that included an element of fantasy that distinguished it from the run of the mill dystopian.

    25. The finisher that did not finish David Baldacci is undoubtedly one of the best authors we have around with each work a splendid affair than the previous one and that’s the reason why I picked up a book by simply seeing his name on the cover without even reading the synopsis or the book title. Yes it was apparent from the cover that the book was going to be a young adult or fantasy genre and way out of the usual David Baldacci work. For me he is one of the authors that can sell his book to me b [...]

    26. I have read quite a few David Baldacci novels and have enjoyed them immensely. So when his first Young Adult book came out, I was quite anxious to get my hands on it. Vega Jane is a teenage Wug and a resident of Wormwood village. She is a ‘finisher’ at the Stacks where she puts the finishing touches on a variety of products. She works under Quentin Herms, a man who knew her family. Vega’s parents are on the last leg of their lives and are in The Care. Vega is now responsible for her little [...]

    27. David Baldacci’s first foray into the world of fantasy is not without serious issues. If an untried author had approached a publisher with this MS, he would have been tossed out on his ear. But Baldacci was able to trade on the strength of his name, giving us 497 pages of “Hey, look, everybody, I’m writing fantasy!” to struggle through. But struggle I did, since the book was a gift from my mother.My biggest gripe is the haphazard and ridiculous substitution of gobbledygook for perfectly [...]

    28. Wormwood is a place with lots of ignorant people and surrounded by a thick, dangerous, unlivable forest filled with deadly creatures. If you live in wormwood you're raised to know not to enter the quag. Vega Jane is a girl living to raise her younger brother and hoping that her sick parents will recover. But when a friend of vega's disappears into the quag, she finds a map and starts planning. Though some where in the plan her little brother is taken from her and the only person left for her to [...]

    29. This is a dystopian adventure for middle school and up. It weighs in at 512 pages, and Baldacci says in a preface that he's really, really pleased with it. I'm not sure how I feel. I'm not a dystopia fan, and this had an odd tone. In the first couple of chapters, gobsmacked, gormless and wonky were thrown in (odd British terms for a US writer), as were made up words for time (slivers for minutes and sessions for years). Combine that with odd names like The Quag and Wugs, and this was hard going. [...]

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