O Chamado

O Chamado

James Frey Nils Johnson-Shelton Dênia Sad / Sep 20, 2019

O Chamado A hist ria come a h doze mil anos quando seres poderosos desceram do c u entre fuma a e fogo e criaram a humanidade deixando nos regras segundo as quais viver Precisavam de ouro e para extra lo i

  • Title: O Chamado
  • Author: James Frey Nils Johnson-Shelton Dênia Sad
  • ISBN: 9788580571868
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hist ria come a h doze mil anos, quando seres poderosos desceram do c u entre fuma a e fogo e criaram a humanidade, deixando nos regras segundo as quais viver Precisavam de ouro, e, para extra lo, instalaram aqui as doze linhagens que deram origem s nossas antigas civiliza es Quando conseguiram o que queriam, foram embora Mas avisaram que um dia retornariam e que,A hist ria come a h doze mil anos, quando seres poderosos desceram do c u entre fuma a e fogo e criaram a humanidade, deixando nos regras segundo as quais viver Precisavam de ouro, e, para extra lo, instalaram aqui as doze linhagens que deram origem s nossas antigas civiliza es Quando conseguiram o que queriam, foram embora Mas avisaram que um dia retornariam e que, quando isso acontecesse, seria para o Jogo O Jogo que determinaria nosso futuro Os Jogadores ter o que achar tr s chaves, que est o espalhadas pelo planeta Quem ach las primeiro ganha.

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      • James Frey Nils Johnson-Shelton Dênia Sad

        James Christopher Frey is an American author and entrepreneur After battling with alcohol addiction and spending time in rehab, he wrote A Million Little Pieces which was published in 2003 in America and the following year in the UK to critical acclaim He wrote the sequel, My Friend Leonard about life after rehab, which was published in 2005 in the US and the year after in the UK.James Frey now lives in New York with his wife, daughter and dog He is still writing Most recently he has published Bright Shiny Morning, and his new book The Final Testament of the Holy Bible will publish on 12 April and is available for pre order now.He is also one of the authors that share the pseudonym Pittacus Lore, author of the Lorien Legacies.Books coming out of James Frey s YA book packaging company Full Fathom Five list show 4


    1. "In a world similar to Earth,"(In a world similar to Panem)"there are 12 bloodlines"(There are 12 districts)"Each bloodline has a champion between the ages of 13 and 17"(Each district has a tribute between the ages of 13 and 18)"And then one day they're called to fight, and all the bloodlines but the winners will be exterminated. They're fighting to be the last race."(And then one day they're called to fight, and all the tributes but the winners will be exterminated. They're fighting to be the l [...]

    2. You know, I think I've read this one before. It was about this girl from one of 12 districts who was sent to represent her people in a battle to see which was the best. I think it was called I can't remember it. Is this that book? I think her name was Katnip. Or Cutlass.Nevermind. Probably making it up. But I swear, it just sounds so familiar! Oh, by the way James Frey, purveyor of a "fiction factory" which underpaid authors for their hardwork, a man who lied to my queen Oprah, a man who has mad [...]

    3. ‘‘The Calling was an imperfect page-turner,’’ is the first sentence that comes to my mind when thinking of this book and my reading experience of it.3.5 stars. It hooked me. Very much. It contained this extremely fast pacing that kept on tempting me to read chapter after chapter without having my body show any sign of tiring. Moreover, the pages flew by at such a rapid speed that I most likely unintentionally skimmed some sentences here and there. It was as if I HAD to read at an express [...]

    4. I received this book for free from Bookworld in exchange for an honest review.For those of you concerned about Endgame being constantly compared to The Hunger Games (which has been done primarily from the synopsis alone), after reading it I can see that these two are quite different. This book sets itself apart with the genre, the setting, the format - we follow all of the Players and their journeys, and the plot is a lot more complex than it seems. This book sets up a lot of mystery and intrigu [...]

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    6. Most people in the comments/reviews has even bothered to look into this book past a few sentences, and they will be proven wrong. They're mostly teenagers who don't even realize the dystopian genre was around long before Suzanne Collins and "The Hunger Games" - many (better) authors paved the way before herGreats like Koushun Takami (Battle Royale), Stephen King (Running Man) There have been many before and will be many after - there are over 100 dystopian fiction novels set to debut in the next [...]

    7. Honestly one of the BEST books I've ever read.I know many of you will say, "hold on It's a Hunger Games copy!" And I thought the same thing when I first saw the description. And then I realized that this is WAY more like a super dangerous, super deadly Amazing Race type of story, heavily rooted in aliens and science fiction. The story is told from several different characters POVS, all of which are from all over the world---and all of which are killers, trained so well in not only physicality, b [...]

    8. My issues with James Frey aside (hey, we've all made huge, colossal mistakes, but just avoided being called out by Oprah), I gave this book a chance. Maybe because it was in shiny gold packaging and I was blinded by the pretty HAPPENS, OK? Shiny things distract me!But after reading - OK, not exactly. A friend of mine stood in the middle of our hotel room and read aloud the preface. I had an open mind here, people. I DID.And then I realized I had heard this story before.No, not Hunger Games. I'm [...]

    9. Finally, I was able to finish this huge book! It wasn't because it wasn't good, but it was because of the lack of time I have reading this January. Which sucked so bad. I am upset that I couldn't even sit on a book for an hour, or even 30 minutes. Anyways.In a lot of ways, this book was good. Great even. But why only 3 stars?1. I hate stupid love triangles. The end of the world is coming and you get to think about boys? Or girls? I just don't get why it has to be there.2. It dragged too long on [...]

    10. 12 παίκτες.Ένα παιχνίδι. 12 παίκτες όπου ο ρόμποκοπ μπροστά τους φαντάζει λόγιος και η Σελήνη απο τη λάμψη του Φώσκολου μοιάζει με νομπελίστα.12 παίκτες ούγκα-μπούγκα, απόγονοι αρχαίων πολιτισμών που επιλέχτηκαν να σώσουν τον κόσμο(απλά την κάτσαμε).Ένα απο τα χειρότερα βιβλί [...]

    11. This is a shitty book by a shitty, deceptive, and unethical man who lied to make millions with his "memoir" and uses his production company Full Fathom Five to make other writers put out books like Dorothy Must Die and the I Am Number Four books on shitty, unfair contracts. And none of the books are even good. I've tried. This is normally not the kind of review or rant I'd write because I grew out of it a while back, but everything about this man, what he does, and what he will be able to contin [...]

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    13. Σε αυτό το βιβλίο γίνεται ένας μεγάλος χαμός. Από πού να ξεκινήσω. Καταρχήν έχει 12 ήρωες και ο συγγραφέας αποφάσισε να κάνει την αφήγηση πολυπρόσωπη και με τους 12! Για να πετύχει ένα τέτοιο εγχείρημα πρέπει ο συγγραφέας να έχει μεγάλες ικανότητες κάτι που ο συγκεκριμένος δε [...]

    14. You can read this review and more on my blogI received this book to review from Bookworld for the Reader Rewards programIn a nutshell: I’ve not read anything quite like Endgame: The Calling before. It was intense and intriguing to an extent but it did not work for me personally.While it is reminiscent of thrilling dystopian books such as The Hunger Games and Battle Royale, Endgame: The Calling is actually quite different. Its concept is an original and complex one. The book is also unique in t [...]

    15. Παρότι οι ικανότητες των παικτών ήταν λίγο έως πολύ (εντάξει, βασικά πάρα πολύ) υπερβολικές (μέχρι και σφαίρες στον αέρα θα ήταν ικανοί να πιάσουν), η ιστορία δεν με έκανε λεπτό να βαρεθώ. Ξεκίνησε δυναμικά και συνέχισε έτσι μέχρι και το τέλος. Επίσης λάτρεψα τον Ολμέκο! <3

    16. I want to add a disclaimer here that I didn't realise the controversy surrounding the author before purchasing the book and, had I done so, I probably would not have ever read this. My review is based on my enjoyable experience of this book alone, regardless of who penned it. I am not supporting or overlooking his questionable actions but am simply not allowing them to influence my enjoyment. That being said, I certainly won't be purchasing another book by James Frey and am glad that I have the [...]

    17. I had know idea this is the author behind I Am Number Four!I'm fucking shocked; a few years ago I read A Million Little Pieces and absolutely hated it. Wasn't surprised when I found out that "memoir" was all a lie. Now this book is in the process of being released when it's a rip off of the Hunger Games when that's a rip off of Battle Royale My head hurts.

    18. Yo ya conocía el estilo de este autor y es de todo mi gusto, un libro enigmático y sangriento. Una historia con mucha acción que plantea mil preguntas y da pocas respuestas. Siempre he creído en los extraterrestres y en las teorías conspirativas y este es un libro que desarrolla muy bien esta temática. Reseña Completa: bastvilard/2015/0

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    20. Before you all go yelling about it in comments, yes, I know about the FFF/James Frey thing. I thought I'd still give this book a go, because I like to separate the author from the book. I did the same thing with Ender's Game.Well, in this case, really there was no need to separate the author from the book because this book was just the worst. Congratulations, Endgame: The Calling. You get the award for being my first DNF book of 2014.I think the main problem I had with Endgame is that there are [...]

    21. This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more reviews!Don’t fucking call this a rip-off or a knockoff-read of The Hunger Games or else I’ll seriously punch you. Okay, I’m not making a threat here, haha, I’m just kidding. But really, the haters need to back off. Just because the summary makes it sound like there’s a game and in order for there to be one winner, everyone has to die, THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING, OKAY? This book was honestly fucking amazin [...]

    22. The Chinese translation is out there, to read or not to read?Edited@10/02/2016:I found out the questionable things James Frey and his infamous publish house had done in the past (including but not limited to publishing I Am Number. 4, which is a huge crime in my eyes), so no, I'm not going to read it. No need to read a Hunger Games clone.

    23. WHAT? What is this f**kery? I did not sign up for this mind blowing story with twists and turns that I can't even keep up with. I did not sign up to feel so many feels. I need the rest of this series. Now please. Read this book. And then tune into the BookHunters liveshow on January 31st so I can rant and answer questions and share the emotions.

    24. BuchgestaltungGlänzend und aus Gold und ein richtiger Eyecatcher. Also an der Gestaltung habe ich echt nichts auszusetzen. Ich finde es richtig cool, dass auf dem Cover kleine Worte eingearbeitet sind, die etwas mit der Geschichte zu tun haben. Und Endgame ist das Spiel, um das es geht, also passt der Name natürlich auch sehr gut.MeinungIch weiß ja nicht, ob es euch so ergeht, wenn ihr ENDGAME hört, aber ich wusste nicht wirklich, wie ich mir das Buch vorstellen kann. Besonders die Erwähnun [...]

    25. Tenho pena que as pessoas julguem um livro por uma descrição, sim , a sua descrição é semelhante ao jogos de fome, mas a sua história é COMPLETAMENTE DIFERENTE ! Este livro é muito substimado e é triste saber disso, quando se tem os ingredientes todos para fazer sucesso ! Aconselho vivamente a quem gosta de livros apocalipticos, acção , romance e fantasia, tem de tudo ! Opa, brutal, que venha o segundo, espero ;)

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