Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection

Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection

Julia Wertz / Jan 21, 2020

Museum of Mistakes The Fart Party Collection In Julia Wertz began a series of funny irreverent autobiographical comics she called The Fart Party After posting these comics online to acclaim and controversy she eventually started collecti

  • Title: Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection
  • Author: Julia Wertz
  • ISBN: 9780978656966
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 2004, Julia Wertz began a series of funny, irreverent autobiographical comics she called The Fart Party After posting these comics online to acclaim and controversy, she eventually started collecting these comics as self published minis which found their way to Atomic Books in Balti, who thought they ought to be collected into a proper book so as to garner JuliaIn 2004, Julia Wertz began a series of funny, irreverent autobiographical comics she called The Fart Party After posting these comics online to acclaim and controversy, she eventually started collecting these comics as self published minis which found their way to Atomic Books in Balti, who thought they ought to be collected into a proper book so as to garner Julia laughs and hate mail As these things go, the first volume was so successful, there was a second volume Both are now out of print, but Museum of Mistakes collects them into one book, plus numerous pages of Julia s early comic work, unpublished and or previously uncollected comics, short stories, illustrations, process pages, hate mail, sketchbook pages, tear stains and .

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        Julia Wertz is a professional cartoonist and amateur historian She made the comic books The Fart Party vol 1 and vol 2, and the graphic novels Drinking at the Movies, and The Infinite Wait and Other Stories, both of which were nominated for Eisner Awards Her latest book is Museum of Mistakes The Fart Party Collection She currently does a monthly comic installment about NYC history for the New Yorker, a monthly cityscape illustration series for Harper s Magazine, and a monthly comic with her brother, for the Believer Her photography or abandoned places has appeared in The New York Post, the Daily Mail and some local rags Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she now lives in New York City.


    1. This was the first book I grabbed to read after a long few months of targeted reading for my annual outreach at middle schools. I love Wertz' work, and find her very relatable. It's hefty, so expect this to take more than one sitting. In the style of diary-comics, so don't expect a polished, fully produced Graphic Novel here.

    2. This is Wertz's biggest collection so far, collecting volumes one and two of the Fart Party books and adding what is essentially a new third volume-worth of Fart Party stuff with all sorts of other early stuff thrown in, with commentary, maybe almost half of it I had not seen. Great and sophomoric/juvenile stuff documenting her cute and endearing and foul-mouthed loser early comics work, made in an alcoholic haze she is honest and self deprecating about, always. Self-deprecating, as she knows, m [...]

    3. Aaahhh ha hah ha this is so good. Julia is our generation's Little Lulu.Here's what I like:1. I like that she takes frikn Imogen's review from off here and sticks a truncated version (i.e only the negative part) at the front of this edition in the letters from jerks section. It is a very funny and non-grovelly way to be like look it was a different time and yeah I used some dumb words (Imogen's review is like look I am as humorless as any humorless lesbian but also it's hard to read the R-word e [...]

    4. I am a huge fan of Julia Wertz. She's like comics 'unplugged', with her stripped-down drawings and simple comic lines. You can only unplug when the complexity is obviously there, in the background. Julia's comics are consistently hilarious. She picks up on life's absurdities, she's sarcastic and she's relentless in her self-criticism. Julia revels in others' criticism too, laughing at her family's disapproval and publishing haters' comments on her books. I actually feel quite protective of Julia [...]

    5. I’ve been a fan of Julia Wertz since her early Fart Party days. What can I say? I’m a sucker for witty, self-deprecating, sarcastic humor—And Wertz definitely delivers. Let me prelude this with a story: A few years ago, in the midst of a frenzied bookstore dismemberment, I enlisted the help of my brother to assist me on my quest to find a collection of comics I had raved about in previous years. We spent two hours amid chaos searching for those comics, and I became so desperate that I star [...]

    6. Museum of Mistakes collects Julia Wertz’s Fart Party mini-comics, zines, and webcomics into one, comprehensive, and hilarious account of the joys, pains, and imperfections of twenty-something life. Of course, on the face of it, a lot daily life is boring, no matter our desire to make it less, but Wertz’s wit and comic timing make even the stories about staying in her apartment all day funny and relatable. I mean, everyone stays in their apartment all day on occasion, and everyone jokes about [...]

    7. My excuse for not having discovered The Fart Party comics years ago is that I've just begun exploring comics and graphic novels/memoirs.No, wait. I'd prefer to blame/credit my sister for sending on her copy of The Infinite Wait a few months ago, which was when I discovered and fell in love with Julia Wertz and her work. In any case, I'm just so happy that this woman has shown up in my life.Read the rest of my review at wanderaven

    8. Content is easily 5/5Julia is insightful and interesting and her work is wonderfule presentation however (specifically font size of the text) is tiny and it's a struggle to read (I don't need or wear glasses)either they need to make better use of the page (often large blank spaces) or otherwise change the formatting or size of the book

    9. This collected volume of the zines, webcomics, and short stories explores the life of Julia Wertz telling her story with sincerity and humor in an old school comic style. Her drawings, like her stories, are deceptively simple. Black-and-white line drawings depicting her time struggling with her twenties in San Francisco deciding if she is an artist, if she has a problem with alcohol, and how to get by. Wertz has the ability to tell her story so lovably with well-timed self-deprecating jokes abou [...]

    10. A good mix of humor and insight. It was interesting to see a wide range of work since I started with her later stuff. Some of the comics were so damn tiny that they were painful to read.

    11. Up there with 'The Sun Also Rises', this was a book that 2016 me needed to read. (That is hilarious. ^_^) I've always loved Julia Wertz. She's influenced my sense of humor and timing irrevocably. However, I first discovered her in Drinking At The Movies, her 2010 graphic novel. Wertz's character there was an adventurer: a twenty-five-year-old woman moving to New York and, just, fucking up everything. I saw the courage it took to show herself and her friends in this light, simply for its own hila [...]

    12. I read (subsequently re-read and am presently re-re-reading) Drinking at the Movies while living in Seattle, in a historic (relatively inexpensive for a city with zero rent control and charmingly decrepit) building while working at an "Artisan" Bakery as over the years my feeble protestations about Graduate Studies were reduced to an idle but eloquent resentment fueled by caffeine, alcohol, Netflix, inter-library loans and Record Store bin perusing. Perhaps I could easily identify with Julia Wer [...]

    13. I hate that I didn't love it! I didn't enjoy it as much as the first comics I read by Wertz (Drinking at the Movies). It makes sense though because "Museum of Mistakes" is a compilation of her earlier material. I like that she included her different graphic/panel styles before she settled on her typical "Fart Party" style. It was a unique insight and I enjoyed seeing her progression. I admire that she is a self-taught cartoonist and puts her life (funny parts and the other stuff) on paper for ra [...]

    14. So here I am writing another review for another autobiographical graphic novel in spite of the fact that I'm not a very big fan of the genre. Why do I keep reading them? Mostly, I tend to get books from libraries and libraries love the genre, so it's often the best option, since I don't want to read Vol. 4 (and only Vol. 4) of the trade paperback omnibus for Shazam.But! Recently, I've had a pretty good run with the genre of "broke, sad cartoonists drawing about their lives" and Museum of Mistake [...]

    15. Perverse, politically incorrect, dark, unflinching and hysterical, it's easy to see Museum of Mistakes as the collected regrets of Julia Wertz. However, it's in fact an inspiring work by a creative talent who nearly lost her way due to self-doubt, illness and addiction.The Fart Party and its related ephemera seems like just a bunch of hysterical and inappropriate jokes, and it kind of is, but there's so much more here. It's not a story about the author's battle with lupus or her alcoholism, thou [...]

    16. If you don’t already own the first two Fart Party books . . . well then shame on you; buy this one to make up for it. If you do, though, the fact that Museum of Mistakes contains a “Fart Party Volume Three” chapter should be all the encouragement that you need to pick this up. Roughly 50% of it is new material, or was otherwise only published online or in relatively obscure zines, so it’s essentially a whole new book. For fans of an author who, apparently for the very best of reasons, ha [...]

    17. There's something incredibly immersive about reading all of the Fart Party strips in such a concentrated burst. The strips seem to be a process of learning about one's self and one's craft - both cartooning and humor writing - and each individual strip/punchline takes on less significance than the total experience of seeing the world through Ms. Wertz's eyes. The bobs of immaturity balance against the actual insights, the intentionally crude drawing forms its own crude worldview, and you find yo [...]

    18. I have such sympathy for and empathy with Julia Wertz. She both minimizes her illness because the vignettes that it brings are funny and also describes the utter loneliness behind that also comes with addiction -- it makes absolute sense to me, with my own mental health woes. It's surprising how true her stories ring, how she manages to hint at the pain behind her public persona. It's quite a feat.I suppose the art might not be impressive, but the art isn't the point. Harvey Pekar was great beca [...]

    19. Museum of Mistakes is a collection of Julia Wertz's Fart Party comics, which are funny semi-autobiographical comics. The first half of the collection is her earlier work. Personally, I really enjoyed the latter half of the book, when she began delving into some of the tougher issues and backstories. She discusses her addiction and alcoholism in a very honest, raw way. You can see the character, and Julia, maturing. The artwork, while simple, is still enough to capture the reader's attention. I e [...]

    20. I loved this book. Being around the same age as Wertz, I feel like she completely captured the feeling of being in one's 20s. All that self loathing. Trying so hard to be cool and not realizing that all along you were beautiful and amazing. And all the hard learning through mistakes that it takes to become a adult. I appreciate her honesty about her struggles with alcohol and depression. It is very real. I can see her comics transforming from dark cynicism to even wisdom as she gets older. At le [...]

    21. I really like Wertz's writing and comics, but this wasn't amazing. Mostly, I got ticked off at the layout. I have good eyes, but I could barely read some portions of this book since the print was tiny! It made it hard to enjoy the book. I like the book overall, but not as much as The Infinite Wait. Also, and this is probably just me, but I was bummed that the whole thing ended with her saying she wasn't drawing anymore.

    22. I am old enough to complain that, yes, some of the tiny renderings of comics in this book are difficult to read.I am young enough to think that just the words "Fart Party" are funny. FART PARTY FART PARTY FART PARTY! The young me wins.A person as thoughtful and hilarious as Julia Wertz should be rich and famous. To make that happen, buy this book (and depending on your age, a pair of bifocals).

    23. Julia Wertz = automatic 5 stars. Understated, self-effacing, humble, mildly crude silliness. Your life is a struggle. So is hers. You're not rich and famous. Neither is she. Why not laugh about it? Slapstick on one page, poignant on the next. If you need super heroes or pretentious sophistication, look elsewhere. If you appreciate someone laying her life out so you can laugh and hopefully relate, Julia's comics are your happy place.

    24. I hadn't heard of Fart Party or Julia Wertz until some friends lent this to me to read while on bedrest. I really liked it. It was entertaining and inspired the part of me that hasn't drawn anything in a long time. I'm left wanting to know more about what happened when and after she went to rehab. I'd like to read her more recent unpublished work which I hope she publishes.

    25. I realized as I was spending a lazy day inside reading this, I looked almost exactly like the author sketches herself while at home.I pre-ordered this directly from Wertz so in addition to the entire story, she included a few extra sketches. This is a nice compilation of her work, which ranges from humorous moments to a serious look at her life and health.

    26. I think having read DRINKING AT THE MOVIES probably changes the way Fart Party reads in the long run. It's a lot like reading Marya Hornbacher's MADNESS and finding out what she was dealing with during her writing of WASTED (thought not quite as drastic). Regardless, I was into it. Julia Wertz is a gem.

    27. if you like intresting well drawn graphic novels with some innuendo and violence then this is for you. it is well worth the read. will make you laugh, will make you cry and even may make you purchase mutiple volumes to share with friends. keep in mind this book contains both volumes of fart party. which is great for if like me found somewhat hard to obtain seperatly. includes bonus material.

    28. A collection of comics outside of Julia's graphic novels. I love what she writes although I have to complain about the size of the font at some points, it was painful to read and wish a better layout solution could have worked.

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