Last Witness

Last Witness

Jilliane Hoffman / Aug 17, 2019

Last Witness C J Townsend a brilliant prosecutor from Miami returns in Hoffman s second novel that s filled with vivid crime scene investigations and a thrilling plot

  • Title: Last Witness
  • Author: Jilliane Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780425210741
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • C.J Townsend, a brilliant prosecutor from Miami, returns in Hoffman s second novel that s filled with vivid crime scene investigations and a thrilling plot.

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        Jilliane P Hoffman began her professional career as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting felonies in Florida from 1992 to 1996 with special assignments to the Domestic Violence and the Legal Extradition Units Originally from Long Island, she currently lives in South Florida with her husband and two children.


    1. Jilliane Hoffman's first book was Retribution. I felt that book left the ending to reader interpretation whether it was right or wrong, like a "What would you have done" ending. This book, Last Witness, continues the story of C. J. Townsend, and I thought it was karma coming back to get her. Close, but no cigar. The ending of this book appears to blatantly reveal what to expect in the third book, The Cutting Room. I could be wrong, though, after reading the blurb.My major complaint about Last Wi [...]

    2. Really disappointed with this book - and to make matters worse there is still a third book in the series for me to (maybe) wade through. The overwhelming problem for me with Last Witness was this:First up the main character is C.J.Townsend. C.J. So obviously we hear, or read, her name a lot. And she's the ASA (Assistant State Attorney) Then there is also a character called LBJ. The following is a list that at least one will be read on almost every single page:CNN, FDLE, MDPD, MBPD, FHP, PD, MROC [...]

    3. I'm disappointed. 'Retribution'/ 'Cupido' was thrilling, clever and had some exciting twists and turns. 'Last Witness'/ 'Morpheus' was just boring.At first there were all those 48798 different departments, teams and positions and their corresponding abbreviations. That was really confusing for me as a non-professional and therefore pretty tiring. I mean, they are all "explained" at least once, but I couldn't care less after a while. So I just ignored them and concentrated on the story. Story? Hm [...]

    4. Naja also ich weiß nicht das Buch hat so viel Potential aber irgendwie fehlte da was!Mir war das viel zu viel "Law-Talk" nicht so mein Ding hat mich im ersten Teil auch schon gestört :/Den dritten werde ich auch noch lesen. Damit lasse ich mit aber Zeit.Das Ende war wirklich richtig gut! Aber der Weg dahin war sehr zäh!

    5. Es war so unglaublich spannend, ich konnte das Buch in den letzten 150 Seiten nicht mehr weglegen. Und dieses Ende ist so krass, dass ich gleich den dritten Teil lesen will!

    6. 2,5 SternDie Bewertung hier war recht schwierig, denn der Anfang war übelst langweilig und wirklich nur zum ende hin ist Spannung aufgekommen und hat alles nochmal rausgehauen. Ich muss doch jetzt aber erstmal was zu Cupido sagen. Denn mir hat dieser Thriller damals eigentlich nicht so toll gefallen. Wegen dem Ende. Ich war total unbefriedigt, als ich das Buch fertig hatte und es waren noch so viele Fragen offen.Dann war es mir auch etwas zu ja, man hat viele Einblicke in die Welt der Juristen [...]

    7. Intriguing characters and a good plot, with several convoluted subplots. Someone is killing Miami area police officers---all of those instrumental in getting a serial killer convicted in the previous book. Is it a coincidence, or are the cops dirty guilty of something? When the killer petitions for and receives a Huff hearing, based on an affidavit from his former attorney that she concealed evidence and did not provide him with the best defense she could have, the judge has no choice but to gra [...]

    8. Wieder ein super Buch. So eine verstrickte Geschichte ohne das man sofort ahnt wer noch hinter den Köpfen steckt die hohe Macht haben.

    9. After I read Cupido, I was very curious about this book. How C.J. would be doing, if Bantling really was put away etc.At first, I had no idea that this was the second book n a row, because it started 'all over' again. Only in the course of the story one finds out how this second book is linked to the first.That is okay, though. I was a bit disappointed however, by this second book. I can't exactly tell you why. The thing is, that it didn't keep me reading as the first one did. I was not so very [...]

    10. Het begon met een flinke terugblik naar de gebeurtenissen uit het eerste boek en tegelijk werd er een vrij standaard verhaaltje verteld over de werkzaamheden bij de politie van Miami en het OM, met af en toe een gruwelijke moord. Helaas hield dit tot ongeveer 40% van het boek aan.Op die 40% kwam een ommekeer, maar helaas werd het niveau van het beknellende gevoel uit het eerste boek bij lange na niet gehaald. Het las lekker weg, maar voor mij was het geen thriller. Een thriller moet voor mij mee [...]

    11. In den ersten zwei Dritteln plätschert die Handlung so vor sich hin, ehe es anfängt richtig spannend zu werden und mehr Dynamik in die Geschichte kommt. Davor wird der Leser mit zahlreichen Abkürzungen amerikanischer Polizei- und Justitzeinrichtungen verwirrt. Auch die Charaktere bleiben allesamt flach und oberflächlich. Mir selbst ist die Hauptprotagonistin C.J. sogar ein wenig unsympathisch und viele ihrer Entscheidungen und Handlungsweisen kann ich weder verstehen noch nachempfinden. Wem [...]

    12. Two-haiku review:Someone's killing copsThey all worked Cupid killerWill she be next death?Continues first bookSeries best read in orderScary, violent

    13. In this follow sequel to Retribution, Assistant State Attorney C J Townsend has now put away William Bantling for the torture & murder of eleven women. Bantling is fighting for a re-trial, saying he was wrongly convicted but three cops crucial to the case, & who know the truth, have been brutally slain & CJ is pretty sure she's next on the list. But with Bantling still in prison who is doing the killing?Well it sounded right up my street but it wasn't & once again I seem to be at [...]

    14. Wanneer verschillende politie-agenten op gruwelijke wijze vermoord worden, wijst alles naar een seriemoordenaar. Probleem is dat deze moordenaar achter slot en grendel zit, te wachten op voltrekking van de doodstraf. Heeft hij iemand buiten de muren die voor hem moord? Rechercheur Dominick Falconetti wordt op de zaak gezet maar is hij wel objectief genoeg. De seriemoordenaar Cupido en zijn vriendin, openbare aanklager C.J. Townsend hebben een verleden. Er is vanalles tussen heb gebeurd. Nu wil C [...]

    15. A Must readI read all three of her books and I really didn't want to put them down I couldn't wait for what came next if you like like good books I recommend them you want be disappointed C.I Townsend rocks

    16. Good readShe's an awesome writer. Very creative, unpredictable crime series. U will not see the killer coming till it's to late, stay awake

    17. I enjoyed this book. It was intriguing. However, I wish that there was some sort of explanation at the end as to the why this person was doing what he did.

    18. Jilliane Hoffman’s The Last Witness is a story about how not all questions have the answers we seek. The novel takes place in Miami, Florida in the Miami Dade County during 1999. The conflict that appears in the novel is that there are a series of cases that appear that affected the main characters C.J and Dominick on a personal level. The cases tend to involve the murder of people that they are close to so it causes an internal conflict because they both want to find justice for their friends [...]

    19. Drei Jahre sind seit den schrecklichen Cupido-Morden vergangen und seit Bantling für diese schuldig gesprochen wurde, konnte die Staatsanwältin C.J. wenigstens etwas ruhiger schlafen, denn bei Bantling handelte es sich um ihren eigenen Vergewaltiger.Doch plötzlich versetzen grausame Morde an Polizisten Maimi in Angst und Schrecken und C.J. wird das Gefühl nicht los, dass diese Morde etwas mit ihrem Geheimnis den Cupido-Fall betreffend zu tun haben. In diesem Buch wartet nicht nur ein rachsü [...]

    20. This book was not bad, but I think I needed to read the previous book in the series, "Retribution?" Also, it was strange to see 2-3 page chapters, I think there were over 80 chapters in a normal-length book? Reminds me of the Alex Cross books, which I hateJames Patterson-style.

    21. Na het lezen van “Vergelding” met heel veel goesting aan dit boek begonnen.Het blijft spannen en je wilt blijven lezen Net iets minder sterk dan het vorige boek, maar ik kijk toch al uit naar het lezen van “De snijkamer”.

    22. The saga continuesAlthough some mysteries are unraveled and more questions are answered, this book frequently makes you ask yourself what you would do if you were in the same situations C.J. Townsend finds herself in.

    23. Thought-provoking and ThrillingCJ Townsend is a hard as nails prosecutor with an impeccable record in the Major Crimes Division in Miami, Florida. But CJ has a secret that is both mind bending and life shattering, a secret she has kept since law school.    When the biggest case of her career threatens to tear apart the very tenuous life CJ has managed to hold on to since moving to Florida, what will CJ do? What would any of us do if the fate of the man who brutalized you to the point of madnes [...]

    24. German paperbubblesblog/2Ah yes. It took me forever and a day (that is more than one year) to finsih this. I can't say I'm glad I did, except for the fact that I like to finish the books I started.So why exactly didn't I like it?there are some minor things that bother me, like for example all teh references to the first part. Having read that a Long time ago it was a bit hard.Like in the first book, the story itself was good, but I really could not get into it. The murderer is present only at th [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book. Truth be told, I know full well some of the police procedural rules were broken, but the story line was totally able to draw the reader in. I'm not sure what I think of the ending, but I'd hate to spoil it for you, so I wont be telling why.In this book C.J. is once again the target of a killer. She struggles with the decisions of the past and the secrets she keeps. As the book progresses we see her go from wounded, to despair, and finally healing, ready finally to bre [...]

    26. Last Witness continues CJ Townsend's story from Hoffman's debut novel Retribution. William Bantling, CJ's rapist and the convicted Cupid killer, is behind bars and CJ's life with Special Agent Dominick Falconetti is set to begin with their upcoming wedding. All seems to be going well for the major crimes prosecutor until a series of cop killings begins. Initially these killings look like a tragic set of homicides involving dirty cops until CJ realizes that all of the victims have ties to a cover [...]

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