Justice Falling

Justice Falling

Audrey Carlan / Dec 14, 2019

Justice Falling Sweet and na ve in the ways of the world Camille Cami Johnston has done whatever it takes to survive in New York City Unbroken by her tumultuous past she is pursuing a stable and secure future that

  • Title: Justice Falling
  • Author: Audrey Carlan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sweet and na ve in the ways of the world, Camille Cami Johnston has done whatever it takes to survive in New York City Unbroken by her tumultuous past, she is pursuing a stable and secure future that doesn t include worrying about where the rent money will come from Little does she know, a full time position at Jensen Construction will do than pay the bills, it wiSweet and na ve in the ways of the world, Camille Cami Johnston has done whatever it takes to survive in New York City Unbroken by her tumultuous past, she is pursuing a stable and secure future that doesn t include worrying about where the rent money will come from Little does she know, a full time position at Jensen Construction will do than pay the bills, it will bring her everything she ever dreamed of having, but didn t believe she was worthy of Known ladies man, Nathaniel Nate Walker, has never had a problem securing a date As a widely successful lawyer and business owner, he knows exactly how to get what he wants, when he wants it, in and out of the courtroom until he meets Camille Johnston Nate s overly confident, alpha male tendencies toward Cami have her thoughts and emotions in a jumble of uncertainty and lust But once the sparks fly between the cheeky lawyer and his precious Camille, the resounding flames are unstoppable As the couple try to find their way toward a future they both yearn for, secrets from Camille s past and present start piling up into a vortex of half truths and lies of omission Now the instant connection that brought Nate and Cami together is held together by a tenuous thread With a little help from their friends, Camille and Nate s steamy, romantic, breathless journey finishes off the third installment of The Falling Series.Each book in the Falling Series can be read as a standalone but are better when read together All three books are intended for readers 18 due to language and graphic sexual content.Suggested Reading Order Angel Falling Book 1London Falling Book 2Justice Falling Book 3

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        Audrey Carlan is a 1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author She writes wicked hot love stories that are designed to give the reader a romantic experience that s sexy, sweet, and so hot your ereader might melt Some of her works include the wildly successful Calendar Girl Serial, Falling Series, and the Trinity Trilogy.She lives in the California Valley where she enjoys her two children and the love of her life When she s not writing, you can find her teaching yoga, sipping wine with her soul sisters or with her nose stuck in a wicked hot romance novel.


    1. I wasn't planning on reading this book, but had forgotten that and made the mistake of starting it. Once I start a book I can't stop until I finish it, unless the writing is so bad I can't stand it. The writing itself isn't that bad, so finish it I did. I have a couple of big issues with this book. First, I found the terminology used very demeaning to women. It isn't ok, ever, for a boss to refer to an employee as "sweetie", whether they 'don't mean it in a demeaning way' or not. Just not ok, ug [...]

    2. I have followed the Falling series since the very beginning and grown to love the cast and crew immensely.From the city girl meets country cowboy of Aspen and Hank, to British millionaire Collier and fractured artist London, all the stories have captured my heart.But this story of a fragile young woman, working two jobs and harbouring a secret, heartbreaking past, and the sauve, devilishly handsome, sexy English lawyer who is besotted by her innocence, is nothing short of enchanting.Cami is beau [...]

    3. The third in the Falling Series is the love story between English lawyer Nathaniel Walker and young and sweet receptionist Camille Johnston. Nate is a ladies man who has recently decided for the right woman he'd retire his black book and settle down. Camille is a young woman who's had a rough upbringing, a tumultuous few years of forced maturity beyond her years and a couple whopping secrets. Nate is instantly taken with the lovely receptionist and pursues her endlessly. She cannot avoid Nate's [...]

    4. Just finished up with my beta read on this book. It was a great, emotional read. It was fast paced and kept my interest with every page I turned.Life has handed Camille Johnston one crap hand after another. But, she has handled it all with dignity and grace. She lives and works for the little guy in her life, never really daring to dream of more.Nate is ready for a change in lifestyle, to find a deeper meaning in life with someone he can love and, who will love him in return. He realizes that he [...]

    5. I was lucky enough to beta this book and I once again fell in love with Audrey Carlan's characters! I will miss them all so much but I loved getting to know them and following them all to their respective HEA's!Full review to come!!

    6. The story is just mind blowing with all the twist and turns, you find out just what a small world we do live in. This book has it all from heartache to new family. I love how the author entwines all three books together to make one big story. We get to meet all the old characters from the other books, they each have a place but the story moves on in each of their lives. With each new book you come to love each character more than before and life unwraps the mystery of their lives to make them on [...]

    7. I came across this series by random and I'm glad I did. From just reading the first chapter of Angel Falling(Book 1), I knew that Audrey was going to be one of my new favorite authors and it's still true after reading Justice Falling.Justice Falling is the 3rd book in Audrey Carlan's Falling Series and my absolute favorite out of the three. I mean, who doesn't love a British lawyer who a ladies' man? I know I do, especially with his alpha tendencies, hot British accent (Come on, we all know Brit [...]

    8. I love Cami. A true woman who has the survival instincts of a real mother and innocence of a young woman. Nate was the perfect mate for her. This book has some really hot scenes that I really enjoyed and kept me intrigued the entire story. I love how the characters in the other "Falling" books continued their stories. I am a huge fan of this author. Audrey writes in such a way that you can picture what you are reading on the big screen.

    9. I wish I could give this more than 5 stars!!! I absolutely loved this story!! Nate is a sexy British lawyer, who doesn't love those?? This book has a couple of surprises. I couldn't put it down! I love that while each book in this series is a stand alone that we receive updates on each of the characters. I love the whole series!! It is a must a read!!

    10. Well, melt me down like a puddle of goo, then ratchet my heart rate to hyperdrive and pass the hot, British alpha male, please. Do you know what you get when a wealthy, womanizing, testosterone filled attorney meets a beautiful, yet sweet, insecure and inexperienced young receptionist cross paths when Audrey Carlan is the mastermind of the plot? You get super sexy, super swoon-worthy, super emotional reading with the title Justice Falling. Cami Johnston’s life hasn’t been the greatest, but s [...]

    11. 5.5 Amazing fantastic StarsI was greatly honored to receive this amazing book for my honest review.Nate-hot British lawyer and alpha maleCami-beautiful, electric, scared, timid and dazzling in her own rightTanner-the little boy with the heart of goldPlease put your hands together and be prepared to take this journey of two amazing people as they find there forever. From across the pond to New York City this British gentleman never thought he would find the one woman that he would never be able t [...]

    12. Cami is a single mom doing what needs done to survive with her son. She was so naive and then left with the raising of her child. She is working as a secretary in the day and only needs a couple of more months to become eligible for insurance and a nice raise. To supplement her income, she works at Gems as a dancer. She lives with Vivian and her son Zach, who is also a dancer. They have been together for a long time and help each other.Nate is a billionaire playboy. Well known for being a one ni [...]

    13. I've been a fan of Audrey Carlan's falling series since book one and Justice Falling was no exception. Each book of the series is it's own story and can be read as a standalone, however several characters make appearances in all three novels, so the reader's experience is definitely enhanced by starting from the beginning! It was a quick, fun read!

    14. 4 ½ Auh-Mazing stars“Natehe was a prince. A dirty talking,smart dressing, sexy as hell, renegade modern day prince.” ~ CamilleAudrey Carlan has rounded out her Falling Series with the last installment called Justice Falling. This final book is no less sexy, angsty, nor lovely then Angel Falling or London Falling. This series is not one to miss and in Justice Falling, we get to know Nate Stone from the Stone, Walker & Associates law firm, and Camille Johnston, both characters we met in L [...]

    15. ~Reviewed on Behalf of Give Me Books~This is the first book I've read from this author and she will be on my book radar from now on!! I will be looking into her other books!Camille has not had an easy life not only was she in foster homes when she was young but her only sexual experience ended in heartbreak. Five years later and wiser Camille is trying to make a better life for her son and her by working a full time and a pt job. She has no desire to date because her main priority is her son but [...]

    16. The third book in the Falling series is amazing. It was a pleasure to read, and the twists to the story added to my joy. I love series' like this, where you are introduced to a varied group and you get to see all of them find their love. After London Falling, I was dying to read Collier's brother's story. Nate is just drop dead sexy, and this story is filled with heat. What more does a girl need? We have met Nate in the previous books. He is Aspen's lawyer, and Collier's brother. A very handsome [...]

    17. Justice Falling by Audrey Carlan is the third book in the Falling Series. This book can be read as a stand alone but is best read after reading Angel Falling and London Falling.Camille “Cami” Johnson works to do anything she needs to do to make ends meet and take care of her little boy in New York City. By day she is an assistant to Hank Jensen at Jensen Construction and by night she is a dancer at Gems. Nathaniel “Nate” Walker is a cocky, lawyer with a panty dropping British accent, who [...]

    18. Holy HOTNESS batman!!! I must start by saying that I really, really loved the first two books in this series and thought there was absolutely no way that I would be able to pick one to be my favorite. However, THIS IS DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE!!! Cami is a beautiful woman who wants nothing but to provide a good home and life for her son. She is a fighter and probably my favorite heroine of this series. She is straight AWESOME!! And then comes the sexy and very hot British lawyer who also happens to [...]

    19. Undeniably entertaining, Justice Falling is written in the first person perspective of both main characters, Nathaniel Walker and Camille Johnson. Nathaniel's take-charge personality compliments Camille's more gentle side. Plus, it's really heart-warming to see a guy who adores a kid not his own. Moreover, it's terribly interesting and humorous to experience the change of tone, from American English to British English as the perspective shifts throughout the book. Despite having a feeling of eve [...]

    20. Cami hasn't had the easiest life.After being tossed from foster home to foster home she's now a single mom doing what she needs to do to take care of her son. That means working her full-time day job as a secretary and hiding her night job stripping from everyone.Regardless of how all this makes her look, she's a bit innocent but strong enough to do what needs to be done to keep a roof over her and her sons head and food in his belly.Enter Nate, rich, ruthless, a true man whore and he's set his [...]

    21. Justice Falling is a great addition to the Falling Series by Audrey Carlan. It is book three of the three part series, which can all be read as standalones, but contain interconnected characters. Justice Falling follows 23 year old Camille 'Cami' Johnston, who we are briefly introduced to in the previous book London's Falling, who is Hank Jensen's new receptionist, along with the womanising English lawyer, Nathaniel 'Nate' Walker who we are originally introduced to in Angel Falling as Aspen Reyn [...]

    22. This is another wonderful romance from my new favorite author! After reading ‘Angel Falling’ and ‘London Falling’, I am hooked on the continuing characters, while meeting some new ones. This story focuses on a new character Cami or Camille, who recently started working for Hank Jensen, the main character from ‘Angel Falling’. Cami is fairly innocent, and struggling to make a living in NYC. She meets Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Walker, who is an attorney with his brother, Collier Stone (from [...]

    23. This story is about Camille Johnston, which was introduced in London Falling as Hank’s new secretary, and Nathaniel Walker, who was introduced in Angel falling and London falling as the lawyer of Aspen and how their love came to be.They first encounter was on the phone and Nate was smitten with Cami’s innocense and pure heart. Little did Nate know that Cami has more in her than what she shows. Cami was not fortunate to live luxoriously and ever since the “incident” she was force to live [...]

    24. This third book in the falling series I loved up there with Angel falling. the antics of olie and hank over the baby and hank comparing the growth of the baby to food cracks me up. Having Hank and Ollie back warmed my heart. In this book we have the story of Cami and nate and what a story. Sweet Cami who mistakenly falls for a douchecanoe when she is 18 now has responsibilities from it that has her resorting to being a stripper to help make ends meet at night while during the day she works for H [...]

    25. Camille “Cami” is a single mother I admire. I love that she didn’t let a relationship gone very bad dictate what she did with some shocking news. This is one strong women who set some goals and plugged away at them against all odds without losing her happy place.Nathaniel’s “Nate” accent, you can feel it coming off the pages and rolling all over you. He is just downright sexy. The author did a great job of showing a man who has everything yet knew he was missing something. I like tha [...]

    26. Life was never easy for Camille. Tossed from one abusive foster home to another as a child, Camille comes to New York for a fresh start. Unfortunately she becomes involved in a relationship with a married man that ends with her pregnant and alone. Four years later, Camille finds employment at Jensen Construction as a receptionist during the day and a stripper at night to provide for her son. Nate Walker is a charming attorney who has had his share of no strings attached relationships but is now [...]

    27. Paige‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSAfter years of one night stands and meaningless dates, Nate didn’t realize he was looking for anything more until he heard Cami’s voice on the other end of the phone.Sparks fly as soon as they meet. I loved the instant attraction between the two. You could feel the pages sizzle.Camille is a young naive woman who has a past that she’s hiding from her new friends. Often times I wanted to shake Camille, but I know why she was hesi [...]

    28. Camille has had a hard life so far and is trying to make the best for her and her son in New York. She doesn't want to get into any messy relationship after her last one left her pregnant and alone.Nate loves his life with no complications and moving from girl to another. As soon as he hears Cami's voice over the phone he is intrigued. And when he meets her he can't get her out of his mind.Nate finds that if he wants something he goes after it, but what is she doens't want to.Nate and Cami find [...]

    29. Cami hides a lot to maintain her job at Jensen Construction. She keeps her second job and home life private not willing to jeopardize her career. Her past has given her strength and as the secrets come out to play how will she handle it?Nate never gets turned down for a date and when he meets Cami he knows he must have her. Little does know what she is hiding. As he falls down the rabbit hole past the point of return, he find himself falling for Cami but can Cami move forward with him?I love thi [...]

    30. Oh My I think this is my favorite of the series! Don't get me wrong, I loved ALL THREE BOOKS but this one with Nate and Camille and to get tid bits of the other characters from the other books in this one. It all seems to come FULL CIRCLE!In this book NATE a sexy British lawyer never sees himself settling down, he takes what he wants from women, pleasure.Camille believes she is unworthy of being loved. She works hard to support her son as a single momS collide and Nate meets Camille a must read [...]

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