The House of Thunder

The House of Thunder

Leigh Nichols Dean Koontz / Jul 16, 2019

The House of Thunder Susan Thorton awakens in a hospital after a near fatal car crash to see four men lurking outside her door men who exactly resemble those who killed her boyfriend years before Can these be the same m

  • Title: The House of Thunder
  • Author: Leigh Nichols Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780425132951
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Susan Thorton awakens in a hospital, after a near fatal car crash, to see four men lurking outside her door men who exactly resemble those who killed her boyfriend years before Can these be the same men As she tries to uncover the identities of those stalking her, Susan enters a terrifying nightmare one from which she may never escape Previously published by Pocket unSusan Thorton awakens in a hospital, after a near fatal car crash, to see four men lurking outside her door men who exactly resemble those who killed her boyfriend years before Can these be the same men As she tries to uncover the identities of those stalking her, Susan enters a terrifying nightmare one from which she may never escape Previously published by Pocket under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols 1982.

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      462 Leigh Nichols Dean Koontz
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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Leigh Nichols is a pen name of Dean R Koontz Dean Koontz.


    1. This was an entertaining read without much depth to it. Not Dean Koontz at his best but still very readable. The finale was a little bit too convoluted for me but I guess it was that or an even worse option to explain the strange events. Some silly dialogue, a doctor falling in love at first sight with a comatose patient and an entire town in cahoots to fool one individual did take a lot of swallowing but I still enjoyed it:) This is a book to while away a flew hours but which is probably not me [...]

    2. For those who are Koontz fans and even those who have never heard of him ( if that's even possible although he’s been sucking the last few years a bit) this can be a real treat. This is one of his older novels which I prefer, his good olden days were something to relish in story land. I love how The House of Thunder really messes with the reader's mind when things start to unfold. It gets nice and creepy and brings in the thrills, I read this story years ago back in 2003 and I wanted to add a [...]

    3. This hardcover is numbered 106 of 550 copies and is signed by Dean Koontz and illustrator Phil Park on the limitation page.

    4. It's been quite a while since I've read anything by Dean Koontz, and I figured that it was about time to give him another go. This is one of his older books. That makes me feel old, actually, to say that, as it was published the same year I was born, but, it's true. One of my favorite things about Dean Koontz is that he's able to keep me on my toes. He doesn't write the best dialogue, or write the best characters, but his stories are always twisty, and never end up where I think they're going. H [...]

    5. Lookis book may be better than I found it. It's just that I couldn't get into the book. I tried. The reviews I read about this told how it crept into their psyche and haunted themterror, horror. So I picked it up (happily from the library). Mr. Koontz can write a good book. I've read some of them. He can write interesting and wonderfully weird characters, I've read some of them to. But not here least not for me. I found Susan one of the most annoying characters I've come across. If that girl had [...]

    6. Okay, so this started off so uber-badass! Really! Well, badass for a Dean Koontz book. It was mysterious, tense, somewhat surreal. . . .I mean, it would've made an excellent horror thriller film. A woman wakes up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there. . . slight things in her surroundings start to bring back the hints of memories. . . and soon, the whole hospital begins to seem dangerous, the people around her are dangerous, everything is dangerous. . . and then, in the last 50 or 60 [...]

    7. the worst novel i've ever read. My opinion is Dean Koontz adapted this novel from Stephen King's short story "Some Times They Come Back". Idea is same but Dean Koontz version is too boring and dry.

    8. Originally written under his Leigh Nichols pseudonym (hence why it’s different to a lot of his fare), The House of Thunder is the story of a young lady that wakes up after being in a coma for three weeks. After getting past an initial bout of amnesia she starts to see people from her past who were involved in the murder of her then boyfriend. However, they have not aged and she knows that some of them died not long after their crime. So how can this be? Can she really be being assaulted by gho [...]

    9. Spooky and sinister, The House of Thunder often works on pure suspense and tells an unforgettable story.

    10. The House Of Thunder, This being an older novel by Mr. Koontz, originally penned under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols, is not in my opinion his best work. Although I liked the book, I felt I couldn't connect with the characters. Susan is an enigma, not only her past but her present conditions are thin, lacking the depth needed to actually care about her character. The same is said about most of the characters that make appearances in this novel. It's very hard to care about characters you literally [...]

    11. So far reading like a straight, fairly awful, romance novel (why this from Koontz I don't know). Still on audio CD 1. Hopefully it will get better.Now on cd 3 and the dialogue is pure drivel. A woman in peril story, oh and the woman is suppose to be a physicist but speaks like a complete idiot. Plus, the woman narrator (audio version) doesn’t help with her impressions of the older nurse, who she makes sound like Mother Goose. This doesn’t remotely read like a Koontz book. Plot is slow and fl [...]

    12. SadlyI was not impressed I am a fan of Dean Koontz and was happy to have got a copy of this from a friend But I should have known when didn't have a page on this book. (It's in a book set but I only found it in audio-version ) I thought when I read the description it seemed like a thrilling, suspenseful read. IT WAS CRAP!!(view spoiler)[ what was the point?!?!? She was involved in a experiment?? For her work Why the 4 men from the "House of Thunder"? I do not get how the men are "ghosts" but ye [...]

    13. So this book started off AMAZING! It was strange, eerie, and unerving, bad the last third or so of the book was terrible. The ending, in my opinion, had nothing to do with the first part of the story, I was so interested in what laid in the mind of the main character's mind, and the fact that the ending was what it was really got me mad, because up until that point, I was really into this book, and when I found out what I did I thought "Really? THIS is the ending? There could have been so many o [...]

    14. I very much liked this book. It is a nightmarish story that will mess with your head just like it messed with mine. I loved the trip.Favorite Passages:She felt like a fool, but she was still a prisoner of her fear._______She thought of the corpse scratching insistently at the closed bathroom door against which she had been leaning. She remembered the click-snickety-click of his fingernails as he probed the cracks around the door frame.______ You're just plain crazy; that's all. Nuts. You're as n [...]

    15. Dean Koontz sabe perfectamente como jugar con tu mente. Entre la fantasía y la realidad, una se torna la otra y viceversa. Cuando crees que una ya es completamente imposible y te apegas a la otra, surge algo que te hace desconfiar nuevamente. Cuando parece que ya jugo con tu cerebro por completo, surge una tercera posibilidad también muy aterradora. Hay escenas tan atemorizantes sobre todo en las páginas finales, que hacen que todo cambie otra vez. Es cierto que la novela avanza de un modo le [...]

    16. I did not even realized how fast the time flew while reading this one - I could not put it down! Great plot, madness theme and creepy twist! My second Dean Koontz novel and definitely not the last one.

    17. Koontz's books are kind of like potato chips: you can never read just one. I've never read a potato chip, though, so I'm not entirely sure what that is like. But you get the idea. I hope.

    18. La casa del tuono. Così è soprannominata una caverna, umida e spettrale, nella quale un gruppo di quattro ragazzi affiliati a una confraternita universitaria trascina Susan, 19 anni, e il suo ragazzo Jerry, e massacra lui, mentre lei riesce miracolosamente a salvarsi.Un incubo reale destinato a perseguitare Susan per il resto dei suoi giorni.Quindici anni dopo, in seguito a un brutto incidente d'auto, Susan comincia ad avere strane e terrificanti allucinazioni nelle quali i 4 ragazzi assassini [...]

    19. Too much of the story is a helpless victim being afraidORY BRIEF: In 1967 Susan saw four fraternity brothers beat her boyfriend to death in a college hazing. They were going to kill her, but she escaped and testified against them. Two of them later died in a car accident. It is now 1980. Susan just woke from a three week coma from a car accident. During the next several days she sees the four fraternity brothers in the hospital. Two are working as orderlies and two are patients. The four [...]

    20. Starts off strong, great premise and creepy presentation, then devolves into incoherent preposterous nonsense. Very disappointing.

    21. It seems like I am reading a bunch of horror novels lately (not to mention haunted house stories) but that's just the way it's worked out. I chose this particular book almost be default. I've been trying a new library that is closer to my work place, making it easier to pick up and drop off but turns out there are very few audio books there that aren't abridged. This was just about the only one I found that was unabridged, and since I've read quite a few Koontz novels before I felt pretty safe i [...]

    22. Definitely not my favorite book by Koontz. I have been a big fan of just about everything I've read by him. (I went through a short phase in high school where I read probably around 10 or so Give or take.) The book is really closer to 2.5 stars, but I really like most Koontz books, so I'll bump it to 3. I would not recommend this to anyone who hasn't already read some of his work. This is really not his best, or anywhere close to it. It had an interesting idea and premise- woman wakes up in a ho [...]

    23. I am torn on the rating for this book. I found it easy to read and difficult to put down. It is a mystery, suspense novel with a few of the bizarre and weird you would expect from Dean Koontz novel. It is written from the persective of a woman who unexpectly wakes to find herself in a hospital after being in a coma. The suspense is maintained through out, and the ending was a surprise although a bit abrupt. If romance was intended it is shortcoming. I would recommned this book to teens and adult [...]

    24. The House of Thunder started off strong. For a while, I thought it was going to be a great early Dean Koontz novel, back when he was an amazing writer. Unfortunately, it didn’t end so well. Susan Thornton finds herself in a hospital after an auto accident. She can remember very little of her life, including where she worked and what she did. The one thing that she can remember well is a horrifying incident that happened to her earlier in her life—when her boyfriend was murdered as a result o [...]

    25. I am a huge Dean R. Koontz fan and while I enjoyed The House of Thunder, I enjoyed his other novels more. Koontz usually has a great way of getting my attention and also, keeping me guessing until the end. This time, (while it was a page turner), I had guessed several different options as to what Susan's "hallucinations" (or whatever they may be) meant and when I was about 20 pages away from finishing the book, I was very disappointed to find out that I had been right.Or so I thought. With about [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this story: it was very creepy in a good-read sort of way. And the twist to the ending sure caught me by surprise!I wasn't sure what to believe for most of the book: was Susan hallucinating or was something more sinister going on? Turned out, (view spoiler)[it was something more sinister, but while my suspicions eventually led me in that direction, the exact nature of the plot really took me by surprise! (hide spoiler)]I ended up being a little disappointed in Susan, though. For [...]

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