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Th rros Th rros Greek Meaning courageCourage n k rij The ability to do something that frightens one Strength in the face of fear pain or grief High school senior Michael Sattler leads a charmed life Alm

  • Title: Thárros
  • Author: C. Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781634768962
  • Page: 390
  • Format: ebook
  • Th rros Greek Meaning courageCourage n k rij 1 The ability to do something that frightens one 2 Strength in the face of fear, pain, or grief.High school senior Michael Sattler leads a charmed life Almost He has great friends, parents who love him just the way he is, and he was a champion hurdler until someone took out his knee when they kidnapped his bo Th rros Greek Meaning courageCourage n k rij 1 The ability to do something that frightens one 2 Strength in the face of fear, pain, or grief.High school senior Michael Sattler leads a charmed life Almost He has great friends, parents who love him just the way he is, and he was a champion hurdler until someone took out his knee when they kidnapped his boyfriend Yet, Michael is determined to make the USATF tryouts in spite of his injuries Christy Castle is Michael s entire world Healing from years of abuse, his abduction by a predator has left him hiding a new secret as he tries to start his life again Together, Michael and Christy work to recover from their wounds in time to make prom and graduate high school To complicate matters, Christy is astonished to learn a fellow victim from his native Greece has survived Christy will stop at nothing to bring him to the US to keep him safe.But the prosecution of Christy s kidnapper looms large in their futures and the struggle to return to normal only worsens Christy s past continues to haunt them and, when the prosecution turns ugly and Christy s new life is torn apart, only their unrelenting courage and determination can save them from the nightmare that threatens to destroy their future together.Read the first chapter of Tharros here ckennedyauthor p

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    1. Actual rating is 0.02 stars. #YupTHATlowBook 2 in the series. Picked this one for a reading challenge and ended up hate-reading it by the 20% mark.Although I appreciate the care that the author took in writing about the v. real and heart-breaking topic of sexual abuse and trafficking of minors, this book was beyond terrible. (Right now, I can't even muster enough interest in writing my reasons why I gave this book such a low rating. Perhaps one day in the v. far future I'll have enough distance [...]

    2. I knew going in this book was gonna pack a punch and I thought I was prepared, but boy was I wrong. Mr Kennedy again not only gave me another action packed climax he ripped my heart into shreds. Beginning from where the first book left off we rejoin Michael and Christy as they start to cope with the trauma they both endured. Life is very much up in the air for Michael as he waits to see if his knee will heal completely. But despite his own worries Michael is always there for Christy. Never once [...]

    3. I finished reading Tharros today… on the treadmill in my garage. Yes, Tharros was my “treadmill read” and as such, it was my motivation to exercise—I only allowed myself to read Cody Kennedy’s masterpiece when actually walking on the treadmill.What I’d like to focus on in this (5 star—of course!) review is what kept me walking on the treadmill today for nearly TWO HOURS—Tharros’ amazing conclusion. Normally I walk for thirty minutes, but there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to [...]

    4. Omorphi and TharrosI wish to write a review from a very different point of view.I want to thank Cody for giving me, Christy and people like him and me a VOICE. Like Christy I am abused an tortured. My voice has literally and figuratively been taken away. My mouth has been glued shut for years now. For so long there has always the judgement of the outside world, telling us everything is our own fault, because we are gay. But: we did NOT ask to be abducted, we did NOT ask to be abused, we did NOT [...]

    5. Omorphi is a tough act to follow, but Cody Kennedy delivers with Tharros. A well-written, well-crafted story that delves deeper into darker territory and explores the long-term effects the physical, psychological, and sexual abuse has on Christy; so it is naturally a darker story and often leaves the reader with a sense of helplessness and hopelessness for Christy’s recovery and future. The kidnapping and subsequent torture has reversed much of Christy’s progress, reinforcing in him the feel [...]

    6. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsReaders of Omorphi by Cody Kennedy will remember the fragile yet determined Christy and his devoted boyfriend, Michael. They will remember how Christy has steadily grown in strength and courage over the past year he has been at Wellington, where he meets with Rob, his therapist, and paints out his painful memories of abuse and torture one canvas at a time. Picking up where Omorphi leaves off, this latest novel, Tharros, finds Michael, Christy, Jake, and Sophia all r [...]

    7. I read Omorphi and the first chapter of this book, and I can hardly wait to see how it all turns out. Omorphi kept me on edge all the way through, every minute I was worrying about what might happen to poor sweet little Christy and afraid something might come between him and Michael. I got so immersed in this that it was as though I was there while it was happening and I could feel the anxiety as though I really was. Especially at the end. No other book has had that effect on me like this has. I [...]

    8. With this second book in the trilogy, C. Kennedy delivers yet again a stunning YA novel of loss and pain, of perseverance and overcoming obstacles, and of love, so much love.Tharros means Courage. And it will take all the courage Christy and Michael have to move forward.We meet Christy and Michael again as they are recuperating in the hospital after Christy was kidnapped by the evil Yosef Sanna to be used again as his personal sex slave, but rescued by Michael who suffered injuries of his own du [...]

    9. “Courage is not the absence of fear, it's to feel the fear and face it anyway.” ― Jeanette CoronTharros, by Cody Kennedy, starts where the first book in the series left off. Michael, Christy, his sister, and boyfriend are all in the hospital recovering from the vicious attacks by Yosef Sanna. It's a miracle any of them survived, but they are certainly not left unscathed. Christy's ordeal was the worst of all. Horribly abused by his kidnapper, Christy was once again thrust into the role of [...]

    10. 5 tryferós starsFULL: This is my mind right now, full, packed with thoughts about this book. C. Kennedy certainly knows how to pull out every emotion you may ever possibly feel, sadness, anger, disgust, happiness, surprise and love. I have taken quite a dramatic journey while reading this story. The one thing that stands out above all the rest is courage. I had to read, no not had, I needed to read this book after reading book one, Omorphi. It's the kind of story that warms your heart but at th [...]

    11. Reviewed by Caer Jones for QUEERcentric Books4.5 starsWe catch up with Omorphi’s Christy and Michael in the second of C. Kennedy’s Elpida series, Tharros.Tharros means “courage” in Greek, and that is very much the theme of the book. It opens directly after the events in Omorphi but before the epilogue.Overall Tharros is less externally dramatic than Omorphi – not as much derring-do or ducking explosions – but the internal drama is high and focuses on character growth.My only real com [...]

    12. This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes.This book was absolutely heartbreaking. The story begins when Michael and Christy are recovering from their ordeal of Christy’s attempted kidnapping. Michael has to work hard to repair his injured knee which could possibly cost him his scholarship if he isn’t able to heal enough to compete in the tryouts. As for Christy, his abduction has led to new injuries, both physical and psychological, but he’s doing [...]

    13. This is the second installment by C. Kennedy that delivers an amazing book about the strength of love and perseverance. About hope and how those small steps forward take amazing courage and belief in ones self. The meaning of Tharros means Courage; and in this story Christy and Michael will need it to keep moving forward.The story picks up right at the end of the previous book with Christy and Michael recuperating in the hospital after Christy was kidnapped and Michael saving him from the monste [...]

    14. WOW!! This is an amazing conclusion of a great series. Brilliantly written that holds the insight of a severely abused young boy that struggles with both his past and present and the outside forces that are at work to destroy him still and the life he has worked so hard to put back together The elements of hope, courage, and love run through the characters that are so well developed. The story line is intense as it continues from the first book, Omorphi. Christy is a young man that was severely [...]

    15. After reading and re-reading Omorphi, I was so excited to finally read Tharros. :D I knew from the first one that Tharros would consume my thoughts and my free hours until the VERY LAST PAGE. So, before starting, I buckled the mental seat belt, took a deep breath and prepared myself for the journey. Tharros = Courage.The fast paced action of Omorphi was not as prevalent here, Tharros focuses more on Christy and Michael's developing relationship. Beautiful Christy gets to shine as he discovers mo [...]

    16. Just finished Tharros moments ago and my head is swirling and my heart is full. I loved it even more than its predecessor (Omorphi). Michael was stalwart, loyal and oh so brave, but also had to deal with his strong rage (understandably so) at Christy's abusers. Christy both warmed and broke my heart at the same time - had me in tears near the end. And, all the supporting characters were wonderful and rounded out the story.There were many happy events and even some laugh-out-loud moments (especia [...]

    17. I love this series and can't wait to read the third installment of the series. Mr. Kennedy really puts a lot of work into the character of Christy and using the character to give a little insight to what an abused person goes through. Christy has to be constantly reinforced and reminded that he's not worthless. Another thing I like is that Christy is by all counts described as very beautiful ( this is never contradicted by any character), which adds to the character as he's so "damaged" but look [...]

    18. For me to read this book I have to suspend disbelief. I look at it as a book about how a boy (Christy) survived unimaginable abuse. It's a story of hope, love and friendship. I know alot of written is pure fiction which is why I can handle Michael doing these "superman" stunts. I like this story bc at its base is a story of courage. Yeah I don't for a second believe that an eighteen year old has that much power with the parents doing his bidding but I can overlook it to take in the story as it i [...]

    19. For my honest and true view of this book, please readMORE TOS-compliant review (I think, let me know when they tell us what the rules are):"The book I just read is about two (or three) lovely people, written in beautiful language, by a very good and prolific author. I liked it very, very much.It is for sale on .”DISCLAIMER: My reviews now all have this pretty face, so that all and everyone on can stay happy and beatific. I’ll let you know if I change my mind. See the real review above for [...]

    20. Michael and Christy's story continues right where it left off and it's as good and as emotional as Ómorphi. I love these characters, all the secondary characters, and how they form such a tight-knit group of misfits. The prom brought tears to my eyes and I would love to see this series as a movie or two!

    21. Omg!!!!I am so enamoured of this series! It is heart breaking what poor Christy is going theough! It's amazing to see this transition and metamorphosis of Christy! I love how Michael is with him and how Chreiaty has made friends of some different but love able people. I can't wait for the next installment!

    22. Somehow, I just didn't like this book as much as the 1st one in this series. I don't remember Christy's speech/English being so broken, but his "accent" came across harder in this book for me. IDK.

    23. The beautiful thing about this book is that Christy and Michael have grown so much since the first book. There is less about getting to know one another but supporting each other no matter what. It's time for prom, it's time for Michael's final run, and it's time for Yosef's trial. Everyone is back in this installment and the stakes are so much higher with the trial pending. It is beautiful, heartbreaking, hopeful, and loving. It teaches you to love to your fullest and never give up.

    24. The title is very apt, courage is what this book entails, but more so healing. This is physically as well as mentally from all the atrocities of abuse from book 1. Not just focused with Christy, but Michael as well. Excellent book about surviving abuse, with the key of hope for ones future, to beat and overcome the past.

    25. Title: TharrosAuthor: C. KennedyPublisher: Harmony Ink PressISBN: 978-1-63476-896-2Buy Link: harmonyinkpress/booksReviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb:Elpida 2High school senior Michael Sattler leads a charmed life. Almost. He has great friends, parents who love him just the way he is, and he was a champion hurdler until someone took out his knee when they kidnapped his boyfriend. Yet, Michael is determined to make the USATF tryouts in spite of his injuries.Christy Castle is Michael’s entire [...]

    26. So a young adult book, not my thing at all and this was a book that I would not have picked at all except for the cover and trying to meet a demand of a challenge. I am really happy though that I read this. The subject matter on so many levels is something that I never ever want to read but this was an absolutely touching story. This was a book to me like the Cara Dee series and the Violence Begets. Which once again I read for the pushing boundaries challenge and they did push me. I did not read [...]

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