Blood Will Tell

Blood Will Tell

April Henry / Dec 11, 2019

Blood Will Tell What happens when someone who s only ever wanted to be a hero becomes a suspect When a woman s body is found in a Portland park suspicion falls on an awkward teen who lives only a few blocks away ow

  • Title: Blood Will Tell
  • Author: April Henry
  • ISBN: 9780805098532
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What happens when someone who s only ever wanted to be a hero becomes a suspect When a woman s body is found in a Portland park, suspicion falls on an awkward teen who lives only a few blocks away, owns several knives, loves first person shooter video games, and doodles violent scenes in his school notebooks Nick Walker goes from being a member of a Search and Rescue teamWhat happens when someone who s only ever wanted to be a hero becomes a suspect When a woman s body is found in a Portland park, suspicion falls on an awkward teen who lives only a few blocks away, owns several knives, loves first person shooter video games, and doodles violent scenes in his school notebooks Nick Walker goes from being a member of a Search and Rescue team to the prime suspect in a murder, his very interest in SAR seen as proof of his fascination with violence How is this even possible And can Alexis and Ruby find a way to help clear Nick s name before it s too late

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        I write mysteries and thrillers I live in Portland, Oregon with my family.If you ve read one of my books, I would love to hear from you Hearing from readers makes me eager to keep writing.When I was 12, I sent a short story about a six foot tall frog who loved peanut butter to Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory He liked it so much he arranged to have it published in an international children s magazine.My dream of writing went dormant until I was in my 30s, working at a corporate job, and started writing books on the side Those first few years are now thankfully a blur Now I m very lucky to make a living doing what I love I have written 20 novels for adults and teens, with on the way My books have gotten starred reviews, been picked for Booksense, translated into six languages, been named to state reading lists, and won the Oregon Book Award.


    1. **I received this book for free from Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre* Young Adult, Mystery*Rating* 3.0*My Thoughts*Blood Will Tell is the second novel in the Point Last Seen series. This story once again features three teenagers in Alexis Frost, Nick Walker, and Ruby McClure who couldn't be more different even if they tried. Different social backgrounds, different reasons for being a part [...]

    2. I read The Body in the Woods by April Henry for book club, and I don't think that if I hadn't read The Body in the Woods, I don't think I would have read Blood Will Tell. In this book, you get to explore Nick's character more which I really liked. The last book based on Alexis and Ruby, and I wanted to know more about Nick. The suspense was also really awesome. I thought that the murderer was someone, else the the person it was. I'm not really a person who likes seeing a ton of blood, and I was [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI liked this one more than the first. The characters are established and it was nice being back in their heads. The story starts off with a bang and doesn't let go until the very end. I loved that we got the killer's POV and it was ambiguous enough to keep me wondering who it was until the reveal. A great installment to the series. I'm eager to see what's next for these kids. **Huge thanks to Macmillan for sending me the arc**

    4. This book was about how a girl went to her friend's house only to find out that he wasn't their because he was at his training, so she was going to walk home but she saw a cat and later on that night she didn't report home.So out of nowhere she went missing and now her (guy) best friend is searching for her.

    5. I loved this book so much! In some places it made me mad because of cliff hangers but, other than that it was amazing! I never really could get into mysteries but this author has a way of sucking you in. It is a great book. If you have read The Body in the Woods then you will love this book!

    6. I thought April Henry's first book The Body in the Woods was excellent, so I was really anticipating another excellent read with this one. As in the first one, I really became engaged with the characters, but I just really felt let down by the ending this time. I didn't want anything predictable, but I expected to be able to make some connections -- even if I couldn't come up with the correct culprit. It was way too far-fetched, in my view at least -- to connect all the dots. Just a big disappoi [...]

    7. I just finished BLOOD WILL TELL by April Henry, this is a mystery book. I really just couldn't set this book down, it left me at a cliff hanger every time i'd be done with a chapter. The main characters were Nick, Lucy, and Ruby. Nick; he is working with the "SAS" to help solve crimes, he is very observant. Lucy; a girl that died and is the main point of the mystery. Ruby; she takes care of her mother because her mother is special and she doesn't really show any character traits in public but sh [...]

    8. This book is so intense and it's kind of a horror story. This book is about a woman's body is found at a Portland park. They suspect that kid name Nick who lived close by where the incident happened, is the one who killed the woman name, Lucy. Nick is part of Seach and Rescue Team. Some of his team are, Alexis and Ruby. He's been dreaming to be an army but this vulnerability doesn't stop him from becoming a suspect when there is too much evidence. But Ruby and Alexis work together to identify th [...]

    9. This book was definitely good book. I would recommend the to anyone that likes a good and twisty mystery. I thought that the theme of this book was you never know who did it because in this book all along that thought it was this guy who wasn't like them. He had a lot of knifes and unusual things. But you would never know if it was actually him until they ran through tests. Also the theme is also don't judge a character by how they look or act because just cause this guy didn't act like them the [...]

    10. This book is about a girl body was found at a park.And I didn't really like about that part when it said she killed a girl.But I tried and keep reading on but when the mom called her friend to tell her to come back home but the friend said that she left an hour ago, so the mom was worried about her, the mom kept on calling and checking were she went.

    11. Great mystery with forensics thrown in. If you like forensic science and mysteries then you'll like this book. Go "Three Musketeers"!

    12. Personal response: I enjoyed this book because it was mysterious. It’s like when I smell tortas de carne asada. The smell keeps me walking to the kitchen or restaurant. I knew that Nick didn’t kill Lucy Hayes because he has a chapter once in a while but in the story he never once said he stopped and killed a woman on his way home from saving Marianna Chavez. I found the book pretty interesting. Plot Summary: Marianna Chavez is a seven year old girl who got lost after playing with her friend. [...]

    13. Personal ResponseHonestly, Blood Will Tell, is one of the best books that I have read so far this year. The intensity of it draws you in until you can't put the book down! The way it started out, I was disinterested because it was kind of confusing and hard to follow. I felt like what was going on in the book had nothing to do with what I thought was going to happen. I was pleasantly surprised in the end when I figured out how everything fit together. Plot SummaryA small girl goes missing one ni [...]

    14. As I read some of the reviews on this book, I thought I would like it better than then first one. But I didn’t. Some things about the ending urked me, and I wasn’t very found of Nick’s attitude in some parts. I had this idea in my head of how the killer was related in all of this and I turned out to be wrong, it would’ve been fine if the truth was better than what I thought but it wasn’t. At least, not to me. It was still a good book, I just personally liked the first one better. I can [...]

    15. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: I went into this expecting a great mystery that would keep me on my toes, and instead I got a story that I figured out within a couple chapters. The characters were dull, the mystery was non-existent, and I found the whole thing to be a pretty boring read.Opening Sentence: Freshly spilled blood is wet, shiny, and startingly crimson.The Review:Nick, Ruby, and Alexia are all members of the SAR squad in Portland, Oregon. The three are all senio [...]

    16. More like 2 1/2These mysteries are entertaining, but they're nothing new. They also don't have much substance. It's a lot of repeating the same thing and reinforcing points that have already been made. It feels almost middle grade to me, but what are you going to do?We have the same characters from the first book: Nick, Ruby, and Alexis. We learn more about two out of three of these characters, so that was cool. However, each of these characters is so two-dimensional. Nick wants to prove himself [...]

    17. *THIS IS A PERSONAL REVIEW!*I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting and enjoyable. The only thing that makes this a 4 is that it made me really scared during night time.

    18. Nick, Alexis, and Ruby - the kids from The Body in the Woods - are back and this time the case they are called in on is right in their backyard. Actually, it is six block's from Nick's house.After coming home from an urban search for a lost 7-year-old, Nick is surprised to wake up to the sound of sirens and to receive a SAR call to search for evidence. A guy biking to work has found a young woman named Lucy who was stabbed and left to die. She dies on the way to the hospital and the SAR team is [...]

    19. A little childish at times, but otherwise I really liked this one. Blood Will Tell is a great way to introduce young adults into reading murder mysteries without giving them one that's too violent or shocking.

    20. These three musketeers are really starting to grow on me. I love ruby's analytical mind, Alexis compassion and nick's drive to be a hero. A lot of shocking secrets were revealed in this one. Can't wait to see how it changes the group and kids.

    21. I really enjoyed this sequel to Body in the Woods. It is told more from Ruby's and Nick's p.o.v. and center on how people's assumptions can affect so much in an investigation, as well as showing how it is possible to in trouble for a crime you didn't commit.

    22. Pretty good book, it was like a murder mystery, but what sucked is that it told you the murderer in the beginning of the book So you didn't get to figure it out

    23. I really liked this book, it wasn't as good as the first one in the series but it was still interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat. You should read it if you like mystery.

    24. I had some unanswered questions but all in all it was a good, quick reed. I enjoyed it better than the body in the woods.

    25. I loved this book because it was so exciting and suspenseful I read it in one day. The author tells the story through many people and blends it into a book. It is about a weird teen boy who thought his father was a hero who died in the military when he was really a man who did go into the army but came back and killed a guy at a bar with his bare fists and was in prison since he was four, that's why all through his life he wanted to be a hero and join the military. He drew violent scenes of peop [...]

    26. My daughter read this one and loved it. She asked me to read it as well. This is her second exposure to crime/mystery as she read the first book in the Point Last Seen series. I enjoyed it. It's well written and has just enough action and mystery to keep a young adult riveted. Let's be clear: this is a young adult book. If you want a globe-trotting action-adventure murder mystery, this ain't it. It's about a bunch of high school kids who are going through high school and teen life drama caught u [...]

    27. Nick, Ruby, and Alexis are friends through Portland's teen Search and Rescue program. Ruby's parents are both doctors, but Nick's and Ruby's families have their secrets, and I'm no telling. This time, they are called out for an evidence search across a vacant lot where a murdered girl's body has been discovered. With a partial DNA test in hand, police have their primary suspect, and it's Nick. Everyone who knows Nick seems to believe that the police must be right and treat Nick like a criminal, [...]

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