Someone Is Watching

Someone Is Watching

Joy Fielding / Dec 10, 2019

Someone Is Watching Perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner Mary Higgins Clark and Jenny Milchman Someone Is Watching is a pulse pounding edge of your seat novel of suspense As a special investigator for a hotshot Miami law

  • Title: Someone Is Watching
  • Author: Joy Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780553390636
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner, Mary Higgins Clark, and Jenny Milchman, Someone Is Watching is a pulse pounding, edge of your seat novel of suspense.As a special investigator for a hotshot Miami law firm, Bailey Carpenter is smart, savvy, and fearless When she s assigned to spy on a deadbeat dad in the middle of the night, Bailey thinks nothing of the potential dangers,Perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner, Mary Higgins Clark, and Jenny Milchman, Someone Is Watching is a pulse pounding, edge of your seat novel of suspense.As a special investigator for a hotshot Miami law firm, Bailey Carpenter is smart, savvy, and fearless When she s assigned to spy on a deadbeat dad in the middle of the night, Bailey thinks nothing of the potential dangers, only that she needs to gather evidence Then she is blindsided attacked and nearly killed.Now the firm grip Bailey once had on her life is shaken Her nightmares merge into her waking hours and she s unable to venture beyond her front door without panicking A veritable prisoner in her own home, Bailey is uncertain whom she can trust But old habits die hard, and soon Bailey finds a new use for her idle binoculars casually observing from her window neighboring buildings and other people s lives This seemingly harmless diversion becomes a guilty pleasure when Bailey fixates on the handsome guy across the street until she realizes that he is also watching her Suddenly she must confront the terrifying possibility that he may be the man who shattered her life.Though crippled by fear, Bailey knows she can t ignore her suspicions and risk leaving a predator at large With the police making no headway in solving her case, she s determined to overcome her terror and reclaim the power she lost by unmasking her attacker and taking him down herself But it s a harrowing battle that threatens to wreck Bailey s credibility, compromise an investigation, and maybe even claim her sanity.

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        Joy Fielding n e Tepperman born March 18, 1945 is a Canadian novelist and actress She lives in Toronto, Ontario.Born in Toronto, Ontario, she graduated from the University of Toronto in 1966, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature As Joy Tepperman, she had a brief acting career, appearing in the film Winter Kept Us Warm 1965 and in an episode of Gunsmoke She later changed her last name to Fielding after Henry Fielding and began writing novels.Fielding is also the screenwriter of the television film Golden Will The Silken Laumann Story.At the age of 8, Joy Tepperman wrote her first story and sent it into a local magazine, and at age 12 sent in her first TV script, however both were rejected She had a brief acting career, eventually giving it up to write full time in 1972 She has published to date 22 novels, two of which were converted into film Fielding s process of having an idea to the point the novel is finished generally takes a year, the writing itself taking four to eight months Joy Fielding sets most of her novels in American cities such as Boston and Chicago She has said that she prefers to set her novels in big American cities, as the landscape seems best for her themes of urban alienation and loss of identity Fielding is a Canadian citizen Her husband s name is Warren, and they have two daughters, Annie and Shannon They have property in Toronto, Ontario, as well as Palm Beach, Florida.Fielding had an interview with the Vancouver Sun in 2007, just after her publication of Heartstopper She enjoys catching readers off guard with the endings of her stories, but insists that it isn t what her fiction is about , but rather about the development of her characters Discussing her novels with the Toronto Star in 2008, she said I might not write fiction in the literary sense But I write very well My characters are good My dialog is good And my stories are really involving I m writing exactly the kind of books I like to write And they re the kind of books I like to read They re popular commercial fiction That s what they are Fielding has been noted as a novelist who is popular in the United States and foreign countries, rather than in her native Canada For example, the novel Kiss Mommy Goodbye was popular in the States, and See Jane Run in Germany In addition, she had an American agent and publisher, although she has now switched to a Canadian publisher.


    1. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.3 StarsI am always looking for something out of the ordinary to read so I like to try new authors quite frequently. I have seen Joy Fielding's books but had not yet read anything by this author so I thought it was time to check out her writing since I love a good mystery. I am glad that I made the decision to read this book because I was completely pulled into this story.I want to warn other readers right away that this story deals with the s [...]

    2. Joy Fielding is a name that I recognize from books at my mother's place( I have browsed her bookshelves many times during the years). However, I haven't read a Joy Fielding before I read this book. And funny enough, neither has my mom. I guess we both like to hoard books. Someone Is Watching is a thrilling and chilling book about a woman who is attacked and raped, never seeing the man's face, just remembering small details about him. She is struggling after the assault to return to a normal life [...]

    3. 2.5 out of 5 stars - A private investigator is raped and her world is turned upside down as she tries to figure out who did this to her and why.Meanwhile, the reader is treated to an unending stream of consciousness internal dialog. Bailey Carpenter completely falls apart, becomes a prisoner in her condo and sees every man as her rapist and a threat. She's a total mess and it got old quickly. Bailey stalks a man in another apartment with her binoculars, deals with her brother, Heath (a total los [...]

    4. My favorite and most memorable scary and suspenseful book ever read was Joy Fielding's Whispers and Lies. Since then, I've read other Fielding books that haven't lived up to that one, until now.Filled with plenty of mystery and intrigue, this book is my definition of a perfect suspense novel. I loved the Rear Window movie feel - that just added a little uniqueness to the story. But most importantly, as all of the clues were being laid out to me, I was never able to come to a conclusion about the [...]

    5. Thank you to Random House and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of Someone is Watching. This book was a solid 4 stars until the very last few pages, when it took a dive for me because of what felt like a very improbable and unnecessary resolution. But I will still give it 4 stars because I was thoroughly enjoying Fielding's latest book until the end. A few years ago I went through a binge of reading most of Fielding's books. While they are light on character development and li [...]

    6. I can’t believe that Joy Fielding has written a book a year for the last 14 years but this has been the first one I have ever read! I have often seen her book See Jane Run pop up on people’s all time favourites lists so I’m glad I have finally had the chance to see what all the fuss is about! And on the whole, I did enjoy my first experience of a Joy Fielding thriller.I do feel that the first thing I have to mention is that the blurb mentions an attack but the reason that Bailey does hide [...]

    7. I havent read a Joy Fielding book before. Not sure why seeing as how she's bang in my comfort zone and is an established and well respected author but I guess thats the way it is sometimes. You really CAN'T read everything (although hey, I'm giving it my best shot) I'll read more though.Someone is Watching was novel of 2 halves for me. Going in expecting a psychological thriller of the usual variety I found that it was both that and a story about the aftermath of Rape. Bailey is a strong, indepe [...]

    8. Very good book! I have read this author's books for the last 5-6 years and have never been disappointed. This one didn't disappoint, either. I did guess rather early who did what to who when and where but the clues were cleverly in front of my face.No review as such just a good read for me.

    9. OH MON DIEU! OH MON DIEU! Ma réaction durant les 20 dernières pages :Mon avis:Joy Fielding est une auteure que je n'avais encore jamais lu, mais la 4e de couverture m'a beaucoup tentée, je me suis donc lancé dans "Dis moi que tu m'aimes".La 4e propose un thriller prenant. Comment ne pas être intrigué???Un récit haletant et passionnant jusqu’à la fin!Malgré les apparences, on s’attache très vite à Bailey qui voit sa vie devenir un vrai calvaire après son agression! Elle pense somb [...]

    10. Una novela redonda cargada de suspense. Me ha gustado muchísimo, ha conseguido que no me separe del libro en ningún momento.Es cierto cuando dicen que tiene un aire a la película La ventana indiscreta, algunas escenas son muy parecidas y me han encantado.

    11. One of my favorite things about receiving ARCs are the envious looks I end up getting while I'm reading on the subway. (Partial) Joking aside, I was thrilled to get this book through First Reads program. And yes, I did parade it around on public transit but the main reason for that was the fact that I just couldn't put it down - I was using any opportunity to get through a few more pages, find out what happens next. Bailey Carpenter's family is complicated. So she likes to keep all other parts [...]

    12. 1,5 Sterne Oh Mann, war das ein Murks!Bailey ist der nervigste Mensch aller Zeiten, aber ihre Nichte Jade ist ihr dicht auf den Fersen. Erwartet die Autorin wirklich, eine pubertierende, TrashTV süchtige Göre wie diese sympathisch wirken lassen zu können? Naja, hat nicht funktioniertUnd wie Bailey immerzu aufgeschrien hat Diese eine Phrase ist mir schon nach einem Bruchteil des Buches unfassbar auf den Geist gegangen. Allgemein fand ich das ganze Thema der Vergewaltigung unfassbar schlecht au [...]

    13. Bailey Carpenter is a private detective who was sexually assaulted while on the job. After the assault she withdraws from her life, hiding in her apartment afraid of everything. She begins watching an apartment in another building across from hers through her binoculars. She starts to think the man there might be watching her as well. In addition to coping with the aftermath of her assault she is dealing with animosity from family over an inheritance from her father. With everything going on in [...]

    14. I didn't exactly love this book, but I didn't hate it either. It's just not the normal page turner that I am used to reading. Bailey Carpenter is a smart savvy private investigator at the law offices of Holden Cunning and Kravitz. The warm night air a gloved hand covers her mouth and a pillow case is pulled over her face. Bailey is raped. But has she been raped by Roland Peterson a man who she was spying on? Could he have been watching her keeping track of Bailey's movements?

    15. (I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review.)This was an okay read, but it wasn't as good as it looked.It started off okay, and the ending was pretty good, but the rest of it felt quite slow to me, and there were moments that dragged slightly because of it. It wasn't a bad read though.I will be reading more books from this author in the future, as I already own a few of her other books. I just hope they're better than this one.

    16. Bailey trabaja en un bufet de abogados pero parte de su trabajo consta de investigar a las personas para ganar sus casos. Es por eso que un día se encontraba escondida detrás de unos arbustos vigilando a un padre que había sido demandado por no pagar la manutención de su hijo. Sin percatarse, alguien llegó por detrás y la sometió, una agresión brutal y sin escrúpulos que la dejaría marcada para siempre y que la llevaría a escuchar "Dime que me quieres" cada que algún hombre hablaba c [...]

    17. I confess it has been several years since I have read a novel by author Joy Fielding. Really enjoyed her earlier work --- THE DEEP END in particular --- but found some of her successive releases to be weak and leaning more towards romance thriller than mystery thriller.Happy to proclaim that her first novel for Random House entitled SOMEONE IS WATCHING is a real winner and one I did not want to end. Bailey Carpenter seems to have it all --- on the surface. A job as a special investigator with a [...]

    18. The plot started out well with the rape and developed fairly well with the aftermath of paranoia and anxiety. After that, it got fairly predictable and/or ridiculous. Character development was somewhat Jekyll and Hydish although I suppose that was part of the suspense, but for me it fell flat. And the ending was horrible, just horrible. It made no sense, at all. Not as to motive or means or opportunity, really.Another part of the plot that made no sense was the lack of use of available technolog [...]

    19. We meet Bailey Carpenter just before she's attacked. She's living a pretty charmed life as an investigator for a firm of lawyers. Although she's lost her parents, her wealthy father bought her an apartment and left his fortune to Bailey and her brother Heath. much to the disdain of his five previous children. In fact, the only blip in Bailey's life is the fact her half-siblings are contesting her father's will although she's very comfortably off, so not that concerned.She's keeping an eye on som [...]

    20. This really only squeezes a 4 as in my opinion it's a 3.5 which is still a respectable score! Bailey Carpenter, young, rich and beautiful, works as an investigator for a Miami law firm. One night, on a job, she is brutally raped, which brings back the anxiety attacks she'd suffered when her mother, then her father, died. She accuses practically every man she sees of being the rapist, which leads to the police thinking her flaky and unreliable. But luckily her sister Claire, and Claire's daughter [...]

    21. ** I received this in a “First Reads” giveaway **After many fits and starts in the career choices department Bailey Carpenter has settled on being a private detective for an elite Miami law firm. She excels at her job and more importantly she really enjoys it – well most of the time – she could do without trying to catch errant spouses and deadbeat dads. It is on just such an assignment that the unthinkable happens. Bailey is on surveillance when suddenly she is attacked from behind, a [...]

    22. Baily Carpenter scheint wirklich alles zu haben, was eine Frau braucht. Eine tolle Wohnung, ein tolles Auto, einen tollen Job als Privatermittlerin. Auch wenn sie sich vor einer Weile von ihrem Partner getrennt hat, ist sie glücklich, da sie eine Affäre mit einem verheirateten Mann hat und sich so wohl fühlt. Doch das sollte sich bald alles schlagartig ändern. Für einen Job geht sie auf ihren Beobachtungsposten und wartet auf den Hinweis, den sie braucht. Doch sie soll diesen Hinweis nicht [...]

    23. If you're reading Joy Fielding, there's no way you'll confuse her work with that of, say, Leo Tolstoy, but this book just wasn't up to her usual page-turning standards. And before I go any further, let's remember that I'm reviewing a work of fiction, not criticizing a real person for irritating me with her recovery process.A young private investigator survives a brutal sexual assault and we are taken along with her through the aftermath as she begins to put herself back together and tries to fig [...]

    24. New York Times best-selling author Joy Fielding’s absorbing new standalone, “Someone is Watching,” is sure to please loyal readers.At the start of the novel, hotshot Miami private investigator Bailey Carpenter is assigned to spy on a deadbeat father to gather evidence for an ongoing case.Bailey’s life is suddenly altered when she is attacked and raped, hiding in a grove of bushes with a pair of binoculars in hand while on a stakeout.Gripped with fear, Bailey is unsure if she will be able [...]

    25. Bailey Carpenter is a private investigator who is very good at her job. But late one night, while watching a house, she is brutally beaten and raped. Devastated, and with her whole life turned upside down, Bailey refuses to leave her apartment and is suffering from PTSD and panic attacks. When her estranged half-sister, Claire, and her daughter start coming around to help take care of her, Bailey begins to get her strength back and decides to start investigating the attack herself. After several [...]

    26. Joy Fielding delivered another great novel of suspense. I did enjoy this book, although I have to say that it was difficult for me to become immersed in main character Bailey and her woes. DO NOT get me wrong, it was extremely awful that she was sexually assaulted. However, many women are victims of similar crimes and don't have an inheritance and a luxury condo to fall back on as they heal. Other than the spunky character of Jade, Bailey's step-niece, Fielding's characters weren't very likeable [...]

    27. This book is just not very good at all. Trying to incorporate a rape into a mystery just doesn't work. The character is traumatized and reclusive and emotionally damaged, as one would be But it just is too upsetting to really try to spin into a thriller. It isn't thrilling and the big reveal isn't very exciting, as there are few suspects so the culprit wasn't very hard to guess. If I wanted to read about how messed up a sexual assault victim feels, I'd have sought out a totally different kind of [...]

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