The Mountains Rise

The Mountains Rise

Michael G. Manning / Aug 23, 2019

The Mountains Rise From the dark depths of the past comes the tale of the first wizard of Illeniel Daniel Tennick lived simply a young shepherd with few troubles and little to occupy his mind until the warden appeare

  • Title: The Mountains Rise
  • Author: Michael G. Manning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the dark depths of the past, comes the tale of the first wizard of Illeniel Daniel Tennick lived simply, a young shepherd with few troubles and little to occupy his mind, until the warden appeared Daniel s power awakens, and he finds himself hunted by the servants of the cruel and uncaring forest gods Trapped by his gift, Daniel will uncover the secrets of the deepFrom the dark depths of the past, comes the tale of the first wizard of Illeniel Daniel Tennick lived simply, a young shepherd with few troubles and little to occupy his mind, until the warden appeared Daniel s power awakens, and he finds himself hunted by the servants of the cruel and uncaring forest gods Trapped by his gift, Daniel will uncover the secrets of the deep woods and those who live there, a civilization created from the grave of an older one What he discovers will light a vengeful flame within him, consuming everything he touches.

    The Mountains Rise Embers of Illeniel, by Michael G Jun , The mountain s rise is a fantasy coming of age story, but at times you might be tempted to call it sci fi Hell, you could make a good argument for it The story reminded me of the good old coming of age novels like the sword of truth the first bits, it gets crappy later on First off, there is a lot to like. The Mountains Rise Book Embers of Illeniel Volume The Mountains Rise is a fantastic and dark, thrilling read I ve read hundreds of books and I would put this towards the top of my all time favorites I decided to give this book a The Mountains Rise Embers of Illeniel Book Having already read The Mageborn series I was quite interested when I happened upon this new book Michael Manning had written The Mountains Rise is a fantastic and dark, thrilling read I ve read hundreds of books and I would put this towards the top of my all time favorites. The Mountains Rise Fantasy Flight Games The Mountains Rise Many of these new assets come with new combat tokens, some of which introduce new combat symbols to the game ensuring that your Runebound battles will never be the same Finally, you ll gain an entirely new hero Nanok of the Blade, a warrior who eschews armor in When Did the Mountains Rise The Institute for Creation Scripture affirms that the waters once stood above the mountains Psalm , then retreated v. , and then the mountains rose and the valleys sank v. Cite this article Morris, J When Did the Mountains Rise Acts Facts . The Mountains Rise by MIchael G Manning, Hardcover The Mountains Rise . by MIchael G Manning Hardcover USD . . Hardcover . NOOK Book . View All Available Formats Editions Ship This Item Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be The Mountains Rise by Michael Manning Google Play The Mountains Rise Ebook written by Michael Manning Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Mountains Rise. The Mountains Rise Embers of Illeniel, by Michael G Oct , Household sharing included No complicated set up Unlimited DVR storage space Cancel anytime. Neil Finn Song of the Lonely Mountain lyrics The Dec , Neil Finn Song of the Lonely Mountain lyrics The Hobbit End Credits LYRICS Far over the Misty Mountains rise Leave us standing upon the heights What was before, we see once EVEN THE MOUNTAIN FALLS OVER THE PAGE Tectus Audio element and Flash Player are not supported This is a fallback.

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        Michael Manning was born in Cleveland, Texas and spent his formative years there, reading fantasy and science fiction, concocting home grown experiments in his backyard, and generally avoiding schoolwork.Eventually he went to college, starting at Sam Houston State University, where his love of beer blossomed and his obsession with playing role playing games led him to what he calls his best year ever and what most of his family calls the lost year.Several years and a few crappy jobs later, he decided to pursue college again and was somehow accepted into the University of Houston Honors program we won t get into the particulars of that miracle This led to a degree in pharmacy and it followed from there that he wound up with a license to practice said profession.Unfortunately, Michael was not a very good pharmacist Being relatively lawless and free spirited were not particularly good traits to possess in a career focused on perfection, patient safety, and the letter of the law Nevertheless, he persisted and after a stint as a hospital pharmacy manager wound up as a pharmacist working in correctional managed care for the State of Texas.He gave drugs to prisoners.After a year or two at UTMB he became bored and taught himself entirely too much about networking, programming, and database design and administration At first his supervisors warned him repeatedly to do his assigned tasks and stop designing programs to help his coworkers do theirs, but eventually they gave up and just let him do whatever he liked since it seemed to be generally working out well for them.Ten or eleven years later and he got bored with that too So he wrote a book We won t talk about where he was when he wrote The Blacksmith s Son , but let s just assume he was probably supposed to be doing something else at the time.Some people liked the book and told other people Now they won t leave him alone.After another year or two, he decided to just give up and stop pretending to be a pharmacist programmer, much to the chagrin of his mother who had only ever wanted him to grow up to be a doctor and had finally become content with the fact that he had settled on pharmacy instead.Michael s wife supported his decision, even as she stubbornly refused to believe he would make any money at it It turned out later that she was just telling him this because she knew that nothing made Michael contrary than his never ending desire to prove her wrong Once he was able to prove said fact she promptly admitted her tricky ruse and he has since given up on trying to win.Today he lives at home with his stubborn wife, teenage twins, a giant moose poodle, two yorkies, a green cheeked conure, a massive prehistoric tortoise, and a head full of imaginary people There are also some fish, but he refuses to talk about them Sign Up for Email Updates


    1. After mulling this over I am going to have to drop my rating on Embers of Illenielto 2 stars. There were a few good parts, but my overall feeling is it was just boring. I just about gave up after the first 25%, but pushed on and it did get a little better after this.There was the mysterious gods who lived in the forbidden forest and an unexpected historical twist I didn't see coming that was interesting. Some of the magical fight scenes were good, but got a little repetitive after a while. I kep [...]

    2. One of my best reads this year, I think. The story was refreshingly unique. The story was quite different from what I expected from a book titled 'The Mountains Rise'. I expected some sort of heroic tale of epic proportions, involving plenty of magic, damsels in distress and a darkmage. I got something even better, but quite different. The main character gradually develops with the progress of the plot. At the beginning of the book, we see a fifteen year old boy with serious psychological proble [...]

    3. Some books clearly indicate where they are going. After all, with so many fiction books being published these days, it is to be expected that similar storylines would run through most of them. Even Michael Manning's earlier books in the Mageborn series were fairly predictable, albeit with a slightly different (modern?) feel and an enjoyable focus on magical research.But some books aren't like this. And this was one of the that kind.Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this only because the story i [...]

    4. EXCELLENT BOOK!Very impressed with this book and will recommend to others.Besides the magic and stuff a lot about love, feelings. reactions.The writing is very good.Reading level about high-school age not complex. Yet sophisticated phrasing.Adult sexual situations very tastefully handled. Alluded to sexual activity but nothing explicit.Subtle lessons can be learned in this book about morals.

    5. For some reason I'm having a harder time than usual trying to put my thoughts into words for this review, but I'll just say this: This book is great, like 4.5* great! The story and the characters are really well thought out, and the actions scenes are nothing short of awesome. Take my word for it, read this book, because the second one only gets better.

    6. Raw, edgy & honest I loved this book. Yes, it's bold but that's what makes it worthy of five stars. Manning took risks writing the series as he did to include sexual abuse. His approach is raw but much more responsibly done than some of the romantic fiction crap out there (can't recall the title but i'll come back to name it) that tells of young women who fall for abused men, later get tossed aside but are reunited after their love, persistence and patience finally breaks thru his barriers a [...]

    7. 3 stars.The mountain's rise is a fantasy coming of age story, but at times you might be tempted to call it sci-fi. Hell, you could make a good argument for it. The story reminded me of the good old coming of age novels like the sword of truth (the first bits, it gets crappy later on).First off, there is a lot to like. I think the dialogue is good, and the characters are well fleshed out. There is a decent amount of development because its not a first person narrative, but rather a third person n [...]

    8. This is the worst book I've read in awhile. The characters are bad. The main character is a rape-y teenage boy who, very stereotypically, is very gifted with magic. He seduces older women with his abilities and feels bad about it, which is supposed to make him a sympathetic character (the narrator tells us this), but it just makes him seem like a manipulative, cruel person. He also manages to kill well-trained magic users even though he doesn't know anything about his abilities, which is one of [...]

    9. Listened to the audiobook of this in the car with my boyfriend on the way back from a trip. Not the kind of book I would have reached for on my own, but kept us both entertained for the entire trip! The author depicts and interesting world and has nice character development! I liked it much more than I thought I would, and may end up reading the second book of the series. The narrator was excellent.

    10. This was just not really to my taste. Too much murder and mayhem, not enough kindness and good things. I usually love all things magic, but I have to say, he almost lost me when the forest people walked up the side of the trees - just at right angles - it would look so ridiculous! Why couldn't they levitate or teleport? At one point I thought I would read the next book, but after reading some reviews I won't bother

    11. Not my cup of teaI got a quarter of the way through and started skipping, then gave up.Any story that starts with pedophilia which proceeds into rape and forced fighting and torture needs to have something more going for it than this one did. The hero was just too clueless and the 'story' didn't grab me. There was some promise there, but I just didn't find the situation that interesting.

    12. It's a good book, I will say however that the beginning is very irritating. Daniel is very immature, childish, and cowardly in the beginning. And considering the frontier style life they live it's incredibly unlikely for a person to grow that way. Which was very immersion breaking. Otherwise its a good book.

    13. A fantastic dark fantasy with mature themes a great use of emotion and drama to keep readers enthralled in even the smallest interactions. Magic system is expansive but not overly simple or convoluted. Characters and relationships are dynamic. Great book.

    14. ExcellentHarsh and an intriguing story, thoroughly loved how the main character is not a hero just someone doing the best they can with horrible decision

    15. This series is called a prequel to the Mageborn series but this was my takeoff point for anything by Michael Manning. And I must say it was a superb takeoff. A well balanced tale of zero to hero while building an all round surrounding cast. The world building was pretty slow and not too much is revealed in this first installment. However, the strong female characters were refreshing as was the internal conflicts of Daniel. There are two reasons it does not make the cut to 5 stars. The first is t [...]

    16. Interesting read novel magic Daniel throws his life away to the temptation of evil magic. He then decides to run to the forest to his certain death. What he finds there is worse than death but better than the life he had.

    17. After reading Mageborn and the first two Champions of the Dawning Dragons books, I thought I had a pretty good read on Michael G. Manning's stories.From the Foreword of the book I already knew I was in for something different. Manning forewarns us, the reader, that this is a darker story than anything else he has written.This story is not about a hero. And that makes me love it, because I don't know what he is going to do. Even though we know where things are ultimately going to lead from refere [...]

    18. Brilliant Brilliant book! hard to put down, very well written a little something for everyone. One of my fav books for sure, not your typical fantasy where the good guy wins or someone is trying to save the world or his people. It asks you to question what is "right" and "wrong" must read book!

    19. Got an audio book, Alex Wyndham's voice was a big factor in me liking this book.It has some nice moments and concepts but overall it feels like an R rated version of Battlefield Earth movie(with many of the same problems)It also has a storyteller as a framing device, a storyteller who seems afraid that we will be bored with whatever is going on and stop reading so he feels compelled to constantly give hints about greater things to come mixed with comically serious case of TMI for his kids.It kil [...]

    20. This is a fantastic book.Parts are much darker than the Mageborn series but ithe is relevant to the entire series.I had a very hard time putting this book down and already started the next book.

    21. Forget where I picked this up I understand it is a sort of prequel to some other series but I've not read it and it didn't seem to matter.The start was a bit ropey and I found myself hating the main character a bit for a while he was just whiney bully but things picked up when he left the village.I like the ideas here the tree people were interesting their society where they are essentially born as adults with all the necessary knowledge ready to go making them unable to understand humans and ho [...]

    22. Not into the second, scenesI read 12% of this book and could not stand the sexual content of young teenage boy with girlfriend's mom.

    23. Had to give up on this one at about the 25% markI hadn't read a Michael G Manning book before, and was wary about proceeding because of some of the negative things I had read about his Mageborn books. However, this one had more positive reviews.All I can say is, how bad must Mageborn be if the response to this is positive!It is written in such a childish manner, whilst tackling very adult content. However, the character's responses to the very serious issues that come up are totally not believab [...]

    24. An absolutely stunning read!After reading Manning's Mageborn series I was able to understand a lot more of this book than if I picked this one up first. So first I recommend reading the five book Mageborn series beforehand. This book takes place around 200 years before that series takes place and it's a huge eye opener about the mysterious race of beings that ruled humans at that time (the truth of them is awesome and really makes everything to do with these beings make sense) and luckily it's n [...]

    25. This, the first in Manning's Illenial series, is a hell of a book. it's difficult to say too much without spoiling it, but I can say it's a very original world he's built, part fantasy and part SF, although it reads wholly like a fantasy.It's a dark book, which is refreshing in that it's unflinching and its darkness is a very necessary part in building the world and the relationship between two races. Very much an adult book and all the more involving for it. Some quite punchy emotional and mora [...]

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