Jam on the Vine

Jam on the Vine

LaShonda Katrice Barnett / Feb 20, 2020

Jam on the Vine A new American classic a dynamic tale of triumph against the odds and the compelling story of one woman s struggle for equality that belongs alongside Jazz by Toni Morrison and The Color Purple by Ali

  • Title: Jam on the Vine
  • Author: LaShonda Katrice Barnett
  • ISBN: 9780802123343
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A new American classic a dynamic tale of triumph against the odds and the compelling story of one woman s struggle for equality that belongs alongside Jazz by Toni Morrison and The Color Purple by Alice WalkerIvoe Williams, the precocious daughter of a Muslim cook and a metalsmith from central east Texas, first ignites her lifelong obsession with journalism when she stealA new American classic a dynamic tale of triumph against the odds and the compelling story of one woman s struggle for equality that belongs alongside Jazz by Toni Morrison and The Color Purple by Alice WalkerIvoe Williams, the precocious daughter of a Muslim cook and a metalsmith from central east Texas, first ignites her lifelong obsession with journalism when she steals a newspaper from her mother s white employer Living in the poor, segregated quarter of Little Tunis, Ivoe immerses herself in printed matter as an escape from her dour surroundings She earns a scholarship to the prestigious Willetson College in Austin, only to return over qualified to the menial labor offered by her hometown s racially biased employers.Ivoe eventually flees the Jim Crow South with her family and settles in Kansas City, where she and her former teacher and lover, Ona, found the first female run African American newspaper, Jam On the Vine In the throes of the Red Summer the 1919 outbreak of lynchings and race riots across the Midwest Ivoe risks her freedom, and her life, to call attention to the atrocities of segregation in the American prison system.Skillfully interweaving Ivoe s story with those of her family members, LaShonda Katrice Barnett s Jam On the Vine is both an epic vision of the hardships and injustices that defined an era and a moving and compelling story of a complicated history we only thought we knew.

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    About "LaShonda Katrice Barnett"

      • LaShonda Katrice Barnett

        LaShonda Katrice Barnett is an American author, radio host, teacher, lecturer Her fiction, music books and plays are known for their themes about the African diaspora and race She has a collection of short stories, three music books, a trilogy of full length plays Her 2015 debut novel Jam On the Vine, drew attention to the author and scholar In 2014, Barnett s short stories were featured in The Chicago Tribune, Gemini Magazine and Guernica Magazine She s been nominated twice for the 2015 Pushcart Prize.LaShonda Katrice Barnett was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1974 She grew up on Park Forest, Illinois Barnett has identified herself as a lesbian and often writes with same sex female characters in mind in her short stories, plays and her first novel Jam On the Vine She s held residencies at the Noepe Center for Literary Arts Martha s Vineyard, the Sewanee Writers Conference, and the Fine Arts Work Center She s been a Tennessee Williams Fellow and received a Standards Best Small Press Book Award for her short stories collection Callalou Other Lesbian Love Tales in 2007.Barnett has a love for music, as evidenced with her jazz program for WBAI 99.5 FM, NYC She hosted a jazz show In 2007, Barnett interviewed female musicians about the African diaspora and edited I Got Thunder Black Women Songwriters On Their Craft and Off The Record Conversations With African American Brazilian Women Musicians in 2015 Barnett lectured on women in jazz at the Lincoln Center and in on jazz as a whole in several countries.Barnett taught at Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College on history and literature.Barnett received her B.A from the University of Missouri, a M.A from Sarah Lawrence College and a Ph D in American Studies from the College of William and Mary She earned a B.A in Women s History from the University of Missouri and an M.A in Women s History from Sarah Lawrence College Barnett received grants for her work from National Endowment for the Humanities, the New York Money for Women Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, and the College Language Association.Barnett lives in upper west side Manhattan as a full time writer from


    1. A few reasons why I gave this book 5 stars:LaShonda Katrice Barnett employs driving, full-bodied storytelling with sensual details;It features unconventional, yet honest depictions of African Americans and their diverse love stories between the years of 1897 - 1925;I loved the descriptions illustrating a young black girl who is enamored of reading. Ivoe Williams savors newspapers, dictionaries, and secret opportunities to “cipher” and read books; I learned that as early as the late 1800s in [...]

    2. This book has gotten many rave reviews, and I, too, found a lot to like. I was truly touched by the Williams family and their fight for dignity and worth. Barnett created someone real in Ivoe. I was lucky enough to have recently read The Mis-Education of the Negro. In it, Woodson examines the issues that Ivoe faces in the context of non-fiction. It could be a companion piece to this book, because Woodson seems to speak directly to Ivoe. The Mis-Education of the Negro gave me more insight into th [...]

    3. I voted in our city-wide primary election today. When I arrived at my polling place, I was greeted by five enthusiastic poll workers—and exactly zero other voters. Sure, it's just a primary for a municipal election, but I can't say I was filled with hope for the future of our fair metropolis.More often than not, politics leave me feeling hopeless and sad. I vote, and I'll continue to because I value the privilege, but because my personal political views don't align with the majority in my stat [...]

    4. Ivoe Williams, growing up in the early twentieth century in Texas, dreams of a better future for herself, her family, and all African Americans. She is intelligent and bookish, and her family sacrifices a lot to send her to college. There she discovers her love of writing and journalism as well as the key to her sexuality. After college, she sticks with her family through increasingly hard times before she finally convinces them to move to Kansas City for better opportunities. There she is final [...]

    5. This is such a beautiful book. The relevance is maddening. A story of love and desire, Jam on the Vine is a call to be more not just do more. I loved this book and its amazingly resilient characters who exemplify the complexities of being tenacious enough to be great!

    6. One of the reasons JAM ON THE VINE succeeds is because it's an honest and heartfelt story about family, love, and ambition. The characters are real, their hardships test them but do not break them, and the historical references are accurate. The writing is lush and thoughtful, and often a sentence is one you must read again for the pure enjoyment of it . . . just like one would like to taste the delicious tomato jam that the main character's (Ivoe) mother produces for the neighborhood women.Set [...]

    7. "Naw, mistake number one was being born colored."Barnett's stunning first novel covers a lot of issues and moves through some tumultuous years between 1897 and 1925. I was touched, tickled, and more than occasionally outraged. What more can you ask for in a book?The reader is introduced to many strong and vibrant female characters who manage to provide for themselves and their families despite adversity and prejudice. And, who could not love the main character, Ivoe. Introduced as a young girl, [...]

    8. This novel makes me want to read more by this author. It's historical fiction about a black woman journalist who decides to start her own newspaper.Add in a love story and you have a wonderful, beautiful first novel. If I had a criticism about the book, it would be that I felt the parts about Ivoe's father felt a little rushed and somewhat tossed in to the grand scheme of the novel.Overall this is a solid first effort that will appeal to readers of LGBT literature, African American fiction, and [...]

    9. Journalism, Jim crow, and queer history meet at the turn of the century in TX and move to Kansas City for WWI and the Jazz Age. A moving look at those forced into the "otherness" of society.

    10. My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me???Before buying this book, I had heard many great things about it from people whose opinions I trust and normally agree with. What went wrong here, you ask? This book was an utter pain for me to attempt to navigate It's not necessarily the actual story that caused me such pain but rather the horrible manner in which it's written. If I could sum this book up in one word, it would be disjointed. This book jumps around worse than any other book I've read to [...]

    11. For me, Jam on the Vine is the best kind of historical fiction.From its first pages, I found Jam on the Vine to be very engaging. The voices of Ivoe and the other characters are strong and easy to slip in to, and I quickly became invested in their world and lives. Barnett's writing and characterization are both strong, and pave the way for this novel to do great things.I will admit that as a white Canadian, I knew extraordinarily little about late 19th and early 20th century America. Barnett doe [...]

    12. Full review: books-n-music/201. Where do I begin? One of the very best historical fiction reads ever! So informative and emotionally wrought, yet bearable. Barnett's writing style seemed a bit choppy to me initially, but after the first 20-30 pages it seemed to flow much better and I literally flew through the last 200 pages!! Barnett did a fantastic job of characterization and I loved the underlying love stories: Ivoe and Berdis, Ivoe and Ona, Timbo and Roena, Irabella and "Plenty," and Lemon a [...]

    13. Well, I can't honestly say I read it. It just never got going for me. I rarely rarely rarely start a book and not finish it. But this was tough sledding in the beginning and it was a failure to launch for me. I may revisit it in the future, but this book prompted me to create a new shelf. Started not finished.

    14. This is beautifully written. I particularly enjoyed learning about early Black journalism and early criminal justice activism.

    15. This thoroughly-researched historical novel documents the methodical, grinding efficiency of Jim Crow laws and lawless mobs, which denied opportunity, dignity, and democracy to African Americans in the early 20th Century, by following Ivoe Williams’ tortuous path toward her dream of being a journalist who can advance the cause of her people. How’s that for a one-sentence review? However, I am compelled to add my admiration for the way the author makes her characters so vivid that I became so [...]

    16. An epic, finely crafted story tracing one Black family through the last days of official slavery, through Jim Crow and the rise of convict-leasing, centered on Ivoe: a lesbian journalist, typesetter, and race woman whose politics evolve from respectability to radical and liberatory. The brutality of white supremacy is stark and gutwrenching. The Black love is fierce and tender and durable. You should probably read it.

    17. I learned so much about the founding and prominence of the the black press. I am forever grateful for those who risked their lives to shine a light on injustice while presenting to the world the brilliance and necessity that existed among them.

    18. Jam on the Vine is an important novel. Barnett explores the intersection of race, gender, sexuality and history, having done fascinating research and imagined the results in the lives of an early 20th century African American family through the course of their great migration from rural to urban America. The main character is a lesbian (challenge one) and a principled driven journalist (challenge two). On both fronts, Ivoe Williams succeeds in living the life she believes in and I laughed and cr [...]

    19. LaShonda Katrice Barnett reckons with the fictional and the past to help us grapple with the tangible and the present. Ivoe presents us with the same news she shared with the black community of Kansas city-- the beginning of mass incarceration, slavery reborn from the ashes of reconstruction. This book is in turns infuriating, terrifying and joyful. 10/10 everybody read it right now.

    20. "Surely by now I have racked up enough lessons in degradation for the dean of life to confer upon me a degree in bitterness." Ivoe, pg. 179The making of a "race woman" (who seems a lot like Ida B. Wells) set during the nadir is a unique premise in and of itself. Made even more so by the cast of characters and not-Chicago Midwestern setting (well small town Texas first and then Kansas City). Each surrounding character is strongly developed and while the story jumps from inner monologue to inner m [...]

    21. Wonderful story of Ivoe Williams, a daughter of a metal-smith father & a Muslim mother from East Texas. As a young girl, she always was reading newspapers, always wanting to know more about the world, about the actual process of journalism. The family was very poor, the mother, named Lemon, would always have a garden & make & sell tomato jams & baked goods to keep them afloat. Life was hard, people did not care much for the black people. But the family had a lot of love & hum [...]

    22. Ivoe Williams moves to Kansas City with the intent to become a newspaper fact checker. It's too bad she didn't check the facts in this book. For example, Ivoe announces her move to her family quoting "Kansas City! Kansas City here I come!", a song that will not be written for another 41 years. At college in 1905 she and a classmate grouse about a curriculum that revolves around "Edison and Einstein". Einstein wouldn't publish his general theory of relativity until 1915. And it's not just the yea [...]

    23. Jam on the vine is the story of black families still treated as slaves in the late 1890s through 1925. It is a beautiful and haunting story of the resilience and persistence of our black population. The indecencies our brothers and sisters sustained is deplorable and a disgrace to the white population. Singled out because of their color Black Americans were targeted for everything White Americans could devise. Living conditions and segregation were appalling.Ivoe Williams was instrumental in edu [...]

    24. Most readers seem to love "Jam on the Vine." Count me in that number. "Jam on the Vine" is a historical narrative about Ivoe, a Texas-raised Black girl, who has an inextinguishable love for other Black people. We follow Ivoe from childhood, where she falls in love with reading after stealing newspapers from her mother's employer. Interwoven in her upbringing are the stories of those in her inner circle, including her gardening mother, her hardworking and prideful father and her free-spirited sis [...]

    25. What struck me most about this book is how much the police brutality and systemic racism of the early 1900s is still alive today in America. Certain passages called to mind Ferguson and St. Louis County so closely it was hard not to feel that we haven't made any progress in the ensuing century. Surely we have, but not enough, and not by far.There were several stories nestled in this book; I enjoyed the tale of Ivoe and her family most. That is when I saw the words dance across the page, full and [...]

    26. I received this book free in a giveaway.So some of the reviews led me to believe there was more sexual content, but I think there were only 3ish sex scenes and I skipped over them.Overall I had higher hopes for this book. I felt that the characterization was fairly weak and that the author was trying to tell too many stories, yet failed to captively tell one. The switching of perspectives throughout the book only detracted from the story rather than giving a fuller picture or comparing view poi [...]

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