Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics

Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics

bell hooks / May 20, 2019

Feminism Is for Everybody Passionate Politics What is feminism In this short accessible primer bell hooks explores the nature of feminism and its positive promise to eliminate sexism sexist exploitation and oppression With her characteristic

  • Title: Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics
  • Author: bell hooks
  • ISBN: 9781138821620
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • What is feminism In this short, accessible primer, bell hooks explores the nature of feminism and its positive promise to eliminate sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression With her characteristic clarity and directness, hooks encourages readers to see how feminism can touch and change their lives to see that feminism is for everybody.

    Feminism It has been suggested that Feminist movement be merged into this article Proposed since January Feminism Definition of Feminism by Merriam Webster Recent Examples on the Web Meanwhile, the Women s March helped establish intersectionality as a core tenet not just of mainstream feminism but of Democratic politics Anna North, Vox, The Women s March changed the American left.Now anti Semitism allegations threaten the group s future Dec Making her third speech of the royal tour so far, Meghan spoke about female Sex positive feminism The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject You may improve this article, discuss the issue on the talk page, or create a new article, as appropriate December Learn how and when to remove this template message Feminism is for Everybody bell hooks Feminism is for Everybody bell hooks on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A study of black and post colonial writing in Britain and the extent to which Britain s colonial heritage has shaped present day formulations of British culture. Libertarian Feminism Can This Marriage Be Saved An examination of the possibilities for libertarian feminism, taking the feminist thought of the th century radical individualists as an example and a guide We find that the radical libertarian critique of statism and the radical feminist critique of patriarchy are complementary, not contradictory, and we discuss some of the confusions that lead many libertarians including many libertarian Introduction to Modern Literary Theory Kristi Siegel New Criticism A literary movement that started in the late s and s and originated in reaction to traditional criticism that new critics saw as largely concerned with matters extraneous to the text, e.g with the biography or psychology of the author or the work s relationship to literary history. Introduction to Feminism, Topics What Is Feminism mit Introduction to Feminism, Topics What Is Feminism Feminism is both an intellectual commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all forms. Defining Feminism A Comparative Historical Approach Offen DEFINING FEMINISM fifty years ago to kill the word feminism by symbolically incin erating its written representation, the word continues to be used, Feminists treat men badly It s bad for feminism The Jun , Feminist male bashing has come to sound like a cliche a misogynist caricature Feminism, its loudest proponents vow, is about fighting for Here We Are Feminism for the Real World Gr Up The ever evolving concept of feminism is approached through a variety of mediums, from essays and drawings to comics and poems, in this fantastic collected work.

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        bell hooks born Gloria Jean Watkins is an African American author, feminist, and social activist Her writing has focused on the interconnectivity of race, class, and gender and their ability to produce and perpetuate systems of oppression and domination She has published over thirty books and numerous scholarly and mainstream articles, appeared in several documentary films and participated in various public lectures Primarily through a postmodern female perspective, she has addressed race, class, and gender in education, art, history, sexuality, mass media and feminism.


    1. i kind of live-blogged this book while i was re-reading it. yes, i originally read it shortly after it was released, because i loved bell hooks back then & felt she could do no wrong as a feminist theorist. this book was my first hint that she can do some pretty serious wrong. in the decade since, her writing has gone steadily downhill & is currently almost completely unreadable, incoherent, hippie weirdness. there are little hints of the man-pandering mega-christian hooks was to become [...]

    2. Not until recently had I emerged out of the rock I was living under and located the @everydaysexism twitter account. Keeping an eye on their retweets for a little less than two weeks enabled me to discover that women are not only forced to endure the lecherous male gaze (often called 'stare rape' these days) on public transportation, made the object of innuendo-laced, denigrating remarks since puberty but also masturbated at in public without their consent (not even women over 60 had been spared [...]

    3. This is an accessible and lively introduction to an extremely important subject. Feminism is by no means a dead field, especially not in the United States, where the fight over bills like SB5 still smoulder in Texas. Broadly speaking, the present movement involves activism against oppression, discrimination, and exploitation. hooks writes about such goals within a broad and inclusive variety of social and ethical positions, reproductive rights, the exploitation of female bodies, the necessity of [...]

    4. I liked this book and would absolutely recommend it, but I think the title was misleading and it didn't serve hook's purpose, as I understood it. She calls for the creation of feminist children's books, door-to-door chats, accessible explanations of feminism to those for whom "feminism" is the other "f" word. This is just another example of the academization of feminism hooks critiques; Its language is not exactly easy to follow, it assumes sympathy to feminism from the first page, and relies on [...]

    5. Review will come up soon - Till then check this passage out - "We have not amassed enough testimony to let the world know the sexual pathologies and horrors women endured prior to the existence of dependable birth control. It evokes fear within me just to imagine a world where every time a female is sexual she risks being impregnated, to imagine a world where men want sex and women fear it. In such world a desiring woman might find the intersection of her desire and her fear. We have not amassed [...]

    6. I love bell hooks! She is a little less hardcore and not so angry in this book, which makes it more accessable to the masses. I guess she did that on purpose, given the title of the book "Feminism is for Everybody." Her earlier works are great if you want a taste of angry lesbian, black feminist. And who wouldn't want a taste of that?

    7. Tough book to rate. Take the first and last chapter, and you have an incredibly well written book that perfectly sums up feminism, where it's been, where it lacks, and where it could go. Feminism in theory is about respect, about choice, about re-evaluating beliefs and including and affirming everyone. 5-star all the way.The hundred pages in between are full of humble bragging (the only time she doesn't use generalizations is to either slam a particular target or quote her own books), lamenting [...]

    8. There's really not a lot I can add to the title. Feminism is for Everybody. This book is especially good for people who denounce feminism, or don't think we need to shout about it any more. It's the sort of book that should be on every school syllabus, to open discussions and make young people think about these issues. To realise that talking about feminism goes beyond wanting equal rights in the workplace. It's not a woman only book, it's not man hating, it's very intelligent, insightful and re [...]

    9. I read this because I'd like to be better read on feminist theory and wanted a quick/easy "refresher." Also, I recall reading Hooks in a collection of feminist essays way back in 1999 or so and appreciating her particular perspective. I can't now recall what the title of the book was (I'll need to ask the friend who lent it to me) or even what the essay was about, but I do know that Hooks is an instrumental figure in bringing race and class into the discussion and has rightly criticized white mi [...]

    10. I'm very glad I read this book. The intersectional discussion of feminism was really interesting and made a lot of sense. There's a big emphasis on intersectionality in feminism nowadays, which I appreciate and agree with, but it's been a little difficult for me to envision how everything would work together in terms of policy and activism. This book was so helpful in this regard, and in that sense it was very valuable to me. I also really appreciated the more personal bits where bell hooks talk [...]

    11. This had some interesting parts, and filled in some gaps of the feminist movement's history for me, but it gets a low rating for one reason: it states its goal at the beginning - to be a primer on feminism accessible to all - and then fails miserably at it. I would never recommend this as a feminism primer to someone. It doesn't talk much about feminism or the need for it but rather dissects the in-fighting within the feminist movement. It's also extremely poorly written - too academic and with [...]

    12. I read this for my Intro to Gender and Women's studies course and I absolutely loved it. It's the perfect place to start if you're interested in diving into feminist studies or even if you're already well versed in the subject. It really is for EVERYBODY (pun very much intended).

    13. One of the things I love about bell hooks is that she writes radical books for widely different audiences. This book is for both for an audience that hasn't thought much about feminism and has misconceptions of what "feminism" is, and also for feminists who aren't coming from movements that include an analysis of race and class at their centers. I've used this book in first year writing classes to teach about feminist politics and it's been really successful. It's a great book for any sort of in [...]

    14. A while back I was accused of being a feminist, to which my reply was "am not!" After reading bell hooks, I'm going back to that person to say "you're right. I am a feminist, and let me tell you why"I guess what I learned is that feminism isn't the f-word. Feminists are not man-haters, they aren't all lesbian (not that I thought either of these, but now I have enough material to cite when others make such unwitting remarks), and I think most importantly to my cultural background, they support fa [...]

    15. This book is a nice short read covering the basics of feminist theories and detailing bell hooks's experience in becoming a feminist. She touches on a variety of subjects and how they relate to feminism in practice. Class, work, race, bodies, relationships, sexuality, and others are all touched upon. It's pretty good, especially for a beginning text.I picked it up because I thought I could use a little brushing up on some feminist theory, and I always prefer the basic theory stuff as opposed to [...]

    16. bell hooks desarrolla un discurso cercano, muy pegado a la oralidad, en el que de forma clara y directa analiza el tratamiento del movimiento feminista, desde los 60 hasta el año 2000, a algunas cuestiones clave: derechos reproductivos, violencia, raza, trabajo, sexualidad, belleza, clase, sororidadCritica duramente los desvíos del feminismo hacia un "estilo de vida" que no cuestiona las estructuras de poder, sino que busca para algunas mujeres privilegiadas mayores cuotas de libertad y acumul [...]

    17. Komplexné čítaníčko pre každého, kto už nechce len gúľať očami pri všetkých tých debatách o klasických stereotypoch spojených s feminizmom. "Ženy nenávidia mužov." "Ty si taká iná feministka, nie ako tie ostatné.""Samozrejme, že chcem rovnoprávne postavenie žien a mužov v spoločnosti, ale nie, nie som feministka.""Veď to sú len komplimenty."Ešte nás čaká veľa roboty v spoločnosti, kde vládne popri sexistickej, rasovej a iných, najmä triedna nadradenosť, k [...]

    18. A great introduction to feminist theory which I have highlighted the hell out of and filled with post its and sticky flags.

    19. 2.5, le aplaudo muchas cosas y le critico mucho otras. Apenas estoy formulando una crítica que publicaré más tarde por aquí.

    20. hooks has written a short, very readable selection of essays on a variety of topics, from sexuality to domestic violence to intersectionality. This could be used as an intermediate introduction to feminism--maybe what you give someone after they've already ingested the basic facts of current inequalities. Feminism is for Everybody doesn't make the case for feminism's existence, but rather is a slightly disjointed history of feminism from the 1960s through the 90s and a basic primer on what hooks [...]

    21. I decided to read this book because many of my friends have read it , and because it is only about 100 pages long.I like the concise, precise definiation of feminism that hooks gives in this book: "Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression."I like that in each chapter hooks focuses on an aspect of feminism and discusses how the patriarchal tool of the mainstream media has distorted the true meaning of that feature of feminism. I like that hooks critiques what femi [...]

    22. It's one of the few times I've been so harsh with a review here on , but this book did not accomplish any of the things outlined in its beginning thesis. I am the perfect target audience for this book, a curious outsider eager to learn more about the movement. I expected a comprehensive primer which gave the overall landscape of feminism and justified its foundational definition; a push to "end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression" . Instead, what I got was an out-of-place rant about refo [...]

    23. I really enjoyed bell hooks' take on feminism, how it can't properly exist without tackling the issues of racism, classism, homophobia, etc. However, I don't think that this book is a good primer for feminism, and I probably wouldn't recommend it to anybody who wants an introduction. (For that I would recommend Full Frontal Feminism A Young Woman's Guide to Why Feminism Matters by Jessica Valenti.)I would have given this book 4 stars but the typos and grammatical errors made the book difficult t [...]

    24. must read for people interested in feminist theory and intersectional feminist politics. and basically everyone interested in some form of social activism. and 100% of tumblresque feminists. mainly because bell hooks highlights a very important issue: many people identify themselves as feminists and have no flipping idea what feminism really encompasses. it's not about gender issues, and as stated, highlighting gender issues is not highlighting feminism. posting some snark on social media about [...]

    25. This is the first bell hooks book I've read but it absolutely will not the last. I greatly admire her goal of wanting to write a feminist text that one could just handout to everyone in the sense that it's accessible, however I found it a bit difficult. Maybe me reading slowly and having to reread sentences and paragraphs doesn't mean it's inaccessible, but I can't help but imagine someone who doesn't already know about feminism and has no college degrees successfully reading this. I think hooks [...]

    26. Why I Recommend Bumping This UP On Your TBR:This is an accessible and (almost) all-encompassing beginner's guide to feminism, why it matters, what it isn't, what we need to talk about more, and how to keep progress going. It included intersectional information about race (#ownvoices) and sexual orientation (not #ownvoices). It provides a lot of clarification. While it provides a lot of important information, the tone of the narrative is nonjudgmental, which I think might make for an easier read [...]

    27. Feminizmi salt erkek düşmanlığı olarak gören anlayışa karşı aslında feminizm nedir sorusunu gayet yalın bir dil ile anlatmış; kadının ataerkil toplumda var olma mücadelesi,kadının emeği,kadın bedeni ve cinselliği üzerine verdiği bilgiler herkesin ilgisini çekecek türden.Feminizm gerçekten nedir,merak eden herkesin okuması gereken bir kitap.

    28. Es INCREÍBLE la forma de forma de escribir de bell hooks, su capacidad de análisis de los problemas sociales es muy detallada, considera todas las posturas y nos invita a mirar el problema desde todas sus raíces. Es el libro perfecto para quien busqué aprender sobre todos los aspectos del feminismo.

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