Lucid Living: A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out

Lucid Living: A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out

Tim Freke Jeanne Simonelli / Jan 29, 2020

Lucid Living A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out This concise book is filled with wisdom

  • Title: Lucid Living: A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out
  • Author: Tim Freke Jeanne Simonelli
  • ISBN: 9780952632092
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • This concise book is filled with wisdom.

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      • Tim Freke Jeanne Simonelli

        Timothy Freke has an honors degree in philosophy and is the author of than twenty books on world spirituality He lectures and runs experiential seminars throughout the world exploring gnosis For information, see timothyfreke Both Freke and Gandy live in England and are the authors of five previous books, including The Jesus Mysteries and Jesus and the Lost Goddess.


    1. This book is full of many insights that I can honestly say I hadn't ever come across before. The idea, that we are metaphorically in the Matrix, and can wake ourselves up to relocate in Zion is interesting. In fact I can see how most human beings simply go through the motions of life without really grasping the depth of experience that every moment of living offers. But that's okay. Sometimes it happens and its better to be in survival mode than having all of our senses assaulted. Just so long a [...]

    2. Nice little book. Indeed, you can read it in an hour. Clean, simple, enlightening writing. Did it do anything for me? Not really, except for one minor insight I hadn't had before. I could think of writing a book like that myself, which maybe makes me look more critically at it. I had expected something a little more practical in terms of how to actually live lucidly.

    3. At best, a very light introduction to some of the basic ideas of mindfulness and compassion. At worst, utter fluff that continuously pats itself on the back for being life-changing and deep.

    4. It's always good to question one's own worldview and revaluate life. This book provoked me to think, but did not deliver on the promise to change me forever.I agreed with the author in his view that life is an amazing thing which we should all be more appreciative of and that existence itself is fascinating and mysterious. I also think it's interesting that we can only experience the universe from our own perspective and with our own human senses.However, I don't buy into the idea of an inherent [...]

    5. It is indeed a short read.However, it did not evoke me any philosophical questions or felt it delivered on his promise.It was a nice past time, but nothing really important or eye opening.

    6. I want to know more This book has inspired me to want to know more about lucid living. Tim Freke introduces what I would call 'the core beliefs' of such a perspective. His approach is welcoming, inviting and encouraging. I love his writing style, and I was touched by his words. But I feel this he doesn't explain lucid living in as much detail as I'd have liked: for example, I was confused for a while about what he meant by the state of dreaming. I'm a day dreamer, always have been, but the way h [...]

    7. Reading this tiny book was probably the biggest waste of time in my life. What a load of garbage. There is nothing enlightening, interesting or remarkable in this book. The author just spews a weak regurgitation of the same metaphysical mumbo-jumbo that you probably pondered and discarded as puerile nonsense as a pre-teen. This load of crap was merely a smokescreen for the author to meekly implore us with the oh-so-enlightening request to "all just get along".If I could give this book zero stars [...]

    8. This an extremely easy read - it took me 30 minutes, not an hour. I think it's a good introduction to the concept of lucid living, especially if you haven't got a philosophical background. I took an entire course in college on existentialism, and another one on the philosophy of mind, and so I didn't find this too enlightening, and I wasn't blown away by the concepts. But they are great concepts, and if you're interested in thinking a little differently about life, existence, and awareness, it's [...]

    9. Short and sweet.Timothy Freke claims this book will turn your world inside out within an hour. It may take a little longer than that to attain awakening and reading a book won't help, but this book may help prod you in the right direction. If you follow his arguments and try the experiments for yourself, you may find the light flickers on briefly. It won't work if you just read it straight through. For full review visit: jessicadavidson/2013/11/

    10. Another gift from my Christmas list finally getting around to reading it. Stay tuned (:Quick read. It says an hour and it means it. Interesting concept about consciousness and philosophy. I can't say I actually wrapped my brain around it. But I have been thinking about it a lot--which is a good sign that it had some impact.

    11. Does exactly what it says on the tin. It basically turns our conceptions of whether dreaming is reality or whether our waking hours are real and then Freke suggests that there is a great deal to be learned if we can allow ourselves to lake some of the fear and inhibitions that we carry . I will let you read the rest it ain't a hefty tome

    12. I agree with several of the other reviewers; if you have read other philosophical works, this book will not be an awakening. However, as a short introductory tome it serves its purpose. I don't think the audience of this book is meant to be versed in Descartes or Sartre for that matter. It takes 30 minutes to read at most.

    13. Yeah, but, nothing very new here if you've an interest in this kind of stuff anyway. Usefulish, if you're the kind of person who needs to keep being told this over and over again. So, it's not such a bad beginner book, and on the plus side, at least you won't have to wade through hours of dense prose wondering what his message is.

    14. Audio version: Content 3.5 stars, Narration 5 starsThe narration of the Audio version is really nifty.Listening to it took less than an hour and time really flew by. The presented philosophy is interesting though I had had encountered it before in other works. I wouldn't call this book life changing but definitely worth reading.

    15. Quick little read that is very eye opening and helps you see life from another angle. I found it to be helpful in my everyday life, but I am already inclined to believe what the author is saying in the little book. Encapulates spiritual concepts well.

    16. I have read quite a few books by Tim Freke, and I think I was expecting a little more than what was offered in this book. It is a nice introduction to lucid living if you don't know anything about it.

    17. THIS WAS UNREAL!!! that's good! It was an even faster read than advertized on the cover. I went through it in, like, fifteen minutes. Its something you need to read again and again to garner anything substantial from it, but it's pretty powerful on the first run!

    18. This was a funny, little book. I enjoyed the ideas in it but I don't think that it lived up to its promise of 'turning my world inside out'. I'm definitely going to pick up more books by Freke though, he's interesting.

    19. A short book (took 45 minutes to read) describing a “different way” to look at the world.I found this book made me reconsider life but I didn’t find any of the ideas in it innovative / new.

    20. Very small book that will freak your freak! I love thinking outside the box and this is definitely outside the box!

    21. A nice, concise, fun presentation of the science/metaphysics of "we are all one". Nice fun to think of things differently. Real quick read.

    22. Was expecting something more spectacular, didn't really turn my world insideout. But the idea, and writing kept me reading.

    23. Made me feel mystified and ponder on the thought that life truly is a mystery.It is an epic adventure of awakening and exploring your dreamstate and conscious state.Fantastic book!

    24. It did not turn my world inside out. It's a cliff notes version (and not in a good way) of what I was looking for

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