Hourglass Heights

Hourglass Heights

Ian David Noakes / Jun 19, 2019

Hourglass Heights Who is brutally murdering the male residents of the Hourglass Heights apartment complex At first glance it would appear that their spouses are the killers but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes that a

  • Title: Hourglass Heights
  • Author: Ian David Noakes
  • ISBN: 9781849635370
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who is brutally murdering the male residents of the Hourglass Heights apartment complex At first glance, it would appear that their spouses are the killers, but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes that a serial killer is responsible.Through the course of her investigation, Detective Tanaka is pulled into a world of Japanese folklore and the supernatural as she explores the dWho is brutally murdering the male residents of the Hourglass Heights apartment complex At first glance, it would appear that their spouses are the killers, but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes that a serial killer is responsible.Through the course of her investigation, Detective Tanaka is pulled into a world of Japanese folklore and the supernatural as she explores the darker side of relationships, sex and psyche She must learn to defeat her own personal demons before she can defeat one that is far sinister.

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      • Ian David Noakes

        From humble beginnings as a projectionist, Ian David Noakes has taken on several feature film and television options as well as writing commissions since writing full time in 2009 His big breakthrough came when his erotic murder mystery, Hourglass Heights, achieved a publishing contract It was later nominated for both the People s Book Prize as well as the National Book AwardsAfter a wave of overwhelmingly positive reviews, Noakes experimented with many other genres as well Most recently, he completed a dramedy pilot called Partners in Crime before adapting it into both a novel and completed series under the auspicious title Fish, Chips Lubricating Jelly He has also penned a fun filled horror novella called The Ancient Lawman Meanwhile a short drama he created, Tables Turned, has begun pre production while he works on a re write for his upcoming feature film, More Than Human A serious case of indecisiveness syndrome has made it impossible to tell you what could be coming next He is currently juggling a wide range of genres ranging from time traveling serial killer thrillers to dimension crashing epics to supernatural horrors When he s not immersed in one of his incredible tales, Noakes enjoys spending time with his wife, five children and a constant supply of Starbucks mochas Recently, he has become a behavioural therapist as well, because who else would you rather discuss your problems with than a caffeinated, child rearing, wife doting, novella penning, screen writing, genre jumper


    1. Male residents of Hourglass Heights Apartment Complex are being brutally and mercilessly murdered. At first it's believed their spouses are the killers, but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes a serial killer is responsible. As she starts to investigate, she is soon pulled into a world of Japanese folklore and the supernatural. I love serial killer books that are gritty, dark, disturbing and really get under your skin and although this had a fair amount of erotica which I don't like, I thoroughly e [...]

    2. Horror is an intriguing and bizarre genre. However, it's also one of the most flexible in terms of content. Sometimes, the content can be mixed to bad effect - we've all seen the results in book and movie form - but it can also create some unique and thrilling tales of terror. I can honestly say one thing though: It's been a very long time since I've read an erotic thriller/mystery/whodunnit with a Japanese/supernatural influence. After all, they don't come along oftenever, Hourglass Heights is [...]

    3. Received book through First Reads~ I really liked the fact that this book was written from multiple POV's, the main character was written as 1st person and the supporting characters from 3rd person. It allowed the reader to see things that Marcia couldn't experience, such as the murders taking place, while still keeping her status as the main character.~ The length of the chapters (they were very short, some were only a page long) I thought made the book so easy to read and gave it a fast pace. [...]

    4. I have to say I am definitely a fan of Ian David Noakes. This is a very, very good book and I loved it. I had bought the kindle version of this book and then I participated in a promotion on Facebook and won a signed copy of the book and the cover art and am honored to have both. I love anything supernatural, so this book was right up my alley. Detective Tanaka is investigating a series of murders that have occurred at Hourglass Heights. As the investigation continues she realizes that things ma [...]

    5. (AUTHOR REVIEW)I always feel uncomfortable leaving a review on one of my own books, but I feel obligated to leave something that may shed some light on my story. The very first question I was asked after my book was published was to describe what my story was about in my own words. So, here it goes:"On the surface, it is a brutal, erotic murder-mystery with a dusting of the supernatural. Who is brutally tearing apart the men who live in Hourglass Heights while their wives slept beside them in th [...]

    6. Review also on jolasbookshelf.wordpress'Hourglass Heights' is an awesome novel, one that I greatly enjoyed reading. It mixes a lot of genres like thriller, horror and mystery with supernatural elements. It's a story that's hard to put down once you start reading it - full of action and surprises had me guessing till the end. I'll be looking forward to other works form this author!Thanks to Ian David Noakes for sending me and ebook in exchange for an honest review.

    7. Once in awhile I like to break out of my mold and do something a bit different so here I am trying to figure out how I’m going to review Hourglass Heights. If you follow me on Facebook or you know that I do review everything I read. As a writer I want to lead other people to books that they either haven’t heard of or should have heard about. How else are writers going to get people to read their books? I received Heights from Stuart Keane, and I have to admit that as a fan of the guys work [...]

    8. **recieved via giveaway**Well it jumps straight in which I do like in a book and the main character is well developed throughout. I would have a liked a bit more background on the demon lore and mythology and a bit more of a struggle before Marcia bought into it but I'd definitely read more by the author.

    9. This twisted tale tackles all manner of issues and takes you along for the ride. After reading this book I felt affected by it's tangled web of intricate characters. I felt empathy for the main character but also a kind of strength that grew with the novel. This book hits hard and honest and shines a light on some brutal truths for all involved. Read this story with a stiff drink and allow yourself to get swept into the murky supernatural.

    10. This book has it all! What a thrill!Spine chilling suspense, passionate encounters and a supernatural element bound to leave you sleeping with the light on! It read like a dream (or nightmare!) and delivered in terms of action and holding my attention from start to finish.A book I would recommend to all seeking a terrifying page turner.

    11. Read this book in just 3 days and loved it!I've always been a big fan of horror, especially paranormal thrillers, and this was easily one of most enjoyable ones I've read in some time. The author manages effortlessly to build the tension around each situation, and shock you when you least expect it.Best read with the lights on because it's creepy as hell.You have been warned!!!!

    12. Also on: ƦOSEĦARƬSeries: Standalone (Hoping to read more of the MC, though!)Tags: Horror | Thriller | Suspense | Mystery | Supernatural | Dark | Japanese FolkloreRecommended to: Mystery/ suspense fans that like a supernatural elementContent warning: Graphic Violence | Sex (dark vanilla | dick-biting😱 & eating.Note after the last page: It's almost 12am. I'm going to bed. So glad I'm a female. 'Honey, bring the bat.'I bet men read this clutching their jewels in horror and sleep with the [...]

    13. >Book Review – Hourglass Heights> I received this book from the author and Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock. I am an independent reviewer. This book is a standalone novel and ends in an HEA. The main characters of Marcia, Crimple and Vincent would be awesome in a series with more supernatural detective work. >Marcia is a detective, suffering guilt for years over her father's death. She punishes herself by letting men abuse her in one night stands as she struggles to remain a f [...]

    14. Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian-I Dig Good Books.Someone is killing the man who live in the HourGlass Heights apartment block. Detective Marcia Tanaka lands the case, but what she is dealing with is not all cut and dry. Its a little more sinister that a seriel killer, much darker, and deadlier.A slow burner in some places, and a throw you in the deep end in others, this book is a proper case of slow, slow, fast, fast slow, and is so dark and delicious I didnt want it to end! I really e [...]

    15. Wow! Just wow! So I signed up to go on tour with this book and I opted in for a review. Usually Crime Mysteries are not my forte but this one was different. We have a touch of The paranormal Supernatural to boost my curiosity. I read this book in about 10 hours10 straight hours! Lol. I couldn't put it down! The Mystery and Gore, wowt what I was expecting, but I very much enjoyed the macabre nature when it presented itself.MarciaDetectivehard on herself for a tragedy she blamed on herself. I felt [...]

    16. 3 1/2I received a promotional copy through the First Reads program. So a tip of the hat to Lily Ryan and Austin Macauley Publishers. Note: It starts on page 11, so it's 267 pages. What works: Switching between first and third person. This allows the reader to go places Marcia can't go, while still maintaining her status as the main character. The short chapters. They keep the story moving along at a decent pace. The final portion of the book - the last 50 or 60 pages or so. I expected a weaker e [...]

    17. I received this book from : First Reads.This book gets closer to a 3.5 star rating as there was not as much horror as I was hoping, but at least the deaths were good and bloody. "Hourglass Heights' was a simple, fun read. It was well written, in plain language and not puffed-up with added details or extra baggage. I enjoyed the story arc and was even surprised by the darker side of the main character. (That's a hell of a punishment, dear.) I was a bit worried that the book was just going to end [...]

    18. Wow, where to start?Gritty, disturbing, depraved and gory, Hourglass Heights inhabits the seedier side of things, and is brutally honest in its execution.Detective Tanaka provides the first person POV in this hard-boiled noir tale of horror-who-dunnit, backed by a supporting cast of well thought out characters who flesh out the storyline with third person POV’s to give the reader a greater insight into what else is going on, other than what Tanaka can see.The characters and imagery are what br [...]

    19. I received this book free through the First Reads program on .The middle of this book was quite good however the ending really needed some editing. Overall I liked the main character, Detective Marcia Tanaka, though her self-loathing was overplayed IMHO. I wish there was more background on the Japanese folklore angle, it was very interesting. (view spoiler)[In particular I'd like to know if the demon was consciously targeting specific men or if it was just a reaction to the sexual energy--and wh [...]

    20. A disturbing MUST read!I read this book at the same time I was reading Stephen King’s ‘IT’, so 'Hourglass Heights' had a lot to live up to. It’s just under 300 pages, but I flew through it. It reads extremely quickly, yet there is still a lot of depth to the story and its characters. I found some of the scenes very disturbing, and the author certainly doesn’t hold anything back. But like many a book these days, the story dictates the content instead of the other way around. Every unset [...]

    21. I give this 4.5 siren fangs. It is a very good story that I honestly did not see the ending happening the way it did. This book has a ton of twists and turns and I read it in two days so trust me when I say that it was worth the ride. couple of things, be ready for some gore, not a lot but be ready for it, I was not and it was a little shocking. Also be ready for frank talk about sex, I mean graphic sexual acts, again I was not ready for it and it kinda hit me on the side of the head. However th [...]

    22. HOURGLASS HEIGHTS is a paranormal horror story with a strange twist. The Hourglass Heights apartment complex harbors dangerous secrets. Detective Marcia Tanaka is called in on several murders of male residents, supposedly killed by their spouses/significant others. However, Detective Tanaka is convinced there is something far more sinister and unnatural about these murders. HOURGLASS HEIGHTS is fraught with sexual overtones, complex and flawed characters, and a chilling mystery. Detective Tanaka [...]

    23. Won this book in the Giveaways contest: So I'm a first reader: it took me a while to start reading it as I was stuck on another book, but I read it pretty fast (according to my usual pace for reading books)I don't usually(pretty much never) read graphic/violent/erotic novels, but I quite liked this one as everything is relevant to the story.Warning, it's very violent, really graphic and some parts are a bit disgusting I may admit. Despite all that, I liked the intrigue. It's well written, well b [...]

    24. I received this from a First Read Giveaway.I was not sure what to expect from this book. This is not a genre that I typically read; however, I really enjoyed the book. The characters are interesting and likeable. There are plenty of intriguing twists throughout the store, and the reader is constantly wondering what is going to happen next. The story is very creepy. I also loved how short the chapters were. This book is perfect for someone that likes to read but never has time to sit down to rea [...]

    25. My actual rating would be 3.5 stars. I knew going into this book that I wasn't going to be reading some award winning Literature. I went in with the same expectations I have when watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Saw movie. I just wanted to be entertained for a while. This book met that requirement 100%. Some parts of the book were easy to figure out, but I still enjoyed the journey that the author took me on to get there. If you're a fan of cop dramas, supernatural stories, and/or porn, yo [...]

    26. Ok, so I'm not fond of paranormal and am a big fan of dark romances but I'm also a big fan of horrors and thrillers.I was lucky enough to have won this book in a giveaway. I saved it for my vacations. There I was reading two books at the same time. This one and a dark romance. I have to admit that I completely lost interest in that one and was reading Hourglass Heights the whole time. I found myself captivated by the story right in the beginning. You want to know what is going on and you can't p [...]

    27. I loved this book, the second I have read from this author. I couldn't have put it down if I had wanted to. The storyline draws you in from page one & doesn't let go. A rapid page-turner that brings together humour, murder, raw sex, mystery & suspense. The characters are very real & well-fleshed out. Cannot wait for the next one.

    28. A well written story with a clever plot sprinkled with a delicate dose of twists and turns to carry you along on this deliciously obscure journey.I recommend this book to anybody who likes a bit of everything in a murder mystery. Erotica. Gore. Intrigue. The supernatural. But be warned, it isn't for the faint-hearted.

    29. This was an awesome book. I enjoyed every minute of it. The action mixed with the erotic twist made it even better. This is a must read for everyone, because it has a mixture you would enjoy.

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