By Jove

By Jove

Marissa Doyle / Sep 15, 2019

By Jove After three soul destroying years of teaching unenthusiastic middle schoolers Theodora Fairchild is thrilled to be a student again pursuing her doctorate in Latin She s sure John Winthrop University

  • Title: By Jove
  • Author: Marissa Doyle
  • ISBN: 9781611386592
  • Page: 372
  • Format: ebook
  • After three soul destroying years of teaching unenthusiastic middle schoolers, Theodora Fairchild is thrilled to be a student again, pursuing her doctorate in Latin She s sure John Winthrop University will be the intellectual home she s always longed for, the place where she ll finally fit in But her teaching days aren t quite over Theo starts giving humanities lessonAfter three soul destroying years of teaching unenthusiastic middle schoolers, Theodora Fairchild is thrilled to be a student again, pursuing her doctorate in Latin She s sure John Winthrop University will be the intellectual home she s always longed for, the place where she ll finally fit in But her teaching days aren t quite over Theo starts giving humanities lessons to sweetly nerdy post doc Grant Proctor and loses her heart.But nobody in the Classics Department is quite who they seem not even Grant Theo s arrival rekindles an ancient rivalry between two powerful enemies, and Theo herself is the prize After she unwittingly betrays Grant to his oldest foe, she s determined to rescue him and herself before it s too late.Because even gods can die or wish they were dead.

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        I try to write to stories I most enjoy readingwhich means stories with heroines finding out who they are, their strengths and purposes, and where they belong in the worldd usually saving the day in the process no damsels in distress here It means romance, but not with a capital R It means a lighter tone because I write what I like to read and I m not really into cathartic reading you might want to think twice before picking up my books if you like dark and angsty reads as I might not be your cup of tea I want to write mini vacations for readers give you stories that are fun and satisfying and put you into a good mood for when you close my books, smile, and step back out into the real world.So there you go.Oh, and for my bio married mom of three young adults, life long New Englander, passionate about history and research and anything from the past, and devoted to my adorable pet bunnies, whose photos I tend to paste all over Facebook I don t review books much here on GR, but I have catalogued my library on LibraryThing and enjoy talking about books both there and here, so don t be afraid to say hello And if you want an occasional newsletter with info on upcoming books, freebies, and , visit eepurl bVDwlf


    1. Theo is a graduate student excited to get her advanced degree in classical studies so she can stop teaching Latin to kids, and start teaching to students who actually want to learn it. At the university, she meets Grant Proctor, an intriguing new teaching fellow. I just LOVED the nerdy atmosphere of this novel. The university setting, the characters who were all as obsessed with and knowledgeable about Classic Greek and Roman history, languages, and literature, it was like coming home even thoug [...]

    2. A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This review contains spoilers, and unfortunately gets a bit rant-y.By Jove is the story of Theodora Fairchild, a Latin teacher who is given the chance to complete a postdoctorate degree at an exclusive university that specialises in Classics. When she gets there, however, she discovers intense rivalries between the professors, mostly fought over her. After she falls in love with a visiting professor, Grant, thin [...]

    3. Pushed to the 47% mark and had to give up. There's so much about this book that stopped me, that I only pushed that far because it was a Netgalley and I feel a responisibility to authors brave enough to send their work out there for review.First off, let me start off with how excited I was. I've read Ms. Doyle's YA Historicals and loved them. I was excited to see what she'd do with NA Contemps.That said, one of the first issues for me is this isn't truly what I'd call an NA. Yes, it's about coll [...]

    4. I'm not sure why I decided to download a sample of this book, but I'm really glad I did. I was hooked right away. Talk about a pleasant surprise! I used to read Greek mythology for fun when I was a kid, so this book was like catnip. I don't want to give away the plot, but the book imagines that the old Greek/Roman gods are living on earth these days pretending for the most part to be ordinary mortals. Theo, the heroine, is a classics scholar and Latin teacher who goes back to university to work [...]

    5. It was okay. I have nothing too awful to say about it, nor nothing too good. Twelve hours after finishing and I don't remember much of anything about it, except that I kept being reminded of the episodes of Supernatural where ancient gods show up. Only this was less funny. And Theodora made Castiel look worldly. So, yeah. It was okay, but not as good as an episode of Supernatural.

    6. I liked the premise of this book. It was Greek Mythology with a twist, and a nice review of the pantheon, since it has been a while since I’ve studied it. I found the main character, Theodora, very likeable, and while I don’t think she always made the best decisions, she did try to make things right in the end. Her flaws and moments of shallow behavior made her seem more human. And I appreciated the way her character was developed through the story. She had to make the conscious choice to tr [...]

    7. By Jove is a mythology romance that takes place in a Boston University. Theo is a graduate student studying Latin (and greek and roman get woven in through other members of the classics department.) It is a mythology and history nerds dream book. I loved the academic setting, and the mythology buff in my squeed over the idea of a whole classics department being taught by actual gods and goddesses. How cool would that be? I loved guessing who everyone was. Some were easy to figure out, and others [...]

    8. For Theodora Fairchild, graduate school is a dream. The professors are fighting over her, she gets to study Latin with others who share her passion…and she meets Grant Proctor. He’s as shy as she is, and oh so handsome. As she gives in to her feelings for the man who’s stolen her heart, someone seems determined to keep them apart—no matter the consequences. There are evil forces at work, and they have plans for Theo that don’t include Grant. When Grant disappears, surviving the semeste [...]

    9. This book is a mythology romance that will make you want more. It is set at a Boston University in the Classic Department. There is just something about this place that makes you feel safe and secure. I will warn you that this book has a lot of twists and turns. The author does a great job of giving you little hints all through the book. You might think you know what is coming next but it takes a twist and becomes something else.Theodora Fairchild is returning to graduate school after spending t [...]

    10. Theodora can’t wait to get out of Sneed and go back to school to get her doctorate and move on to bigger and better things. She is tired of teaching Latin to a bunch of kids who are forced to take the class and wants to be able to teach it to people who want to learn the language and over it just as much as she does. One of the first people Theo meets is Julian. While he looks nice enough to eat there is just something about him that sets her warning bells off. After a rather intriguing meetin [...]

    11. Theodora Fairchild is so happy to be going to graduate school at John Winthrop University where she can study Latin. This is her passion. When she meets Grant Proctor her life changes. She loves him. However, he holds back, but their attraction is powerful. What will happen when she learns his secret? He is Prometheus, one of the Titans. In fact, the rival for her love, Julian d'Amboise, the head of the Classical Language and History Department, is the king of the gods. This story is memorable. [...]

    12. This story is based in line with Greek mythology. The characters of Theo a teacher of Latin who is not satisfied with her job. Not because she doesn't love teaching Latin, it's just that she doesn't know how to get others to love and appreciate it as she does, goes back to college to hopefully find a way to do just that. There while meeting with her department heads she meets Grant Proctor. He is a visiting teacher there to teach beginners Latin. The attraction is instant and this sets them on a [...]

    13. Theo is excited to further her degree in Latin to be able to teach others who are passionate about learning it rather that kids who are required to take it. She meets Julian who is head of the department and isn't quite sure about him. Then she meets Grant and everything changes. There is just something different about the Classical Language and History Department and Theo is in for quite the adventure.I loved this story. I don't want to ruin the surprises for anyone who hasn't read it yet, so I [...]

    14. It felt strangely old-fashioned; the heroine's attitudes and mindset reminded me of books from the 70's. I wouldn't be surprised to see her with big hair and a ready stock of hair spray. I also prefer a bit more action in my leads; she felt very passive and he encouraged this. But it was readable, and the classical references were fun (if sometimes a bit heavy handed).

    15. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. This book had an interesting premise and was well-written and engaging. It was somewhat predictable but not enough for me to not want to keep reading. Theo frustrated me to no end by being so gullible and easily manipulated but I still rooted for her to get her happily ever after. Overall a good book and worth reading.

    16. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through Library Thing Early Reviewers.The blurb I read on the Early Reviewers page unfortunately gave away some of the plot. I would have preferred to figure it out by myself - I think I probably would have guessed the twist, but I'll never know! I recommend reading this book without having read too many reviews (or to only read reviews without any spoilers).I enjoyed the first third and the last third of the book, and I felt the author set a scene [...]

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