Den nya lärlingen

Den nya lärlingen

John Flanagan / Feb 16, 2020

Den nya l rlingen Efter att ha drabbats av en obeskrivlig f rlust r Will besatt av att h mnas p de ansvariga ven om det inneb r att han m ste l mna spejark ren Till slut r det Halt som kommer p l sningen Will m ste ta

  • Title: Den nya lärlingen
  • Author: John Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9789132163838
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Efter att ha drabbats av en obeskrivlig f rlust r Will besatt av att h mnas p de ansvariga, ven om det inneb r att han m ste l mna spejark ren Till slut r det Halt som kommer p l sningen Will m ste ta sig an en l rling Kandidaten som v ljs ut verraskar alla och g r det om jligt f r Will att s ga nej Att tr na en rebellisk och ovillig l rling r tufft nog, men n rEfter att ha drabbats av en obeskrivlig f rlust r Will besatt av att h mnas p de ansvariga, ven om det inneb r att han m ste l mna spejark ren Till slut r det Halt som kommer p l sningen Will m ste ta sig an en l rling Kandidaten som v ljs ut verraskar alla och g r det om jligt f r Will att s ga nej Att tr na en rebellisk och ovillig l rling r tufft nog, men n r ett rutinuppdrag g r snett m ste Will best mma sig f r vad som betyder mest att h mnas p dem som orsakat honom olycka, eller att r dda oskyldiga m nniskor fr n en s ker d d.

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.For mysteries by this same author, see John A Flanagan.John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer It wasn t until he wrote a highly uncomplimentary poem about a senior executive at the agency where he worked, however, that his talent was revealed It turned out one of the company directors agreed with John s assessment of the executive, and happily agreed to train John in copywriting After writing advertising copy for the next two decades, John teamed with an old friend to develop a television sitcom, Hey Dad , which went on to air for eight years John began writing Ranger s Apprentice for his son, Michael, ten years ago, and is still hard at work on the series He currently lives in a suburb of Manly, Australia, with his wife In addition to their son, they have two grown daughters and four grandsons.


    1. 4.5 stars and the only reason it's not getting 5 stars is because the series is over. Oh and the ending sucked too but other than that this was great!!It was a pretty long book but this is how I finished:1. Didn't study for Monday's test.2. Didn't eat dinner and the next day's breakfast.3. Didn't get out of bed until 20 minutes before class started.4. Didn't shower (OK now I showered so shhhh!)5. Didn't answer my boyfriend's phone calls.6. Didn't meet an ARC deadline (oops!)This series, books 1- [...]

    2. Not the best installment in the series but I still like it.The Ranger's Apprentice series is one of my favorites so I was very much looking forward to reading the latest installment. Overall, I guess it's my less favorite of all twelve volumes. My biggest problem with the novel? Character development.The book centers around Will and Maddie who is the daughter of Cassandra and Horace. Maddie is portrayed as a rebellious princess who sneaks out of the castle at night to go hunting. She unselfishly [...]

    3. I'm disappointed with the Royal Ranger. I love Ranger's Apprentice series and J. Flanagan writing. I really do. I grew up with the series, I'm going to read it to my children one day (I hope). But to me some stories are better left unfinished. For me, the 11th book is the end of the series. What happens nextwell I don't really need to know. The same things like in real life. People die, get old etcAnd I don't really need my favourite characters for so many years suddenly grew old or die in the l [...]

    4. Check out my Alyss costume HERE: escapingrealitybookreviews.worExcuse me while I go cry in a corner.Wow, was this book perfect, or what? It was definitely worth the $12 in shipping fees to get it from the UK, rather than waiting for the USA edition in a month. My life is complete, and yet destroyed. This book makes you cry, it makes you laugh, it makes you happy, sad, scared, worried, pretty much every emotion you've ever felt. In one book. There is a sort of conclusive feeling to the whole nove [...]

    5. The advantage of living in Australia can sometimes feel like a disadvantage. Sure, we're apparently the envy of a lot of the world financially (if they've heard of us), we have a great environment, some wonderful sports and some of the world's best coffee, yet it always feels like we're last to get any of the good cultural acts. Most of my favourite American bands and films seem to come around after everyone else has had them (and books too). Sure, we get the odd Marvel film early viewing but it [...]

    6. YES. THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. DON'T BLAME ME IF YOU IGNORE THIS, AND READ AHEAD WHEN YOU . . . 1) shouldn't because you don't have much of a grasp on the series. 2) don't want anything spoiled (like I sadly had). &3) just don't want some additional information on JF RA series book #12. 4) however, if you have randomly read the 11th book, then I think you would be okay to read on. It's not like you have become emotionally attached to any of the characters as such. yah.So, please. Caution has [...]

    7. The Rangers Apprentice: The Royal RangerIf you love The Rangers Apprentice series, you will LOVE this book.4.5 starsThe perfect read for a Rangers Apprentice fan. This book gave me such a feeling of nostalgia, it was like visiting and old friend. Flanagan tore at my emotions and made me laugh from start to finish of The Royal Ranger.Like others said, the adventure isn’t as grandiose as previous novels. It does not make this story any less exciting than previous novels. The adventure Will and t [...]

    8. I loved the repetition with the first book, that Will was giving the same answers as Halt used to do! To conclude: great ending to a wonderful series. It was a long one, but a very enjoyable one as well :)

    9. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. THIS FINALE, Y'ALL. THIS FINALE.Out of the three parts of a story, Flanagan is the best at ENDINGS, I tell you. He may be the best ender-of-stories EVER - I always emerge from a Ranger's Apprentice book feeling ALL THE FEELS. But seriously, this whole book was awesome. Darn. Awesome.And I'm gonna shut up now, before I start running around in circles with fangirliness. :D

    10. Gosh And here I thought the eleventh would be the last one. I don't know what to make of this. Personally I thought the last book was a perfect ending to the series, but

    11. Before anything is said, this is the LAST RANGERS’ APPRENTICE BOOK. Let that sink in a moment, okay? LAST. Okay, now I’ll hand out the nostalgic tissues and we’ll move forward with a comprehensible review, right?Ha. Ha. Yeah, I’m funny. HERE COME THE FEELS.The last two Ranger’s Apprentice books (THE EMPEROR OF NIHON-JA and THE LOST STORIES), I was vaguely disappointed and dissatisfied with the series. Shoot me now, die-hard fans! But they were kind of boring. HALT’S PERIL was my top- [...]

    12. The second half of the book gets nearly 4 stars, but the first half gets only 2 from me. This book takes place about 16 years after book 10. Ranger Will has gray hair and a gray beard (but he's only about 40, so that didn't fit). He's grieving a personal loss, feeling bitter and vengeful. Quite understandable. But he's also petty, petulant, and mean-spirited with his new apprentice, and to the kids at the party, and to the curious blacksmith. The drunken hangover scene went on far too long and W [...]

    13. 3.5Not necessarily my favorite book of the series, but I did find it a fitting conclusion as things come full circle and Will is now the grizzled grey-beard taking on an apprentice which opens him back up to the world. (I had sort of guessed what the "senseless tragedy" referenced in the blurb was from several of the reviews - so, thanks for that )One thing which kept distracting me is I was trying to think of timelines and ages. According to Wiki, Flanagan has said this last story takes place 1 [...]

    14. This was a good book, like all the others in the series. It probably would have been somewhat less good if I had not read all the previous books. Like most Ranger's Apprentice novels, the plot is nothing spectacular, but the characters are great. It had less humor and fewer laugh out loud moments than most of the preceding books. It's more bittersweet; less lighthearted. I didn't necessarily like it less because of this, but it was definitely different in tone. Readers who read Ranger's Apprenti [...]

    15. ~ I wanted to rewrite my review for this book because it holds a really special place in my heart. Plus the old review was pretty crap, and this book deserves the best review I can write for it. I can't recommend this series highly enough to people, it will always be special to me and I love it so much and always will. Ok, now to my review. This is one of the best books I have read. I loved everything about this book. It is my favourite in the series and one of my favourites in general. I loved [...]

    16. Thoughts on the Overall Book: So, I'm a long time fan of the series. It's one of my favorites, and I was excited as everyone else to hear he was continuing it, but then when I found out the premise. Well, I wasn't nearly so excited anymore. And while it turned out not to be as horrible as I feared, I still really wish John Flanagan hadn't written this story line. I couldn't care less about it really. I think he should have just written a prequel story about Halt and Crowley. We all wanted that a [...]

    17. So I read the first chapter on USA Today (usatoday/story/life/bo). "How do you think fans will react to the final book in the series?I hope they'll enjoy it. I think they will. It's the usual mixture of adventure, action and, of course, humor. And I hope they'll realise that it's time for the series to end. I've been invading the privacy of Will, Halt, Horace and Evanlyn for years now. It's appropriate to let them have a little time to themselves, without having me peering over their collective [...]

    18. How I wanted to like this book, the closing of the series. The series has been quite well written, with interesting glimpses into cultural diversity and with a real feel for a mix of adventure, agency, and friendship. Halt's Peril was perhaps my favorite, for it emphasizes the real vulnerability of simply being human.So I had high hopes for this book. Although the set up is fine -- Will's friends ask him to take an apprentice to ease his grief -- the execution felt light. For this adult, the ser [...]

    19. I don't really know what to say. Ranger's Apprentice is over, and it is slowly hitting me. This was our last story, and most likely our last time with Will, Horace, Halt, Evanlyn, Alyss, Jenny, Gilan and everyone. I did not expect anything from this series when I began The Ruins of Gorlan and now look where we are. This series has become on of my all-time favourites and it is so, so hard to give that up. This story was the perfect ending for the series but it broke my heart at the same time. No, [...]

    20. * * * * *5 purely and entirely nostalgic starsIs this a very good book? Not really. It almost exactly mirrors the first book for a good chunk of the novel - replace Will with newcomer Maddie, and Halt with Will. The second half is a ranger mission that isn't exactly original either. But. What The Royal Ranger did manage to absolutely nail was to transport me back to when I was twelve and picked up this series. I was so entirely absorbed that it brought back a whole host of memories of me sneakin [...]

    21. An entertaining conclusion that comes full circle from the first book. Flanagan sticks to his usual formula of dry humor in the adult characters and a protagonist that grows up while facing dangers. While this story's pacing slows a bit in the middle because of the focus on training an apprentice, it picks up with an exciting ending. About 17 years has passed and Will Treaty is now middle-aged. Many of the characters from previous books have died or are dying. Others are doing well in old-age an [...]

    22. I can't believe there's no more Ranger's Apprentice T.T My eyes are faintly sparkling with tears, dejected that the series came to an end or proud of all the characters, not sure which exactly. But what I'm certain of is that Will came back to his old self again :') Thanks to the pride of her parents, Maddie, who compensated me for all the disappointment many female characters -in other books- have caused me (I think I said that before?)I like to capture the part in which Will thought he lost Ma [...]

    23. Review forthcomingAll spoilers marked in this review are disastrous. If you've not read this, they will ruin. Seriously! More spoilers possibly disenchanting are including without tags, sorryELLAR. The Royal Ranger didn't really meet my expectations it just blew them out of the water and to Timbuktu, Madelyn has just the same charm most all of Flanagan's characters are lucky to have, Will is just the same - or rather not at all.One of the earliest notable thoughts was that I was boycotting it if [...]

    24. As soon as I read the first few words of this series I was hooked. I could not stop reading them, I read book after book after book, and once I read them all It was really hard to find a new character that I liked. I read the other series John Flanagan wrote (The Brotherband Chronicles) once I finished those books I was waiting for John to write another Brotherband book and when I came to the book store I found book 12 of The Rangers Apprentice series and I bought it then and there. I finished i [...]

    25. OH my GODS!!!! There's another one?! Money PLEASE grow on trees?Thank Yyevon for libraries!

    26. Link of this review in BookLikes+ ترجیح داده می شه اینو توی بوک لایکس بخونین، بهتر مرتب شده :)You couldn’t think of Will without seeing his unruly mop of brown hair and that cheerful grin on his face. Will had always been filled with an inner energy. He was enthusiastic and inquisitive, forever seeking something new and interesting in life. It was this trait that had led the Nihon-Jan people to christen him chocho, or butterfly. He seemed to flit c [...]

    27. یه جاهاییش واقعا لوس بود و میخواستم ۲ ستاره بدم بهشدر کل مثل بقیه جلدهاش متوسط بود، بخش‌هاییش هم حالت تکراری و کلیشه پیدا کرده بود. برای وقت پر کردن بد نیست :دی

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