Forever Ours

Forever Ours

Cassia Leo / Dec 10, 2019

Forever Ours Forever Ours is the highly anticipated prequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shattered Hearts Series This should be read before Relentless Sometimes it takes than love to mend a sha

  • Title: Forever Ours
  • Author: Cassia Leo
  • ISBN: 9781494774301
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Forever Ours is the highly anticipated prequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shattered Hearts Series This should be read before Relentless Sometimes, it takes than love to mend a shattered heart After eight years of being tossed around from one home to another, never forming any meaningful friendships or bonds with her foster families, Claire s caForever Ours is the highly anticipated prequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shattered Hearts Series This should be read before Relentless Sometimes, it takes than love to mend a shattered heart After eight years of being tossed around from one home to another, never forming any meaningful friendships or bonds with her foster families, Claire s caseworker gives her an ultimatum Behave or your next home will be a halfway house When fifteen year old Claire arrives at the home of Jackie Knight and meets Jackie s fifteen year old son, tattooed guitarist Chris, she fears she ll be seeing the inside of that halfway house soon But Chris isn t like any other guy Claire has ever encountered and he soon gains her trust through his music and unwavering patience Claire has finally found her forever home and she and Chris soon find themselves falling in love But Chris s dreams of musical stardom and Claire s need for a stable home soon put their love in jeopardy Chris struggles deeply with his plans for the future, entirely reluctant to leave Claire behind until Claire does something that may break their love and the only home she s comes to know forever.

    Forever Ours Real Stories of Immortality and Living from Forever Ours Real Stories of Immortality and Living from a Forensic Pathologist Janis Amatuzio on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This book is a love letter to the world from those who have shared their stories of love, compassion and understanding following the death of a loved one. Forever Ours LEGO Friends Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Forever Ours is a song written by Owen Thomas, Lily May Young, Zac White, Felicia Barton and performed by LM for LEGO Friends It is featured in the TV episode Getting the Message The look that s in your eyes. Forever Ours Shattered Hearts, by Cassia Leo May , Forever Ours tells the story of Claire, a fifteen year old foster kid who run away and has been living in the streets for over a week, and Chris, the biological son of the woman who becomes Claire s new foster parent. Forever Ours Shattered Hearts Book Kindle edition by Forever Ours Shattered Hearts Book Kindle edition by Cassia Leo Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Forever Ours Shattered Hearts Book . Best forever ours images in Foster care adoption Feb , Explore Sheila Martin VanFossen s board forever ours on Pinterest See ideas about Foster care adoption, Foster to adopt and Adoption baby shower.

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        New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo grew up in California and has lived in three different countries She loves to travel and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills She is the author of the Shattered Hearts series Relentless, Pieces of You, Bring Me Home She is also the author of the popular Luke and Chase series.Come chat with her on Facebook facebook authorcassialeo or Twitter twitter AuthorCassiaLeoOr you can follow her blog at cassialeo to stay up to date on new releases and giveaways.Thanks for reading


    1. Forever Ours tells the story of Claire, a fifteen year old foster kid who run away and has been living in the streets for over a week, and Chris, the biological son of the woman who becomes Claire's new foster parent. I was expecting a lot out of this book based on that premise, for the simple fact that foster kids usually carry a lot of issues, whether it is about their biological family or about the people they were forced to live with. I was expecting Claire to put up a fight, to be cautious [...]

    2. The Shattered Hearts series (Relentless, Pieces of You and Bring Me Home) are one of my favourite series, I thoroughly enjoyed all three books. But now having read the prequel to this series ‘Forever Ours” I have a whole new appreciation for these books and it has made me want to read them all over again. (By the way, highly recommend that you read this first before the others if you haven’t read them yet.)In Forever Ours, we are taken right back to the beginning, when young Claire arrives [...]

    3. Like myself, a lot of you have probably already read the Shattered Heart series. And you probably felt the same way as I did. It was such an amazing series. It was perfect. But now that I’ve read Forever Ours…. Wow. This takes this series to a whole new level.You learn so much more about their story and come to appreciate the characters and sacrifices they made so much more. For the people who have not read this series, I cannot speak highly enough about it. In Forever Ours, the author takes [...]

    4. celebrityreaders.wordpressI liked this book. It was okay. But…e timeline glossed over some real important parts in my opinion. And, I don’t really understand what happened at the end. It was like everything that was built up over the course of two years was suddenly not good enough? The consistency wasn’t there for me and that is a huge deal in my rating of a book. If it doesn’t fit, I don’t believe it. If I don’t believe it, I loose interest…fast.And I just didn’t buy it with th [...]

    5. DNF! I've heard many good things about this author and this series so I started this earlier today and made it to about 30% before I gave up. It has absolutely no substance to it at all!! You're seriously just reading bits and pieces as it jumps around from scene to scene, there is nothing to allow a connection to the characters. However, I believe this may have been written after the full length novels were written as a bonus to pre-existing fans of the series, so I'm going to chalk it up as a [...]

    6. Forever Ours was an amazing book. I loved it so much. Such a sad story of Claire's life. After the death of of her mother and being passed into some many homes she finally arrives at the Knight family. Loving mother, Jackie and her musical son Chris welcome her with open arms. I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much. I loved Cassia Leo books so much. As soon as I saw it I knew how much I would love it too. I recommend this to all of my friends too!

    7. A great beginning to such an amazing series. I loved seeing how it all began with Chris & Claire and watching their story unfold. I'm always going to want more of the swoony Chris Knight! And now I highly look forward to release of Chasing Abby, more Chris & Claire and Abby! __________________________________________Yay so excited for this prequel to an amazing series. Can't wait to read more of how it all started for Chris & Claire.

    8. I absolutely love Cassia's Shattered Hearts series. Like LOVE, LOVE it. I can't get enough of Chris and Claire. Forever Ours is the story of how Chris and Claire first met, when she came to live with them. Now, I know we learn about their history via flashbacks throughout Pieces of Me and Bring Me Home, BUT it's not the same as reading it firsthand here. I feel like we get more details and I got to feel that initial connection that they had with each other. Cassia allowed me to fall in love with [...]

    9. I liked that this book started as a sweet-innocent teenage love story, Claire and Chris's love story. Although I didn't buy their love since it felt like an insta-love, I can ignore it to keep reading it. They are young, free and don't care about the world, I think it kinda makes sense if they (think) fall in love since the first sight.This sweet love story grows throughout the story. As they get older, I can see that they are really in love and thinking to have future together. They become more [...]

    10. I LOVED THIS PREQUELClaire has been moved from different foster homes and at the age of 15 is taken in by a family. skinny,broken Claire has a tragic back story. Chris is the son of the family that has taken Claire in, instant attraction despite Claire's appearance. Chris and Claire become really close and become best friends to lovers. A sweet romance and heartwarming but with Chris and his band on the verge of making it big time and Claire now in College will their relationship last with Chris [...]

    11. This was a very sweet start to the series. I'm not quite sure how to review this book, since it's a novella. But I decided to read in order of the series, instead of in order published. While they fell in love very quickly, it didn't feel rushed or forced for some reason. This book just clicked and made sense. I have a feeling I'm going to fall in love with the rest of the series, so I'm off to start now

    12. I absolutely love Chris Knight. Seeing as this came out after I read the series, I knew sort of what was going to happen in this book. It was wonderful to see Chris and Claire fall in love. I laughed and I cried my eyes out reading this book. I absolutely LOVE this series. If there was a way to get more Chris Knight, I would be the first in line to buy that book.

    13. Filled in some gaps but still left some holes. I feel much better about Chris being the best choice for Claire now, but would have liked some more detail on the pregnancy and Chris searching for Claire. I wish I could have started the series with this book though.

    14. Charlie and Claire story was sweet and innocent. It was great to see how they navigated there separate life. While she was in high school and he dropped out so he can peruse his music career It was good to see how they worked their relationship. I can't wait to continue with there story.

    15. There was potential for it to be a great story, but it fell short. The ending was AWFUL. I literally said out loud "what a terrible book" as soon as I realized it was over. There wasn't enough development of the plot or the characters. It could have been great, but it wasn't. Very disappointing. I do not recommend it. The one plus was that I read it quickly, so now I can move on to something else.

    16. Kindle Freebie.There was no flow to this story. It jumped around and skipped ahead and was kind of a hot mess. Claire lost her mother to a drug overdose when Claire was 7 (6? 7? 6? I am not even sure) and went through a large number of foster homes, jaded, aloof and alone. But all of that disappears when she is sent to live with Jackie and Chris. Seemingly the moment she moves in. She is accepted as part of the family and into Chris's group of friends like she was the missing piece needed to kee [...]

    17. Ok so to be honest here I wasn’t expecting much, I had read one of Cassia Leos books before and just well, hated it. So when I grabbed this one, I was going into it with a lot of trepidation, and I was almost looking for stuff I wouldn’t like, unfair?? Maybe, but I can’t help it.But what I got was something great and something I truly enjoyed. A coming of age story about a broken girl that has had it bad for so long she hardly know what good is anymore. Now while I enjoyed this and read it [...]

    18. Ok, this is my second Cassia Leo book and I will start off by saying it was much better than Anti-Romance.Claire has been bounced around from foster home to foster home never really fitting in. Then she gets placed in the Knight house. Jackie Knight is unlike any other foster mom Claire has ever had - she's kind, patient, and caring. Then there's Jackie's son, Chris. He doesn't seem to want to use her and genuinely seems interested in getting to know her. And soon the two find themselves sneakin [...]

    19. Forever Ours In Forever Ours we meet young Claire, As she is getting moved into yet again another foster home. She will be moving in with Jackie Knight and her son Chris Knight. This is Claire’s last chance in the foster care system if she gets kicked out of another home she’s on her own. When Claire arrives at the knight’s she Walk’s in and finds Chris and his friends in the living room playing music together. Chris shows Claire to her room and asks her if she would like to come back do [...]

    20. Forever Ours is the prequel to the Shattered Hearts series.I really loved Forever Ours. And oh my god, I love Chris! <333Here's a few of my favorite quotes from the book;"Chris and Claire Now that's the sound of destiny."Ah, absolutely LOVED that!!"Claire, it's your birthday. And I know you probably haven't had a whole lot of birthdays you want to remember for the rest of your life, but I want this birthday to be one you never forget.""You're my everything. I want to be your everything, too." [...]

    21. This book sucked me after the first page I didn't put the book down until I was finished. The story of a girl who lost her mother young and for 8 years she had to keep her guard never feeling comfortable around anyone after going from foster home to foster home. Until she moves is with Chris and his mom and that first night you knew things wouldn't be the same for either of them. Chris knew from a young age that he wanted to be musician and a artist and he knew that eventually his hard work pay [...]

    22. I read the Shattered Hearts series awhile back, so when I saw that the sequel was a freebie, I downloaded it. Like the series, I liked it but didn't love it.There's lots of angst here, but then again, these are teenagers and that's to be expected. Chris comes across as a bit of a loser, he's a high school drop-out who's in a band. Having read the series, I know he eventually makes it big, but the odds of that are really slim and I can't believe his mom would let him drop out (perhaps it's the pa [...]

    23. I first want to thank Cassia Leo for writing this prequel novella to her Shattered Hearts series. I fell in love with Claire and Chris (and Adam) in this series, and knew that Claire and Chris had a past that was undeniably one of love, but this book allowed me to see how that all began, and what each were thinking when they parted so that Chris could start his career. Knowing what came after their joining and splitting - from reading the Shattered Hearts series - this novella was even more sati [...]

    24. I am a huge fan of Cassia Leo's and the Shattered Hearts series. I am so glad that Cassia decided to give us a peak at Chris and Claire's early relationship. I am so in love with Chris after reading this! This prequel gave me a new appreciation for the entire series and now I want to read them all again. I felt so many emotions reading this and I felt like I could actually feel the love that Chris and Claire feel for each other. Such a beautifully written book!

    25. I absolutely adore this series! I was a total mess reading Forever Ours. Of course having already read the series and knowing what was going to happen in the future - OH! My heart broke! I can definitely see myself reading the whole series again especially when Chasing Abby is released. I'm still in tears.

    26. I really liked this. I wish I would have read this before I read the other books in this series because I have an entirely different view of Chris now that I have all of this background information regarding his relationship with Claire. If you haven't read any of the books in this series yet make sure you read this first.

    27. ok this is the first in the shattered hearts series, you need to read them all and in order. the series has everything a good book needs. my real review will be at the end of the series, I bought this one as part of a red hotbikers set

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