Of All the Gin Joints: A Cocktail Drinker's Guide to Hollywood Hijinks and Mayhem

Of All the Gin Joints: A Cocktail Drinker's Guide to Hollywood Hijinks and Mayhem

Mark Bailey Edward Hemingway / Jan 18, 2020

Of All the Gin Joints A Cocktail Drinker s Guide to Hollywood Hijinks and Mayhem True tales of celebrity hijinks are served up with an equal measure of Hollywood history movie star mayhem and a frothy mix of forty cocktail recipes Humphrey Bogart got himself arrested for protect

  • Title: Of All the Gin Joints: A Cocktail Drinker's Guide to Hollywood Hijinks and Mayhem
  • Author: Mark Bailey Edward Hemingway
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • True tales of celebrity hijinks are served up with an equal measure of Hollywood history, movie star mayhem, and a frothy mix of forty cocktail recipes.Humphrey Bogart got himself arrested for protecting his drinking buddies, who happened to be a pair of stuffed pandas Ava Gardner would water ski to the set of Night of the Iguana holding a towline in one hand and a cocktaTrue tales of celebrity hijinks are served up with an equal measure of Hollywood history, movie star mayhem, and a frothy mix of forty cocktail recipes.Humphrey Bogart got himself arrested for protecting his drinking buddies, who happened to be a pair of stuffed pandas Ava Gardner would water ski to the set of Night of the Iguana holding a towline in one hand and a cocktail in the other Barely legal Natalie Wood would let Dennis Hopper seduce her if he provided a bathtub full of champagne Bing Crosby s ill mannered antics earned him the nickname Binge Crosby And sweet Mary Pickford stashed liquor in hydrogen peroxide bottles during Prohibition From the frontier days of silent film up to the wild auteur period of the 1970s, Mark Bailey has pillaged the vaults of Hollywood history and lore to dig up the true and often surprising stories of seventy of our most beloved actors, directors, and screenwriters at their most soused.Bite size biographies are followed by ribald anecdotes and memorable quotes If a star had a favorite cocktail, the recipe is included Films with the most outrageous booze soaked stories, like Apocalypse Now, From Here to Eternity, and The Misfits, are featured, along with the legendary watering holes of the day and the recipes for their signature drinks Edward Hemingway s portraits complete this spirited look at America s most iconic silver screen legends This book is like being at the best dinner party in the world And I thought I was the first person to put a bar in my closet I was clearly born during the wrong era Chelsea Handler

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    1. I very much enjoyed this romp through Hollywood's players of yesteryear. The stories, anecdotes, quotes and drink recipes - a few I plan on trying - keep the book flowing nicely. I did, however, expect more stories coming from actual barkeeps and waitresses themselves regarding the outlandish, and sometimes absurd behavior of film's king and queens of the era. Much of the tales were broad strokes ripped right from tabloids of the day. Moreover the book ends abruptly, as if a diary whose author d [...]

    2. A quick read full of trivia and gossip about Hollywood movie stars and their legendary exploits in pursuit of oblivion at the bottom of a bottle. I was in a bit of a reading rut, so this was kind of perfect. I’m not quite sure how the movie stars were sorted into the four categories - Silent Era, Studio Era, Postwar, and 1960s/New Hollywood - particularly the last two which have a lot of overlap. The book ends with Natalie Wood, making me wonder why the authors didn’t continue into more rece [...]

    3. A sprightly light trip through the overtaxed liver of Hollywood. If you like Hollywood history, drinks recipes, celebrity gossip or just a cheerful itemizing of public urination, you'll enjoy this book. My suggestion? Pick up a couple of extra copies before the holidays; this is the sort of thing to give to that person you forgot you were exchanging presents with. Unless, of course, they're sober; this book could induce a bender in a Mormon. Thanks to Vromans bookstore for letting me read it.

    4. OF ALL THE GIN JOINTS is that frothy mixture one might expect of a book that combines alcohol, movie stars, famous nightclubs and hotels, some movie trivia and tales told out of school. Written by Mark Bailey and with amusing illustrations by Edward Hemingway, this book collects stories and recipes you may have read about before, but serves them up in four distinct groupings by era. They are the Silent Era, the Studio Era, the Postwar Era and the 1960’s to include New Hollywood, although it i [...]

    5. Of All the Gin Joints is an often hilarious, sometimes scandalous look at some of Hollywood's biggest stars and their drinking habits. One of the most fun stories is Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor inventing the chocolate martini. Although most of the stories are funny, I'm not saying they are not tragic in a way, as well. Movie studio executives and directors either looked the other way or even condoned the stars' drinking and drug use as long as their performances were good.The book also inc [...]

    6. The theme here: Movie stars love to drink. And drink. It's a formulaic read that tires toward the end. The author touches on a whole host of celebrities, without getting too in-depth about them. And then, there are some chapters on old Hollywood landmarks. And THEN, for some unexplained reason, the author throws in drink recipes. I don't get it.The first two sections are fascinating, though, to see how messed up these people were. And then, it fades.

    7. Here At The Musso & Frank GrillI am not physically sitting in a booth at Musso & Frank's as I write this. I am, however, there in my head, which is what counts anyway.This is a perfect book if you can travel inside your head. There is no Hollywood Hotel anymore; the Coconut Grove is now the footprint of a high school auditorium. But, with the aid of this book they exist again.Books like this have to navigate a very narrow line. Too much information can squeeze the life out the story. Too [...]

    8. I gave this two stars because it is an inconsequential book, not because there is anything inherently wrong with it. I grabbed it coming over the desk at the library where I work because the stories of the stars seemed like a fun way to have a long session with Hollywood gossip without having to go to my hair salon to get People magazine.The book devotes a brief chapter to each of the chosen stars, directors or whatever, then ends with perhaps an additional anecdote and a story about a selected [...]

    9. I found this book depressing. Once you've seen and lived with alcoholism up close, it kind of loses the quirky charm the authors seem to be trying for in this book full of whiskey/tequila/gin-soaked anecdotes. Some of the stories are clearly apocryphal (which, to be fair, the authors do admit), and none of them made me laugh - they just seemed sad. I did, however, enjoy the drinks recipes (I was particularly intrigued by Pimm's Cup and Orange wine), and the historical tidbits about such famous v [...]

    10. Of All the Gin Joints is a trip through Hollywood history featuring some of the more illustrious drinkers from its past. For each star there is a brief description of their escapades, accompanied by a cool caricature and often a drink recipe. Just as interesting for me was the history of some of Hollywood's famous spots such as the Polo Lounge and Chateau Marmont. Meant to be consumed in small sips, this will be a hit with Hollywood and trivia buffs.Thanks to and the publisher for this advance [...]

    11. These Hollywood people did crazy things and they could really put away the alcohol! Richard Burton could three bottles of vodka plus in a day! There are worse than him! Nice, good easy read.

    12. Great collection of anecdotes, quotes, backstories, and snippets of Hollywood history framed against cocktails.

    13. themaineedge/buzz/cockSo it turns out that over the years, a lot of Hollywood’s most famous faces have been known to enjoy a drink or three.Shocking, I know. But while some tales of movie star debauchery have filtered down into the public consciousness over the years, it might surprise you to discover just how many of these stories there are – stories you may never have heard.(Here’s a hint: there are a LOT.)Writer Mark Bailey and illustrator Edward Hemingway have teamed up to bring reader [...]

    14. I like reading gossip about famous people and that's why I was attracted to this book. It's stories about actors, directors, writers, etc. and their drinking habits.It's divided into four parts:The Silent Era (1898-1929) - Fatty Arbuckle, John Barrymore, Clara Bow, Marion Davies, W.C. Fields, Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, Mary Pickford and moreThe Studio Era - Tallulah Bankhead, John Carradine, Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, Frances Farmer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and morePostw [...]

    15. This is a massively cool collection of 70 anecdotes about renowned Hollywooders with 40 cocktail recipes to accompany their assorted debaucheries. Presented roughly chronologically, four distinct film eras are covered. The Silent era (1895–1929) has dudes like John Barrymore lit to the gills; the Studio age (1929–1945) sees Raymond Chandler et al. face down in disgusting liquids; the Postwar period (1945–1960) has Bogart and his buds badly hammered; and the “New Hollywood” epoch (1960 [...]

    16. I wanted to read this book because I am a huge fan of the Golden Era of Hollywood. I love movies made during that time. Which isn't to say I don't like other movies, I just have a preference for the classic black-and-whites.Now this book was different: it took me longer to read than others because every so often I would find myself curious - not about the anecdotes involved, for I believe everything Mr. Bailey has written, having heard some of the stories previously. But because being a huge cla [...]

    17. I found this book to have an odd dichotomy between the physical presentation of the book and it's actual content. The book is cheerful and attractively packaged, with engaging art and clever illustrations promising to make you feel like you are at the best dinner party in the world (so says the blurb on the front cover). And on the inside, the actual content of the book, is full of depressing stories of people destroying themselves with drugs and alcohol. I wasn't expecting a light and fluffy bo [...]

    18. Hang on lovers of old and new Hollywood, it's going to be a bumpy ride! As well as some stumbling, passing out, and even law-breaking. But mostly, you are going to laugh out loud at the crazy antics of your favorite Hollywood icons. Love them or hate them, the Hollywood bunch sure know how to have fun, and in Of All the Gin Joints: Stumbling through Hollywood History, you get to hear about some of their most memorable drunken times. Bogie and his pandas, Sinatra and his toupee, how directors lov [...]

    19. Part history, part recipe book, this trek through the drinking habits of the Hollywood elite will leave you thirsty. Mark Bailey's book is divided be eras, starting with silent film stars in 1895 and running through 1979. The book really focuses on individuals, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor, Clara Bow and John Barrymore are just a few of the stars to grace the pages of this book. Each celebrity has a short bio, followed by a story that is, more often than not, a drunken tale of debauchery. The b [...]

    20. I was about to begin this review by saying this is the perfect coffee-table book but then coffee has very little to do with it. Better to say it's the ideal toilet book: two- or three-page chapters on Hollywood legends and their drinking in particular and debauchery in general. Speaking as someone whom nature has, perforce, made abstemious, I read the exploits of the people here with something like wonder: how can the human system cope with such vast amounts of alcohol? I, certainly, cannot. One [...]

    21. An interesting read about Hollywood and the stars. Some of the short stories are laugh out fun and others are very sad as they depict the downward spirals of the actors, writers, and directors. The book describes Hollywood during prohibition and the lengths they went to drink. The seamy side of the movie industry and the stories of the actors portrayed in the book might be eye openers to those who have read very little about Hollywood. Although I have read about some of these people there were m [...]

    22. This book supplies some good description of Hollywood's drinks and drinking holes during its Golden Age, but what it is, deliciously, is a gossip book with small anecdotes about the drunks of Hollywood. Since none of the subjects from Bogart to Nathalie Wood are living, no living person is hurt with these stories. Typical of the stories is one that includes a 17 year-old Nathalie Wood, a 20 year-old Dennis Hopper and their not much younger director all of whom decide when fairly sober to have an [...]

    23. I'm not quite sure what I think about this book. There are short 2-4 page "chapters" on different actors, stories about various Hollywood hangouts, both closed and current, and 40 cocktail recipes. After reading the book, I don't want to try any of them. I might have overloaded by reading them in quick succession. I think it was supposed to make me nostalgic for the golden days of Hollywood but instead it just made me sad. So much wasted time and talent is chronicled here. I think movie buffs wi [...]

    24. Entertaining well researched history of celebrities behaving badly in Hollywood from the silent era to roughly the 70's. Entertaining but like the alcohol that is the focus of this book it needs to be taken in short sips. By the time I got to John Carradine I felt like I had a hangover. Truly depressing stuff. But now I want to try a Pimm's Cup, they sound really good and were apparently a favorite of John Barrymore so how dangerous could they be? Actually, the fact that when his "second wife br [...]

    25. Interesting read! I didn't favour the snippets about the establishments as much as I liked the bits about the people and their scandals. Very entertaining stories of wild drunkenness. I also appreciated that it included an extensive bibliography, so that I know when I tell everyone I know that Charlie Chaplin accidentally dyed his man-parts red with iodine (to prevent VD during his various orgies) that I can be confident I am stating a well sourced fact. The cocktail recipes were a good addition [...]

    26. A good title. Reminiscent of the evolution of Hollywood where the one common factor in the lives of the stars, the has beens and the wannabes seems to have been booze. We all love a bit of gossip, or there would be no paparazzi pursuing the celebrities to feed us the juicy details of their wicked ways, and this book is a compendium of the mostly sordid stories of the power of the moguls in the film industry, and how lives were sullied by the wealth and fame that accompanied stardom. Enriched by [...]

    27. A collection of short bios on seventy film stars: actors, directors and screenwriters. Centering on their alcoholic escapades while dishing dirt and gossip. Starting with the silent movie era and going into the 1970s it covers vignettes of the people along with famous LA nightclubs, cocktail recipes and the occasional movie. A lot of fun for those who like the stories of the Golden Days of Hollywood. It's not exactly the type of book you'd read cover to cover in one go but more of a pick up and [...]

    28. Casablanca is one of my all time favorite movies - if not my outright, top spot, number one. Everything about the movie is flawless and perfect and it makes me cry even having seen it a hundred times. I love the mystique and the love story (that is not a love story) and the acting was unlike any I have ever seen since. That said, I could not wait to get my hands on this book. I couldn't wait to get to know all the behind the scenes details and eat it all up. And that is exactly what I did! This [...]

    29. Easy to read with entertaining anecdotes about legendary movie professionals and their watering holes, I devoured this book in a couple of days. It really portrays these actors, directors and writers as crazy drunks who do the most destructive yet fascinating things. I skimmed over the recipes and they are not something that I will refer back to but I can see someone using to add pizzazz to a party. Overall, this is good book to have sitting around to read a bit at a time and share with guests. [...]

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