Dragoste de proba

Dragoste de proba

Victoria Alexander / Aug 21, 2019

Dragoste de proba Dupa sapte sezoane mondene glorioase cea mai scandaloasa frumusete a Londrei Pandora Effington stie ca a venit timpul sa se marite dar majoritatea burlacilor eligibili o lasa complet indiferenta Ea ta

  • Title: Dragoste de proba
  • Author: Victoria Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dupa sapte sezoane mondene glorioase,cea mai scandaloasa frumusete a Londrei,Pandora Effington stie ca a venit timpul sa se marite dar majoritatea burlacilor eligibili,o lasa complet indiferenta.Ea tanjeste dupa un erou adevarat,un barbat special,a carui atingere sa i dea fiori si care sa faca tot ce i sta in puteri sa i cucereasca inima Cineva ca Maximillian Wells.Dupa sapte sezoane mondene glorioase,cea mai scandaloasa frumusete a Londrei,Pandora Effington stie ca a venit timpul sa se marite dar majoritatea burlacilor eligibili,o lasa complet indiferenta.Ea tanjeste dupa un erou adevarat,un barbat special,a carui atingere sa i dea fiori si care sa faca tot ce i sta in puteri sa i cucereasca inima Cineva ca Maximillian Wells Cuceritorului conte de Trent nu i vine sa si creada urechilor sau ochilor inaintea lui sta chiar Pandora,femeia pe care o considera cea mai potrivita sotie.Dar superba si inabordabila mostenitoare ii face cea mai incredibila si tentanta oferta.Ii ofera mana si restul trupului ei irezistibil daca accepta sa joace un joc nascocit de ea.Este Maximillian insa dispus sa riste totul ca sa si dovedeasca dragostea

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      221 Victoria Alexander
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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander was an award winning television reporter until she discovered fiction was much fun than real life She turned to writing full time and is still shocked it worked out.Since the publication of her first book in 1995, she has written thirty one full length novels and six novellas The Perfect Wife originally published in 1996 and reissued in March 2008 hit 1 on the New York Times list Sixteen of her books are bestsellers hitting the New York Times, USA Today and or Publishers Weekly bestseller lists With books translated into than a dozen different languages she has readers around the world and has twice been nominated for Romance s Writers of America prestigious RITA award In 2009 she was given a Career Achievement Award from RT Bookclub and was named Historical Storyteller of the year in 2003 In 2008 she was the keynote speaker for the Romance Writers of American annual conference in San Francisco Victoria credits much of her writing success to her experiences as a reporter.Her years as a broadcast journalist were spent in two radically different areas of the country Nebraska and West Virginia In West Virginia, she covered both natural and manmade disasters She was on the scene when a power plant construction accident in a small town left 52 men dead She once spent the night on a mountain waiting to learn of the fate of coal miners trapped in a mine collapse Victoria was producing a newscast when her husband who worked at the same television station and several other journalists were held hostage by a disturbed Vietnam veteran In Nebraska, she reported on the farm crisis and watched people lose land that had been in their families for generations She covered the story that was the basis of the movie BOYS DON T CRY and once acted as the link between police and a gunman who had barricaded himself in his home Her investigative work exposed the trucking of New York City garbage to a small town dump in rural Nebraska.During her journalism career, Victoria covered every president from Ford to Clinton She knows firsthand what it feels like to be surrounded by rising floodwaters and inside a burning building She s interviewed movie stars including Kevin Costner, ridden an elephant and flown in a governor s helicopter She s covered a national political convention and Pope John Paul II s historic visit to Denver as well as small town festivals celebrating everything from walnuts to Glen Miller Her work was honored by numerous organizations including the Associated Press who called a feature about a firefighter s school story telling genius It was the encouragement she needed to turn from news to fiction She s never looked back.Victoria claims her love of romance and journalism is to due to the influence of her favorite comic book character Lois Lane, a terrific reporter and a great heroine who pursued Superman with an unwavering determination And why not He was extremely well drawn.Victoria grew up traveling the world as an Air Force brat Today, she lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and her dogs Victoria had two bearded collies, Sam and Louie named from characters in one of her books Sam on the left , the best dog in the world for 13 years, passed away in September 2010 Louie took on the position of loyal companion and did a fine job even though he doesn t understand that kitchen counter surfing is not allowed Now he s been joined by Reggie, also a faithful companion.They all live happily ever after in a house under constant renovation and the accompanying parade of men in tool belts And never ending chaos Victoria laughs a great deal she has to.


    1. I tried. I sincerely did. But really, could this story possibly be any more unoriginal and predictable? So, let's make a list of all the clichés I've encountered so far:1. Heroine = spinster. 2. Hero = rake/rogue/scoundrel.3. Heroine = virgin.4. Heroine has the most annoying habit of repeating everything Hero says, like a fuckin' parrot. 5. Hero has served in the military.6. Heroine is determined to not let Hero get the best of her. Which basically means she makes long speeches about how much s [...]

    2. This one’s for Madu’s Birthday! Yes, it’s a birthday read! Hurray!!!!I’m sorry I’ll f*ck this one up Madu. I tried to like it but… I didn’t O_OSo the question of the day is: what is The Wedding Bargain about? Even an idiot can answer this question. Yes, it’s about a freakin’ wedding bargain. However, let me tell you the story in a better way. Behold the dialogue!Max: I love you Pandora, you’re the hottest girl out there. Let’s get married!Pandora: No Max, you’re an idiot, [...]

    3. 4 1/2 stars for this one. What a great read. This is not my first Victoria Alexander but it is the first in this series for me. I am so looking forward to the next one (Yahoo I have them all!!). It is not an in-depth bodice-ripper. It is a nice light, funny romantic read. Don't go looking for the deep and meaningfuls in this story cos you simply won't find it. But oh what a refreshing change to just simply have 2 people attracted to each other fall in love with a bit of the usual mis-steps along [...]

    4. Reviewed for THC ReviewsThe Wedding Bargain is a fun, light-hearted, Regency romp that turned out to be a pretty entertaining read. The hero has a reputation as “a rake, a rogue, a scoundrel, and a beast.” The heroine has caught his eye, and knowing that he must marry soon to produce an heir, he's determined to do whatever it takes to have her. She has been dubbed the Hellion of Grosvenor Square, and while it's not a title she's entirely earned, she is a very spirited young lady who refuses [...]

    5. Max ve Pandora'nın ilişkisini okumak çok keyifliydi gerçekten . Yazarın dilini de çok sevdim, diğer kitaplarını mutlaka okuyacağım.

    6. Chapter titles #1 "Opening Gambit" Spring 1818 to #24 "The Spoils of Victory" deserve a Table of Contents to enjoy. Pandora Effington 24, her seventh season p42 early dubbed Hellion of Grosvenor Square by rejected suitor Viscount Lord Lawrence Bolton wagers "a rake, a rogue, and a scoundrel" p5 Maximillian Wells, Earl of Trent her hand for the Twelve Labors of Hercules, amid persiflage teasing banter and repartée. Her protegé Cynthia Weatherly 21, fourth season, asserts herself in defense of h [...]

    7. Very cute story and a nice start to a series. I really liked the characters in this one, they were both strong willed and determined but both were confused about their feelings of love. It was one of thosebooks that was easy to breeze right through. Lots of funny moments that brought a silly grin to my face and plenty of sigh worthy moments that just sizzled. It was an enjoyable read, but not one that stoodout as something I would think about for a long.

    8. I know I've read it, just don't remember any plot details. Actually, many of Victoria Alexander's books are like that: entertaining but not memorable. I would still probably read most any of her books, and might re-read them also (since they're not memorable).

    9. This is the first book I have read by Victoria. I seen she had 11 books on the same family and I so enjoy Johanna Lindsey that I thought they may be as enjoyable. And I was right.The story takes place in the early 1800's England. Pandora Effington is known as the Hellion of Grosvenor Square. Pandora considers Maximillian Trent a rake, rogue, scoundrel and beast.She has arranged to meet with him to see why he is leading her closest friend on, instead he turns it around to why she should be his mi [...]

    10. This was an okay read for me. A couple of times I laughed, a few times I rolled my eyes and at other times I thought can these two be any more stubborn? There was no real emotional connection I felt toward the two characters. To me it almost felt as if it were ALL a game to both Max and Pandora. To sum it up: Max is infatuated with Pandora and Pandora may like Max a tiny bit. When Max ask for her hand in marriage she flatly turns him down. Instead a wager is placed between them, a test, Max must [...]

    11. So this book came out in 1999 and I probably read it then, but it was on my shelf and it turns out I had 1 and 4. So I got 2 from the library and ordered 3 from . Here is the review of The Wedding Bargain number 1 in the Effington series that is now up to 11!! Pandora is in her 7th season and believes she doesn't want to marry. She is rich and independent and the Effingtons are well known eccentrics. But she hasn't met anyone like the Earl of Trent, who is ready to marry and wants to marry her. [...]

    12. What's bad in a typical plot- the man being the scoundrel and the woman the virgin? That's the beauty in a HR, the fact that an author can create something good out of a simple main idea that is oldThe same thing can be applied to why we keep watching new versions that appear in the film industry about fairytales or about old books-it's the same story, the other elements are differentI liked itIt wasn't the greatest HR I have ever read but not the worstThere were some things that were"meah" -I d [...]

    13. This series has been on my TBR list forever, but for some reason I could not get into this romance. I had such trouble keeping track of what was going on, the characters weren't all that interesting to me and I almost didn't finish it. I didn't sympathize with the heroine at all, I thought she was petulant and childish to continue with the bargain while insisting she didn't want to get married to Trent! Yes, it was clever how he managed to complete the twelve tasks of Hercules, but I found it fr [...]

    14. I'm currently in love with Victoria Alexander novels. Yes, they are cliched, but her characters and her dialogue and the way she handles the storylines are so enjoyable and just plain fun. I end up smiling at the end, which is exactly why I read historical romance novels. This one is a twist on the "determined never to marry" young woman vs. "the rake, scoundrel with a heart" who decides she is the right one for him. The side characters are interesting and well developed and events that follow m [...]

    15. Pandora is a woman who is independent, witty, knows her own mind, and will not marry for anything less than love. She has met her match in Max, who appreciates her spirit, but wants her heart as well. They make a bargain where he has to complete the 12 tasks of Hercules to win her hand in marriage. But during this month long period, they find they enjoy spending time together and it becomes more than just winning or losing. Outside help, family loyalties, new found confidence for a friend, anoth [...]

    16. No matter how much I tried I just couldn't really like this book. It was predictable and boring. And it dragged on a lot. The hero and heroine were both annoying. Pandora was selfish, self absorbed, self important and way too prideful. It got very tedious to read about her. Max was very shallow in my opinion. He had some potential to become an interesting character but sadly it was thrown away.I gave the two stars because the book itself was not poorly written. It just wasn't what I expected and [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book but I was more interested in Cynthia and Laurie than I was in Max and Pandora. Pandora got on my nerves, and Max wasn't very interesting.

    18. MehI liked the matching of spirits, but too often I thought the hero was trying to crush the heroine's spirit.

    19. This is a light, and charming, clean romance. I found it great fun. I have,read this author before, but not this series. This is book one, Trent versus Pandora, and the game they wager on. She wants a hero, but no husband, especially not a rake. She is holding out for love. She intrigues him, and her game, and he finds that he very much wants to be her hero, and her husband. The bet begins, and so does the FUN. I had just finished a,book about a very tragic, and terrible event going on here, and [...]

    20. The book was well written and told a fun story. It just didn't grab me, though. The game was entertaining enough. However, I was not particularly fond of Pandora. Not really sure why she was so sought out. I much preferred Cynthia. (Her side story was very sweet.) Max was likeable. There was just too much "I love him/her, but does he/she loves me back?" for my taste. I have the other books in this series. Hopefully they will thrill me more.

    21. It's been a while since I cared as much for the main characters. I love that they both have flaws, but are relatable at the same time.

    22. I'm all for nonsense, but it at least needs to be competently written nonsense. This was just terrible and everyone in it is inexplicably stupid.

    23. È molto carino, ma letto due volte basta. La trama è complessa, ma per semplificare si tratta di un uomo che vuole sposare una donna che si nega. Perciò suggellano un patto: se lui supererà la prova che lei richiede lei dovrà sposarlo. Se non ce la farà sarà lei a decidere chi dovrà sposare lui. E la fanciulla gli propone niente meno che le 12 fatiche di Ercole. A tratti molto comico, frizzante, simpatico. Insomma, consigliatissimo.

    24. I've read this book before, though it's been a long time, and I remembered enjoying it thoroughly. So when I stumbled across it again recently, I thought I'd see how it stood up to a re-read. It was every bit as enjoyable the second time as I remember it being the first.The premise of the book is definitely one of the more original premises I've come across. That is, doing some sort of "test" to prove oneself in a romance novel is probably not entirely unheard of, but the author was very clever [...]

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