Farmer Duck

Farmer Duck

Martin Waddell Helen Oxenbury / Jul 20, 2019

Farmer Duck Martin Waddell s uplifting modern fable and Helen Oxenbury s humor and pathos make this a very special collaboration Farmer Duck isn t your average duck This duck cooks and cleans tends the fields a

  • Title: Farmer Duck
  • Author: Martin Waddell Helen Oxenbury
  • ISBN: 9781564025968
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Martin Waddell s uplifting modern fable and Helen Oxenbury s humor and pathos make this a very special collaboration.Farmer Duck isn t your average duck This duck cooks and cleans, tends the fields, and cares for the other animals on the farm all because the owner of the farm is too lazy to do these things himself But when Farmer Duck finally collapses from exhaustion, tMartin Waddell s uplifting modern fable and Helen Oxenbury s humor and pathos make this a very special collaboration.Farmer Duck isn t your average duck This duck cooks and cleans, tends the fields, and cares for the other animals on the farm all because the owner of the farm is too lazy to do these things himself But when Farmer Duck finally collapses from exhaustion, the farmyard animals come to the rescue with a simple but heroic plan.

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        enpedia wiki Martin_WAlso writes under the pen name Catherine SeftonMartin Waddell is the author of than one hundred books for young readers.Awards Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing 2004.


    1. Man, everybody reads so much into what they read these days. Maybe this was a take on Animal Farm, maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was about capitalism, maybe about communism. Whatever. I liked the stupid book, I liked the stupid pictures, and I liked the stupid quacking. Ok? So sue me.And my kids liked it too. Maybe if we're lucky one of them will rise up and wipe out the middle class.

    2. Farmer Duck is a wonderfully illustrated and funny book from Martin Waddell that tells the tale of the hardworking duck who does everything from feeding the cows to shooing the hens safely into their coop at night without a rest. When the farmers incessant question of ‘how goes the work?’ gets too much for duck, his friends the cow, sheep and hens, who love duck very much, have a meeting with all the other farm animals to find a solution to ease poor ducks plight and rid themselves of the la [...]

    3. My favorite experience reading this book aloud to a group of children: After I was done, I told them that when they are older, they may want to read the continuing story of the animals, in a book called "Animal Farm". I made the teacher snort. Hee

    4. Who doesn’t love an abused animal that spends all his time farming? I adored this book when I was younger and to this day still shout “How goes the work?!” from my bedroom window if my Mother is gardening outside. In my opinion every child in the world should be read this daily. Although it may lead to an obsession with the Harvest Moon franchise and an unrealistic life dream of living on a farm that looks after itself.

    5. Wonderful! Husband commented - it's like a Communist manifesto! Looking forward to reading it to my grand-daughter. She likes ducks!

    6. Farmer Duck is a short story about a hard-working, loyal duck whose good nature is taken advantage of by a very lazy farmer. The little duck works all day, while the lazy farmer stays in bed. The cow, sheep and hen, are all friends with the duck and grow very annoyed at the farmer. They make a plan to help the duck escape the clutches of the farmer. Although the animals do not speak, instead we read the sounds they normally make. For example, throughout the book the farmer asks the duck, “How [...]

    7. This is a lovely tale of friendship which tells the story of a poor duck who does all the work on the farm and acts as a slave for the lazy farmer. The other animals grow sick and tired of seeing their poor friend working so hard all the time. As a team, the other animals plot against the lazy farmer in order to free their friend. I saw this acted out by a reception class for a School assembly. The nature of the story ensures that all children can have a role to play - there is no limit to how m [...]

    8. Poor duck! The lazy farmer just stays in bed all day long reading the newspaper (tabloids?)and eating boxes of candy. And to make matters worse, each time Duck does a chore, Farmer yells out "How's the work going?" All the hoeing, gardening, taking care of the other animals, ironing, washing dishes, cooking are really wearing Duck down. The other farm animals really like Duck, and so one day they come up with a plan for helping him out. And what a plan it is!I love Farmer Duck. I remember readin [...]

    9. Have just bought this for my small grandchildren. With lively illustrations and a lot of repetition, it is perfect for their growing interest in French.

    10. Empathetic barnyard friends come to rescue of overworked duck by running off the lazy farmer who exploits him. Socialist revolution for younger children. This is the 25th anniversary edition.

    11. Farmer Duck written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury is a fabulous children’s book. There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with an extremely lazy farmer. While the duck worked hard all day every day, the farmer used to lie in bed, eating chocolates, getting fatter and fatter. “How goes the work?” the farmer asks. “Quack!” says the duck. This was the arrangement every day. That was until one day when the other animals decided to take action! You see, the d [...]

    12. This is the story of poor Farmer Duck. He works hard on a farm all day and all night, while the lazy farmer lies in bed and eats chocolate. However, by the end of the story the lazy farmer gets his commupence when the other farm animals decide to teach him a lesson!This was another book that I read with the Reception class I worked with during SEB as one of their core texts. The children absolutely loved this story, and I really liked reading it to them because the story lends itself well to som [...]

    13. There once was a duck who had the bad fortune of living with an extremely lazy farmer. The duck did all the work and the farmer stayed in bed all day reading the newspaper and eating chocolate. The duck fetched the cow from the field, brought the sheep from the hill, put the hens in their house. The farmer would shout from the house - 'How goes the work?' the duck would answer with a 'QUACK!' The farmer got fat from staying in bed all day and the poor duck got fed up from doing all the work. The [...]

    14. Farmer Duck is a well-written book by Martin Waddell. The story is about a hard working duck that does all the chores on the farm while the lazy farmer lies in bed scoffing chocolate. While the duck works all day at the farm, the Farmer shouts out, “How goes the work?” The duck replies, “Quack”. Exhausted by all the work, Farmer Duck shares how he is feeling with the other animals on the Farm. The other animals hated seeing the duck so exhausted and miserable so they decided to take acti [...]

    15. The Duck in this story has plenty of jobs to do around the farm. He has to take care of all the farm animals and attend to every whim the lazy farmer has. When reading this book we feel very sad for Duck each time the lazy Farmer shouts ‘how goes the work?’ and the pictures themselves display the sadness in Duck very well. However, Duck is not alone, the farm animals see the sadness and decide to help Duck and think of a plan to get rid of the lazy Farmer. So they stride into the house, the [...]

    16. Farmer Duck proved to be a very enjoyable read for my Reception/Year1/Year2 class in SEB. This story was used over a two week period (Unit 3 - Recounts) and the children seemed as engrossed in it by the end of the unit as they were at the beginning. The story centres around a duck (Farmer Duck) completing all of the jobs on the farm whilst the 'lazy farmer' sits back and does nothing to help. Eventually, the other animals decide to do something to help Farmer Duck and they do this by sharing the [...]

    17. Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell is a wonderful book that tells the story of a young Duck that is struggling with all the work on a farm because the lazy farm does no work at all. The farmer continuously asks the Duck how the work is going with the repetitive phrase 'How goes the work'. However, the farm animals care kindly for the Duck and decide to help the Duck out while teaching the farmer a lesson.The Ducks friends come together to help him out and relieve him if all the work. It teaches the l [...]

    18. Farmer Duck written by Martin Waddell, is story about a duck who is left to do all the work on the farm. The farmer is very lazy and uses the duck as a skivvy. Throughout the book the farmer asks the same incessant question 'how goes the work?'- this gets too much for the duck and his farmyard friends who care about the duck. They all have a meeting to find a solution to ease the work load for the duck. The illustrations in this book are a great resource for young children as they portray the hu [...]

    19. This picture book has fantastic illustrations which are used to tell the story of a lazy farmer and his duck. The duck works very hard on the farm while the farmer lies in bed all day until one day when all the other farm animals take action. I chose to review this book as I enjoyed it very much as a child who was new to English. The pictures are very expressive and allowed me to understand the story better which in turn built my confidence to read more. And re-reading it now and looking at the [...]

    20. This book is about a lazy farmer who sits in bed all day long and let's his duck do all the work. The duck soon gets fed up with this and rally's all his farmyard friends together to think of a plan. They decide to get rid of the lazy old farmer once and for allThis book would be nice to use during a teacher led activity because it works nicely if the words are read aloud and maybe if the children start joining in. There is a lot of repetition within the book including the word 'quack' and vario [...]

    21. Farmer Duck lives with a very lazy farmer, who makes him do all the work. The duck is tired and his animal friends have a plan to help him.This is a great book to read to KS1 pupils as it has a large amount of repetition in terms of lines but also animal noises. It can be used easily in English as the farmer is a great character to analyse. They can identify the problems with the farmer and discuss solutions to help him change. This can be done with both written work but also through drama activ [...]

    22. Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell and Helen OxenburyThis story has won the Smarties Book Prize and British Books Awards Children’s Illustrated Book of the Year.It is about a duck who lives with a lazy farmer who stays in bed all day whilst the duck is out there working. The duck gets fed up and with the help of the other animals they work together to shoo the farmer out. There is repetition such as the farmer regularly asking ‘How goes the work’ to which the duck responses ‘Quack’. A book [...]

    23. Farmer duck is a brilliant resource for younger children in EYFS. The story captures a tale of woe in that Farmer Duck is forced by the lazy farmer to do all the work on the farm; eventually the animals revolt and force the farmer out and begin to look after the farm by themselves. It has nods to Animal Farm however is considerably less intense. The story is engaging for children when read aloud and can be used in a variety of literacy based activities and can be used to promote knowledge and un [...]

    24. A short but sweet book about a duck who does all the work on a farm whilst the lazy farmer stays in bed all day. The farmer constantly shouts to the duck, "how goes the work?" and the poor exhausted duck replies, "Quack!". The other farmyard animals know how tired the duck is and help him by chasing off the lazy farmer so they can all run the farm together. This book has brilliant illustrations to aid reading and young children will love joining in with the various animal sounds. Farmer Duck wou [...]

    25. Poor Duck. The farmer is very lazy, and Duck has to do all the work on the farm, until Cow, Sheep, and Hen make a plan to liberate the farm. It's a little Animal Farm-ish, but without the depressing ending, and the fact that the animals never speak but communicate only through the sounds they normally make ("How goes the work?" the farmer asks. "QUACK!" replies Duck) makes this both fun to read out loud and very funny. My kindergarten storytime group liked this one so much that both copies got c [...]

    26. I like the illustrations in this one. Simple, yet very telling. I loved all of the artwork with the animals. They were cute. I also liked the story, too. It was nice to see the Farmer "get his." A good book about friendship. I love the animal conversations. It probably isn't as funny to others as it was to me, but I enjoyed it. And is it just me that finds it hilarious that a book called "Farmer Duck" is by someone named Waddell?

    27. This was read at preschooler story time while out regular librarian was away. He kidded before he started that it was socialist. Or, at least I thought he was kidding! This book is the perfect precursor to reading Animal Farm. While its still just a children's story mostly featuring farm animals as many books do, the way it leads up to the conclusion is very similar to the first chapter or two of Animal Farm.

    28. This poor, lonely and over-worked duck is forced to carry out all the daily chores as the lazy farmer stays in bed all day. When he eventually breaks down his farmyard friends devise a plan to free himIt is cleverly written and the illustrations are fully detailed. I have also seen an A3 or A2 sized version of this book. It's size and text make it an interactive book in a classroom environment.

    29. What can I say about this story you have this poor, lonely and over-worked duck is forced to carry out all the daily chores as the lazy farmer stays in bed all day. When he eventually breaks down his farmyard friends devise a plan to free him. animal abuse in the making!

    30. My kids and I loved everything about this book, from the story of the hard-working duck, the illustrations, and the animals' revenge. I still occasionally ask my college-age son, "How goes the work?!"

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