Keeping The Promises

Keeping The Promises

Dhruv Gajjar / Jan 21, 2020

Keeping The Promises WORDS are mightier than anything else in this world Sometimes they serve as liaisons between two distinct hearts and sometimes they shatter two people irreparably apart But when they are woven into p

  • Title: Keeping The Promises
  • Author: Dhruv Gajjar
  • ISBN: 9789382665519
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • WORDS are mightier than anything else in this world Sometimes they serve as liaisons between two distinct hearts, and sometimes they shatter two people irreparably apart But when they are woven into promises and hopes, they give rise to something that lasts forever They change lives.I had almost lost myself, when she brought me back to life with her promises She wasWORDS are mightier than anything else in this world Sometimes they serve as liaisons between two distinct hearts, and sometimes they shatter two people irreparably apart But when they are woven into promises and hopes, they give rise to something that lasts forever They change lives.I had almost lost myself, when she brought me back to life with her promises She was dying with a dreadful tumour, but she had the authority to pull those last strings that brought me back to her She was gradually dying, and every night before going to sleep she would take a portion of my heart, my soul and my words She would take a promise from me every night that made me who I m today She gave me a new life.One of those promises was to compile this novel that took me to an eventful journey in which I discovered several people, like me, who too were keeping her promises.What were those amusing, surprising and horrendous promises that they all kept Who else other than I were bound to her promises Would she be able to redefine love and sacrifice with her plans Can grief completely redefine who you are Can a broken heart be healed Can you fall in love with the same person all over again Can you live and die, both at the same time Be a part of my story, about a girl, who through her promises, changed the lives of the people she loved, including mine.This is my journey This is the window of my past, and the view to my future It is yours now

    Reckoning With The Neoliberal Record Of Kamala Harris Senator Kamala Harris is seen as the Democrats rising star, a certain candidate for presidential run But that doesn t excuse her neoliberal record. Ways to Actually Deliver on Your Promises Lifehack It s easy to make promises You just have to say that you will do something It s just talk We make promises to our coworkers, family, kids, and friends We make promises to everyone But it s a lot harder to keep them Keeping promises means actually doing what you said you would do One

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    1. “Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them ”An Inspiring story!When Gajju gets to know about the inevitable tragedy his love of life is facing, he immediately gets to her side and stays till the last moment. M - as Gajju was asked to call her in the book - wants everyone to be cheerful even after she's gone. She needs to take care of herself but she is the one who takes care of everyone. Always smiling and laughing. The very best thing about her.Gajju narrates their story to h [...]

    2. A sweet, simple and sober read. Keeping The Promises is a compelling story of everlasting friendship between four person, love, determination, passion and keeping promises for forever without flinching.The narration is surprisingly spell bounding and yet heartbreaking.Bounded in a journal form, the writer puts forth a different and unique kind of story telling. Maintaining the events of past. and present in every chapter without letting the reader go into oblivion or confusion, was praiseworthy. [...]

    3. "Keeping the Promises" - A love story by Dhruv Gajjar, shows you what it takes to fulfil promises.Story revolves around Dhruv (aka Gajju) and his promises given to his girl friend in the last phase her life. Unlike normal love story author has tried to bring different narration style. Story timeline flows in three parallels.One when Dhruv fell in love with her college mate; Second when Dhruv found out that her girl friend was suffering from cancer and counting her last days; and Third where Dhru [...]

    4. Even the author John Green quotes,"Some people don't understand the promises they're making when they make them. But you keep the promise anyway. That's what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway". Similarly, a young and promising Indian author/an MBBS, Dhruv Gajjar has done the same with his book called Keeping the Promises. Promises are often made unmindfully, because we love the person so much that we don't give a second thought to whatever that person asks us off. And Dhruv Gajjar is a [...]

    5. keeping the promises- i read the book and writing this review because i had promised someone so, and the book really teaches you to keep the promises u make. It is inspiringly interesting. Like a ray of hope that maybe true love still does exists in this world. Loved the story narration and the vocab used is easy to understand for 1st timers yet classy. all the characters are described so beautifully that you instantly fall in love with them and can connect to them and the story. i was all teary [...]

    6. How can I say anything other than 'A Marvel'. I cried with them, smiled with them and felt their love which was so precious a memory. After reading this particular book my outlook towards the Indian writers has totally changed. I feel the popular ones are overated whole true gems like you remain hidden. The story feels incomplete without her name, Dhruv but hats off to you for keeping the promises. I picturized it all in my head and cried aloud for loosing M which seemed like the sweetest girl o [...]

    7. Keeping The Promises is beautifully written & it’s intensely moving.I read the whole novel in one go.The best part about the story is an easy-to-understand language, talks about people that in a way one can associate with, makes you smile, might make you weep too (If you are the sensitive types) and keeps you wondering, what next!Dhruv Gajjar has used simple but effective language in his book is simply astonishing. As a debut in the new world, its really impressive. Very well used humorous [...]

    8. I am not so keen on reading novels. Whenever i get bored, i just read. I won "Keeping The Promises" novel in GoodReads giveaways and the title itself made me so curious to know how author keeps the promises. I had not expected that the book will be so good and i have completed reading the novel in just 3 days. I know its long, but being a guy who rarely reads, its the fastest :P Dhruv Gujjar, seriously you are just awesome. Please dont stop writing, hope you continue writing. Will be waiting for [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading every single page of the book;A beautiful love story which is astoundingly unique.A story which haunted me so much tht as soon as I started reading, I forgot everything happening around mewid this book I smiled, I laughed, I cried nd I m sure it ll make all readers cry at d end along with a smile on their face :)

    10. It's a lovely love story. A love story direct from the heart. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it to all love story readers.M is dying and she takes some promises from her boyfriend, friend and parents as her last wish. They all try to keep those promises.

    11. "Keeping The Promises" is a poignant tale of sacrifices, unconditional love and togetherness. It is about a girl who on her death bed,gave a new life to the people she loves. It is about a boy who stood by his love during the time she was wretched and tormented by a life threatening disease. It is about the promises that the boy gave her in the last eleven days of her life. It is about the love-filled togetherness that these two souls shared when they knew that they had limited time to be with e [...]

    12. Thanks and the author for providing a review copy in giveaway.I would not suggest it to anybody. If you have read Love Story by Erich Segal or watched Schin-Rajeeta starer 'Ankhiyo ke Jharokho se' you can safely avoid it. The story is cliched and not even better than by any Mills and boons, forget about the classic of Segal. No need to tell the story after pointing out the above and reading the blurb. The promises are flimsy and the Hero Dhruv Gajjar aka Gajju would have moved on anyway after t [...]

    13. A poignantly beautiful tale of love. Yet it stretches beyond the horizons of love and affection in more than one dimensionIt is also about sacrifices, endurance, pains and many many more such human emotions.Each chapter leaves us hooked to continue reading the next. I guess this is the first book I read it in less than 2 days. Keeping the promises weaves together love, passion and all craziness that accompanies with it keeping intact the emotional factor of the entire plot. In short, its amazing [...]

    14. Keeping The Promises by author Dhruv Gajjar is one of those books that stays with you for a long time after you've read it. The characters play out beautifully, and the story is written in simple, lucid language. A very emotional story, it brings out the true meaning of love. I could connect with the main protagonist - his sadness, his pain, his zest to make his special one feel special.Worth a read for everyone who believes in true love.Kudos to the author on a brilliant debut novel!

    15. Keeping the PromisesBy Dhruv GajjarReview By Ila GargKeeping the Promises is a novel by the writer Dhruv Gajjar. The cover art is beautiful and clearly puts this book in the category of romance. The concept of cover itself is so compelling that one would pick up the book. The font of title adds beauty to it.Dhruv Gajjar, is an MBBS from SBKS Medical College and Research Centre, Vadodara. Currently residing in Ahmedabad, in his own words he is a nocturnal Amdavadi, a humble Gujrati and a proud In [...]

    16. njkinny/2014/07/boM is dying and there is nothing that Dhruv can do about it. Keeping The Promises is a poignant tale of true love that is tested in the fire of hopelessness, heart breaking grief and soul shattering adversities. Dhruv loves M and makes a new promise to her each night before she sleeps. What are these promises and how they shape the life of Dhruv as well as the people dear to M and him is very beautifully narrated in this story.I saw the cover and then read the title. Among a hor [...]

    17. ohh what to say about this book because i have no words to describe the beauty of this book Dhruv Gajjar is an excellent writer he narrate it in very simple and understandable languageI cannot believe that i completed this book in just 1 and half day because this book is one kind of addictionAt last one thing i must say about this book i.e. "Keeping the Promises = DRUGS" once u started u never think about to leave this book

    18. Keeping the Promises- An amazing and a beautiful read.loved it from the start to the end. it takes you on a journey and a plethora of emotions. Its surreal.Amazing to see how love can change the course of your life.My heart just poured out as I read the last few pages of the book. Such a tiny book to stir such great emotions in me. Recommend this book to all who believe in the power of love. A complete thumbs up to the author who has managed it just too beautifully.

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this book; a beautiful love story that pulled me in from the start and held me in rapt attention throughout.This is a beautiful, romantic, heartwarming story that surely will leave you crying in the end.!!!

    20. "Keeping the Promises"-A story of true love and true friendship.What one need in life if one has friend and a lover like M!At first point it was hard to believe what was written about M's greatness that, do such people still exist?Hoping not much mirchmasala is added and its a purely true story.Nevertheless it explains the meaning of sacrifices and keeping your promises which most of us lose in today's world.Every married and unmarried should read it. At some point u will connect yourself.I enjo [...]

    21. It is a beautifully written love story. The story line is very strong and gripping. Though I thought I would be all teary and sad at the end of the book,I was pleasantly surprised as it leaves you smiling and wanting more of the story. The experimenting of the author in terms of story telling has really worked wonders for the book. I hope the message of the book reaches as many hearts as possible and people keep the promises they have made. Waiting for a second part of the story. :-) Keeping The [...]

    22. when i started reading i was like its gnna be the same story as Nicholas spark specially "a walk to remember" but as i keep on going i found no it is not the same as i thought that makes my more interest in the story.To write a book or do innovative thing it's a youth stuffbut 'to do' and 'do it with some innovative way' that's differs and you done it. The promises you making at the end of the each chapter i like that thing a most. It makes you understand that how you can make balance with the t [...]

    23. There's a saying 'PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN' but this book has undoubtedly proved the saying wrong ! Apparently the best book i've read till now ! The book which makes you laugh and cry at the same time ! The book which teaches you the meaning of love and separation at the same time! The book which teaches us the value of promises we make! The book which makes us go through all human emotions at the same time ! Thanks for writing such a masterpiece @Dhruv! A MUST READ!

    24. Hello. let me share my review regarding the bukwell,, as the name says "keeping the promises" dats how i would say.In life v give alot promises n sum r kept yet sum break.Ur novel has given a realy beautiful meaning of actualy keeping promises n fulfillng it.Promises r meant 2 b fulfilld n not merely 2 be kept behind a veilaly heart warmng n has beautifully touchd mecommend all 2 read itp up d gud work.l d best. :-):-):-)

    25. A very beautiful tale which will make you fall in love with the characters. A must read book for all those people who are in love. A very heart touching tale which will make you cry at the end…Full Review: himanipassion/book-rev

    26. Someone has rightly said, "Its easy to fall in love, its difficult to maintain it". Well, that maintaining surely refers to Keeping the Promises!!!All I would say is, "this book taught me something", maybe it teaches you something too. Good Read indeed!!!

    27. An amazing and a beautiful read.loved it from the start to the end.A beautiful love story which is astoundingly unique.This is a beautiful, romantic, heartwarming story that surely will leave you crying in the end.:-)

    28. A must for everyone who believes in the power of love & friendship. Full review at- madhurivarma.wordpress/201

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