Callahan's Legacy

Callahan's Legacy

Spider Robinson / Jan 23, 2020

Callahan s Legacy For years Callahan s was the place where friends met to have a few drinks tell a few jokes and occasionally save the world Until that unfortunate incident with the nuke a few years ago But Jake Sto

  • Title: Callahan's Legacy
  • Author: Spider Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780812550351
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • For years, Callahan s was the place where friends met to have a few drinks, tell a few jokes, and occasionally save the world Until that unfortunate incident with the nuke a few years ago.But Jake Stonebender and his wife have opened a new Callahan s, Mary s Place, and all the regulars are there Doc Webster, Fast Eddie the piano player, Long Drink McGonnigle, and of cFor years, Callahan s was the place where friends met to have a few drinks, tell a few jokes, and occasionally save the world Until that unfortunate incident with the nuke a few years ago.But Jake Stonebender and his wife have opened a new Callahan s, Mary s Place, and all the regulars are there Doc Webster, Fast Eddie the piano player, Long Drink McGonnigle, and of course the usual talking dogs, alcoholic vampires, aliens, and time travelers Songs will be sung, drinks will be drunk and drunks will have drinks , puns will be swappedd as a three eyed, three legged, three armed, three everythinged alien flashes through space toward the bar, it just might be time to save the world again.

    Spider Robinson Early life and education Robinson was born in the Bronx, New York City, New York He attended a Catholic high school, spending his junior year in a seminary, followed by two years in a Catholic college, and five years at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in the s, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English While at Stony Brook, Spider earned a reputation as a great entertainer Jobs Segue Technologies Segue Technologies is fully committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity and takes action to employ, and advance in employment, qualified individuals without discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law. Sudden Impact Sudden Impact is a American action thriller and the fourth film in the Dirty Harry series, directed by Clint Eastwood making it the only Dirty Harry film to be directed by Eastwood himself , and starring Eastwood and Sondra Locke The film tells the story of a gang rape victim Locke who decides to seek revenge on the rapists ten years after the attack by killing them one by one. Complete list of recent articles in The Union newspaper PARIS A massive fire engulfed the upper reaches of Paris soaring Notre Dame Cathedral as it was undergoing renovations Monday, threatening one of the greatest architectural treasures of the Western world as tourists and Nevada Union s tennis team traveled to Rio Linda Thursday for their Tehama Carmel Real Estate Private Sustainable Tehama Carmel is a last of its kind locale born from Clint Eastwood s vision of sustainability Nearly , acre gated community Mountain ocean views Golf course, fitness center, equestrian. Two Decades to an American Culture of Death LifeTree Two Decades to an American Culture of Death How a handful of progressive foundations and quasi government agencies John Varley Fantastic Fiction Callahan s Legacy Callahan, book Spider Robinson Subversive, dangerous, iconoclastic, cantankerous Puns, palindromes, puzzlers, posers, pranks, and poetry A three ring circus of ideas Which Handgun Round Has the Best Stopping Power Dury s Guns Asking that question around gun owners is like bringing up religion or politics at a party It s certain to elicit a wide variety of opinions and almost as likely to stir up an argument. Kip Niven Kip Niven, Actor Magnum Force Kip Niven was raised in Prairie Village, Kansas a suburb of Kansas City in affluent Johnson County , and graduated in from Shawnee Mission East High School After spending a year at Baylor University, he changed his mind and entered the theater program at The University of Kansas, where he performed in dozens of plays. Gardening while black Women falsely accused gardener of Mar , The civil suit says the three women Deborah Nash, Martha Callahan and Jennifer Morris, Callahan s granddaughter conspired to accuse Peeples of

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      • Spider Robinson

        Spider Robinson is an American born Canadian Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author He was born in the USA, but chose to live in Canada, and gained citizenship in his adopted country in 2002 Robinson s writing career began in 1972 with a sale to Analog Science Fiction magazine of a story entitled, The Guy With The Eyes His writing proved popular, and his first novel saw print in 1976, Telempath Since then he has averaged a novel or collection a year His most well known stories are the Callahan saloon series.


    1. I got in trouble reading this book in high school. It was English class and we were supposed to be playing scrabble. I was frustrated by the other students taking half the class looking through the dictionary to find a word to play. So I read.I was sent to the principal's office. He asked me why I was there, and I told him. He questioned the teacher as to why it was important to play scrabble. She told him it was to build our vocabulary. I replied that I was reading. She didn't get it.The next t [...]

    2. After getting part of the way thru Callahan's Con - I realized that I had only a dim memory of the previous books in checking my bookshelf, I found I had copies of Callahan's Key and Callahan's Touch, but not this one, so I checked it out from the library. I wasn't missing much. It was a better book than Con was, but that's not saying a whole lot. In this installment, Zoey Berkowitz Stonebender is 9 1/2 months pregnant, and Mary and Mickey show up with a Scout on their tail. So, once again, the [...]

    3. But a really likable three.Look, it's a bucket of laughs, with a little bit of tears, and some seriously controversial things to say about sex, some that I vehemently disagree with. It's got the potential end of the world, a lot of booze, and two of the ugliest critters that ever lived (and they aren't even aliens).The story all takes place in one eventful night, and the whole thing is basically a shaggy-dog story where increasingly preposterous things walk into a bar, one after the other. We le [...]

    4. Books read by their authors are never "pretty good." They're nearly always terrible or great. Many authors are terrible narrators even when they're good authors. Some are good at it, and bring something special to the reading because it is their own work and the experience works out to be exceptional.Robinson is off the scale. He's amazingly great. So much of his writing is his style of humor and his timing and delivery are hard for someone else to match. While I really enjoyed The Callahan Chro [...]

    5. I forgot how good Robinson is. Crosstime Saloon was an excellent Christmas gift, and like so many of Spider's fans, I felt right at home in the dive bar that time forgot. But in Legacy, it's clear that he's not all dad jokes and one upping Douglas Adams on every page, (which he does) but also a sage prophet and learned intellectual who can wax theologic and philosophic in ways 99% of the population couldn't manage. I listened to the audio, and was delighted that it was narrated by Mr. Robinson a [...]

    6. Spider Robinson is weird.The plot is thus: a giant evil alien lizard (with 3 breasts) is on its way to destroy the earth. So the main characters decide to share how they all first came to be a barfly at Mike Callahan's tavern. In short.I can't help but feel by this stage Robinson was getting a teensy bit too comfortable withexpressing himself. And, like I said above, Spider Robinson is weird. Not bad weird, justutral weird. At least, his perception of reality is a bit skewed (in a lovely, upbeat [...]

    7. Spider Robinson is the only author whose short stories I like better than his longer works. This book is basically an elongated short story, and takes place over a very short time frame. I like the “main plot”, but the B plot that bookends the story is fairly disappointing. It's an unfortunate mix of half extremely believable and in-character for Jake, and half very out of character and hard to believe. The “big bad outer space threat” of the book is handled well (if entirely derivativel [...]

    8. A rollicking piece of fun with some social commentary and philosophy wrapped up in the story. This book is 7th or 9th (depending on how you count them) in a series. I happened on it while browsing my local library's online offerings of digital audio books and thought it might be a good escape. The premise reminds me of Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures and Phule's Company series. The abundance of puns may remind some readers of Piers Anthony Jacob's Xanth series. A band of colorful characters gath [...]

    9. Oh boy, if you thought Spider was "out there" before This is, I think, the most religious of the Callahan books-- or the most spiritual, take your pick. Also the weirdest, and that's saying something. Peace, harmony, telepathy, time travel, the power of music, psychic babies, dozens of puns (and I need some of them explained to me, if anyone's offering?), artificial intelligence, non-artificial intelligence, an ingenious Irish Coffee maker, and, oh yeah, possible nuclear armageddon. Don't try to [...]

    10. I've only read one of the earlier Callahan's Crosstime Saloon books before, but not this one. As far as humorous sf goes, I far prefer Spider Robinson to the inexplicably popular Terry Pratchett.I really enjoyed the opening episodic chapters of Callahan's Legacy, laughing out loud at the goofiness and groaning at the puns. I have to admit that eventually the book began to grow repetitive, but the ending comes quickly. In the end, we are re-assured of the universal bonding power of alcoholic beve [...]

    11. These Callahan books are so neat. They're a quick read, a good escape, and they don't take much thought. Well, some of the better puns do. But it's all brain candy. A nice escape from the rich world of The Windup Girl or the troublesome universe of The Dark Tower. Sometimes you just want to read something completely unbelievable, and completely off the beaten path of your usual literary travels. And that's exactly what these books do. And let's not forget the laughs they provide.

    12. These short stories, all tied together with a common place/cast, make you feel like maybe human beings aren't such cruel animals after all. Opening the first several Callahan books feels like a refreshing visit with old friends. You know them, and their quirks, and that if they're involved with a situation they will do whatever they can to make it better. These are good people. The in last couple of books the formula gets a little bit stale, but they are still enjoyable.

    13. The world is going to end in an hourlet's get drunk and stoned. Book has poignant insights (Doc's story) and veers into creepy child molester territory. But the book is written by an old, unreformed free-loving hippie, and has an opening scene describing (in detail) sex with a pregnant woman. The audio book was really well read, the only downside from paper book is I couldn't SEE the wordplay Spider Robinson is famous for.

    14. This is the first book I read in this series, although I have read 1 or 2 short stories.Sometimes I found this book funny, sometimes tedious. Robinson admired Heinlein, and his narrator is a preachy Heinlein patriarch type, except that he isn't a patriarch, his first kid being born at the end of the book. This type of humor is tough to do well, and this falls short.Note this book gives away much of the plots of previous books in this series.

    15. This time around the gang at Callahan's bar has to save the world yet again, but this time the 'Mick o' time' isn't around to save them.More great, pun filled humor, wonderful characters, wild ideas about science, sex, the world and alcohol and a couple plot threads from previous books all come together for yet another great read.Spider Robinson is one of my literary heroes.

    16. This particular installment was a bit harder to read, it gave the back stories of some of the older characters and they were not easy stories. However, like almost all of the Callahan stories, they help you to be a bit better for reading them. The most mundane thing in the entire book is Jake and Zoey having their baby. And the best lesson is good times with good friends can solve anything.

    17. There is something about a Spider Robinson Callahan Novel that just agrees with me. It resonates deep within me. It makes me laugh, think, feel sorrow, and joy. This one is a winner in my book. Read all the Callahan novels!!!!

    18. I really enjoy Robinson's writing. He has a great sense of humor, although I do groan at the many puns in the book. Of course, these are an integral part of the ambience of Mary's Place and before that Callahan's place, so I really wouldn't change anything about it.

    19. Wild, silly, and inspiring. If only more of the world were inhabited by people like those who frequent Mary's Place.I particularly enjoyed the notion of a telepathic mind bond that includes a woman in labor. That would teach the men a thing or two.

    20. If God came to me and said "I'll transit you to go have a beer with one person," I'm pretty sure that person would be Spider Robinson. And that's enough said about this book, or this series, that I'm sure anyone who's read it would grok.

    21. No really—go find TIME TRAVELERS STRICTLY CASH and read it. They’re short stories; easy and light to read. You’ll laugh a lot. Then maybe even cry a lot. Then you’ll grok why folks who READ these books love them.

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