The Covenant of the Flame

The Covenant of the Flame

David Morrell / Sep 19, 2019

The Covenant of the Flame In the basin the widow of a rubber tree tapper who was assassinated for opposing destruction of the rain forest receives a gruesome gift the head of the financier who ordered her husband s death In A

  • Title: The Covenant of the Flame
  • Author: David Morrell
  • ISBN: 9780446362924
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the basin, the widow of a rubber tree tapper who was assassinated for opposing destruction of the rain forest receives a gruesome gift the head of the financier who ordered her husband s death In Australia, a tanker captain responsible for a massive oil spill is blown to pieces and top oil executives are drowned or poisoned Soon, a young investigative journaIn the basin, the widow of a rubber tree tapper who was assassinated for opposing destruction of the rain forest receives a gruesome gift the head of the financier who ordered her husband s death In Australia, a tanker captain responsible for a massive oil spill is blown to pieces and top oil executives are drowned or poisoned Soon, a young investigative journalist has discovered the shocking conspiracy and becomes caught in a deadly war between two brutal and desperate factions, with nothing less than the future of the planet at stake.

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        David Morrell is a Canadian novelist from Kitchener, Ontario, who has been living in the United States for a number of years He is best known for his debut 1972 novel First Blood, which would later become a successful film franchise starring Sylvester Stallone More recently, he has been writing the Captain America comic books limited series The Chosen.


    1. This is my first book encounter with David Morrell's work and I immediately fall in love with it. I love the action mystery setting. I love the scene wherein there are worshippers of the ancient Mithras with a bas relief made of ivory. The battle of the vermins and the good guys. As 's editorial review have been quoted "A feisty heroine, a stalwart hero, two enemy groups of ancient origin, appropriate deaths for nature's despoilers, world-wide canvas and pointed reminders of earth's fragility sh [...]

    2. A page-turning thrillerThe author brings a blend of dirty politics, blackmail, corporate greed, sex, strange encounters and occurrences, eco extremists, killings, religious convictions, and retribution. There is something for everyone, lots of twists and turns and revelations. The characters are believable, vulnerable, sleazy, and downright creepy and you cannot tell the good people from the bad ones. I enjoyed reading this book.

    3. A really good thriller. I read a few of Morrell's books when I was a teenager - he wrote the books that Rambo is based on. He's actually a writer of really good thrillers. Read this one and you'll see that Dan Brown's plots are not that original Surprise, surprise.

    4. A very fine book. I loved the depth of the characters and the love Morrell put into writing this book. In places it seemed a touch long but it was definitely a meaty book full of good stuff.

    5. This is possibly the worst book I have ever read. I didn't make it all the way to the end, but I kept reading because I was convinced it had to get better ot it never could have gotten published

    6. Really action-filled. The tangled clues are for you to disassemble until you catch yourself already hooked in the story. All the elements blended so well.Very good plot!

    7. Ne znam kako sam dao dve zvezdice. Smece kakvo nisam ocekivao. Zaista ovako nesto kupiti u knjizari ocekujuci dobru pricu je katastrofalna greska! Zaobici u sto sirem luku

    8. I have high hopes for this book seeing that I just came off of a David Morrell book that I loved. The Covenant of the Flame is not the spy thriller that the Brotherhood of the Road is, but I expect it to still be a page turning, fast paced, unpredictable read. So far the book is set in present day New York City where a news reporter, Tess Drake, has found a mysterious alter in an apartment of her friend. Her friend has been missing ever since she found the alter and she vows to do what ever it t [...]

    9. A LONG WAY FROM HIS BESTDavid Morrell is usually brilliant but for me Covenant of the Flame is something of a let-down. It has the makings of a good story and does have its moments. The early love interest grabs the reader as do Tess's subsequent efforts to solve her new friend's murder.Excitement flares, too, when the heroine is being chased by gangs with heavy artillery and murder in their hearts. But a number of inherent weaknesses in the storytelling spoil the book for me.For example, the di [...]

    10. I have mixed feelings about this one. In many ways it was everything I expected of a Morrell book - accurate, fast-paced, and gripping. He did a fine job making his heroine believable - not experienced in the world of violence, but brave, smart enough of put clues together and see the implications of her situation, and starting out with just enough appropriate skills to justify surviving the learning curve. The downside, which is making me waffle between giving it 3 and 4 stars, is the nature of [...]

    11. I'm a huge Morrell fan but this one was just paint by numbersNo one writes books about a little guy vs. a vast conspiracy better than David Morrell. Morrell is one of the few authors that I will snatch up when I come across a new (or "new to me") title. The Covenant of the Flame tries to go for that "on the run" feel that Morrell usually establishes, but it just comes off as more of a "paint by the numbers" effort. The DaVinci Code covers similar material but the The Covenant of the Flame is the [...]

    12. This book was way slow to start, with the beginning being particularly confusing, but it eventually got smoother and made more sense least to me. There was a LOT of environmental jargon that I suspect would have lost a few people. Luckily, I spent 8 years as an Environmental Educator AFTER 4 years in an Environmental Studies kind of college. I didn't care for the Environmental vs. Religion slant but I did appreciate that they pointed out the good AND negative sides of both groups. It does leave [...]

    13. I was OK with it until the one group tried to convert the protagonist to their religion instead of killing her because they knew she was just like them, and they'd know if she was lying to them. Sure religious crazies are just that crazy, but this caused me to lose all my sense of beievability the story had established up to that point. I still gave it the second star, but only because it was a fun ride up to that point.

    14. One of Morrell's more divisive books, I found it enjoyable but it is different in a few ways from his norm. For one thing, it is a thriller that simmers slowly before boiling over in the second half. Secondly, it deals with a religious cult and controversial doctrines, which always brings out a slew of negative reviews. This is not one of Morrell's better books, but it certainly isn't bad. I wouldn't recommend that new readers of Morrell start here.

    15. Really would given it a 2 1/2 if I could. Some aspects of the story were compelling and interesting to follow, some were rather far-fetched and pretty much unrealistic. I found the information about the two obscure religious cults and some of the Catholic doctrine written of informative to a pointbut the book did NOT have a satisfying conclusion IMO. Don't know if there is a sequel, but I won't bother if there is.

    16. Reading this book makes me wonder if all modern thrillers are so dull. The prose felt very weak, an almost nonexistent effort at intelligent or probing writing. With that said, the plot does move briskly, and it is entertaining. Certain sections were interesting, but overall, I'd say its a very skippable experience.

    17. I loved the story and the plot, but the dialogue was a little corny at times and the polution/smog/the-earth-is-going-to-die stuff just gets shoved in your face and blown up. I don't enjoy fiction that preaches. NOT my favorite Morrell book, but it won't keep me from reading the others!

    18. Fast paced, action packed and totally incredible but then what about it?Don't think, read and you may enjoy it as much as I have.And to remind some of my fellow readers and critics below it's not a newspaper, don't read/rate it as such.

    19. Pas celui que j'ai préféré, mais comme tous les polars de Morrell, il est rudement efficace et mené à un train d'enfer.

    20. Thought I read this when it came out, was a nice treat finding a Morrell book that I hadn't read. As always I thoroughly enjoyed his story.

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