A Christmas Kiss

A Christmas Kiss

Elizabeth Mansfield / Jan 17, 2020

A Christmas Kiss A gift to treasureWhen James Everard announced that he had invited a young lady home for the holidays his father the Earl of Gyllford was astounded and skeptical Could it be that Jamie was finally

  • Title: A Christmas Kiss
  • Author: Elizabeth Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9780515105209
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gift to treasureWhen James Everard announced that he had invited a young lady home for the holidays, his father, the Earl of Gyllford, was astounded and skeptical Could it be that Jamie was finally showing an interest in something other than horseplay with his friends But when lovely Miss Evalyn Pennington arrived at Gyllford Manor, it was the earl who found himselfA gift to treasureWhen James Everard announced that he had invited a young lady home for the holidays, his father, the Earl of Gyllford, was astounded and skeptical Could it be that Jamie was finally showing an interest in something other than horseplay with his friends But when lovely Miss Evalyn Pennington arrived at Gyllford Manor, it was the earl who found himself inexplicably drawn to her winsome beauty Having been dismissed from her post as a governess, Evalyn would long remember the kindness of being welcomed at Gyllford Manor when she had nowhere else to turn The elegant home was resplendent with the richness of holiday cheer the warm glow of the yule log, the sumptuous sights and smells of the Christmas feast, the glittering parties, and the laughter of children at play But neither Evalyn nor the earl expected the light of love that filled their Christmas with some very special gifts

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        Elizabeth Mansfield is the author of numerous regency romances She is an intelligent and thoughtful writer, a hidden gem whose novels deserve to be widely read and enjoyed.Elizabeth Mansfield is the pen name of the talented Paula Reibel Schwartz Ms Schwartz also wrote different genres under the pen names Paula Reibel, Paula Reid, and Paula Jonas.


    1. This was a warm and fuzzy romance if you can just get past the age difference. I understand why some readers will love the story and others will consider it icky or offensive because of this issue. That aside, I found myself in the majority; I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming tale of two interesting but lonely characters found in a social error.Jamie and his friend, Reggie, meant well when they convinced the governess, Miss Evalyn Pennington, to stay with his extended family over the holiday [...]

    2. Regarding A Christmas Kiss: This is an old-school Regency, very much in the Georgette Heyer vein. And it's delightful! An excellent Regency featuring witty, low-key characters that live and breathe the period.Having witnessed a besotted friend cause his family's governess to be turned off without character before Christmastime, a gallant young heir to an earldom and another, lisping lordly friend decide to rescue her. They plot to help her find a new post by having her invited to join his family [...]

    3. This was just OK read. The story felt too long, fueled by one big wrong assumption by the hero Philip, Earl of Gyllford, who thought the heroine, Evalyn Pennington, and his son, Jamie, had an understanding/plans to marry. Once the assumption was made, it was never questioned by Philip until the last quarter of the story. Why not? There were plenty of opportunities to talk to his son, to at least mention such an important step in his life. I really disliked this plot device. It didn't provide ade [...]

    4. This is such a delightfully funny Traditional Regency. I greatly enjoyed all the characters with their own unique quirkiness - some intended solely as fools - but the spirit of love and Christmas brought in all well-suited pairing, except for one poor Jamie. The story is fluffy, but it's a very cute fluff, and with well written historical details too, especially with regards to ladies' clothing of the day. Anyways, I really enjoyed this, and would recommend it to any fan of tender, lighthearted [...]

    5. This book was super-cute. Clean romance, with the typical misunderstanding causing drama and the ensuing truth telling that leads to the HEA. I really REALLY loved the detail of how they celebrated Christmas in the Regency era, especially the explanation of the game "Snap Dragon", which I have always heard of, but didn't know how it was played or what exactly it entailed. I have always loved Regency romances, because they are clean, funny at times and always educational. This book brought me bac [...]

    6. Reviewed for THC ReviewsA Christmas Kiss was a gentle, sweet, romantic story that helped to put me in the Christmas spirit. It was a Cinderella-style tale of a lowly governess who has nowhere to go for Christmas and then fortuitously gets invited to the country house party of an Earl with whom she almost immediately falls in love. Even though it was based in large part on two of my least favorite romance tropes, a misunderstanding and love at first sight, I still couldn't help but enjoy it. The [...]

    7. When Miss Evalyn Pennington, a penniless governess, is accosted by her employer's besotted son Geoffrey, Evalyn is turned off without a character. Her only choice is to go to a distant relative in London and hope to find a position. Geoffrey's friends are aghast at his treatment of Miss Pennington and hit upon the perfect solution. Jamie Everard will ask his father, the Earl of Gyllford and his Aunt Clarissa to invite Miss Pennington home for the holidays. Once Aunt Clarissa meets Evalyn, she wi [...]

    8. A lot of misunderstandings create the conflicts in this book, which has a governess discharged for poor reasons being offered a holiday visit at the home of a young man who feels sorry for her. Lots of confusion ensues due to his family totally misreading why he brought her. Things all resolve in the end, making this a satisfying Christmas read, but be warned - you do want to shake some people for jumping to so many conclusions, and there are a number of coincidences that stretch credulity a lit [...]

    9. There were moments in this book when I thought it approached Georgette Heyer-like heights. It never quite made it, but it came close. It was a lovely, traditional Regency, with none of the modern overlay. Characters act respectably and with honor and there is no mention of tongues and groping in the dark. What a nice change of pace from modern Regency romances. The humor is gentle and the characters true to the style. I really enjoyed it.

    10. Sweet and silly Cinderella storyCharming and amusing characters situated perfectly for a Christmas house party where love runs rampant leaving four happy couples at the brink of marriage.

    11. I am going to start reading Elizabeth Mansfield until I don't like her books or I have read too many of them because this book was quite adorable.

    12. This is a wonderful, very sweet, feel-good comedy of errors, reminiscent of Shakespeare's own comedies, that had me glued to the page, so I breezed right through it, even chuckling aloud in some places as I read.The characters are certainly unforgettable, so real that, once the book is closed for the last time, the reader feels bereft, wishing that the story could go on and on At least, this reader did. I shall have to re-read it at some time in the near future. And here I thought I wouldn't fin [...]

    13. After being turned out without a reference, but being bold enough to refuse her employer's son's advances, Evalyn Pennington is invited by one of the son's friends Jamie, to come home with him for the holidays. He feels that once his Aunt Clarissa get to know her, she would be happy to help her get another post. However his family misunderstands and believes her to be Jamie's fiancee' so treats her as such.She doesn't understand being so well treated, but decides to enjoy the holiday house party [...]

    14. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfA Christmas Kiss is a delightful Regency romp, definitely a comedy of errors and misunderstandings… with interesting results. All the classic elements are in place – the impoverished, tossed out of her last position governess, the handsome nobleman who misunderstands the entire situation, and the cunning, beautiful society vixen out to make trouble for our couple. Honestly, the Cover Description gives a very good outline of this charming story.This is a May-Decemb [...]

    15. 2.65 starsA Christmas Kiss was first published December 1990 but - while I've heard of Elizabeth Mansfield - I have never read (the book by the author) before. I was quite taken with the new cover and decided to give this book (and the author) a try. Having been a long time historical romance reader, I'm among those who tend to like story with a dash of humour in it. A Christmas Kiss had that in abundance; my favorite being the interactions between Jamie Everard and Reggie Windle. However, I did [...]

    16. This book was originally published in 1978. It has just recently been made available on Kindle. I enjoyed this short book. The story was well plotted and the characters were perfectly realized. It is a story of misinformation and misunderstandings. Evalyn is a no-nonsense spinster governess and Phillip is an Earl 20 years older than her with a 22year old son. Phillip has no intention of remarrying and he is somewhat chagrined to find out his son has brought home a lovely woman to wed. Or has he? [...]

    17. completely predictable characters and plot, but still a fun cute light read. Nothing spectacular, but there also aren't any completely unreasonable misunderstandings (view spoiler)[Geoff is infatuated with his family's new governess Evalyn. Gets her fired. Jame's feels bad, invites Evalyn to his home for the holiday, so that his aunt Clarissa can get to know Evalyn and then write her a recommendation letter (because obviously Clarissa can't write one for a stranger). Unfortunately, Clarriassa an [...]

    18. Evelyn is a a governess and let go from her services because a besotted son had left her in a compromising position and the mother believed the governess had her eyes on him. The son's friends felt bad for her and took her with them on a holiday and then to get employed after the holidays. Well there was confusion on family members parts and a lot of she likes him and he likes her and a widowed sister not wanting to marry and move out of her widowed brother's house and a jealous woman who wants [...]

    19. I polished this off in a day, looking for a break from the more gloomy things I've been reading/watching. It succeeded in being light and fluffy and entertaining. I quite liked the dialogue and humor, and I thought Evalyn was a delightful heroine. It was predictable, yes, but enjoyable. The ending fell flat for me (hero manages to treat heroine as though she is beneath him in front of others, but then "mellows" when they are alone, heroine somehow manages to be unable to tell him to get stuffed [...]

    20. This book club pick was intended for a light read over the holidays. More of an old English comedy rather than a romance, the story is about several misunderstandings and eventually a happy ever after, just like a Disney movie. My favorite part of the book were the silly character’s names such as Lord Gyllford, Gervaise, Reginald (Reggie) Windle and the twins Freddy and Teddy. Best of all was the protagonist named Evalyn Pennington and her antagonist named Sally TrEVELYN. Sneaky eh?

    21. Nice traditional Regency romance; although the plot revolves around a misunderstanding, just about everyone involved is gracious, mature and good-natured. (With the exception of the obvious villains.) The niceness eventually got a little dull, but it was a pleasant read.

    22. I loved this book! It reminded me of watching "White Christmas" which I love too. It's a very fun romantic Christmas story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it at Christmas time.

    23. too many missed chances for proper communication lead to a parody of sorts in which no one quite speaks there mind so miscommunication ensues leading to chaos.

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