Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary

Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary

Traudl Junge / Sep 18, 2019

Until the Final Hour Hitler s Last Secretary An important and fascinating firsthand account of life with Hitler from until his death in the Berlin bunker in by the young woman who was his last secretary

  • Title: Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary
  • Author: Traudl Junge
  • ISBN: 9781559707565
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • An important and fascinating firsthand account of life with Hitler from 1942 until his death in the Berlin bunker in 1945, by the young woman who was his last secretary.

    Until the Final Hour Until the Final Hour German Bis zur letzten Stunde , also published as Until the Final Hour Hitler s Last Secretary or simply Hitler s Last Secretary is a memoir of the last days of Hitler s government, written by Traudl Junge ne Humps in , but not published until in German and in English. Until the Final YouTube Feb , A to Z of Movies W to Z Win a Date, X Ray Eyes, Yours Mine and Ours, and Zookeeper Amy McLean Duration Amy McLean Super Ink Arts views Bio Up until the final Flashcards Quizlet Bio Up until the final study guide by JacquiHill includes questions covering vocabulary, terms and Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Until the Final I Do Wattpad YOU ARE READING Until the Final I Do Romance Undergoing Editing Spencer King has it all He runs a multi million dollar company, he s good looking, and Until the Final Hour Hitler s Last Secretary by Traudl Junge An important and fascinating firsthand account of life with Hitler from until his death in the Berlin bunker in , by the young woman who was his last secretary To ask other readers questions about Until the Final Hour, please sign up Be the first to ask a question about Until the Final The Final Countdown until the next Countdown Stupid Until the Final I Do Chapter Two Wattpad Read Chapter Two from the story Until the Final I Do by AutumnSewell_ Autumn Sewell with reads marriage, adultromance, richboys BROOKLYN Until the Final Hour Hitler s Last Secretary Apr , Offering a unique insider s perspective on Adolf Hitler and the final days of the Third Reich, the personal recollections of a woman who became Hitler s secretary at the age of twenty two in sheds new light on Hitler s day to day life, character, and habits, while chronicling a young woman s discovery of the evil that lurked behind the pleasant faade of the man for whom she worked The Final Waiting Until the Lord s Coming Nancy Gladwin Dec , The final waiting Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord s coming See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains James NIV The time we live in could also be called the silence of God There has been no inspired Word from God for almost , years. It is not until the final period of prenatal development It is not until the final period of prenatal development at the fetal stage, where the developing child becomes easily recognizable The fetal stage formally starts when differentiation of major organs occurs.

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        Traudl Junge born Gertraud Humps was Adolf Hitler s youngest personal private secretary, from December 1942 to April 1945.Gertraud Traudl Humps was born in Munich, the daughter of a master brewer and lieutenant in the Reserve Army, Max Humps and his wife Hildegard n e Zottmann She had a sister, Inge, born in 1923 As a teenager she thought of becoming a ballerina.Traudl Junge began working for Hitler in December 1942 She was the youngest of his private secretaries I was 22 and I didn t know anything about politics, it didn t interest me , Junge said decades later, also saying that she felt great guilt for king the greatest criminal ever to have lived She said, I admit, I was fascinated by Adolf Hitler He was a pleasant boss and a fatherly friend I deliberately ignored all the warning voices inside me and enjoyed the time by his side almost until the bitter end It wasn t what he said, but the way he said things and how he did things At Hitler s encouragement, in June 1943 Junge married Waffen SS officer Hans Hermann Junge 1914 1944 , who died in combat in France in August 1944 She worked at Hitler s side in Berlin, the Berghof in Berchtesgaden, at Wolfsschanze in East Prussia, and lastly back in Berlin in the F hrerbunker.In 1945 Junge was with Hitler in Berlin She typed Hitler s last private and political will and testament in the F hrerbunker a day and a half before his suicide Junge later wrote that while she was playing with the Goebbels children on 30 April, Suddenly there is the sound of a shot, so loud, so close, that we all fall silent It echoes on through all the rooms That was a direct hit, cried Helmut Goebbels with no idea how right he is The F hrer is dead now On 1 May Junge left the F hrerbunker with a group led by Waffen SS Brigadef hrer Wilhelm Mohnke Also in the group were Hitler s personal pilot Hans Baur, chief of Hitler s Reichssicherheitsdienst RSD bodyguard Hans Rattenhuber, secretary Gerda Christian, secretary Else Kr ger, Hitler s dietician Constanze Manziarly and Dr Ernst G nther Schenck Junge, Christian and Kr ger made it out of Berlin to the River Elbe The remainder of the group were found by Soviet troops on 2 May while hiding in a cellar off the Sch nhauser Allee The Soviet Army handed those who had been in the F hrerbunker over to SMERSH for interrogation, to reveal what had occurred in the bunker during the closing weeks of the war.


    1. Traudl Junge presented something that few other's could accomplish -- she made Adolph Hitler appear human. Without question, Hitler was one of the most horrible men (if not THE most) in history. Yet she presents a side of Hitler that we never see in most histories of the time -- a softer, somewhat informal, almost fatherly figure. Some readers may reel at the idea of presenting a softer Hitler, yet I think that this view actually answers an essential question that any serious student of Nazi Ger [...]

    2. I first became aware of Traudl Junge through the TV series "The World at War" during the 1970s. She spoke of her time with Hitler in the Fuehrerbunker in Berlin during the final days of the war. What she said in those interviews conveyed to me a heightened atmosphere that was surreal and veering on ghoulishness. Several years later, I had the chance to see the German film, "The Bunker", which brought Frau Junge back to mind. So, when I learned that she had written a book about her time as one of [...]

    3. Whilst reading this book, I wondered to myself: how much blame can you put on the shoulders of a young secretary for the sins of the employer? It’s very easy, with hindsight and knowledge, to look at her recollection of events with scorn and bewilderment. You’re talking about what Hitler ate for dinner? Why don’t you talk about the millions of Jewish people who were killed for goodness sake? And it is such that you need to remove expectations from your perception of Traudl and place yourse [...]

    4. After reading this book, I still cannot determine whether the main character, Tradul Jung, was naive or caught in the times. Honestly, probably both. She provided an interesting perspective of Hitler that I've never seen before. He's written in a more fatherly ideal, with some moments of his stereotypical behaviours. I think what bothered me most is the fact that in the end she has such guilt & is so lost because of her past, but yet still finds normalcy by having an affair with a married ma [...]

    5. Este livro de memorias da secretária privada de Hitler é um documento histórico interessantíssimo. Divide-se em duas partes absolutamente distintas, no primeiro texto escrito em 1947 a admiração pela Fuhrer é evidente, que descreve como um homem afável, protetor, amável. No segundo texto escrito em 2001, ela faz o seu processamento de culpa e reconhece que tinha todos os elementos para saber a extensão do horror que estava a acontecer por toda a Europa, e se não o fez foi uma escolha [...]

    6. I didn't think it was possible, but after reading this, I think I hate Hitler even more than before. Don't get me wrong, I didn't start reading this book thinking that it would really change my views on the man all that much, but reading about how he was hiding in a relatively comfortable bunker safe from bombings with good food and his girlfriend besides him while all around him people were dying in concentration camps, fighting his battles and starving to death is infuriating. Besides that, he [...]

    7. This book is not a definitive history of World War II, or the Third Reich, or even of Hitler, Traudl Junge makes many errors in the order of things and minor things that happened. It’s also not an attempt to make Hitler look human. It is an account of what it was like to live with Hitler the last few years of his life.Traudl Junge did not involve herself in the politics of the day, she was more concerned with making a living, helping to support her family, and having some fun> She wanted to [...]

    8. What if, instead of being insanely evil 24 hours day, Hitler was mostly just a quiet vegetarian who detested cigarette smoke, loved his dog and was polite and warm to his staff? And all with a tidy early-Emo haircut? Before you pick this up, ask yourself this: Do you really want to read a book that presents a human side to Hitler? If your answer is, "Yes", then by all means read this. If your answer is, "No", then continue in your delusion that Hitler was actually the human embodiment of evil an [...]

    9. I picked up this book because "Downfall," my all-time favorite movie, is based largely on this account. From what I can tell the other accounts used are Albert Speer's (and he wasn't actually around Hitler that often), and Hitler's personal bodyguard, whose memoirs are not yet translated from German, so this might be one of the most thorough, yet easily accessible accounts of Hitler's last days. In my experience, historical memoirs written by people whose sole qualification is that, through no m [...]

    10. Great book, and a very interesting view into the 'banality of evil'. Traudl Junge was incredibly naive and yet she admits that there was something unsettling about living in such close proximity to Hitler - a nameless discontent that many of his closest staff shared and even spoke about among themselves. As you read her account you pick up these nuances for yourself there is the occasional debate where he will defend the indefensible but there are even more subtle clues such as the way his staff [...]

    11. Fascinating book. The book got to show us human has many facets. A seemingly evil person is still a human after all. Junge was Hitler's last secretary and have spent endless amount of time with him to work, to socialise and to share meals together. Her account is most fascinating. It shows how Hltler was in private. Just like any other human, he can be a good companion, good party host, fatherly manner towards the young etc. It got me thinking - is it more scary to know an evil person can have a [...]

    12. Although Junge is not a particularly gifted or lyrical writer, her subject matter is fascinating. A young woman working as one of Hitler’s secretaries, the author shines a unique light on the dictator’s everyday life, effectively humanizing a creature so monstrous in history. The most interesting section was towards the end, when she was describing the surreal atmosphere of life in the Berlin bunker at the end of the war that culminated in Hitler’s suicide. Der Untergang (Downfall), a stro [...]

    13. An interesting account by the youngest of Hitler's secretaries, Traudl Junge who worked for him from Dec. 1942 until the end. she was in the bunker and heard the final shot. There was nothing thrilling in her life, it was a mundane job with Hitler as she only saw his kinder side, even urging her to marry her husband who died in 1944 in France. It does show, however how Hitler could mesmerize people into believing he was ok when he was a monster at heart.

    14. It's really amazing how easily sucked-in this girl was. She even talks about it later. That she couldn't believe she bought into all of it! On the other hand, looking at how sheltered they all were, they didn't really know what was going on. I like that she doesn't apologize for anything she did or believed, she just more explained how it happened. Excellent book, so far.

    15. Very enlightening account of life in Hitler's compound during the last few years of WWII from the inside, including the events around Valkyrie. Makes you realize how Hitler was able to affect so many people and how he destroyed the lives of even those close to him.

    16. A first hand account of Hitler's private secretary. As a primary source for the life around the Führer's Tross, I would recommend it to historically interested readers. At parts, I wondered about the youthful naivety of Traudl Junge; apparently not understanding much of what happened around her.

    17. Although not a page turner it is a n interesting read. It is rather hard to believe she knew nothing about what was going on but her memories are telling.

    18. Quite A Page TurnerI'm giving this book five stars because I have discovered quite a lot from reading it. The way it was written caused me to feel as though I was right there, in which I experienced a sense of suspense during my reading of the moments right up to the very end of the Third Reich. I especially appreciated the special attention to details. I have read many books about Holocaust survivors and the inhumane conditions that Jews had to endure, as well as the horrific ways millions of t [...]

    19. Human nature and history woven into a great readAs I never did understand how and why "normal" people could be so drawn into a world of human degradation, murder, hatred and cruelty, this book was a recounting and reconciliation by an exceptionally honest woman. Her actual youthful trust and honest belief in the system and its promises of a gracious rewarding life, and then the explosive, final discovery of the truth brought a young, naive girl to a cynical, guilt-ridden but redemptive close of [...]

    20. A view of the world few have seen. A first hand account unencumbered by the filter of the western obsession with anything Nazi.It should have significant relevance now that fascism is on the rise and apologists allow it to happen. We should all take note.

    21. This book was very interesting because it humanized a monster. This girl became Hitler's secretary and was kept in the dark about most of the war until the end. He had a magnetism about him and his employees became like family, some, even preparing to die with and for him, in the end.

    22. Just a secretarySo many books are written with the awful details of concentration camps and although it is important to remember those atrocities, this book brought to life the regular working person and her relationship to Hitler. It is not what I expected it would be.

    23. An excellent readThe depiction of last few days of Hitler's life is really touching. I have not come across such humane story on Hitler in the popular WW II novels.

    24. Interesting and Unique PerspectiveWhile the life of Adolph Hitler has been well-documented in text and film, our understanding of his ultimate demise is heavily based on words and memory of Traudl Junge (nee Humps). HITLER’S LAST SECRETARY provides a fly-on-the-wall perspective that reveals one of history’s most notorious figures as being rather dull.I first saw Traudl Junge on several episodes of the “World at War” (the fabulous and comprehensive British documentary of the Second World [...]

    25. In 1993, the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf included this wonderfully surreal exchange -Future Cat: I think they're our favourite hosts. If you don't count the Hitlers.Kryten: The who?!Future Rimmer: Providing you avoid talking politics, they're an absolute hoot.Kryten: You're good friends with the Hitlers?!Future Kryten: It's just a social thing. We don't talk about his work. We just have a few laughs, play canasta, and enjoy the odd game of mixed doubles with the Goerings.Kryten: I don't beli [...]

    26. This is a book everyone should read. If you want to understand how a man like Adolf Hitler comes to such power, you must understand that he cannot simply be evil. Many, many people must believe he is a good man, that he is a regular joe.

    27. A wonderful and very moving book, from a very honest person who had a lot of talent telling her story very lively. She published her story shortly before she died, and she told it in a different, very open minded and honest way, unlike some earlier interviews she did in the 70ies. She described the center of power without analysing it. As a German this gives me an insight into the center of the power of a regime from a very different angle. Born in the 70ies in West Germany, I was educated in an [...]

    28. As it appears on The Accidental ReaderBeing a ww2 history reader and enthusiast I came across this book in the library. The 2004 movie downfall was based on this unique memoir.This memoir was written by Traudl Junge, Hitlers last secretary. She was in the service of Hitler from 1942 to 1945 and she experienced all kinds of things – from days of happiness and triumph to days of panic and despair to the final hours of the third reich and the final moments of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.The first [...]

    29. As an avid reader of anything about World War II, I was surprised when I realized I had never read this book. If you have any interest whatsoever about the final days of Adolf Hitler, this is definitely a must-read. Hitler’s Last Secretary is a one-of-a-kind piece as it gives you a perspective that you cannot get from any other book about World War II. Traudl Junge was Hitler’s secretary not only in the last couple of years of the war, but also the last few weeks of Hitler’s life in the un [...]

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