Sleuth on Skates: A Sesame Seade Mystery #1

Sleuth on Skates: A Sesame Seade Mystery #1

Clémentine Beauvais Sarah Horne / Dec 10, 2019

Sleuth on Skates A Sesame Seade Mystery Precocious eleven year old self made supersleuth Sophie Sesame Seade investigates the disappearance of Jenna Jenkins a student at Cambridge University where Sophie s father is chaplain and her mothe

  • Title: Sleuth on Skates: A Sesame Seade Mystery #1
  • Author: Clémentine Beauvais Sarah Horne
  • ISBN: 9780823431977
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Precocious eleven year old self made supersleuth Sophie Sesame Seade investigates the disappearance of Jenna Jenkins, a student at Cambridge University, where Sophie s father is chaplain and her mother is Head of Christ s College.

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      474 Clémentine Beauvais Sarah Horne
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    About "Clémentine Beauvais Sarah Horne"

      • Clémentine Beauvais Sarah Horne

        I was born in Paris in 1989 and though I started to read children s books pretty early, I somehow never stopped As a result, I ve become a writer, reader and student of children s literature I ve now been living and studying in Cambridge UK for seven years and have become a doctor Well, not the type that saves people s lives The type that scribbles PhD after their name and rambles on about beauty, truth and the value of all literature Worth striving for, I think More about my academic work here.The other thing I do is write books children s books, surprisingly enough In fact, it s not the other thing It s the first thing I ever did, really long before I heard that you could actually analyse books for a living, I wanted to write books for a living So I started writing, and ultimately getting published in French first, and now in English as well My first series of children s books in English, led by self made superheroine Sesame Seade, is being published in 2013 by Hodder Children s Books I am represented by Kirsty McLachlan of David Godwin Associates How s your name pronounced Clementeen Bovay.But that s not even all there is to it My full name is Cl mentine Morgane M lusine H cate Beauvais.As Sesame Seade would have it Seriously Parents from her website


    1. Sleuth on Skates was given to me by my friend Cait (while we were waiting at the theatre for Matilda to begin, appropriately) as she knew that I wanted to read more middle grade books. I adored the cover - I love mystery and stuff that is cute and also what's the deal with the ducks? – so I couldn't wait to start a fun, surprising adventure with young Sesame Seade. Sleuth on Skates is a smart, funny new contemporary mystery series accompanied by witty illustrations, beautifully drawn by Sarah [...]

    2. What a fun book this was! Sesame is such a delightful character. I enjoyed every minute I spent reading about her adventures skating around Cambridge. I was thrilled to see there is already a second book for me to look forward to! I can't wait to see what's next for this sassy sleuth!Thank you Stacey @ Pretty Books for the recommendation!

    3. I discovered this series while shelving books at the local library. Of all the Cambridge mystery books I've been reading, this one is hands (and skates!) down the very best. It's a fun romp through Cambridge and Grantchester, so it does help if you've been here. But everyone should enjoy Sesame and her way with words. Brilliant!

    4. One of the things I have always found myself enjoying is detective fiction. Whether that be in book format, in films or in television shows. So as soon as I heard about Sleuth on Skates, I knew that it was a book I was certain I’d enjoy and couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I was, albeit, a little nervous as I opened this book as a lot of bloggers I know had really enjoyed it and recently all the books I’ve struggled with, they loved. Fortunately, however, I am glad to report that this boo [...]

    5. "How was it?" asked Gemma as I squeezed my feet into my roller skates for the third time that day."Catastrophic. I bumped into my mum."Gemma shuddered from head to toe. She's scared of my mum. I used to be scared of my mum too, until I started scaring her back.Precocious Sophie Margaret Catriona Seade (pronounced "seed") insists on being called Sesame and is one unabashed, sassy, impudent 11-year-old. And she's hilarious. Her mom is the Head of Christ's College at Cambridge University and her da [...]

    6. Also posted at snugglingonthesofa/book-re Sleuth on Skates is the first in the Sesame Seade Mysteries, where we meet Sophie, who fancies herself as a bit of a detective. Equipped with her roller skates and the wonderful town of Cambridge to explore, she falls into all sorts of amusing situations. When one of the students at Cambridge disappears, Sophie takes it upon herself to discover what happened to her. Between suspicious professors and potential enemies of the missing girl, as well as dodgi [...]

    7. I absolutely adored Sesame Seade, the heroine of this MG mystery, who is 11 years old, wildly precocious, self-absorbed, brilliant, and out of control. Her voice - in her narration and in her hilarious lines of dialogue - is absolutely fabulous. I loved the Cambridge University setting, too. The whole book was just enormously fun.The only reason it's 4 stars instead of 5 stars, for me, is that I personally prefer the kind of mysteries where the stakes are personal and the detective protagonist i [...]

    8. In a humorous new series from abroad, eleven-year-old Sesame Seade--love the name!--whose actual name is Sophie Margaret Catriona Seade--is determined to solve any mysteries that come her way. When a university student disappears mysteriously and certain coincidences start popping up, Sesame is on the case. With help from her two friends, Toby and Gemma, Sesame figures out where the student has disappeared, why, and connects all the dots behind the mystery. The authorial voice in this book is st [...]

    9. This British import features Sesame Seade (actually named Sophie Margaret Catriona Seade) who has to put up with living in Cambridge, England at Christ's College. Her self-absorbed parents are the College Head and the College Chaplain. These two staid individuals are not at all ready for their imaginative, loopy daughter who, on her skates, has decided to be a detective. This is, of course, when she's not worried about a pregnant duck, dealing with her whacky cat, or misinterpreting their absolu [...]

    10. defines camp as "a social, cultural, and aesthetic style and sensibility based on deliberate and self-acknowledged theatricality." This is a good, solid mystery with good, solid detective work done by Sesame (Sophie) Seade of Cambridge, England, who lives her life theatrically and deliberately. Her parents are a college don and a college chaplain and they're totally oblivious to their daughter's pursuit of sleuthing or what is age appropriate for their 11-year old.This is a funny book with large [...]

    11. Aspiring investigator Sesame Seade along with her two best friends, a strange duck and her trusty roller skates attempt to solve the mystery of a missing college student.Originally published in Great Britain this mystery novel might attract middle-grade students who enjoy mystery adventures. Thought the story is a bit contrived, the reader will enjoy the ins and outs of the plot. This reviewer had a hard time accepting the parents attitude in the story as it was too laid back for my taste. If yo [...]

    12. Books that are described as 'funny' are often simply light or whimsical. This book is actually, genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. The deadpan descriptions and witty one-liners had me guffawing on the 12.30 Bristol to Paddington in a way that probably disturbed my fellow passengers. But I didn't care.Seasame herself is a joy, and her relationships with friends and family are vividly drawn.I did guess the ending, but that didn't spoil my enjoyment in any way. Young readers looking for a sassy book t [...]

    13. A kids book that pulls the rare feat of being cute, extremely intelligent and utterly accessible to anyone. Can't believe Ms. Beauvais wrote this while doing her PhD! It's filled with unironic joy and ironic parodies and critiques of modern academia. Mocks the modern crass commercialization of the university system and touches on themes of Internet privacy, cost benefits, roller skating and dealing with parents. Hilarious and heartfelt.

    14. This was one of those books I picked up planning to read a chapter of, and ended up just reading straight through the whole thing. It was hugely entertaining and very witty, just a pleasure from start to finish. I'm planning to take this into school to read to my class of 7-9 year olds as I know they would love it, and it's got plenty of great vocabulary to stretch their learning. Definitely recommended for children or those of us who still love children's books!

    15. Guest Review: ClaraI really loved this book. There is so much to love. There are lots of funny things that happened and the mystery was one that I could not figure out. Sesame was a character that I enjoyed solving a mystery with and I would love to go on future adventures with her. I would not rate this book only 5 stars it needs to be 8 stars!!!

    16. Sophie, call her Sesame, Seade can get somewhat bored in Cambridge University because her parents have quite important and busy jobs. So why not solve some mysteries. If you can find one. Like a missing coed. Sassy. Fun. Inventive. Sesame is all attitude and the very British location is a bonus. Can be called a longer beginning chapter book - has illustrations. First in a series.

    17. Lots of interesting things happened in the story. Most of them were very interesting, like when the men tried to steal Sesame's Phone4Kidz phone. She escaped by flying out of the building. But some weren't very interesting, like the second half of Chapter 3.

    18. This book made me really wonder if there are any functional British parents in MG literature. This was a bit too young for my middle school readers.

    19. It's wonderful. A really, really well-crafted children's book, filled with great one liners, humour, mystery and a delightful heroine in Sesame. Full review to come!

    20. This now one of my favorite mystery books. It's really super funny, and it's a really good book. I'd give it more than 5 stars, if possible.

    21. Absolutely hilarious. Briliant read. Children will love it. Grown- ups too.The kind of book that will make any child passionate about reading

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