Hollywood Station

Hollywood Station

Joseph Wambaugh / Mar 28, 2020

Hollywood Station Hollywood Station A Novel

  • Title: Hollywood Station
  • Author: Joseph Wambaugh
  • ISBN: 9780316066143
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hollywood Station A Novel

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        Joseph Wambaugh, a former LAPD detective sergeant 1960 1974 , is the bestselling author of twenty one prior works of fiction and nonfiction, including The Choirboys and The Onion Field Wambaugh joined the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD in 1960 He served 14 years, rising to detective sergeant He also attended California State University, Los Angeles, where he earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees In 2004, he was named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America He lives in southern California.


    1. HOLLYWOOD STATION is a novel following a multitude of officers and detectives from the Hollywood Division of the LAPD. The one plot line that extends the course of most of the book involves a jewelry theft that results from Crystal Meth addicts fishing mail out of public mailboxes and selling it to a Eastern European couple. There are also a plethora of small sub-story lines throughout the course of the novel. Some of the main players in this book include two police officers/surfer "dudes" refer [...]

    2. There is a touch of the absurd to every Joseph Wambaugh novel. And this one is no exception. Part of the mind says, "Things like this could never happen," while another part is saying, "Yeah, I can see that happening."This is not a novel about master criminals being brought down by determined detectives. This is a novel about the real life of cops. They have dreams and doubts and fears and hopes just like the rest of us and Wambaugh brings them all to life.There's the cop who has hopes of an act [...]

    3. It's not a bad book. A pretty quick read, with plenty of interesting little anecdotes and funny dialogue, although the plotting felt a bit loosey-goosey, and the "bizarre coincidence" factor seemed a bit high, especially towards the end. As well, the prose was awkward at times, and I found a surprising number of typos.The cop characters are for the most part good--almost too good, like real people with the edges filed off. I would have preferred a few more flaws, but I can understand why Wambaug [...]

    4. I cannot improve on the blog post that prompted me to read it, so I'll repost a lengthy excerpt: 2blowhards/archives/20Which brings me to what really made my blood boil: the review-fate of one particular book -- "Hollywood Station," the new novel by Joseph Wambaugh.A quick word for those who haven't encountered Joseph Wambaugh and his writing. A onetime Marine and L.A. cop, Wambaugh is a wildly successful author of cop novels and cop nonfiction. Among his best-known books are "The Choirboys," "T [...]

    5. James Ellroy es mi referente. Joseph Wambaugh es el de Ellroy. Si después de Hollywood Station, Wambaugh también se hubiera convertido en el mío, se habría alcanzado el silogismo perfecto… Sin embargo, la perfección no existe.Y eso que la novela es impecable. Tanto como lo puede ser un informe presentado al final de un turno por el mejor policía de Los Ángeles. O si libra, por dos surferos, o por un policía obsesionado con las películas de Hollywood, o por una mujer con los pechos reb [...]

    6. Happy to revisit Wambaugh after many years by way of Michael Connelly and James Ellroy. Wambaugh credits Ellroy for getting him back in saddle. And kudos to Adam Grupper for one of the best performed readings it has been my pleasure to hear.

    7. I once read somewhere that if the cops in the story you are reading are more interesting than the criminals, then you’re holding a credible stationhouse procedural. Joseph Wambaugh, ex-cop and son of a cop, has been mining the rich ore of real-world police persons since his beginnings as a writer and novelist in the early 1970s. "Hollywood Station," published in 2006 after a decade-long hiatus, is an enjoyable read, with a gritty realism and an insider's perspective that allows us to experienc [...]

    8. Wambaugh’s politics are just too far right for me to buy into this screed disguised as a novel. This thing is a real piece of shit. Wambaugh lashing out at political correctness, sexism, racism, and police brutality as if these things never existed in the L.A. police department before a bunch of racist assholes beat the shit out of Rodney King. How dare the law go after a cop who dishes out justice on the street and acts as judge jury and all but executioner! How about letting the courts decid [...]

    9. I have no idea where I got this book. “Police Procedural” isn’t my usual pick-up, but I needed something to read, and it was on my bookshelf. In the beginning I couldn’t care less, and it was a struggle to not say “forget it” and find something else. Somewhere in the middle I started to become invested in a couple of the characters, and even began to enjoy the story some. By the end, I can say that I didn’t love it, but I guess I liked it. It wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t seek other b [...]

    10. No semblance of a plot until 80% completed. If not for the fact this was the selected book for my bookclub this month, I would not have finished the book.The majority of the book was as if sitting in a cop bar while one after another shared what was interesting in their work day. perhaps if a cop, you would enjoy this, not me.

    11. A highly entertaining novel centered around the Hollywood Division of the LAPD. Vivid characters and entertaining storylines kept this one moving throughout despite a constant shift of the point of view of several storylines. But Wambaugh brought it all together quite adeptly at the end.

    12. The Choirboys sets too high of expectations for me for his other books, which are probably better than I give them credit for. The winging about oversight at the LAPD was a little off putting in this book too.

    13. Loved this book. I started reading it while assigned to the gang unit. It really made me miss working patrol. The stories, characters, and interactions are all spot on.

    14. CredibleWonderful story. The author puts you right into the thick of things from the first page to the last. A real page turner.

    15. Barely 2 stars. I picked this book up literally sight unseen in a "Date Night with a Book" event at one of the local libraries. Books are separated by genre and gift wrapped and you select one and at check out, the scanner reads the tag on the book and you find out what you "won." I picked Adult Crime/Mystery but this book is not my usual fare. I should've just returned it unread, but I felt like this was a reading challenge and I needed to be a good sport and play along. And I was hoping that I [...]

    16. Before NYPD, CSI and the one hundred and one other ‘real life’ cop shows, there was Joseph Wambaugh and his series Police Story. Wambaugh, who was once a detective sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department, who turned producer, screen writer and novelist, has published his first novel in ten years. And boy has it been worth waiting for. It’s a gripping, edge of the seat, page turning thriller, set in modern day Los Angeles and is already being developed for a TV series. There are enoug [...]

    17. Joseph Wambaugh began his career as an officer in the LAPD in 1960, rising to the role of detective sergeant by the mid 70's before retiring to take up writing police and crime novels full-time. This book, published in 2006 when he was near seventy years of age, is his return to the streets he started out on and it's as brilliant and funny as any such story I have read for a long time, whether written by a member of the younger generation such as George Pelecanos or a fellow veteran of the form [...]

    18. "Stay Real, Farley"One word: wow! Wambaugh is back - big time. A stripped down masterpiece of what it means to "protect and serve" in post-Rodney King LA, rendered with the passion and conviction that only an ex-cop like Wambaugh could muster. "Hollywood Station" will make you laugh, the petty politics and bureaucratic meddling will frustrate you, the heroics and camaraderie of understaffed and overworked street cops will make you proud, but most of all, the tales of "Hollyweird's" sleaze, glitz [...]

    19. Joseph Wambaugh's illustrious writing career spans more than four decades. His early works, a mix of novels and true crime accounts, drew on his years of experience in the Los Angeles Police Department. In 2006, with the release of Hollywood Station, Wambaugh returned to that familiar theme.Hollywood Station is the first of several novels in a series Joseph Wambaugh fans will truly love. I am still relatively new to his work. I have to admit that, at first, although I thought the book was clever [...]

    20. Joseph Wambaugh served as a LA police officer was one of the first writers to use a more realistic approach to writing about police work. His newest book, Hollywood Station, is his first book in ten years and it is a well balanced mix of black humor and suspense.The story centers around the LAPD Hollywood Station and it has a mix of colorful policeman including two surfer-cops, the grizzled sexists serving with female cops, the wannabe actor cop and the over his head newbie. The first half of th [...]

    21. Hollywood Station by Joseph Wambaugh is about the LAPD, with a large cast of characters. He centers on the lives of the cops at the Hollywood Station. They are tired, harassed, way over worked, and trying to do their best. If you are looking for Wambaugh’s usual wacky characters, you will not be disappointed. The book reads like a tribute to the men and women who try their best to keep us safe. Think about what they face every day, children injured by hideous adults, people throwing their life [...]

    22. Although this reads more like a collection of anecdotes from the professional lives of the men and women of the LAPD assigned to the Hollywood station, Joseph Wambaugh pulled them all together in such a way as to make them all part of a good novel. There's Meg Takara, a petite, Japanese-American, who defied her parents wishes when she became a police officer. After one night working undercover, she was severely beaten by an enraged pimp for working in his turf. There's Budgie Polk, a lactating m [...]

    23. Wambaugh does a masterful job of weaving several smaller stories and plots into one complete quilt. His characters include cops, from the dedicated to the easily sold, citizens, and a few down and outers and career crooks, but all come to life. Hollywood Nate does occasional walk-on roles and dreams of becoming a full-time actor when he's not driving a patrol car. Andrea McCrea worries about her son, who is stationed in Afghanistan. Flotsam and Jetsam use every second of free time to surf. The m [...]

    24. Joseph Wambaugh's Hollywood Station, a novel he wrote in 2006, is fiction. But so much of it is nonfiction.This book is about life at the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, post-Rodney King, post-9/11, and some of the cases they encounter. Because I lived in San Diego for 20 years, I heard from afar (but close enough to get KFI, an LA talk radio station) about all the demoralizing political correctness going on at the LAPD post-Rodney King, post-9/11. But this book is a loo [...]

    25. Joseph Wambaugh is a great writer of tapestry-style fiction. His novels are mostly comprised of individual vignettes that slowly come together to form a larger picture. He's a very slow-burn sort of author and I can understand why some people would find his writing to not be their particular cup of tea. I can also understand how some folks would be turned off by the racial implications of his work. But let's be honest, when we're talking LA law enforcement, race is something that is going to com [...]

    26. I'd never read a single Joseph Wambaugh book despite knowing of him forever. This was an audio book for my commute and I'm glad I finally sought him out as this was an entertaining romp through the world of Hollywood via police, criminals, low-life, homeless, detectives, tourists and all the other people who make this part of Los Angeles unique to the city. I was surprised at the amount of humor that is in the story--credit goes somewhat to the reader for that. Since I live only a few miles from [...]

    27. I've read several Wambaugh books before this one and have enjoyed all of them. "Hollywood Station" is no exception. Wambaugh is a natural story-teller.The book begins with a series of police incidents spread over several days. At first, a reader would feel like he is reading an anthology of unrelated very brief stories. Could the whole book be nothing more than this?Among the incidents, however, are two crimes that the detectives begin to investigate. From these, Wambaugh develops the story line [...]

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