Roter Mond (German Edition)

Roter Mond (German Edition)

Benjamin Percy / Dec 14, 2019

Roter Mond German Edition Sie leben unter uns Sie verwandeln sich Sie k mpfen gegen ihre Unterdr cker uns Als Regierungsagenten Claire Forresters Haust r eintreten und ihre Eltern ermorden muss sie erkennen dass sie und ihre

  • Title: Roter Mond (German Edition)
  • Author: Benjamin Percy
  • ISBN: 9783764531232
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sie leben unter uns Sie verwandeln sich Sie k mpfen gegen ihre Unterdr cker uns Als Regierungsagenten Claire Forresters Haust r eintreten und ihre Eltern ermorden, muss sie erkennen, dass sie und ihre Familie schon immer Ausgesto ene waren.Chase Williams hat seinen W hlern versprochen, die USA vor Terror zu besch tzen Doch nun wird er selbst zu dem, was er zu vernichtSie leben unter uns Sie verwandeln sich Sie k mpfen gegen ihre Unterdr cker uns Als Regierungsagenten Claire Forresters Haust r eintreten und ihre Eltern ermorden, muss sie erkennen, dass sie und ihre Familie schon immer Ausgesto ene waren.Chase Williams hat seinen W hlern versprochen, die USA vor Terror zu besch tzen Doch nun wird er selbst zu dem, was er zu vernichten geschworen hat Bis heute wird die Bedrohung durch Gesetze, Gewalt und Drogen in Schach gehalten Doch die Nacht des Roten Mondes r ckt n her, wenn die Welt f r immer ihr Antlitz ver ndern wird und die Schlacht um die Menschlichkeit beginntEine berzeugende Parabel auf die Welt, in der wir leben.

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        Benjamin Percy is the author of four novels, The Dark Net HMH, 2017 , The Dead Lands Grand Central, 2015 , Red Moon Grand Central, 2013 and The Wilding Graywolf Press, 2010 , as well as two books of short stories Refresh, Refresh and The Language of Elk and a craft book, Thrill Me Essays on Fiction His fiction and nonfiction have been published in Esquire where he is a contributing editor , GQ, Time, Men s Journal, Outside, the Wall Street Journal, Tin House, Glimmer Train, Ploughshares, and the Paris Review He writes the Green Arrow and Teen Titans series for DC Comics, and James Bond for Dynamite Entertainment His honors include an NEA fellowship, the Whiting Writer s Award, the Plimpton Prize, the Pushcart Prize and inclusion in Best American Short Stories and Best American Comics.


    1. i love this book like gravy.i have felt pretty distanced from my books, lately. nothing has been grabbing me and sucking me in, not since The Last Whisper in the Dark. but this one grabbed me right from the start and i was immediately absorbed into the story and invested in its plot and characters.was it perfect? no. i loved the book, but i totally agree with a lot of what mike says here. and other reviewers point out that the final scenes in the book felt a bit rushed and convenient and left a [...]

    2. The bartender bends over to peek at the book I'm reading. I'm holding it just high enough for him not to have to squat down like he's picking up a dropped coin just to see the cover. "Red Moon," I tell him. "It takes place in an alternate reality where 5% of the population is basically werewolves. They call them lycans."His eyes light up."But they are all drugged up so they can't change, and it's illegal to turn into a lycan most places anyway," I say. "Then some of them become terrorists."The b [...]

    3. Despite my notorious hatred of not finishing books, I might let this one go for a while. It's just not that well-written -- I'm pretty amazed at all the people here who think Percy's some kind of amazing prose stylist; Ben Aaronovitch, say, is much better -- and there's one narrative tic another reviewer mentioned which is just fatal. Time and again, there's a really suspenseful setup -- then a CUT TO BLACK which feels straight out of television -- and then, a much-diluted flashback which goes o [...]

    4. DNF, so no rating.I just can't keep reading this book.The premise of this book is that there are lycans (basically werewolves who can change form whenever they want, not just with a full moon) that have been in the world for centuries. The United States is currently fighting a war with the lycans in their homeland, and the discussion of this is clearly meant to remind us of the U.S. in Afghanistan/Iraq. The fear of lycan U.S. citizens living in the U.S. also mimics the fear of Muslims by some in [...]

    5. I thought this would be an urban fantasy since it has werewolves in it, but they weren't paranormal in origin. Instead, they are the result of a prion disease like Mad Cow. An excellent basis for a story of prejudice & segregation, revolution, extremism, & terrorism - a minority defined & undercut by the few. Overall, it was a 5 star world that Percy created, very innovative.There were some great characters, too. No super heroes, just regular people in tough, but rather ordinary (by [...]

    6. A copy of Red Moon was provided to me by Grand Central Publishing/Netgalley for review purposes.'Plagues don't just kill people - and that's what lobos is, a plague - they kill humanity.'Red Moon deals with an alternate world history, one where lycans are real and all are aware of their existence. The story is told from several different points-of-view and spans several years. At its core, Red Moon is about xenophobia, racial discrimination and acts of terrorism, a subject that can be applied to [...]

    7. So I read this a few weeks ago now, only just getting around to a review due to extreme book reading, but looking back I’d quite like to read this one all over again. And probably will a few times over the next few years.It was an absolute genius of a story really – a Werewolf saga that is so much more than that, a real romp of a tale, with plenty of thrills and plenty of emotion, which is hugely satisfying and has a social message at its heart.In a world where Werewolves exist alongside us, [...]

    8. This is exactly the kind of book that makes me want to start a book review blog. From a writer's perspective, this book had a lot going for it. I didn't expect to like it at all. In fact, I started reading it because it was laying around when I had the flu and needed something light to occupy me. But the way it was written drew me in. Percy's prose is really quite lovely, full of startling images and precise verbs. I'm a fan of present tense, which this book uses to its advantage. Percy allows t [...]

    9. Let me start by saying that my interest in werewolves or lycans (I still am unclear as to whether or not they are the same thing or not), has been almost non-existent. It has always come across cheesy and unbelievable to me. Now, I know they aren’t real, but I still want to buy the story I am being sold. They never felt real to me. I could buy vampires, evil entities sucking the souls out of towns, Frankenstein’s monster, psychotic serial killers….but werewolves…not so much. It just wasn [...]

    10. Red Moon by Benjamin Percy is an interesting take on the classic werewolf craze that has kept many people awake at night. He suggests that their has been werewolves since the beginning mankind. A pathogen that inhabits the body and results in an organism part human, part wolf. The humans infected with the Lobos bacteria are known as lycans in Red Moon and they walk among us medicated and often times undetected.Red Moon follows a few characters who's individual stories converge. Claire is journey [...]

    11. This book is trying to do a whole lot and for that I'm going to give it 4 stars. Interesting political allegory via a werewolf story. Great characters, engrossing plot, crisp writing with lots of lovely detail. Percy clearly put his all into this novel. In some ways, reminiscent of The Passage. The end is a hot mess, rushed, overly convenient. I'd have liked to see the book either 200 pages longer or 150 pages shorter. Nonetheless, lots to love here, and this is well worth reading.

    12. Crisp, biting prose. Great characterization. Excellent pacing. Would have been a five star book for me but the ending felt very rushed, too compressed.

    13. THIS REVIEW ORIGINALLY RAN AT THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.Red Moon is not merely about the werewolf, that familiar history and archetype—no, Red Moon (Grand Central) by Benjamin Percy is a brilliant blend of genre horror and literary poetics that reveals the creature in us all, and a debate about what it is to be human and where our priorities rest. Weaving a hypnotic tapestry of connected stories, Percy allows us to follow a cast of characters, good and bad, on an epic journey that distills the hea [...]

    14. If you like your Dystopia stories to have some literary merit you’ve found a book to your taste in “Red Moon”. The monsters are real people…well, you know what I mean. The story is absorbing and though I almost hate to say it, it’s believable. The whole time I was reading I kept wondering how this will be filmed because it’s begging to be on the big screen in my opinion. The story grabs you right from the beginning and though the book is over 500 pages you won’t be fazed by that. Y [...]

    15. Overall, I really enjoyed it a lot, as my 4 stars indicates. What an awesome, wild ride this was.:) I wanted to give it 5, and after the monumental 1st Part, I couldn't see it going downhill, but I don't know, it seemed to lose some of said momentum, sadly Also, some of the characters could have been further developed and I found the resolution somewhat lacking. Benjamin Percy's exquisite writing, however, is often poetic and constantly awe inspiring. From start to finish, I couldn't get over hi [...]

    16. I DID NOT LIKE THIS BOOK. I had read so many great reviews about this book so I think I went in with really high expectations and it fell flat. The concept - werewolves have become the enemy of the state - it's them against humans - what side are you on? Basically it was an attempt to discuss prejudices when one group of people (aka the werewolves) attack another - do we group everyone that shares their basic beliefs together as terrorists? I didn't like the writing, didn't like the characters [...]

    17. Red Moon (alternate history?) establishes a world in which Lycans have been present since the 7th century, and have even established a homeland, The Lycan Republic. Yet Lycans have also continued to live among "humans" in the U.S. (and I suppose, all over the world) although they must be registered, take the Volpexx drug to prevent transformation, and take regular blood tests.If, however, most Lycans live normal, peaceful, and productive lives, a growing contingent have joined the Resistance tha [...]

    18. 3.5/5I wanted to love this book - and in fact there were many aspects of it that I did love - but the symbolism of the werewolves hits you like a slap in the face. Werewolves are meant to represent every repressed minority in American/world history. They are shunned for being who they are and a few radicals give the whole group a bad name (Muslims), they were given their own country in 1948 (Jews), they had a civil rights revolution in the 1960s (African-Americans), lobos is likened to AIDS (hom [...]

    19. Very interesting and thought provoking novel with plenty of commentary on American society and life. The characters were well fleshed out and the interwoven plot lines kept the book from becoming tiresome. The idea of lycanthropy as a disease and how it would affect society was intellectually stimulating. The ending was anticlimactic and felt rushed but the novel as a whole was done quite well. An entertaining and sometimes chilling piece of "fiction."

    20. Book Info: Genre: Urban FantasyReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Those who enjoy a very well-told story, political metaphors, werewolves, like to think about current eventsBook Available: May 7, 2013 in hardcover and Kindle formats, Audio CD and AudibleTrigger Warnings: murder, sexual assault, rape, sexual slavery, hate crimes, terroristic acts, cannibalism Animal Abuse: a minor character is reported to have stomped a puppy to death; hunting by human and lycan, including deer, goat, and possi [...]

    21. Werewolves are kind of a snooze, right? I mean, as far as monsters go, they’re not super exciting. What are the great werewolf movies? Lon Chaney’s eponymous Wolf Man got things started. There’s The Howling, obviously, and Wolfen. An American Werewolf in London (but not in Paris). Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves is stylish fun, and Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers is the best recent example. After that? Do I dare mention Teen Wolf? 100 years of cinema, and the wolf man can manage only [...]

    22. Summer Reading by Moonlight:The werewolves in Benjamin Percy’s fantastic novel, Red Moon, are a force to be reckoned with, clawing their way out of our collective consciousness to suggest many allegorical connections: the heightened paranoia of the post 9/11 era, the camps during World War II, reservations on the plains—any Other we have feared and ghettoized in the name of public safety. As in any good horror novel, the scariest part is how human the werewolves—called “lycans” in the [...]

    23. This is the only book about werewolves I have ever read. It is the best book about werewolves I have ever read. It is the worst book about werewolves I have ever read. The writing, the sentences are well crafted. The plot, however, doesn't withstand the slightest probing. One of the major female characters is introduced, underdeveloped, and pretty much disappears. And I am left wondering, what was the point? The pimply high school neo-nazis-in-training Max and his friends go from a disaffected, [...]

    24. As a big fan of Benjamin Percy's previous works of fiction (The Wilding, Refresh, Refresh and The Language of Elk), I had high expectations for Red Moon. I read an advance copy last month and it immediately catapulted to the top of my Best of 2013 list. Red Moon opens sedately with an ordinary scene of passengers boarding a plane:The jet bridge elbows to the left, into the open door of the plane. One of the flight attendants stands in the kitchen carrel beyond the doorway. She smiles at him, her [...]

    25. In this clever yet brutal novel, Benjamin Percy explores a world not that much different than our own. Werewolves, or lycans as they're generally referred to, are among us, but castigated and treated as outcasts, monsters that they truly ared forced by the government to take a powerful drug that severely limits their ability to transform. And the US military occupies a tiny foreign country in Europe where the lycan disease originally came from. But homegrown lycan terrorists shed blood in the na [...]

    26. За любителите на Стивън Кинг - визуална, силна, заредена проза, ярки и яки екшън сцениПолитически трилър, маскиран като дистопия/антиутопия/алегория, в която “ликантропите”(“инфектирани с вируса на върколашка болест”) са новата заплаха на Америка.Внимание - екстремисти-в [...]

    27. First thing that I have to make clear, I don't read werewolf books because I don't like werewolf books. When I read the description from the publisher, there was nothing in it that clued me into this being a werewolf book. I started reading this book about a month ago, and right away I said "This is a werewolf book", and put aside. Last weekend I was in B&N with my granddaughters and saw a big display of this book, I read the book-jacket, and it still didn't mention werewolves, so I said to [...]

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