The Housemistress

The Housemistress

Keira Michelle Telford / Dec 15, 2019

The Housemistress For a lot of seventeen year old girls being sent to a same sex boarding school would be a nightmare for one simple reason No boys But that s really not a problem for sixth form student Rylie Harcourt

  • Title: The Housemistress
  • Author: Keira Michelle Telford
  • ISBN: 9780992011536
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • For a lot of seventeen year old girls, being sent to a same sex boarding school would be a nightmare for one simple reason No boys But that s really not a problem for sixth form student Rylie Harcourt Instead, what might prove somewhat difficult to overcome is the school s strict policy concerning on campus relationships.All sexual contact is expressly forbidden CarnalFor a lot of seventeen year old girls, being sent to a same sex boarding school would be a nightmare for one simple reason No boys But that s really not a problem for sixth form student Rylie Harcourt Instead, what might prove somewhat difficult to overcome is the school s strict policy concerning on campus relationships.All sexual contact is expressly forbidden Carnal pursuits are a distraction from learning, so says the Headmistress, and virtue is to be as highly regarded as education if not higher This harsh ban on expressions of love becomes especially problematic when Rylie meets her new French Housemistress, Vivienne Carriveau, and attraction sparks.In a sexless environment, thirty one year old Mademoiselle Carriveau is a magnet for the affections of her hormonal, adolescent students Competition for her attention is fierce, and when it starts to become clear that Rylie s burgeoning interest in her is reciprocated in equal measure, tension among the student body rises to a deadly level.

    The Housemistress The School White Day Wiki FANDOM The Housemistress Spirit Hangul is the ghost of a formerly deceased female teacher female housemaster who used to work in Yeondu High School She was rather referred to as The Tiger by Students due to her harsh punishments such as cutting the hair of female students. The Housemistress by Keira Michelle Telford The Housemistress For a lot of seventeen year old girls, being sent to a same sex boarding school would be a nightmare for one simple reason No boys But that s really not a problem for sixth form student Rylie Harcourt Instead, what might prove somewhat difficult to overcome is the school s strict policy concerning on campus relationships. D From the Housemistress Entry HallEntry Hall Apr , About Tasi housemistress Tasi is a married cross dresser, a father, a grandfather, a Vietnam vet and a businessman, now retired She is the founder of Lambda Beta Rho, formerly Tri Ess, but now the Ladies of the Blue Ridge Transgender Association. Housemistress Definition of Housemistress by Merriam Webster Definition of housemistress old fashioned a mistress of a house a woman in charge of a house in a girls boarding school. Housemistress definition of housemistress by The Free References in periodicals archive Former teacher and housemistress at Rydal Preparatory School, Colwyn Bay A live in housemaster or housemistress is in charge of each house After spells as housemistress at Canford School, Dorset, and then as senior mistress at Dean Close School, Cheltenham, Mrs Taylor took up the post of headmistress at Christ College Brecon in . The Housemistress in New Kingdom Egypt Hatnefer Essay Eventually, however, she became the head of her own household and was given the honorific title nebet per, meaning housemistress Three wood chests containing a total of seventy six long, fringed sheets of linen ,. were found in Hatnefer s tomb. Housemistress YouTube Feb , Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Housemistress Abaddon Housemistress Released on Composer Giacomo Bisciarri Auto generated by YouTube. PDF Format The Housemistress The Housemistress Epub Book Epub Book The Housemistress ,MB The Housemistress Epub Book Pursuing for The Housemistress Epub Book Do you really need this book of The Housemaster In British education, a housemaster or, less commonly, a housemistress is a member of male staff in charge of a boarding house, normally at a boarding school e.g especially at a British public school The housemaster is responsible for the supervision and care of boarders in HM s Poetic Finds Sep , This website, is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to .

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      • Keira Michelle Telford

        Keira Michelle Telford is an award winning author with a love for the gruesome, the macabre, and the downright filthy She writes dystopian science fiction, contemporary and historical erotic lesbian romance, and other lesbian fiction, often with a focus on age gap relationships.


    1. Don't want to belabor the hotness of this book, but it is indeed one of the hottest lesbian fictions I've ever happened upon. Teacher/Student done right for an erotic romance, as far as I'm concerned. Telford's writing style is clean and distinct; I like it. The two mains recognize their attraction immediately and it works really well. I don't need constant torture. Have I reread this book an embarrassing amount of times? You bet I did.Marry me, Mademoiselle Carriveau.Update: Read it again in on [...]

    2. I think this is one of those books that either is for you or isn't. (view spoiler)[I get that it's supposed to be edgy and taboo that a teacher is sleeping with her student. I mean, how could I not, when we're told many times that it's illegal? But it's the precocious, experienced student preying on the reluctant teacher, so we can all comfortably agree that there is no exploitation happening. Except, illegality/taboo aside, and this is the thing I kept asking myself all the way through, what do [...]

    3. It was high time I re-read The Housemistress by my favorite author Keira Michelle Telford. Besides it needed to be shared with book club buddie D. I can only say it seems to get better the second time around. The delicious build-up, the attraction of things forbidden, the slow torture Miss Telford puts us through as we follow the growing relationship between 17-year-old Rylie Harcourt and the buxom French Housemistress and head of the language department Vivienne Carriveaux. Inspired by the movi [...]

    4. A smothering hot read that lives up to the delicious cover art. This is exactly what it sounds like; a teacher student relationship which is wholly inappropriate(and illegal), but not any less hot. It does have a heavy tabooish vibe, along with some good ol' creep vibes, "taking in her adolescent body" is among them, so yeah, be warned. It is erotic, but not smeared with senseless sex either, it does a lot of teasing and it does it well. As for the plot Errr Big tits? Yeah, big french tits! That [...]

    5. 4.2 stars. So I didn't get arrested after reading Cadence of My Heart but surely I'm on some kind of list now after finishing this book. (Hi, FBI people.) I enjoyed this one just as much. Her sex scenes are one of the best in lesfic and age gap taboo makes it exciting. Her older characters never come off as predators because her younger characters are assertive and confident and lust after their older women. Telford has her own formula and it works. I was not too keen on the (view spoiler)[suici [...]

    6. This was a lot of fun. I never read erotica. I mean, I have read some fanfic erotica or amateur erotica when I was younger and impressionable, but as I got older I become distant and avoidant with the genre. I was worried about how well it would go when it came to reading erotica for my genre challenge I am completing this year. I am so happy that I actually enjoyed it.I am really impressed with Keira Michelle Telford's skill in taking a standard erotic storyline and characters and making them a [...]

    7. The book reminds me a little bit of the movie Loving Annabelle, but with a slightly different twist. The book is definitely hot, and all in all it's quite an enjoyable read.

    8. Tres bonOkay, thats all the french I pretty much know, despite just finishing this novel! Very well written with an excellent plot that has more depth than you might first imagine. Its mildly unrealistic in places, like the consequences of a student-teacher relationship, but hey I think think that assertion could be applied to the majority of fiction novels and it doesn't devalue the quality of the read. Would definitely recommend.

    9. Reminds me of a movie and it's killing me that I can't remember the name! Anyways back to the book: short, interesting, weird and enjoyable.

    10. Worth the read. Like someone else said, even though it's taboo, you find yourself rooting for the characters to get together. Really enjoyed the book.

    11. 4.5 starsF/F erotic romanceWho can resist a well-written teacher/student fantasy?? :)This one is interesting and engaging and a tough one to put down. Beyond hot. Enjoy the ride and don't over-think the taboo, lol this author has incredible talent in the realm of erotica and her women are to-die-for sexy. All very, very tastefully done.The writing is quite good- better than most lesfic I read. It's full of beautifully descriptive detail. The build up is awesome and there is plenty of sensuality [...]

    12. To be honest, one of my friends said it just was the hottest and I just had to read it, and it was a bit of a disappointment. (view spoiler)[While it was hot, and Viv is like the perfect woman, my brain wouldn't let me enjoy it while I knew they were doing something super illegal. And I also agree with the person who said they didn't get what Viv saw in her student, because at least from a reader's perspective, she doesn't look attractive or lovable at all. Also, what is that with her previous r [...]

    13. Ever finish a book and just let out a content and happy sigh? This is how this book left me. I started it today, I finished it today. I am absolutely terrible at comments and reviews but rarely am I easily pleased and satisfied with books but that's what this masterpiece left me feeling. I hated that I couldn't put it down (to shower, to eat etc.) but I hated that it ended too. Bravo, KMT!

    14. I love the author's style of writing, couldn't put the book down. Even the age-gap didn't really bother me, for the rest it was very sexy and I would like to read more about the main characters. One small thing about women's anatomy made me stop and think for a while but I decided just to close my eyes on it.

    15. A simple but well written plot - and not in any way subtle. I think 'hot' covers it well. I liked how Carriveau was portrayed, and the use of French was pretty effective. Only slight annoyance was that every French phrase was translated straight after. If you know some French, that gets a bit annoying.

    16. this book remind me movie Loving Annabelle form start to most of the end if you watch that movie you'll know why I love this book too anyway let's talk about this book who wouldn't have crush on there teachers ? So it's really sweet lovely read for that concerns remind me of my 12th standard crush on my ma'am hehehe

    17. Cute read. Wasn't expecting the ending, so Telford added in a nice surprise. I really do like how we got to experience the developing feelings of the characters. The romance didn't happen overnight. There was a build-up, which I appreciated. Sex scenes were good, which is always a plus ;)

    18. I received this book as the result of a First Reads giveaway.Before I begin, I have always stated that I am hard to impress with romances. I am also open to new genres and ideas. This was my first lesbian romance novel.The story line was pretty basic with the only twist in the whole story that I had a hard time with. A minor with an adult. Even though there is only 6 months until the youngest is legal bothered me. I would often make her 18 in my head so I could stop to appreciate their love for [...]

    19. It wasn't very good.There really is not much story to it. It's a thin plotline, and the story doesn't really try to keep much tension going. So for the most part you're just reading about Rylie and Vivienne making out, and the time leading up to that, and the time afterward. And they're just having sex. There's nothing to it really. You can skip the sex pages without missing out on anything vital to the plot.If the book is romantica, then it's not very good, because the love seems very shallow. [...]

    20. Yum. This book was just absolutely divine for devouring.Keira did a really great job with the characters, the setting and the storyline. I agree with others it reminded me slightly of "Loving Annabelle" - most likely because that was the most famous movie with a teacher/student coupling. In saying that, "The Housemistress" had a much better plot and of course amazing sex. Throw in some romantic French words and Keira you have me swooning. Loved it.

    21. This book is complete and utter trash.I'm honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I can't tell you why. It's shit.Literally every porn cliché in history, serving the teacher/student fantasy.Yet here I am finishing it within 24 hours, giving it 4 stars, probably about to go masturbate.I guess I'm just trash appreciating trash

    22. That ending is such a plot twist. Am I the only one who thinks Kaitlyn is an alternative version of Manuela (Madchen in Uniform), except the Adel's psycho part? This was a quick, light, and easy-to-read, nothing was complicated in the extent of this book's content.

    23. EnjoyedWhere can I find a Housemistress as hot as Mademoiselle Carriveau? First time reading anything from this author and look forward to reading more.

    24. Lesbain erotica is my favorite kind of read and The Housemistress was a very stimulating and naughty novella ;-)

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