Tiddler book and CD

Tiddler book and CD

Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler / Jun 18, 2019

Tiddler book and CD Tiddler tells the tallest tales in the ocean so who will believe him when he really gets caught in a net

  • Title: Tiddler book and CD
  • Author: Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler
  • ISBN: 9781407109893
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tiddler tells the tallest tales in the ocean, so who will believe him when he really gets caught in a net.

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        Growing upI grew up in a tall Victorian London house with my parents, grandmother, aunt, uncle, younger sister Mary and cat Geoffrey who was really a prince in disguise Mary and I would argue about which of us would marry him.Mary and I were always creating imaginary characters and mimicking real ones, and I used to write shows and choreograph ballets for us A wind up gramophone wafted out Chopin waltzes.I studied Drama and French at Bristol University, where I met Malcolm, a guitar playing medic to whom I m now married Busking and booksBefore Malcolm and I had our three sons we used to go busking together and I would write special songs for each country the best one was in Italian about pasta The busking led to a career in singing and songwriting, mainly for children s television I became an expert at writing to order on such subjects as guinea pigs, window cleaning and horrible smells We want a song about throwing crumpled up wrapping paper into the bin was a typical request from the BBC I also continued to write grown up songs and perform them in folk clubs and on the radio, and have recently released two CDs of these songs One of my television songs, A SQUASH AND A SQUEEZE, was made into a book in 1993, with illustrations by the wonderful Axel Scheffler It was great to hold the book in my hand without it vanishing in the air the way the songs did This prompted me to unearth some plays I d written for a school reading group, and since then I ve had 20 plays published Most children love acting and it s a tremendous way to improve their reading My real breakthrough was THE GRUFFALO, again illustrated by Axel We work separately he s in London and I m in Glasgow but he sends me letters with lovely funny pictures on the envelopes.I really enjoy writing verse, even though it can be fiendishly difficult I used to memorise poems as a child and it means a lot to me when parents tell me their child can recite one of my books.Funnily enough, I find it harder to write not in verse, though I feel I am now getting the hang of it My novel THE GIANTS AND THE JONESES is going to be made into a film by the same team who made the Harry Potter movies, and I have written three books of stories about the anarchic PRINCESS MIRROR BELLE who appears from the mirror and disrupts the life of an otherwise ordinary eight year old I have just finished writing a novel for teenagers.When I m not writing I am often performing, at book festivals and in theatres I really enjoy getting the children in the audience to help me act out the stories and sing the songs When Malcolm can take time off from the hospital he and his guitar come too and it feels as if we ve come full circle back to busking.


    1. Nathaniel wanted uncle James to read him his new library book – Tiddler. The story is about Tiddler, a small fish who is always late for class. He makes up increasingly tall tales to explain his lateness. Nobody believes him but his stories start to spread throughout the fish world. Sort of a Nemo who cried wolf story. Of course, eventually Tiddler is properly late and uses his previous stories to return home safely.

    2. Julia Donaldson has such a talent for writing children’s books with infectious lines, wonderful rhymes and adorably funny stories. This is no exception. We loved Tiddler and his tall tales, along with the beautiful illustrations and under-the-sea fun! Another must-have for the tiny human library!

    3. This book doesn't seem very popular in Iowa, neither among libraries or book stores, so I had to borrow it through an interlibrary loan (read: for a very short time). And that's disappointing, because the book is spectacular! I count it as one of the best books by the author. We read it at bedtime all nine evenings we had it.As seems customary, this British book suffered being "translated" for the American audience. I really don't get this translations from English to English. The first time I n [...]

    4. Another cracking good book for toddlers and preschoolers from the master Julia Donaldson. Tiddler is a fish who's always late, and always has a tall tale explaining why. But what happens one day when one of his crazy tales does come true? Donaldson's rhyming story reads smoothly and is full of wee delights, ideal for reading aloud. Scheffler's drawings bring the tale to vivid life, adding to the words and giving little ones plenty to look at and enjoy. Perhaps not the absolute best of the pair's [...]

    5. This is a long book, so more suitable for a 3yo than a 2yo, but it's got a good story and lots of interesting pictures. Edited later: 2.5 seems like a good age. The touch of pantomime ("Oh no, he didn't!") and the call-and-response of the fish school make this a bedtime favorite. I can't tell you how many times I've read it now!

    6. This book tells the story of Tiddler, a little grey fish who is never on time but has always got a story as to why. It sees Tiddler arriving late to school on a few occasions, offering ellaborate excuses for his impunctuality. These tales involve octopuses, shipwrecks and turtles, and the stories spread like wildfire, from one fish, to another, and anotherOne day, Tiddler is on his way to school when he is so distracted by daydreaming that he gets cuaght in the net of a fishing boat. He eentuall [...]

    7. A story of Tiddler the tiny fish, who everyday would dream up tall tales to tell his classmates why he was always late for school. Until one day his day dreaming got him lost and caught up in his very own tall tale; but luckily his tales help him find his way back home.This is a wonderful tale of a little fish's underwater adventures told in rhythmic text with a rather relaxed lolloping rhyme accompanied by bright bold illustrations. Tiddler is a little fish with a big imagination who arrives la [...]

    8. Tiddler is one of those special stories that seem to capture children’s attention immediately and keep it for the duration, while making them laugh a great deal throughout. Tiddler, the star of the book, is a little fish with a penchant for telling wild stories, usually involving some feat of heroism on his part. When Tiddler finds himself in very apparent danger, however, the reality seems much less enjoyable than the fiction. Lost and far from home, Tiddler sees no way out of trouble. Yet, u [...]

    9. It’s is a story about a little fish whose name was Tiddler who was always late. Each time he was late he made up crazy excuses. Then there was one day he had a reason to be late for school and told everyone. But would they believe he this time?Students really enjoy reading and listening to the story and the little fishes excuses. I uses it as a guided reading book in a year 3 class. I found it a good book as the there are lots of exercise you can get the children to do after reading the book . [...]

    10. By Julia Donaldson & Axel SchefflerTiddler is a little fish that “blows small bubbles but tells tall tales”. Every day he arrives late for fish school and every day his excuses is a taller tale. At school nobody really believes him except impressionable Little Johnny Dory, who is excited by his stories that he tells his granny, who in turn tells them to a plaice, and thus the stories are spread across the ocean. One day while dreaming up his next fantasy, he gets to live a real adventure [...]

    11. 'Tiddler' is about a small story telling fish who is always late for class. Every time he has an extravagant tale to tell about his reasons. At the end Tiddler gets caught in a net and making his way back home he actually experiences most of the things that he had previously lied about. He hears a tale of his current endeavour and tries to find out where it came from realising it stemmed from his previous tales.I enjoyed the book because it related back to the classroom environment yet was adven [...]

    12. If you’re looking for a book that has a moral about honesty and not telling lies, this isn’t it — go get some other version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” instead. But if you’re looking for a book that celebrates the power of storytelling and fiction in a fun way, then read this book! I couldn’t help but think of the movie Finding Nemo here, with the little fish in school and an amazing story getting passed from one sea creature to another (you may remember that in Finding Nemo, a sto [...]

    13. Tiddler is the story of a small fish that loves telling tales is always late to fish school for some reason. Tiddler has a very different imagination to everyone else in the book.Then one day Tiddler gets caught in a net, although the fisherman throw him back in the sea he gets lost in the sea. How will Tiddler make it home now?After telling so many tales it has finally caught up with him and he must find a way now to get home. A great book with rhythmic text and the illustrations are all in det [...]

    14. Tiddler tells the story of a very cheeky fish who is always late for school and who loves to make up stories… “Oh, no he didn’t!” “Oh yes he did!” This charming book is a retake on the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and enables the children to talk about right and wrong, truth and lies, good and bad. It is particularly suited to young children from Reception age all the way up to upper KS1. It is a great book to keep in the classroom, filled with colours and eye-catching illustrati [...]

    15. Another excellent story book from the children's literary duo of Donaldson and Shefffler. The rhymes encuorage children to join in and the fantastic illustrations keep all reception children captivated, espcecially as it may hold a mirror up to their own tale tellingUSe it as part of a PSED topic around telling the truth or KUW for under the sea.

    16. A really fun book to read as a class or for your book corner. Very colourful.Tiddler is a small fish with big stories. He is so small that he couldn't have had all the experiences he talks aboutuld he?

    17. A book that would be great to read with a whole class. Lots of repetition throughout the story with easy phrases so everyone can join in! Tiddler (the very plain fish) has a very overactive imagination, and comes up with the best tales to tell his friends. These stories get passed throughout the ocean, because they’re mostly lies! But one day, something big does happen and no one believes him (almost a modern re-telling of the Boy who Cried Wolfexcept a fish). Three main ideas for this book st [...]

    18. Tiddler always has the most outlandish experiences and the most outlandish excuses for his tardiness to school. Hardly anyone takes them seriously, but they are amusing in their own way. But when the little fish gets caught in a net and then released back into the sea because he is so small, he is so far from home that he has no idea how to get back there. Luckily for him, he meets several sea creatures who have heard the stories he told before so all he needs to do is follow the story thread, f [...]

    19. A clever twist on the boy who cried wolf. In this instance, his made-up stories enable Tiddler to find his way back home when he becomes lost, tracing a path back with the animals who passed his outrageous stories along the way. It has some good call and response sections, although the "do not tell lies" message has been flipped on its head. We also get to meet different types of sea creatures, some whose names are not that well-known.

    20. *I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher through my district library services*There is not a really strong plot, but this is a cute story that youngsters will enjoy. Lovely illustrations and rhyming text will appeal as a readaloud.

    21. May 2017 - Ben had so many comments and questions I could barely get through a page without interruptions, and said he liked it. He wanted to know the names of all the fish - totally fascinated.

    22. Possibly my favourite Julia Donaldson book, very funny, clever rhymes and parts where children can join in.

    23. He started off really enjoying this book but then got tired so stopped enjoying it so much. We will definitely be reading it again when he's more awake.

    24. A story book for children to learn to tell the time with as well as counting. A book that I would use as a basis for a maths lesson. Large colorful pictures that stretch across the page.

    25. Another gem of a book by Julia Donaldson book, which will have children enthralled and wanting more. The illustrations, by Axel Scheffler, are his usual bold, ingenious and original works of art with fantastic attention to detail.'Once there was a fish and his name was Tidder.He wasn't much to look at, with his plain grey scales.But Tiddler was a fish with a big imagination.He blew small bubbles but he told tall tales.'Repetition is aplenty in this book, which helps maintain the children's atten [...]

    26. Tiddler The Story-telling Fish is a book about a small fish named Tiddler who is always late for class. Each time he is late, he makes up a different story as to why he has arrived late. The story then develops as one day he then has a reason for being late, and he uses his story to arrive back at school.I enjoyed reading this book and think it would be really well received by a Reception or Year 1 class, and possibly by older classes as there are a lot of different discussion and teaching point [...]

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