The Ghost and Mrs Jeffries

The Ghost and Mrs Jeffries

Emily Brightwell / Jun 20, 2019

The Ghost and Mrs Jeffries This charming series of Victorian murder mysteries features mild mannered Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard and importantly Mrs Jeffries his housekeeper A policeman s widow herself her quick

  • Title: The Ghost and Mrs Jeffries
  • Author: Emily Brightwell
  • ISBN: 9781472108883
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • This charming series of Victorian murder mysteries features mild mannered Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard and, importantly, Mrs Jeffries, his housekeeper A policeman s widow herself, her quick wits allow her to nudge the Inspector in the right direction to solve the crime Early in the new year, Mrs Hodges attends her first seance and the medium foresees herThis charming series of Victorian murder mysteries features mild mannered Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard and, importantly, Mrs Jeffries, his housekeeper A policeman s widow herself, her quick wits allow her to nudge the Inspector in the right direction to solve the crime Early in the new year, Mrs Hodges attends her first seance and the medium foresees her death That same night, the prediction comes true, and Scotland Yard s Inspector Witherspoon, is on the case As ever, his housekeeper Mrs Jeffries is observing and coming to her conclusions Witherspoon sighed He d so hoped that 1887 would be a good year, one that wouldn t have people murdering one another every time one turned around.

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        Cheryl Lanham was born on 11 October 1948 in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, USA Her family moved to Southern California in 1959 and she grew up in Pasadena After graduating from California State University, she decided to work her way around the world and took off for England She didn t get much further because she met Richard James Arguile, the Englishman who became her husband, got married on May 1976, and had two children, Matthew and Amanda While working in international shipping, she decided to pursue her dream and become a writer which, of course, is the best job ever She has written romance novels as Sarah Temple, and Young Adult novels as Cheryl Lanham As Emily Brightwell, she is the author of the Mrs Jeffries mysteries.Cheryl Lanham Arguile returned to California, where she lives with her husband and a cranky old cat named Kiwi.


    1. These stories certainly take 'cozy' to a new level. However, during these bleak winter days I found it refreshing in that I could be distracted by this simple story. Though one does wonder how Inspector Witherspoon manages to keep his job.! lol

    2. A very nice entry in the series. The solution to the mystery unfolds for the reader just as it does for Mrs. Jeffries and her cohorts, though many readers will have little doubt who did it. This is more of a "How did they manage and how will they be caught?" type story. Which is fine with me.All the characters from previous books lend a hand in some way, and since I think a little of Lute Crookshank goes a long way I was happy to see her just pop in and out. For readers like me who dislike readi [...]

    3. Abigail Hodges is a formidable woman, but she’s taken aback when she and her husband visit a medium who predicts a dark fate. Still she dismisses the prediction as stuff and nonsense and heads home alone. When a servant goes up to wake her for breakfast the next morning, she is dead – killed when she interrupted a burglar or did she?I enjoy this cozy mystery series set in Victorian London, and featuring Mrs Hepzibah Jeffries, housekeeper to Inspector Gerald Witherspoon, and her team of serva [...]

    4. Emily Brightwell's Victorian murder mystery has an intriguing premise, namely that the housekeeper and servants of Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard are more adept at solving crimes than their master. This is the not the first adventure of the servants, the author keeps referring to earlier mysteries the servants solved, although these may not have been published in novel form.Secretely investigating major crimes under the nose of Constable Barnes and the inspector, the bright and gifted ho [...]

    5. I recently discovered the Mrs Jeffries series. These are fun, super-quick reads. The finale in this one was somewhat contrived, but still, not a bad way to kill a couple of hours.

    6. I liked it okay. It wasn't wonderful, but I'm also not big into mysteries either and only read this for a book challenge. However, if I was to read mysteries this is kind of what I'd be looking for. It's fun, humorous, clean and not too gruesome, and not long. There's a lot of dialogue and lot much surrounding descriptions, however because the characters are constantly discussing the details it's almost not needed. It was actually a little refreshing after all the books I've been reading lately [...]

    7. This is a light-hearted cosy mystery about a clueless inspector and his brilliant housekeeper. He is gaining a reputation for solving murders - whereas she is the real reason he solves the murders under her expert guidance. He is completely unaware that she is the brains of the outfit. Light-hearted fluff that is easy to read.

    8. The third book in this series is better than the first two. The plot has interesting twists. Yes, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who dun it and that is part of the fun of this read. There are two more characters added to the crew. The eccentric elderly American widow Mrs. Crookshanks and her proper English butler Hatchet. Excellent additions. I hope I can find #4 to read.

    9. While the structure of these stories are essentially the same because the characters are so likeable it doesn't matter. Great to have the droll Hatchet introduced as Luty's butler who has the last laugh

    10. Inspector Witherspoon doesn't seem to require his staff much on a daily basis. Which probably is good, or he might actually notice their being gone for entire days doing his job.

    11. This is a rather silly book surrounding a seance and murder. Inspector Witherspoon, a kindly nincompoop, is summoned to solve the case but he hasn't the first clue about how to go about it. But his housekeeping staff knows. They are bright, charming and witty -- and they solve the crime.But I guess that I have been spoiled by reading Anne Perry, whose inspector doesn't live as well and makes due with his wife scrubbing and cooking, assisted with a scullery maid who they have more or less taken i [...]

    12. This is the third book in Emily Brightwell's Mrs. Jeffries series. I enjoyed the book and it was a good mystery. I knew right away who the villain was, but the author did a good job of trying to make them look innocent(ish). I was glad to see that the author chose not to make the Inspector look as 'idiot like' as she did in previous books. Oh, he DID still seem like Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther movies, but every now and again he'd actually ask an intelligent question when out in the [...]

    13. Three weeks have passed since Mrs. Jeffries and her staff helped Inspector Witherspoon solve a murder case and everyone is getting on edge. When Mrs. Jeffries reads in the newspaper that a robbery and murder happened in the Inspector's district they are chomping at the bit to get busy undercover. The case should go to the burglary expert, but he has the measles and Witherspoon gets the case. There are enough discrepancies at the scene to make Mrs. Jeffries suspect premeditated murder but a pleth [...]

    14. Abigail Hodges is murdered in her own home and Inspector Witherspoon is charged with investigating the case. This means that Mrs Jeffries and the inspector’s other domestic staff have a new investigation to work on to save them from boredom. The subsequent mystery involves them with some very dodgy mediums and they rope in their friend the eccentric Luty Belle Crookshank to help them. This is an interesting Victorian mystery with no swearing or on the page violence and plenty of interesting an [...]

    15. A seance leads to murder in this wonderful series. Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard is called to the scene of a robbery gone bad, leaving a wealthy woman shot dead. His housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries and the rest of his household staff jump in to help him without him finding out. After returning from a seance without her husband's escort, Mrs Hodges finds all her servants gone and noises in the house. An enthralling read that combines seances, murder, ironclad alibis, deceiving lovers and lots [...]

    16. Abigail Hodge was a horrible, controlling woman, and it looks as though she were killed in the course of a robbery--or so determines Inspector Witherspoon. His housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries--who secretly solves all the Inspector's murders, with the help of the household staff and friends--has a different take on it. Once Witherspoon is convinced it's actual murder, it soon looks as though the niece who inherits is the culprit, along with the fiance Abigail thought wasn't good enough for her. But Mr [...]

    17. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    18. A cantankorous rich woman is murdered during what appears to be a bungled robbery. But the facts don't support the robbery theory. Mrs. Jeffries is the housekeeper for the Inspector in charge of the case. She has a team that works together to help the inspector with his cases, without his knowledge of course. Together they discover the truth. This was an easy read, except for the number of characters that you needed to become acquainted with. It was my first book in this series. I'm sure after I [...]

    19. Abigail Hobbs returns home after a seance with a famous medium in which she was warned of darkness and death. The next morning she is found shot to death in her bedroom. Since she was a thoroughly nasty woman, suspects abound and Inspector Witherspoon soon finds himself totally muddled. It's up to his intrepid housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, and the rest of his household staff to save the day while not letting on that they are in fact helping him.This refers to the eBook version.KDCheck out this boo [...]

    20. Mrs. Jeffries is back in this third installment in the Victorian cozy mystery series. Now she must find the killer of an older, wealthy woman. It looks like a robbery gone bad, but is it? And how does the spiritualist the victim had seen the same night before her death figure into the matter?I figured out this one well before Mrs. Jeffries and her team of amateur servant sleuths did (and LONG before the put-upon, bumbling Inspector Witherspoon). But it was still good fun to listen to while clean [...]

    21. What a wonderful housekeeper Mrs Jeffries is! She manages the Inspector's home and his profession with great style. And of course her staff works hard at house and detective chorese really could not solve a single case without them. And in this story the Inspector has to solve a burglery? Oh no - it is a murder -- of course -- and it is up to Mrs Jeffries and her team to see that the voices from the other side tell the truth. This is light, enjoyable reading, I hope to read them all.

    22. This was probably my favorite book in this series. The inspector wasn't nearly as idiotic as in the previous books. He actually asked some intelligent questions and came up with some good ideas. I felt quite proud of him! The characters are so distinctive and I'm really growing fond of all of them. The setting, the writing, and the spiritual/paranormal aspect made this an especially fun read for me.

    23. Abagail Hodges, a very unpleasant woman, is found murdered in her home. The primary suspects are her niece, Felicity, and her sweetheart, Benjamin Vogel. Mrs. Jeffries and her team are sure the young woman is innocent and dive into the world of mediums and the supernatural in order to help the inspector solve the case. Excellent.

    24. I listened to this on audio. For some reason I found the voices used by the reader to be really annoying. There is usually one character voice that's kind of screeching, but it seemed like all of them were that way this time. I guessed who the murderer was right away, so even the investigation wasn't that good. Think I will be dropping this series

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