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Fates The Leader Who Rules Chaos Rules the Realms Two years ago Loki God of Mischief and Chaos destroyed a large chunk of Chicago s financial district and then vanished into thin air He still has not bee

  • Title: Fates
  • Author: C. Gockel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Leader Who Rules Chaos, Rules the Realms Two years ago Loki, God of Mischief and Chaos, destroyed a large chunk of Chicago s financial district and then vanished into thin air He still has not been found Odin, ruler of the Nine Realms, is desperate To find Loki, he sends his son Thor on a dangerous quest to consult the all seeing Norns But Thor needs humanity s heThe Leader Who Rules Chaos, Rules the Realms Two years ago Loki, God of Mischief and Chaos, destroyed a large chunk of Chicago s financial district and then vanished into thin air He still has not been found Odin, ruler of the Nine Realms, is desperate To find Loki, he sends his son Thor on a dangerous quest to consult the all seeing Norns But Thor needs humanity s help Loki s former lover, veterinarian Amy Lewis, is carrying all of Loki s memories but missing some of her own Hoping to keep Loki from Odin s machinations, she agrees to help Thor on his journey Bohdi Patel s memory was wiped by Loki s mischief He thinks Amy and Thor are both crazy to want anything to do with Loki But he needs to find his parents, and he s been told the Norns will answer any question for a price When Chaos is the goal, only one thing is certain Amy and Bohdi are about to get into worlds of mischief THE I BRING THE FIRE SERIES I Bring the Fire Part I Free eBook Monsters I Bring the Fire Part II Chaos I Bring the Fire Part III In the Balance I Bring the Fire 3.5 Fates I Bring the Fire Part IV

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    1. This series MUST be read in the published order! The first book is I Bring the Fire Part I : Wolves (A Loki Story). The second book is Monsters : I Bring the Fire Part II (A Loki Story). The third book is Chaos: I Bring the Fire Part III (A Loki Story). The companion novella is In the Balance: An I Bring the Fire Novella (IBF 3.5). This is the fourth book. The next book will be Warriors and there is a sneak peak at the end of this book :)I really adore the Loki of this series. There is something [...]

    2. Her Loki stories are pretty awesome. Characters are well developed. Humorous story line. Gave it only 3 stars as I felt this one wasn't as good as previous stories in the series.

    3. What I really like about this series is even though the books are funny and quirky and sometimes a little bit ridiculous (like Thor's belief that there are sprites trapped inside phones and stuff), they don't shy away from actually ADDRESSING major issues. They don't turn those into jokes. Gockel seems to know exactly when things need to be serious and when to make them a joke.I also like that Amy is unapologetic about her feminism and often calls people out when they're being unkind, even if th [...]

    4. Grrr, I could have sworn there was another book in this series waiting for me to read, but the next book won't be out until September (that seems to be par for course on all the books I want to read). I wasn't sure how I would like having a new character in the mix, especially one instead of Loki, but I certainly enjoyed Bodhi. I liked all the adventures these characters had, but I also enjoyed the quiet moments that allowed us to get to know these characters a bit better. I enjoyed the snippets [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this installment of the story. I will eventually want an ending-ending but so long as the writing is this good & the books are still coming I'll keep reading without a hint of resentment.I'd almost forgotten Mr Squeakers, and there is effective world building. As you can probably tell, being a prolific reader doesn't necessarily make me a good reviewer. I'm so glad I came across C Gockel's books. Watching the second Thor movie again just made me want to re-read her books!

    6. This was just as good as the rest of the series! Bodie sure is a well thought out character! He gives a new twist on our hero. We're seeing major changes for Amy and watching her adapt to them in her own special way.

    7. I went immediately from book 3 to 3.5 to 4 (this one). It was a good decision. I will admit, I felt the frequent and long flashbacks were overload at the beginning of Fates. I wanted to know more about present-day characters. Maybe if the flashbacks had been trimmed down and if we got more present-day between them, my initial response to the book would have been better. However, after our characters get off-world, it smooths out. It's nice to see the dynamics shift between Amy and Bohdi. And get [...]

    8. This series just keeps getting better!There was a lot of character development in light of the changes of the last book. Amy now carries Loki's memories, which makes her very knowledgeable about the Nine Realms and what goes on within it, at least from the past Loki's point of view. She has also completed school, which has shaped her into a more confident woman in some ways. Yet, through all of these changes, you know that she has retained that same innocence that made it safe for her to approac [...]

    9. This suffered from being 50-75 pages too long. It got off to a good start, and ended well, but the middle dragged badly (I figured out who Bohdi was long before the reveal, which made the drag worse). And while it was good to see the old characters again, I really don't like Bohdi that much, which is a pity as he's kind of here to stay.

    10. This book moves so fast and is so full of adventures, which are great because Amy and Bodhi are doing them together. I really like seeing them work together but I could not believe how many situations that they end up in throughout the story. But I really enjoyed seeing how they were able to resolve each and every one of them. What is a very nice play from the author is the way Bodhi and Amy are both almost touching on the truth but it seems to slip away at the last minute. This keeps the story [...]

    11. I admit that I struggled a bit more with this one than the first three. It was very obvious to me from the very beginning that Bohdi was Loki. I assume it was supposed to be that obvious, but I think that's what made this feel like it was dragging. The whole action-adventure part on the way to see the Norns was just tooooo long. The very painfully detailed description of every moment from when Amy and Loki fell off of Thor's chariot until around when they were floating down the river, it was jus [...]

    12. Just keeps getting betterThis series has more twists and turns and moves faster than the Indy 500. You get a hint of something and think you have it figured only to discover maybe you don't. Definitely going to be watching for the next one in the series as I really like her Loki.

    13. I liked this one even more than the others! :) I love Loki but Bohdi was a new and fresher character. Great book :) can't wait to read Warriors

    14. Ah! Must read the next one! I hate starting a series before all the books are released---------------------I feel like this is the slowest one of the series, plot-wise. But that just makes me want to get to the next one that much more quickly.

    15. Really enjoying this series. I do love my trickster gods, and she's got the 'voice' of Loki just right. It doesn't come off as fan fiction as so many others do.

    16. Fates was an incredible book, and it continues the trials of Amy Lewis as she fights for herself, for Earth and the wonderful cast of characters around her. This was perhaps the hardest of C. Gockel's books to read, but the one I most appreciate in many ways. She creates Nornheim down to its smallest details and that takes time and I'm a slow reader, so there is patience required, but she does it again so beautifully and you feel real pain and real hope and just a bit of everything good and bad [...]

    17. This series has got it!OK, it's not really deep literature, but it's fun. Loki us still missing and presumed dead until his current incarnation is located. While it seems obvious that he's already here, no one seems to recognize him in his new body. Even he doesn't know it. Bohdi, had his own memories wiped, Amy is carrying a copy of Loki's memories, they both have an "interest" in each other but the luck of the God of Chaos seems to be rather poor when it comes to relationships. So, I suppose t [...]

    18. 3.5 star. Enjoyed the adventures of Bohdi & Amy in the other realms. I enjoyed getting to know Bohdi. Amy was as delightful as ever. But I missed Loki. And flashback memory Loki doesn’t cut it. Memory Loki was a great way to give us insight into Loki and why he was the way he was when we had actual Loki. Now he is gone memory Loki just isn’t the same. Even though most of the story is about Amy & Bohdi’s adventures most of it seemed to be from Bohdi’s POV and I wanted more from Am [...]

    19. The last incarnation of Loki is dead, but Amy is looking for his new one, to tell him he is not just a destroyer but also a transformer. So this is a long story about going to ask the Norns (Fates) who is Loki now. Thor because Odin needs Loki to stay in power, Amy because she wants Loki to be free of Odin, and Bohdi wants to find his parents (Loki wiped his memories near the end of the last book). Well Chaos does ensue! Loki is definitely in this story, if only in spirit

    20. Chicago is still trashed but Thor is not quite the jerk he seemed started out, even to explaining his belief in Sprites living in cell phones as possibly co-existing with quantum physics. There is a bit too much action in the middle here, but there be Dragon.

    21. I am really enjoying this series! It's not what I expected at all. I really like the writing style too. Can't wait to read the next one!

    22. Great readReading this book makes me want more of Gockel. Now I know I must continue this adventure with Steve, Amy and Loki

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