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Underlake Pampered and cultured Katie Welch has had the same friends her entire life but lately she doesn t fit in any Then her mother drags her to a remote farm town where the local kids are friendly but the

  • Title: Underlake
  • Author: Kia Heavey
  • ISBN: 9780615956046
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pampered and cultured Katie Welch has had the same friends her entire life, but lately she doesn t fit in any Then her mother drags her to a remote farm town where the local kids are friendly, but they don t know the real her Even the grownups in her life seem to have lost their way In the throes of growing up and growing apart, Katie discovers the most unusual boyPampered and cultured Katie Welch has had the same friends her entire life, but lately she doesn t fit in any Then her mother drags her to a remote farm town where the local kids are friendly, but they don t know the real her Even the grownups in her life seem to have lost their way In the throes of growing up and growing apart, Katie discovers the most unusual boy swimming in her lake and for the first time in memory, she connects John is refreshingly old fashioned and wise in ways Katie has never encountered before, but it s clear he s hiding something Katie is just so happy to have someone she can relate to, she s willing to defy her mother and ignore the warning signs until it s too late.

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        Kia Heavey was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City She graduated from Barnard College with a degree in German Literature and went to work as a creative professional in advertising Her hobbies include fishing, music, reading, hiking, and most of all, being with her family Her husband is Chief of Police in their hometown They have two children and a cat.Kia is the author of three novels NIGHT MACHINES, a book about a married mom who indulges in a harmless mind game and almost loses everything Recommended for adults, since it contains mature situations and would probably also be very boring to anyone under 25 UNDERLAKE, a YA romance with a hint of the supernatural In this book, a lonely Manhattanite girl is dragged to the sticks for the summer, where she connects unexpectedly with the natural beauty of the place, her own artistic talent, and the mysterious and possibly dangerous boy who swims in the lake by her houseMINO, a modern fable about a barn cat locked in a deadly rivalry with a pampered house pet who convinces all the other animals that hunting is wrong Before he knows what s happening, Domino is in an existential struggle to protect his territory, his family, and a time honored feline way of life.


    1. The author of this book, was kind enough to give me a copy in return for a review. I had already ready Kia's book Night Machines and was very impressed with it. Just like Night Machines, Underlake is unlike anything I've read before and I was completely glued to it. Some might say that Underlake doesn't know what type of book it wants to be. There is the coming of age contemporary YA fiction aspect to it. There is the Christian fiction aspect of it, and then there is the paranormal element that [...]

    2. When "Underlake" was highly recommended to me as an example of truly fine YA fiction worth reading, I was not quite sure. "Fine", "excellent", and "really superb" combined with Young Adult Fiction seemed a bit incongruous to me, but the praise was *so* effusive, and I *do* have a young nephew, so why not download the book to my Kindle app to read?That was a month or so ago. Last weekend, I was half-struck down by a vicious cold, and grabbing my phone for something light to read, saw "Underlake" [...]

    3. A book I wish I had when I was a teenager. As the author, I dedicate it:For girls everywhereWho are less than thrilledWith the popular things.

    4. In her author profile, Kia Heavey explains just what motivated her to write her laudable YA novel, Underlake: she says, "I wrote Underlake to entertain teen girls trying make good choices in the face of tacky pop culture, peer pressure, and permissive parenting." But there's more; Heavey also reveals that she loves "a captivating, creepy story that weaves a spell."So to say that I was intrigued--and quite anxious to read Heavey's novel--is an understatement. The author generously provided me wi [...]

    5. When I was a young teenager, I read Beverly Cleary’s Fifteen and loved it. Ms Cleary seemed to capture everything I was feeling during those turbulent years. That feeling is also perfectly captured in Kia Heavey’s new novel Underlake.I suppose the appropriate genre for this captivating book would be ‘young adult Christian literature’ but don’t let the Christian literature label turn you off. The religiosity of the story is simply a part of fifteen year old Katie Welch finding her way a [...]

    6. Full disclosure: The author gave me a copy of the book in return for an honest review. Underlake is a very different YA take on the teenage years which is refreshing to Moms looking for a novel they can give their daughters. The main character, Katie, is a jaded New York teenager who discovers there is life outside the island of Manhattan one summer. She longs for the life of her new friends which is simpler and more steady than the life she has known. One where the parents parent and the kids h [...]

    7. Kindle freebie. Hmm, mixed thoughts here. Good writing. Pretty frank portrayal of current high school culture (quite inappropriate at times). Hint of fantasy. Some really good deeper points.

    8. Young Adult fiction that breaks the mold.I just finished Underlake, by Kia Heavey, and I must say, this novel, intended for older teens and young adults, taught me a few things as a post menopausal woman.To begin, the prologue was gripping in itself, describing the heartbreak and anguish of people who’ve quarreled with loved ones and then, through no fault of their own, are denied reconciliation with their families. This is a universal theme, present throughout history.Chapter one begins with [...]

    9. Underlake is an interesting take on a poor little rich girl story. Katie Welch's mom is a successful career woman who sends Katie to an exclusive private school. Katie gets to hang out with other rich kids, who, like her, have a generous allowance and little supervision. Despite this Katie generally "makes good choices", does well in school, and her mom doesn't worry about her, being too busy working and figuring out her own dating life.The story starts with an unwelcome disruption in Katie's li [...]

    10. Kia Heavey's novel revolves around Katie Welch. Katie lives in NYC with her single mother who is career-obsessed. She is surrounded by high school friends that are getting involved in things that she doesn't always feel comfortable with like underage drinking, drugs and sex. Her mother drags her off to a cottage in for the summer and she devastated to be away from the friends she has known all her life. Katie doesn’t know how she is going to make friends in such a strange and back-woods place. [...]

    11. Today's teen characters are usually portrayed as adults. They sleep around, drink and do drugs, all without ever learning a lesson that sets them straight.So what happens when a teenager wants to be a teenager? What happens when they recognize that they're not prepared to handle life as an adult?A lot of YA stories are described as "coming of age" but Underlake focuses more on being the age you are, which is a refreshing change of pace.Without giving away too much of the story, I can safely say [...]

    12. A most unexpected delight by Ms. Heavey. While it is clearly a novel for Young Adults, I, as a bitter misanthrope of over 50, found it very compelling and even moving, which is a real testament to the strength of Kia’s writing and the story itself. I don’t want to get hung up on the plot, because a lot of the joy of the novel is in the discovery of the story and characters, but I found them very real: funny, fallible, human beings that I wanted to know more about. One of Ms. Heavey’s gifts [...]

    13. I have a love/hate relationship with books that make me cry. This book made me cry, and I loved it.The first sixty or so pages were really slow. I wish that they could be condensed a little bit so that impatient readers don't give up on the story. I was starting to think the book was going to be fairly boring, but once it finally got going, it really took off. Katie was fairly irritating at first, but she had a ton of character growth fairly quickly and I found that she was an incredible and lov [...]

    14. Kia Heavey is blessed with a rich imagination and story-telling skills. Her adult novel (Night Machines) is filled with vivid imagery, dreamy and unforgettable. Her second novel (Underlake), for teen readers, also startles with dreamy, sometimes disturbing, always unforgettable images.Christian moms will love this novel for its unique heroine, a teenage girl who doesn't conform to the values of her affluent classmates and so-called friends. Her own mother is materialistic, image-conscious, and s [...]

    15. Underlake by Kia Heavey is an incredible coming-of-age story that is rich with elements of love, mystery, suspense, even a touch of fantasy that you wouldn’t think could work--but WOW!--does it ever!!This unpredictable story is packed with clever twists and turns, and superbly written. The prologue grabs you by the heart, and then we meet Katie, a teen who is very miffed to be separated from her trendy city friends and deposited in a boring hick town for the summer. But it turns out to be the [...]

    16. "Night Machines," Kia Heavey's fascinating first novel, is now followed by her equally---nay, even more--- intriguing second; "Underlake." Both novels abound with Heavey's particular authorial gifts: Descriptions of nature and of natural plot elements that are lyrical in the finest sense yet realistic to a point that the reader feels 'Aha! Yes, I know that--how fine!; An omniscient narrator with a subtle tone of compassion toward characters and their struggles that's strong, clear, and without a [...]

    17. I have a confession to make. As a middle-aged man, I'm definitely not the target audience, but I think I can give an objective review of the novel's merits just the same. Kia Heavey's novels were recommended to me by mutual acquaintances and I chose this one because it looked like it would be the lighter read. I did enjoy the book, despite myself, though I must admit that I had the uneasy feeling that I was intruding someplace that I didn't belong. This is clearly a book for young girls, but any [...]

    18. UnderlakeWow. Was not expecting such a Novel! Great story. love how u know what happens to them in the end. Would love to hear more about Katie and John but sadly, their story ends here. Lol. Adore it! But still is sad John dies but eventually everyone dies #toatsMCgoats#

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