The Bunker, Vol. 1

The Bunker, Vol. 1

Joshua Hale Fialkov Joe Infurnari / Sep 19, 2019

The Bunker Vol On their way to bury a time capsule five friends Grady Heidi Natasha Daniel and Billy uncover a metal bunker buried deep in the woods Inside they find letters addressed to each of them from thei

  • Title: The Bunker, Vol. 1
  • Author: Joshua Hale Fialkov Joe Infurnari
  • ISBN: 9781620101643
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • On their way to bury a time capsule, five friends Grady, Heidi, Natasha, Daniel, and Billy uncover a metal bunker buried deep in the woods Inside, they find letters addressed to each of them from their future selves Told they will destroy the world in the very near future, the friends find, over the next few days, growing further and further apart Though they veOn their way to bury a time capsule, five friends Grady, Heidi, Natasha, Daniel, and Billy uncover a metal bunker buried deep in the woods Inside, they find letters addressed to each of them from their future selves Told they will destroy the world in the very near future, the friends find, over the next few days, growing further and further apart Though they ve been warned against making the wrong choices, how do they know what the right ones are Can the future really be changed, or will an even darker fate engulf the world

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      • Joshua Hale Fialkov Joe Infurnari

        Joshua Hale Fialkov is the creator or co creator, depending of graphic novels, including the Harvey Nominated Elk s Run, the Harvey and Eisner nominated Tumor, Punks the Comic, and the Harvey Nominated Echoes.He has written Alibi and Cyblade for Top Cow, Superman Batman for DC Comics, Rampaging Wolverine for Marvel, and Friday the 13th for Wildstorm He s writing the DC relaunch of I,Vampire, as well as debuting the new Marvel character The Monkey King This fall sees the launch of The Last of the Greats from Image Comics with artist Brent Peeples.He also served as a writer on the Emmy Award Nominated animated film Afro Samurai Resurrection, and as Executive Producer of the cult hit LG15 The Resistance web series.Elk s Run, Tumor, and Alibi are all currently in development as feature films He has written comics for companies including Marvel, Wildstorm, IDW, Dark Horse, Image, Tor Books, Seven Seas Entertainment, Del Rey, Random House, Dabel Brothers Productions, and St Martin s Press He has done video game work for THQ, Midway Entertainment, and Gore Verbinski s Blind Wink Productions He also wrote a Sci Fi Channel movie starring Isabella Rossellini and Judd Nelson Unfortunately, at no point in the film does Judd Nelson punch the sky and freeze frame Joshua grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, went to college in Boston, where he got a BFA in writing and directing for the stage and screen, and then worked in the New England film industry, until finally deciding to move to Los Angeles to do it properly He lives with his wife, Christina, daughter, Gable, and their cats, Smokey and the Bandit.Twitter twitter joshfialkovFacebook facebook joshuahalefiaPhotograph by Heidi Ryder Photography


    1. Five poorly drawn friends (Three men – one’s fat, one wears glasses, one is neither fat or wears glasses. Two women – One wears glasses the other one doesn’t) want to bury a time capsule in the woods. When they start digging, they find a bomb shelter from the FUTURE (as you read that, make echo-y sounds in your head)! The lid to the shelter has four out of five of their names. Inside the bunker they find letters that they have written to themselves, warning that if they continue on their [...]

    2. Five friends decide to bury a time capsule; instead, they found a bunker from the future that warns them all that they are responsible for the end of the world as they know.Sounds interesting? Yes, but the problem is that the artwork in this graphic novel is hideous. Seriously, this is probably something of the worst I've seen through the years.And to make the matter worse, the font in the first issue is almost impossible to read. Very, very small cursive style. Not my favorite font to read when [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.This is getting some pretty wonky reviews.I, for the most part, quite enjoyed it. I dug the scratchy art that a lot of people claim as being ugly, I dug the disjointed storyline and jumping between the past, present, and future.I guess I just simply enjoyed the whole thing. It read easily enough, there was no confusion (why some people couldn't keep track of the story is beyond me), and the end of each issue made me want to immediately jump into the next one. It's a pretty intriguing c [...]

    4. I've been putting off writing this review purely because I lack the coherency to explain how utterly awful this comic was. It is difficult to review something that I didn't fully understand, not for lack of trying, but for lack of any sort of real plotting on the part of the book.The premise is that 5 friends go into the woods to bury a time capsule, find a bunker, and within the bunker are letters written from their future selves warning of an apocalypse that they cause. The letters aim to chan [...]

    5. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Wow! A terrific mind-bending story of time-travel, end-of-the-world-is-coming-and-you-can't-stop-it, and how a group of friends reacts to knowing what is coming and how they each play a role in the destruction. Some good thought-provoking concepts here, too, like the question on if you knew you had a part in the end of world, what would you change to prevent it? One character even goes so far as to try to stop the other characters f [...]

    6. When five friends newly graduated from college decide they want to commemorate their college years with a time capsule, things take a turn for the strange when they discover an underground bunker in the exact place they intend to bury the capsule. Written on the bunker is their names and inside, letters addressed to each that explain how they will destroy the world in the years to come.While The Bunker has an intriguing premise, the graphic novel fails to deliver on it. Almost immediately, it se [...]

    7. This has been a year of growth for me with regards to reading. I’ve been exploring new genres, graphic novels being one of them. I’ve found some winners and I’ve found some losers. The Bunker was not a winner.I love the premise of this series. I was instantly interested when I read time travel/time capsule. This series could have been outstanding, but here’s the problem, I just read 140(ish) pages and I still have no fucking clue how they discovered time travel.Other events that irritate [...]

    8. Five friends decide to bury a time capsule, but instead discover a bunker with instructions from their future selves warning them of what is to come and how to hopefully prevent it.The concept is interesting and the relationships between the five friends offer a lot of opportunity for conflict, but the dialogue is poorly written, starting with the immaturity of the characters at age twenty-two. Fortunately, with the discovery of the bunker, they grow up pretty quickly once they decide whether or [...]

    9. This is an interesting read (premise, plot) but it just felt a bit off for me in some parts. Plus (I don't know why) Grady just gives me the heebie jeebies. Probably would pick up subsequent issues just to see where the story goes (i.e. library? borrow from a friend?). But meh on purchasing. :/

    10. In The Bunker, five friends decide to bury a time capsule in the woods, only to find the titular bunker when they start digging. Once inside the bunker, they discover letters from their future selves, who somehow sent a bunker full of evidence back in time to warn their younger selves about the impending apocalypse they will have a part in causing. It turns out this innocuous-looking group of young people includes a future president, a soon-to-be brilliant scientist and several other eventual mo [...]

    11. My quest to find a new graphic novel series to love continues! This time I decided to give The Bunker: Volume 1 a shot at catching my interest. See, the premise is what struck me. 5 friends who find letters from their future selves in a mysterious bunker. Letters that promise them they can change the fate of the world. They'd chosen wrong the first time, and the entire population of Earth had suffered. I wondered, would they do the "right" thing? I love stories where there's a thin line between [...]

    12. The story was interesting: friends find a bunker with letters from their future selves and have to decide if they believe what they read, and if they should follow the instructions from themselves in order to save the future world. There was so much promise, but not enough depth. Characters had a tendency to run together, which was also due to drawings appearing more like sketches than detailed illustrations. There are so many questions, and none really answered. While there was some character d [...]

    13. A group of friends stumble upon a bunker in the woods that contains letters addressed to each of. The letters contain information about their futures both good and bad. Now each person has to decide if they believe what they have read and how they are going to let the information affect them.Infunari's art is perfect for the tone of this book and matches Fialkov's story plot. This book makes you wonder who is in control of their lives and makes the reader constantly question what they would do i [...]

    14. Neat stuff. I really like the art style, so sketchy, and the premise is really wacky and neat.Not 100% convinced, everyone sort of seems to accept it all very quickly and, despite that, not be hugely weirded out by the whole thing? Very convenient I guess, but whatever I'm still interested.

    15. The high concept has potential, but the execution is a mess. Check out Pamela's excellent review for details:/review/show

    16. Probably closer to 3.5 stars.Talk about a comic with a fascinating premise! I first became aware of this comic by chance - and I’m generally glad I decided to give it a go. I’ve seen a lot of criticisms, and some are valid, but personally, I think the story is too interesting to call it a failure. I’d love to see it as a miniseries, and I’m interested enough to continue to the next volume.Things I Liked1. Premise: Time travel stories and apocalypses are hard to pull off, but I think this [...]

    17. Four college friends go to bury a time capsule. Instead they find a bunker - with their names on it. Inside the bunker they find letters from their future selves. The letters say that they have destroyed the world but maybe they fix what they have done and save earth. Sounds intriguing? It is. Unfortunately the art isn't that great. The main characters are also kind of a-holes. There are four volumes. I hope the story holds up.

    18. Good writing and pacing, intriguing plot with lots of mystery and a conflict-filled cast of characters. I'm not a fan of this art style but it's not bad. Each chapter ends on a massive cliffhanger which is kind of a bummer because 1) there's no closure, even temporary and 2) I have only this volume 1.

    19. Friends discover letter from their future selves which tell them to prevent apocalypse they caused. It is interesting enough setup : Pre-apocalypse time travel stuff but I lost interest after this volume. I dropped the book somewhere in the middle of second. It is fine killer of time if you are bored but i would not recommend

    20. The premise is good. The art takes a bit to get use to. It's sketchy so what's going on and who is speaking can be difficult to tell. The cast are not the most likeable people but I'll read another volume

    21. 3.5 starsI am interested in the storyline of this series, but I'm not a huge fan of the artd right now, I'm not very sympathetic to any of the characters.

    22. I requested The Bunker on a hunch. Something about it attracted me and I thought, why not try something different. Although I'm happy to have indeed tried something new, I'm not quite sure whether I want to try it again.Before launching into a review of the plot, I want to discuss Infurnari's illustrations. His style is both very rough, with figures that are never drawn fully, with edges and shades rather than colours, and yet quite expressive. By looking unfinished, it supports some of the idea [...]

    23. I have heard so many amazing things about this graphic novel from the comic book community and I am so glad I finally started reading it! The Bunker is an indie comic written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and illustrated, coloured, and lettered by Joe Infurnari. SUMMARY: The story is about five friends who stumble upon a bunker hidden in the woods. Upon entering the bunker they notice letters addressed to each one of them from their future selves detailing the events of their future and how each of the [...]

    24. The Bunker Volume 1 by Joshua Hale Fialkov centers on a group of five friends who go to the forest to bury a time capsule. As they're digging around they stumble instead on a bunker and discover four letters addressed to four of them. (Interestingly, one guy doesn't get his own letter, a telling detail that will play itself out later in the arc of the story.) At first they think it's all an elaborate joke. They soon realize that it is all very real. The handwriting and the information mentioned [...]

    25. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 4.0 of 5Not knowing anything about this graphic novel before opening the pages, this really took me by surprise and blew me away (in a good way).What would you do if you discovered a letter to yourself, clearly written BY yourself, describing a future atrocity, in which you play an integral role?  This is the basic story.  There's clearly a Phil Dick sensibility to this, which I love.  There's the shock, horror, and disbelief [...]

    26. The Bunker -If the creators of LOST wrote a comicThe Bunker is the story of five friends who go out into the woods to bury a time capsule. Instead of finding dirt and soil, they find a bunker with almost all of there names on it. Inside they find lots of information about the future, including letters from their future selves. These letters tell them how they will cause the apocalypse and how that is necessary and how the world needs to end. When I first started reading this, I thought to myself [...]

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